Friday, 18 November 2016

Idols, Writing and Cake: Six Years Today

Looking back in writing, on Idols and towards myself, it's amazing just how much change can go through someone and what they create in the span of six years. Looking back, I created my first post on here in 2010, with little intention of keeping it up. Looking back, I was surprised to reach a first anniversary once 2011 had rolled around, and even more surprised to open up my mind and blog to the possibilities of groups other than Hello! Project. Looking back, 2013 saw my third year anniversary, "That number, despite being so small, is actually so important", and I was amazed at the time and life I had put into something like this.

Looking back, just last year I celebrated five years with this blog and you wonderful readers, and I marveled at hitting the half-decade mark. Though the number itself is still small, five years holds so much significance; though a single number, it is still strong and capable, and you really feel you have poured so much into what you do by just seeing that number alone.

Now, looking forward, I see that I have given six years of my life, my love, my words to this blog, and I know for certain that I want to do this for another four years. Looking forward, I know that I desire to write down and share my passions. I aim to spend my time talking to all of you about what brings me joy and what makes me tick. I hope to share all that I adore and treasure, and reach out to you in any way I can, all so that we can experience this joyous time together as Idol fans.

Standing here and looking forward, I want to continue blogging whilst also looking back at the memories of how this blog came to be, the wonder of reaching one, three... five, six years here. I want to keep growing. I want to change for the better, to improve my writing and my knowledge, and to talk to all of you more through this medium.

On this day I celebrate Six Years in Writing on Idols, and on this day I have the sixth Cake. So far it has been a wonderful journey, and when Year 7 hits, I hope to see you there with your cake in hand, and your Idol music playing.

Thank you for reading this blog from the beginning, from the middle, or from here on out. I hope you enjoy your cake, and I hope you enjoy your Idols and music with brilliant smiles and energetic cries. 

Okay! Musume Time...


Happy Anniversary, everyone! Now, let us have cake, yes∼? 

DJ Zuk in the HOOOOOUSE!!!
I have a sweet spot for all Houpri members, Sahochi especially <3
Tiny cake from a tiny Mayumin!
... I'm not a baby! EH!? Waaaaah!!!!
My Green Monkey brings me a cute monkey cake, and a cute girl ;D
She's a star <3
"How about some discount gummy cake?" - Risa
"Maybe some tea to go with your cake?" - Risa
"Ah... then, cake with your cake?" - Risa
The Ice Princess delivers unto me my desired pengin keeki! *^* YASSSS!!!
Koha will never share with me her cake ;;^;;
And Honey has what seems to be a Honey cake!? Can I have a slice???
Well, that won't do! If you throw around my cake and food, no one can eat it, and it will get all over the decor! Honestly!!!
OH! We have pancakes, too! If Koha doesn't eat them all... >o>
Soft serve, too! Well, if these girls stop teasing, that is... >o>
Thank you for everything from the beginning til now, everyone. Until the next post however, please take care, stay happy, enjoy music, love your Idols and, finally, EAT CAAAAAAAKE!!!!∼

Enjoy <3

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