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[Music Selection] October 2016

The first signs of winter begin in November, when the air turns crisp and the night becomes ever darker. I swear, every year on November first, the winds seem to shift and the smell of cold becomes so much stronger, and I can't help but think 'yes, this is winter!'.

But before I can truly celebrate winter and the on-coming jingle songs, we need to talk about the tunes that kept me going in October '16! Did you find anything of note during the Halloween season, and if so, what were they? Did any new Idols attract you with their lullabies, and have you become besotted with a song you never knew existed until now? Let's take a look, and see what is in sotre in my Halloween Goody Bag of songs!

As always, all choices are mine, meaning that if there is a song you enjoyed not present, I either did not enjoy it as much as you, or I did not listen to it. Is the way of life, peoples! We can't all enjoy what others do, aye?

October has gone, and with its departure comes the winter! Are you ready for it!? Well, before you dare leave behind Hallows Eve, let's look at discuss the joys of the music found during October's residency! Will there be something in here you enjoyed the month gone by, or in previous months, and will there be something new for you to enjoy yourselves? Let's take a look, and find out! I wonder what we shall hear today...~

Te wo Tsunagouyou by Makomina (2016.10.12)

Despite this being one of the simpler (read: generic) songs on the list, Te wo Tsunagoyou was one of my most played tunes for October, and is still going pretty strong into early November. It's catchy, cute, quirky, and filled with some adorable sighs and yells from the members themselves, allowing this song to feel as if it has some personality and familiarity about it.

The song itself is vaguely reminiscent of other creations, and its use of fast-paced dialogue feels quite similar to that of Country Girls' releases from 2015, but honestly, I don't fault it for using what works well. It's basically a really adorable song, and I am highly entertained by everything it delivers. I sing along to it quite often, and enjoy every aspect of it. If you don't mind something a little generic and far too mainstream, give this one a go, and check out Makomina.

Kimi ga ite yokatta by Makomina (2016.10.12)

The second song present on the first physical release of twin Idols Makomina, Kimi ga ite yokatta begins as an uptempo ballad-type song with soft vocals and a pleasant pace, however it soon changes course and entertains listeners with its upbeat, energetic nature with what sounds like a banjo coursing through. Though the song itself does seem to jump around in pace, it manages to stay true to itself, never losing its appeal or even sounding out of place. It's not as jarring as Cheeky Parades sound, but it certainly just as interesting to listen to.

I find this song extremely pretty, and enjoy its tonal change. It's almost country-vibe is also an intriguing twist, and nothing I would have expected from a cute Idol duo such as Makomina. I like this song a great deal, almost as much as the first, and find these two very endearing as a whole. I may just keep up with them, because this is a great little single they have released, and I am really digging it thus far.

Arakajima Ushinawareta Bokura no Ballad by Earphones (2016.10.05)

Though the song in question is not a ballad itself, - a fact that took me by surprise, and then amused me  greatly through its irony - I really do enjoy this song. It's entertaining and really well done, and is a little reminiscent of MomoClo's better years (though you might disagree, especially when you take into consideration that I hardly listened to the group, even when they were bearable).

I will admit that, when I first heard this, I was hoping for a song that sounded a little more like Halloween, given the costumes and everything. Still, I'm not put off by it; I do think this is a great song, a great display of Earphones' efforts. It's energetic and fast-paced, but not that cute or overly cool, for that matter. It's a nice balance of Idol meets... something. Something I cannot think of right now.

I like it. I find it thrilling as a song. It makes me want to wave my hair about and jump around a bit. It's one of those songs.

Yummy Yummy Party by Earphones (2016.10.05)

If any song were to be pinned with the Halloween Badge of Honour, then it might have to be Yummy Yummy Party, because whilst it isn't completely in tune with that idea of Halloween throughout the whole song, it still encompasses enough of it to keep it in theme with one of the best holidays of the year. It has a few disorientating dialogue parts, giving it a great story-like presence, as well as a good amount of narration from a male speaker, which only adds to that idea that it has a story to it. Then it has some cute singing lines, which are... annoying, but also quite adorable. Seriously, though, my faourite parts are the ones where it sounds a little bit creepy (unless you count the over-use of squeak and adorable as creepy, then heck, it's all creepy).

The use of sound effects here are good, too, such as the tolling bell at the beginning and the creaking door coming to its close at the end, and that rather familiar rising 'Halloween' tone that I can't exactly describe, because feck, I'm no musician, and I know nothing about sounds and how they come to be. Let's just say, I would hear it in a PG Horror-type film, if anything. It has a certain presence and feel to it, and it works well with Yummy Yummy Party.

It's a good song. Cute and just Halloween-y enough to keep me content. Give this one a listen, too, because everything on this single is entertaining and worth your time, Yummy Yummy Party especially.

Yorokobi no Uta by Earphones (2016.10.05)

The third and final song on Earphones' latest release, Yorokobi no Uta feels like a mashup of existing tunes, creating a piece that feels more like a Christmas tune, than anything else. That said... it's great. I enjoy it thoroughly, and can see myself returning to this one for both November and December, all for the sake of that winter vibe and jingly tune.

Oh, and this one starts off with a ballad... so the single title did keep its promise, even if it was for the wrong song. It leaves pretty quickly though, and we're thrown into an uptempo song reminiscent of energetic Christmas tunes. Yippee!

What more can I say about this other than that, yes, I like it, and yes, I anticipate returning to it for the on-coming winter season? I;m a sucker for anything that includes bells and chimes, twinkling and the promise of wintry feelings by the fire and glittering Christmas tree? I am your basic Christmas-Liker, who listens to these songs constantly, and gets hyped for the season of the year that promises family fights around the chicken / turkey roast, and giddy joy around the tree. I am so damn basic.

Himitsu no Tiara to Gelato by Houkago Princess (2016.10.12)

Surprise suprise, there's a HouPri song in here! Believe it or not, though, this isn't exactly my favourite HouPri song ever. I like it enough, but... eh. Seishun Mermaid is a lot more appealing, and has infinitely less grating Nana vocals. Honestly, if there was more Sasara, Maika and Saorin, and no Nana, I would be on Cloud 9, cause holy heck, she butchers this song when that mouth opens.(The live version, however, is one of Nana's strongest performances... weird.)

This is a cute song, and ti definitely has that movie-like quality going for it. It's twinkling and very fairy tale-esque, but it's not the best. Luckily it's catchy as heck and memorable (for me), but, let's be honest... this one is better when sung live, as opposed to the studio recording. It loses a lot of power in this studio format, and the emotion comes across a lot less, here. So, if you decide to tune into this one, go for the live version. A helluva lot more impressive, a heck of a lot better vocally and so much more powerful. Please, believe me.

FORZA! OLE! by Houkago Princess (2016.10.12)

This B-side was... surprising. I kind of expected a more powerful, punchy song with a lot of impact, but instead it happened to be more of a cheer / pep rally song. It's cute and, indeed, it's encouraging, and I like it for those reasons. Still... not what I expected.

Oh, and for a Miran center song, I really don't hear any solo's from her. So, whilst it may be labelled as her center tune, I'm gonna cry BullShit, cause whilst there aren't many solo lines, the ones that do exist are handed to both Maika and Nana. I guess she's (Miran) doing a lot of duets, and is the dance centre? Who bloody knows. (Would have been nice to have her take over Nana's lines, though, cause ooooooouch my ears)

This is a fun song though, and I like that they wanted to pen a spirit-themed tune in the name of Miran, with her catchphrase 'FORZA!' yelled throughout. It's energetic, and I do like it. I'm just highly disappointed that, of the three solos given out, not one went to Miran herself. Booooo!

September Roll-Over

Rainy Princess by Color Pointe (2016.09.14)

Quite possibly the sexiest Halloween tune next to Halloween Party, Color Pointe's Rainy Princess - though not exclusively seen as a Halloween track, but let's just say it is for my sake - is a cool and enticing piece that packs a punch, and really sits under your skin for all the best reasons. It's catchy, it's mature, the vocals are bloody gorgeous, and hello! Look at that video it comes with. It's freakin' beautiful, and I am so enchanted by it. Every which way, you just see and hear perfection and allure. I really can't help but like this release, and honestly, it is one of my favourite tracks that I listened to in all of October, aside from some Makomina, my new side chicks for the ears.

I love this song (at least, for now) and find it extremely attractive in sound. It's the right amount of cool and mature, and it exudes brilliance. It flirts with my ears, and it just gets stuck in my head. If I ever get sick of this song in the future, I beg the question: Why? Because hot damn, this song!


 Halloween Party by HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA (2012.10.17)

Okay, so, in my opinion (always. Always my damn opinion), this is one of the sexiest songs I have ever come across. I don't know what it is, but whenever I hear it, Halloween Party just gives me an eargasm, or a lady boner. Something crude like that. I mean... how can it noooooot!? Maybe it's the music itself, or Hyde. Either way... Yes. All the yes to this song, in its sexy-sounding-glory!

This song is absolutely brilliant, and it just emulates everything that is Halloween. It's fun, but it's creepy. It has those familiar tones that scream out 'Halloween!', and it has a lot of personality thrown in there, too. It's just a great Halloween track, and the one I turn to every time the annual holiday comes around. It gets me in the perfect mood for what is the creepiest time of the year, and honestly, I just adore it. It's the best damn Halloween song out there,a nd I really do wish they would bring out a few more updated versions. I need my yearly fix, damnit, and AKB's faux-Hallows Eve song does not cut it like this one does!
Ima Shika nai ~now or never~ by Iwanaga Tsugumi (2016.08.24)

Every time I happen to say [this...] was my favourite song on here, I scroll down to talk about the next track I have enjoyed, and realise 'feck... I really loved this one, too', because Holy Heck, it is true, especially when it comes to Iwanaga Tsugumi and her first single release. I really do like this release, and honestly, I consider it to be one of my favourites, right next to Rainy Princess and Makomina's release, because it's so damn catchy and wonderful. Plus, I keep going right on back to it, and that is, of course, a great indication of my finding something extremely appealing.

I have already reviewed this single on Hashire! Idol Manic, and honestly, my opinion still stands that this is a highly enjoyable single release, though it does lack power. I think this song in particular is cute and energetic, but not as punchy as others. Still, I do think of it highly myself, and will continue listening to it with great joy and love. It makes me happy, and I could not ask for more from this. Hopefully, we hear more from Iwanaga in the near future. I quite like her.

Itsumademo by Iwanaga Tsugumi (2016.08.24)

Much like Ima Shika nai, I really do love this song. A lot. Of the two, this is probably my most played track from the single thus far, and I have no intention of slowing down. A pretty, mid to down-tempo ballad, Itsumademo feels a lot more emotional, and gives off that vibe of bittersweet hope and desire, and has been the music used for writing, when I have felt inclined to write, that is. Heck, it's just been on in the background because I like it; it's my music of October, if you will, and I am so happy I found this single when I did. It's gorgeous, and this song is mesmirising.

I doubt this is a song that would appeal to everyone, and honestly, whilst I do love it, I admit Iwanaga herself lacks in power or emotion to carry of the true depth of this song, at least right now. She is a pretty sounding singer, however, she does lack what could make this song so much more, in terms of impact. But, details.

It's a pretty piece, and it is music to my ears. I am going to continue looping this one for all its worth, until I burn a hole in my laptop. It is worth every play, every listen, and every damn sing-along I do with it. Good grief, I am in love.

Sayonara ga Utsukushikute by SKE48's Shibata Aya and 4th Generation (2016.08.17)

This has been here before already - probably a few times - so you already have a good idea of why I enjoy it so much. So, yeah... next? xD

un secret by Shimotsuki Haruka (2016.08.10)

Once again, this is a song that has appeared once or twice on my Music Selection series since I first heard it. I really don't need to regale why I love it so much. Just like, Sayonara ga Utsukushikute, I enjoy it thoroughly, and I need not explain any further why.

Yu Ai by Rainie Yang (2010.01.01)

I enjoy Rainie Yang's past work thoroughly, and though her discography is extremely diverse and there is so much to choose from, her song Yu Ai is one that stands out. It's a song I return to a lot, and for a piece of writing I created last month (to do with rain, in fact), I went back to this song for inspiration. This piece is absolutely beautiful in sound and what it delivers, and its emotional feel is just so powerful to me as a listener. I know that when people think of Rainie as a singer, they immediately think of the song Ai Mei, but for me it is this song. It's just so wonderful, and whenever I watch its accompanying MV, I feel so distraught.

It is powerful and moving, and it is the perfect piece when I think of rain. Definitely give this one a listen, if you have not yet done so already.


And for the month gone by, that is all! Hopefully there is something in here to pique your interests as connoisseurs of the Idol variety, and that you discover something new on your journeys in Idol Music! If you have lists yourself, why not talk about them on your social media platforms, or even your own blogs? It's a bundle of fun!

Until next time though everyone, be sure to listen to more new music as it comes out, and share with everyone the songs you love! Compile those lists, and let the tunes be heard from the rooftops! I will be sure to do the same, and until next months post in Music... I will be delivering other things, I am sure!

Take care, stay happy and healthy, enjoy all good things that come to you, and of course, LOVE YO IDOLS!

Much Love and Cheer,

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