Monday, 14 November 2016

[PV Selection] October 2016

The November PV's are rolling in as we speak, but before I dare get into what has come out from the Month-To-Be, let's take a look at our last resident and all it offers to see just what it has promised! Are there videos galore, or was October a snore? We need to read to find out, and of course, see if we agree! Are you ready for it?

As per the usual, all thoughts written here are my own, and whatever may be listed is all through personal choice. I am a one-man... woman band on this blog, so of course my feelings towards videos will be put on the line, here! Yes, I could act unbiased, but where's the fun in that? If I cannae open a can of worms once in a while, my life would be a tad boring! :p


The year is swiftly coming to an end! With two months to go and ten down, 2017 is creepin' on faaast! So, this of course means deadlines, parties, presents to wrap, trees to erect (lol, cause I'm 5) and Christmas songs to be sung! It also means I need to start preparing my final year posts and compiling the necessary lists together for favourite videos and songs of 2016! Wowzers!

But, for now, let's bask in the happiness of October's offerings and pray there are some decent music videos out there for us all to enjoy! Are you ready for the final pickings of the Autumn before Winter crowns us with its frostbitten kisses and jingling twinkle bells? Before we head off into the final season of 2016, let's finish off our Harvest and enjoy our Idols in full force!

1,2,3... SELECTION DU PV!!! YAHOOOO∽!!!!


Mugen Climax by C-ute

Much like anyone else who saw this music video, I was impressed. The pace and editing is on point, the costumes are pretty damn amazing (slay them crows, slaaaay!) and the location is absolutely perfect for this kind of theme. Also, hot damn, this is pretty sexy! If anyone can pull off this kind of look and song together (within H!P), it's C-ute!

I'm not overly keen on the auto tune, but honestly, it's not there enough for me to hate the song. Plus, the rest of it is so fantastic, you forget how terrible it sounds against everything else. Woohoo!

This is a fantastic piece with some great scenes, strong editing and stellar outfits. I would say the most out of place thing about this entire video is the book scene, which is rather avant garde in comparison to what the rest of the video offers. Still, it's unique, and whilst it doesn't fit with the video (it's a sore thumb, if anything), it is indeed pretty to look at. Many fans would disagree with me, though, as a lot of people seem to like that very scene. Ah, welp, I just find it jarring.

A good music video that shows us all that, yes, H!P do have money and ideas, and are willing to finally let us know they have these very things! Let's just hope the other groups see some of that moolah in the long run for future videos!

Ai wa Maru de Seidenki by C-ute

I like all of the C-ute music videos that have been put out. They are beautifully done, highly creative, and stylish to boot. Here, the outfits are absolutely stunning, fitting the members well and giving us that cosy autumn feeling. The video itself is bright and welcoming, and I love how fun and energetic the dance looks. There was some thought put into this, too, and we can see just how charming and wholesome the members of C-ute are when they create their pictures. It's all kinds of adorable, without being sickly sweet or childish in any way.

See, this is how you do cute and charming without taking away maturity! Well done, H!P!

The video, though simple in its execution and thought, is still as entertaining as a video with added graphics or multiple edits, and it really does endear itself to me. I love how happy everyone looks, and how well everything flows together. Yet another video that shows off the friendliness and chemistry between members of C-ute. It is flawless, and it must be watched, so WATCH IT!!!

Singing ~Ano Koro no You ni~  by C-ute

As I said, I liked all of these music videos, and even though this one happens to be the most simple of the three, I have to say, it's my favourite. The song, how it looks, the use of effects, how it basically shines... it all appeals to me. It's just so damn pleasant, and despite its gray tone (H!P love their gray), it looks stylish and cool. Hell, it looks like they're standing upside down, above a city with them with this setup, and that is pretty damn awesome!

Also... SPARKLES! Finally, H!P use the sparkles with care, because I actually like them here. It's not an absolute cluster-fuck like previous videos... (side-eyes One Two Three...) >o>

Though not as entertaining as the previous two, what Singing does is something a little more. It feels personal and affectionate, and it feels a little bit like a goodbye, in a way. I know for sure this is not one of their gfinal singles - of course it isn't - but much like Gamusha LIFE, Singing feels like it's meant for the group and their efforts together these past 11 years. It is about them, what they have done,a nd how far they have come as a group and individuals. It's personal and sentimental, and in that way, it feels like it's a goodbye.

... And now, I wonder what they're going to do for their graduation single. Who knows? Gamusha LIFE and Singing are definitely personal, for so many reasons. How much more personal and tearful can we get, with 2017 coming along so swiftly? Only when it comes along, will time tell.

Kindan no Shall We Dance by elfloat

I don't follow elfloat as excessively as I once did, however, I do take my time to keep myself updated on their latest efforts, at least in terms of video releases. So, when this popped up into my inbox, I went ahead and watched it, because hell, elfloat can make a decent music video.

This, though, is kind of out of their league, even in my eyes. I did not expect them to do something this good! And hey, this place looks a little like where Mugen Climax and Kiete, Shirayukihime was filmed! I don't know if it is, though. It does not match up with previous videos that make use of the same location... yet >o>

Anyways... this is a really cool video, with some really nice camera work thatmoves around a lot (so if you're motion sickness, beware!) and some cool red and blue filters to really set the tone of the video. Its alternative scenes are a nice touch, too, and include a cage of sorts, one member chilling on a throne and another on a couch. It's really pleasing to the eyes, and despite its manic use of the roaming cam, I find it highly appealing. It keeps me guessing where the camera will go next, and what we might see. So, whilst it really does not make much use of its location in terms of different settings, it does keep you intrigued with its flurry of shots.

If you are a fan of elfloat, check it out. If you want something different to watch... check it out. If you want to see for yourself if this is okay or not, well... CHECK. IT. OUT! Because it's pretty good, at least for my eyes, and the song is actually awesome, too.

Sayonara no Imi by Nogizaka46

Okay, so, this has been my video of October. It's one of my favourites, and whilst I don't follow Nogizaka46 any more (due to restrictions of access on their videos in England), I made sure to find this PV specifically for the reason that, it promised a good story line. When I found an article regarding Sayonara no Imi's PV release, and it told the story of the video, I kind of had to have it. So, I found it, and I am bloody pleased, because this video is so good!

As per usual, ever since their poor first year as a unit, Nogi46 have released another stylish, well thought out video with a strong story line, and beautiful cinematography. This one in particular depicts the story of an annual festival in which two people are chosen; a Human, and a Shijin. The Shijin are mutant-like creatures who seem human, but when emotions run high, flesh spikes protrude from their hands. Because of their differences, some people really do not like these people, and there seems to be protests of wihing to ban them or keep them away (wow, sounds similar to many a true event within this world). Paret of the festival the humans and Shijin take part in seems to include a ritual where the human cuts through - or off - the spikes on their hands, showing their power. Here, though, the human eventually comes to befriend the Shijin, despite all differences, and makes a show of it on the ritual / festival night.

It's a very beautifully done video, and though I did anticipate spikes protruding everywhere, I am happy with what is shown here. It's a great idea, and seems to speak of the stigma we humans have had for centuries over those different to us. It's all about difference and acceptance, and basically stepping above the status-quo to give everyone a chance, no matter who they are. It's so wonderful, and I really love this video... plus, it's given me an idea for a story. Well done, Nogizaka46! A beautiful tale, a beautiful video, and it is one with a very strong message.

I really should review it, one time. It's worth my efforts, for sure!

LOVE TRIP by the peggies

I really did think that this was going to be a LOVE TRIP remake, but it wasn't. In fact, it's completely different, and whilst it does take place in a school, this music video is actually one-long camera shot with no edited scenes whatsoever... at least, in terms of cut edits. No, instead, it makes use of graphics and angles to keep you entertained, as well as on-screen lyrics, and some varying locations within the school so that it doesn't get too stagnant.

I am a fan of one-take videos. It's incredibly difficult to try and get everything into one shot, let alone take into account how annoying it must be to try and move around with the camera at the same pace as the song and the members performing, or getting to the right room in time. But, it was done, and what we have here is a fun video and some nice graphics.

OH, and the members play their own instruments. Could this get any cooler? I like it, I find it fun and cheerful, and it's nice how they gave the video some colour, despite how washed out it can seem if the graphics were not there to bring life and (more) activity to what is already there.

San to Neo fenikkusu oen P.IDL Nagoya

I'm currently following P.IDL less and less, however when I saw this video for the first time, I was completely charmed by it. It's a really cute video that has a lot of out-take like sequences threaded together to create a heartwarming, memorable PV filled with charm and cuteness.  It's a simple creation, but honestly, the whole effect is just so darned wonderful, you can't help but fall in love with both the members of P.IDL Nagoya, and the basketball players they are cheering on and messing around with.

Some favourite scenes include seeing some of the members in the oversized uniforms, the basketball players picking the members up, and them playing basketball together and P.IDL Nagoya failing miserably. It's damn sweet, and it's damn lovely. If this won't make your heart melt... well, I don't know what will.

The song itself is P.IDL basic, but it's nice enough. The video is the real winner here, though, and it fits the idea of the song well enough, allowing us to cheer on both the members of the group and the basketball team. So, cheer on and watch this adorable music video!

Kago no Kaga by Kazu chaya Musume

I definitely put this here more for the video than the song, because honestly, the song is not my thing. The video, however, is. It's absolutely gorgeous and is attractive to me as a viewer on so many levels. The vintage clothing, huge bird cages and almost rustic feel is enticing, and... HEY! Isn't that the location of elfloat's music video!? Holy buggery, it is! o-O

Well, all that aside, the video is stunning, though honestly, It seems to include a tale about a woman who is trapped, and another girl, who may be in love with her, hopes to save her. In the end, however, the two may have swapped places, as the girl who had originally been free becomes trapped instead, and the woman she may have liked is nowhere to be seen...

Though a disorientating song, the video itself is interesting to look into and watch. It's really well made, aesthetically pleasing, and calls to my inner story-writer. It makes me think of bittersweet fairy tales and love gone wrong, and I like that about it. It doesn't have a happy ending, not from what I can see, and though I am unsure of what the story actually is... I enjoy my conclusion. Still, it could be open to interpretation, which is just as wonderful, in my opinion.

It's a gorgeous video, but the song... well, I would leave it. Still, its haunting sound fits nicely with the video itself, so it's good that the two are able to balance one another out.

Paradoxical Complex by Niji no Conquistador

This is one entertaining video, as to be expected of the fabulous Niji no Conquistador. Themed around 'idolisation', five girls from different background fantasise and obsess over their own 'idols' in their daily lives. One is an Idol Wota, collecting magazines and memorabelia, another adores her tennis partner and friend, the third loves a rock singer, whilst the fourth obsesses over a waitress, and the final girl adores her friend a little too much. It's all forms of adorable, and speaks to me as an Idol fan, in a way.

It's innocent, but a little creepy. Basically... our lives as Idol fans, right? We're all obsessive over a certain girl or group, and we all have our own thoughts and feelings towards them. For Niji no Conquistador, these feelings are no different!

It's nice to see the way us Idol fans act, feel or think played out by Idols themselves, because it shows it can happen to anyone, not just fans of Idol culture or music in general. It's an everyday thing, in tennis, school, at a cake shop... anywhere! And Niji no Conquistador play it out perfectly in this fun, energetic music video. Definitely check it out if you haven't yet!

Kimi-iro ni Somaru ・ ~Star Dream ver.~ by Earth Star Dream

I like this for the following reasons: One of the girls is really freakin' cute. The Earth symbol between their shoes. The song. The use of angles... and, that's it. I basically like it for no good reason, other than it appeals to me with one really adorable girl, and its energetic song. Oh, and the camera shots. Those really do appeal to my inner video-phile.

The expressions of and antics of the members here are adorable, and whilst there is no core story or linear structure to the PV, it's fun to watch all the same. The members have a very fresh and joyful presence about them, and it's nice to see that they can ham it up to the camera without seeming awkward or out of place. Naturally they are charismatic and joyous... and yes, adorable to boot! Especially the member in white! Be mine, cutie pie, I like you!

Also, HEYLL YEAH to the member on the keyboard! Nice to see they are using your talents and not letting them fester! If only H!P would do this with some of their members... fu...!

Want some cuteness injected into your day? Then listen to some Earth Star Dream! They have adorable members, cute songs and sweet antics! Let your heart be filled to the brim with their sweetness!

Luna†Requiem~Tsuki niji no utage~ by elfin'

I'm quite sad that this isn't the full thing, because 'oly shit, it looks and sounds so good! I swear, if these Idol groups keep getting better, I might fall even deeper in love, especially when the quality of song and video is like this! Right now, I'm pretty sure I've heard of elfin', but I've never seen anything they have created, and yet... regrets. All the regrets. They are AWESOME!!!

This is a very well done video. It is dark and enticing, it looks mature and cool, and the members look super confident and as if they are really in their element. It feels powerful, as well, and the members just seem like they fit right in with their surroundings. Forget cute and twinkling; this is where it's at!

So far, there isn't a full version of the video out yet, nor is there any indication that it might be released, aside from the game that it is the theme for. I really do hope it gets released, though; it's amazing, and the girls sound so good!

SUMILE SMILE by Uchida Aya

I basically saw this video and went 'yep', because it has colour and prettiness. I'm a sucker for everything in the land of Idols, and colour is definitely one of the main things that can get me glancing. In all its brightness and simplicity, SUMILE SMILE definitely fits my bill of fun and entertaining; it doesn't need to do a lot to get me smiling along with it or finding cuteness in it. It's so sweet, the song is adorable, and the pastel colours remind me of spring and life returning to the Erath after a long winter.

If you think about it, this song might seem a bit misplaced, given the time of year we are in... but, I like it. I like how it stands out and gives us that feeling of spring and brightness, despite the darker days and colder nights. It's positive, and it just gives me hope for the spring to come sooner!

It's an adorable video, with some nice edits and pretty colours to entice you. I really do wish it was the full version, though, because damn! I want to watch more of it, and feel like I'm in Spring time! Time to search the internet, ahahaha!

Gimmi Gimmi action by PASSPO☆

Okay, so I really don't watch much PASSPO☆ any more. They aren't my flavour, though I admit, they deliver some damn good music. This video, however, really piques my interest because... CHRISTMAS!!! Cross-dressing. Hilarity ensuing throughout, and the antics of PASSPO☆ as they play a family is just damn hilarious. I also love the nostalgic feeling they create here with the decor, wardrobe and TV. It's so damn cheesy, too, and that makes it even better!

This is a fun Christmas Music Video, and just makes me think of a few American bands have produced in past decades. It does feel quite American, and I like that PASSPO☆ bring that feeling across pretty damn well. Also, they're awesome in their getup here.

This is an entertaining video full of laughs and Christmas cheer, and I really do enjoy it. Definitely take a look if you're feeling the Christmas spirit already, or if you want to start your cheer soon!

Picolation by Kus Kus


Believe you me, I was wondering where these girls went, because whilst I don't follow them (at all), I knew of them and knew they had a strong following, of sorts. So yeah, I was curious as to whether or not they had disappeared off the face of the planet. Well, that's one question in a million answered, and if you yourself wondered... yes, they're back, and they are entertaining as ever!

This is a simple but cute video, with some nice pops of colour in their outfits and makeup giving us some sweet contrast. The members themselves, all grown up, look especially beautiful and seem to have a fun time in their little antics here, allowing us to feel their charm and warmth, and to see just how well they work together.

They are adorable, and even as a non-fan of the unit, I can see that. Both girls really do seem like a lot of fun, and I can't help but find them endearing. Picolation is adorable, and it makes me want to love Kus Kus. Maybe I should keep my eye on them for 2017? We shall see.

Happy End by Renachiis (AKB48)

Though I haven't seen many of the new AKB PV's for the up-coming single, I have to say that, so far, this one is my favourite. It's playful, innocent, joyful and cute, and I find it highly enjoyable. The song, though predictable for AKS, is still really sweet and fun, and fits the aesthetic well. It feels light and bright, and just like sprig. Heck, I can kind of smell the Spring on this music video!

... What is with these Idols and Spring, this year!? Christmas, ladies... CHRISTMAS!!!

Anyway, it's a short music video so far, but I would like to see the full thing. I love how it looks, how it feels, and the flowers in it, too. They aren't garish or full-on, and fit the image of this song and its happy tune well. Also, the front girl is hella cute.

Dokidoki no Kaze by Murakawa Rie

... SPRING! Another Spring MV, because again, the Idols are having a thing for it. That, or they are highly confused with the weather patterns this season thanks to Global Warming. (Yes, I know; MV's are filmed months in advance, but... still! Bring this out in the effing Spring!).

Well, regardless, I like this music video so far. Probably because I'm biased as feck, or because sweet simplicity is my thing. Either way, I like the video for this, and I love how it seems to have a thing going on with the seasons... well, all but Winter, of course, though the video cuts off because, why the heck not? Tease the Chiima. Tease her with Spring / Summer . Autumn vibes. Tease her with the possibilities of a Winter. Throw her off, making her think it's the full thing. Grrrr!

... and with that little tangent run, let's just say this; Dokidoki Kaze is a pretty music video, and it appeals to the simple things in life that I like. It has gorgeous landscape scenes, beautiful imagery, and Murakawa Rie looks drop damn beautiful in this. She's like a fairy here, and though her voice can get a bit grating if my head isn't in the right place, she does suit the song. It's a lovely piece, and fits that idea of a heart-pounding wind with its coursing waves, wind brushed hair and gently beating grass. It's serene, it's gentle, and it's captivating. God damn, I do love these kinds of MV's!


And with one sweep of my hand and a flourish of the written word, we are done! Hopefully this suffices your appetite, in terms of Idol in video, that is. Of course, this begs that one question I always ask at the end of the post; did you enjoy any of these videos, and are there any here you liked, but I never posted? ... Wait, that's two questions. Whoops.

Well, if you did enjoy any videos not posted here, be sure to share them around the web and let everyone else know what you have loved, and show off the greatness of your Idols and the music they provide! Without sharing and caring, we wouldn't know the wonder these entertainers bring to our lives, nor would we be aware of how much energy and love they can give by just being on the stage, even when they are an ocean apart.

And with that, this post comes to an end. Are you ready for the final two hurdles of 2016, and do you anticipate what 2017 will bring unto us all in Idols, music, video and joy? Or will it be a year filled with tears? Who knows!

Until next time, everyone, take care! The final post of the [PV Selection] series for 2016 is coming, so anticipate it, and of course, anticipate the lists of Winter 2016, too! Let's jump headlong into the next year with a beat and a smile! Until then... be happy, healthy, smile and enjoy, and of course, love your Idols!

Much Love and Winter Cheer,


  1. Did the internet bork one of my communications to you, Chiima? Because I remember asking what you thought about elfin's first PV "Colorful Fantasy" way back, which you responded to with deafening silence. I just assumed you gave it a chance for 10 seconds before concluding "Sonda is crazy and should be ignored from now until the end of time" - which is fair and probably very sound thinking, but probably not what happened by the sounds. I hardly ever write to ask others what they think of this or that, but I so remember that one because I could have sworn it was right up your alley and didn't want you to miss it as you sounded busy with uni at the time. I remember loving how the PV is done all in one shot! Who doesn't love those? This new single is an unexpected style change, though. Now I want to see the full thing, too!

    1. OWO big chance I probably didn't reply! Sometimes I leave responses so long, that I just never reply to them ;w; and I am unsure if I ever saw elfn's first PV? If it's the one on the beach, I was not overly keen (though how its done is great, and how they keep you entertained is wonderful, but it just did not appeal to me greatly). I don't remember the song, however (I just checked, it's the video I watched, but did not care much for XD).

      Actually, I highly agree; it is the kind of PV that is right up my alley, but surprisingly, it hasn't appealed to me like I would have thought o-O But yes, who DOESN'T love a one-take video!? They're very well done, and generally, hard to do despite how easy it might seem!

    2. Righto. Gave me a nicey bump.y vibe which is why I thought you might dig it. Never mind. Carry on!

  2. Hi Chiima, please check out Keyakizaka's new single PV! It's simply amazing! Would love to hear your thoughts and maybe a review of it!