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[PV Selection] September 2016

To quote the White Rabbit from Alices Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll; "I'm Late! I'm Late!", though I myself would add a few more expletives in there, for colour, and because that's just me. Also, because, holy shit, this is late by a month. Whoops!

The original plan for this PV Selection was to completely boycott it, however, I have a sense of wanting to finish this off, at least for the year 2016, before I drop it completely. Generally, I'm useless at keeping things going (which is why it's so surprising this blog still stands), however, as I already had the videos here, my duty in delivering felt a bit overwhelming, and so, here we go; a PV Selection for September, which is better late than never, I suppose.

As per the usual, these PV's are completely my choice. If something you enjoyed is not here, it's either because I did not see it, I did not like it as much, or because I cannot access it due to country restrictions. It is how it is, and at the end of the day, this is my blog. My domain, my rules; I will not, can not, and care not to please others. It's the way of life, people!

Shall we roll on to the PV's, now? I kind of kept you waiting long enough.

Before I quickly delve into the list of Music Videos from September that I enjoyed, I want to let you all know that it was not lack of content or love of videos that stopped me from doing this post; far from it, because September contained two amazing videos that I really like, and a bunch of other great mentions. No. It was my own laziness and lack of drive that stopped me from posting this. Procrastination and laziness, be damned!

Better to tell the truth than give you some BS about me being busy, aye?

Anyway, September's post is here, and October's should be around after the Music Selection for the month. I will keep this up until around January 2017, and if I feel such a desire to keep it going as its own stand-alone post, I will... for now, however, let's see how we go.

Are you ready to dive into a new host of videos? Are there any here you enjoyed, too, or some new faces and videos you did not anticipate, but liked none-the-less after viewing this list? Are any missing, or any you downright hate? Let me know, and of course, enjoy! Let the List Begin!


Dou Datte ii no by Country Girls

Of all two music videos Country Girls have put out from their latest single, Dou Datte ii no is by far the most memorable, in both image and sound. It's fun and flouncy, the costumes are cute, and I love the live band vibe it has going for it, plus that old=school dance look and feel it has. The alternative scenes that make use of filters galore is also pretty snazzy.

There is a lot of personality and cuteness going on here, and though it pains me to know that our darline Manakyan is no longer there, I have to admit that Country Girls are not suffering without her. They thrive and bring their A-game, no matter what, and hey, it does seem they are keeping the memory of Manaka alive by making use of small red accents in their costumes! Well done, Wardrobe!

In terms of any issues here, I would say that the biggest flaw in this entire video is Mai; she really looks like she doesn't give a shit here, and her effort, in contrast to everyone else's, is minimal at best. She just seems... off. But, that's my only qualm. The rest of it is aye-ok!

Maybe, I'll be with you produced by HAJIMETAL (featuring Kaneko Rie)

I just feel so attracted to this music video. Maybe it's the overall tone, the black and white filter, and the pacing. Maybe it is how gray Kanako Rie seems throughout. Maybe it's just everything. Either way, it's a pretty music video, and I find the tone (as dismal as it may seem) pretty darn appealing.

The song is freakin' pretty, too!

This video is pleasing on the eyes, thanks to some really nice visuals throughout, such as the beach scene and slow burning flames. The pace is never lost here, either, which delights me greatly; there is nothing worse than a video that does not match its songs momentum. It's a lull, kind of like a sad lullaby, and Rie's passive acting here is spot on for what I would expect from someone singing a song like this.

It's a pretty video, despite it's downplayed approach to colour, and the like.

SayonaraBABY feat. Yuusuke by Tsuyogari Sensation

I liked this song, hence why this is here. That said, the simple approach for the video is highly appealing, too. I like the pops of colour, the destruction and the overall tone. It's pretty damn cool, and highly enjoyable. I also love how this song is not what I expected, but even better than what I had originally thought it would sound.

If you like cute girls rocking out and destroying guitars and basses, check this one out. Tsuyogar Sensation are having a whale of a time here, and you can really feel the power and energy surge from them throughout. They are mesmirising, and again; the song is good. Bonus!

Moshimo bokura ga GAME no shuyaku de by DAOKO

Give me a PV that features game graphics, and I'm there. I'm a nerd for anything that brings nostalgia, and something like Moshimo bokura ga GAME is perfect for that 80's arcade kick. It also helps that the song is entertaining to listen to, and its use of pixelated sound effects (whether that is video exclusive or not, who knows) is really catchy.

This is a fun, energetic video, and at times, hilarious. The backing dancers are hypnotic, but funny as well, and DAOKO herself is full of beans, and whilst she might not express much on her face, she says enough through movement and voice for you to understand that she herself is having a great time.

It's a wonderful video, and certainly worth your time. It's pretty damn great, and one of my favourites from September's Music Video releases. So. Damn. Catchy, and visually wonderful, to boot!

Sing along by callme

I'm not a callme fan, and honestly, I try my best to ignore them most days. Their music is unappleaing to me, though their videos are pretty nice to look at. That said, I really like this one, at least, the opening of it. The video is also really nice to look at, and reminds me a little of a newspaper thanks to its gray, black and white style.

It's a pretty stylish video, and fun, too! Though it can seem a bit lacking in colour, the director and editors have managed to keep up the energy and fun without sacrificing the look they have gone for. I also love how they edited in the little newspaper segments with the weekday name scenes.

Basically; this is pretty, and I enjoy it. Also, callme have good legs! What!?

(PS: Hey, H!P! This is how you work gray into your videos without it looking shit! Just a note!)

FLASHBACK50 by (M)otocompo×Kit Cat

This video intrigues me on so many levels. From the cheap, indies feel to the catchy song, the visually mis-matched members (who still somehow actually fit together,) and the nostalgic feel. It's weird, but by gawd, is it wonderful. If you want a good time and a bit of a laugh, FLASHBACK50 is great. Heck, if you want nostalgia, take a look at this! It's a nice little nod to the 50's.

It's a bit surreal, and overly repetetive at points, but honestly, it's entertaining as feck to watch, and the song is not half bad. In fact, I could see myself getting hooked on this one, the song is so memorable and fun.

Please... watch this. For the shits and giggles, or just out of curiosity. It will either entertain you, or make you question what this group is trying to do. Either way, just give it a go. Pleeeeease!

Rainy Princess by color pointe

I've reviewed this one already, but hey! Why not go again, because it's Rainy Princess, and both the song and video are the Bomb dot com. Chiima, don't bring that saying back. Go home.

Visually pleasing and quite eye-catching, Rainy Princess is a dark and atmospheric piece by the ballet-themed group, color pointe. The video is pretty damn mesmirising, and all members bring a rather mature, sexy quality to the MV, even when one of them looks really damn cute. They all have charisma and class, and in each scene, I'm absolutely hypnotised by them. Seriously... this is how you capture someone's attention, and this is how you do sexy and stimulating. Holy cow.

Rainy Princess is a gorgeous video, and an enticing song. I honestly did not anticipate a ballet-themed group bringing out anything this dark or alluring, nor did I expect them to have such an epic track in their discography. It's so damn tantalizing, and heck, I want more! Bring on color pointe!

Daisuki with TeddyLoid by DAOKO

Okay, there's actually a reason why I've put this here, and that's because I find this video so damn disturbing, it fascinates me. It... weirds me out a bit, and it definitely unnerves me as a viewer and listener. Hell, if I'd had more time, this would have been one of my Halloween MV reviews, because it's so. Fuckin'. Disturbing. My brain just goes what when I see it, even though it's really damn simple.

Maybe it has something to do with how the camera moves, how it's angled, how I feel so freakin' small when I'm looking at DAOKO on the machine. Maybe it's the song itself, how the screams are interlaced, and how the vocals themselves are placed and paced. It's just so weird, but so cool.

DAOKO is damn imaginative as a singer, and visually. She can excite and entice you, but she can also disturb and unhinge you, and that's amazing. She has so much talent and presence, and I really am enjoying her works so far.

If you see more of her here later on... yeah, don't be surprised. She's pretty damn promising!

Haikei Romeo to Juliet e by Diamondollfy

As of right now, I am a tad on/off with Blue Forest / Blue Clover, though I always try my best to keep myself updated with their groups. Diamondollfy, their second msot active group as of 2016, currently keeps interested visually, though actually... I quite like this song! Plus, they have a new member who looks absolutely gorgeous, so now I have more of a reason to care, because shallowness. All the shallow!

Anywhoo... Their latest release, though it honestly has little to it, is pretty to look at. There is no story as such, but the location and costumes are very nice, and the overall aesthetic fits the very fairy-like vibe this group goes for, and seems like it is right out of a fairy story. The end scenes, though, feel a tad out of place with the wedding dresses. Then again, it might fit the lyrics nicely... who knows.

It's a cute video, though, and it has a story / dream like quality that appeals to me. The song is one of their best, too, and again... new girl *^* <3

Orchestra by BiSH

First things first; I like this song. I like the sub-par vocals. I like how raw but pure it seems, and I love the sound of the song. It's bitter sweet, and it's right up my alley. Secondly... yes. All the yes to the lesbian love story with subtle hints as to what happens. Thirdly; THAT ORCHESTRA! Those member scenes with the chairs. How they interact with each other. YASSSS!!!

This is a gorgeous music video, and a beautiful song to boot. I love the tone, and I love the story behind it. It's beautifully crafted, and it shows enough to get your heart going at certain points. It tells so much even when it shows so little, that you know the two girls in question love one another deeply, that it hurts even more at the end when you know they can no longer be together. It's so damn emotional, and honestly, it's not a video or a song that I would expect from BiSH.

This is a wonderful, highly emotional piece with some passionate vocals in all of their raw glory. I love how the members are really invested in this song, and how beautifully the story scenes have been acted out. This is a pure love story, with heart-wrenching consequences, and it is perfectly structured.

Right next to DAOKO's music video for Moshimo bokura ga GAMEthis one is another favourite. It's absolutely wonderful, and so damn deserving of my love. Well done, BiSH. So please, everyone, give this video a chance, and become invested in BiSH's Orchestra, because it is worth every moment of your time.


And for September 2016's PV Selection, this is it! It's a decent-sized list, and though it was terribly late in coming out, these PV's mean no less to me than the others I have discussed this past year. I enjoy each one as much as the other, and heck, this includes a few I quite liked a lot! Moshimo bokura ga GAME, Orchestra and Rainy Princess especially stick out as great music videos, in my opinion, though how you view them yourselves could be completely different. Still, these are my picks, and I stand by my choice in what is listed here.

Hopefully you guys have your own September picks for this year, and I hope you share them with me, one day! For now though, let's move forward to October's Music and PV Selection's, as well as look forward to what November brings in vision and sound! Are you excited?

The End of the Year is nigh! With it comes my favourites of the year gone by! What PV's have I enjoyed the most, and which ones stuck out to me? Are you prepared for it? Until that time comes, though, let's treasure the final two months' worth of PV's for 2016, and look forward to what our Idols deliver!

Take care everyone, love your Idols, stay happy and healthy, and of course, enjoy the music and the life we have right now!

Much Love and Singing,

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