Wednesday, 23 November 2016

With Bare Shoulders and Pride, Let's Face It! Morning Musume '16's 'Mukidashi de Mukiatte' MV Review!

Right now I am trying my best to do some PV Reviews, right before December hits and has me focus on all things Christmassy and twinkly, and before essay deadlines overwhelm me. I may have to plan a little bit before such essays force themselves upon my plate, but for now, let's enjoy the little bit of free time I have.

After the heartbreak and turmoil of BiSH's Orchestra, why don't we take a look at a slice of visual deliciousness, but without the plot lines and linear story structures? It's time for some eye candy, and it all lies in that little bit of shoulder in its bare naked glory.

Given the roller coaster ride of meh Morning Musume have been riding lately, I won't lie and say I was anticipating this release. More than anything, I've become expectant of terribly recycled songs, sub-par videos and a forced-upon coolness that really does not suit the group in any way. So, with the dawn of the Sexy Cat, Maria center and a third song I really did not give two figs about to remember in title or look, I didn't expect a lot. Heyll, from the first shitty preview of Sou ja nai, I didn't anticipate liking this single much at all, because... well, shitty concert rips. You can't ever trust 'em.

Like anything, though, I made sure to wait until the full-fat radio rip was leaked to cast my judgement, and whn the PV's for all respective songs came out, I was indeed slightly impressed. Firstly, by how good the music videos were in terms of budget, and second, how good the MV's were in terms of overall look and feel; they look good, and aside from the awkwardness of Sexy Cat and the shit acting in Sou ja nai, there is still something good to take from the member performance in each.

And then, there is Mukidashi de Mukiatte, the song I didn't even think to bother with or care for. Oh, how wrong I was,because of them all, this is the best. It's the saving grace. It's the least awkward. It's basically the song, and though all have their merits, it's the one that has both sound and image in perfect harmony with one another, and the one that stands out simply for how damn awesome it is.

Good grief, I'm drooling like a fan girl. Better wipe that shit up, and start pic spamming you all to high heavens, because when you're just about to give up on MM... well, they drop this like its hot. Are you ready to face it and bare yourself to a cool side of Morning Musume that might just actually work?

Let's go confront them, now!

Monday, 21 November 2016

Your Voice is My Orchestra: A Symphony of Love's First Heartbreak Begins - BiSH [Orchestra] Music Video Review

Before Christmas dares to come to our doorsteps and eat away time in writing anything but winter themed tunes, I hope to dedicate a little of my time to a few PV's I have recently enjoyed a great deal, and share my thoughts - and spam - on them here. Because time is pressing, however, I'm pretty unsure as to how many reviews I can throw out? We shall just have to wait and see.

Well, before any more time runs out, I'm going to take a look of one of my most recent favourites in videos today, and share with you all my thoughts and feelings on it, and just why I find myself loving it so very much. Are you ready to let the Orchestra cry out and pull at those heart strings?

I am not one for BiSH. I was hardly one for BiS before they disbanded (then subsequently revived, all thanks to the existence of BiSH. Ha!), however there are times where I will sometimes get curious and check something out by them. In this case, during my usual PV scroll-through, I came across Orchestra; the title appealed to me, the thumbnail looked promising, and for a second, it did not click that this was by BiSH; the group who basically debuted with a music video to gross out its viewers. When it did register who had made this video, however, I was further intrigued. Also, that thumbnail was damn cute, and I wanted to know if it was of a member in the group that I could fangirl over.

Well, turns out the thumbnail girl is an actress used in the music video, but, still; it piqued my intrigue, and here I am today, completely and utterly besotted by the very essence that is Orchestra.

Admittedly, I'm quite surprised; as the 'successor' of BiS, I really don't expect much in terms of a typical seriousness from this type of group. More or less, I think that they might intrigue or confuse me, possibly deliver a sense of difference and other in their videos and songs. If I were to look at BiSH, I would kind of want to feel like I'm being put in a disruptive world, or maybe I would want to feel disturbed and uncomfortable during a viewing. Certainly, I would not hope to expect something so tame, if you will, or something as serious in a vanilla sense, like what AKB would do. I expect 'the other' from a group like BiSH, and hope to be surprised and taken away from the usual Idol fare I deal with daily.

Well, they certainly surprised. They also delivered something 'other' that I did not expect, and they've intrigued me a great deal. Though this is something I might see from another group - because Idols and their managements are getting exceedingly good and 'real' in what they produce lately - it is not a video I would expect from BiSH. It's unexpected, but it is highly welcomed, and they've shown me they can be 'serious' in a real sense, and that they can provide something strong, relevant and necessary just like every other Idol group and their founding mother can.

That, and BiSH have now taken my pre-conceived thoughts on what I thought they were, and shown me that I really should not judge a book by its cover (again), because they are not the group I thought they were. They are actually a lot more, and they are very, very good at what they do.

Before I ramble further and fall deeper in love with BiSH, I'll stop and let you look through all the screen shots taken during my (possibly 100th) viewing of the music video, comments included. Because this is a heavier spam - 81 images, gifs included - I probably won't comment on every picture, especially if and when no words are needed to describe the beauty and sorrow held within the frame, because this is truly a video to be appreciated and adored for its aesthetic, its story, and everything it reveals to the viewer, and I do not want to ruin that very beauty with my incessant commentary.

This is Orchestra by BiSH. Will your own orchestra ring out at the sound of their voice?

Friday, 18 November 2016

Idols, Writing and Cake: Six Years Today

Looking back in writing, on Idols and towards myself, it's amazing just how much change can go through someone and what they create in the span of six years. Looking back, I created my first post on here in 2010, with little intention of keeping it up. Looking back, I was surprised to reach a first anniversary once 2011 had rolled around, and even more surprised to open up my mind and blog to the possibilities of groups other than Hello! Project. Looking back, 2013 saw my third year anniversary, "That number, despite being so small, is actually so important", and I was amazed at the time and life I had put into something like this.

Looking back, just last year I celebrated five years with this blog and you wonderful readers, and I marveled at hitting the half-decade mark. Though the number itself is still small, five years holds so much significance; though a single number, it is still strong and capable, and you really feel you have poured so much into what you do by just seeing that number alone.

Now, looking forward, I see that I have given six years of my life, my love, my words to this blog, and I know for certain that I want to do this for another four years. Looking forward, I know that I desire to write down and share my passions. I aim to spend my time talking to all of you about what brings me joy and what makes me tick. I hope to share all that I adore and treasure, and reach out to you in any way I can, all so that we can experience this joyous time together as Idol fans.

Standing here and looking forward, I want to continue blogging whilst also looking back at the memories of how this blog came to be, the wonder of reaching one, three... five, six years here. I want to keep growing. I want to change for the better, to improve my writing and my knowledge, and to talk to all of you more through this medium.

On this day I celebrate Six Years in Writing on Idols, and on this day I have the sixth Cake. So far it has been a wonderful journey, and when Year 7 hits, I hope to see you there with your cake in hand, and your Idol music playing.

Thank you for reading this blog from the beginning, from the middle, or from here on out. I hope you enjoy your cake, and I hope you enjoy your Idols and music with brilliant smiles and energetic cries. 

Okay! Musume Time...


Happy Anniversary, everyone! Now, let us have cake, yes∼? 

DJ Zuk in the HOOOOOUSE!!!
I have a sweet spot for all Houpri members, Sahochi especially <3
Tiny cake from a tiny Mayumin!
... I'm not a baby! EH!? Waaaaah!!!!
My Green Monkey brings me a cute monkey cake, and a cute girl ;D
She's a star <3
"How about some discount gummy cake?" - Risa
"Maybe some tea to go with your cake?" - Risa
"Ah... then, cake with your cake?" - Risa
The Ice Princess delivers unto me my desired pengin keeki! *^* YASSSS!!!
Koha will never share with me her cake ;;^;;
And Honey has what seems to be a Honey cake!? Can I have a slice???
Well, that won't do! If you throw around my cake and food, no one can eat it, and it will get all over the decor! Honestly!!!
OH! We have pancakes, too! If Koha doesn't eat them all... >o>
Soft serve, too! Well, if these girls stop teasing, that is... >o>
Thank you for everything from the beginning til now, everyone. Until the next post however, please take care, stay happy, enjoy music, love your Idols and, finally, EAT CAAAAAAAKE!!!!∼

Enjoy <3

Monday, 14 November 2016

[PV Selection] October 2016

The November PV's are rolling in as we speak, but before I dare get into what has come out from the Month-To-Be, let's take a look at our last resident and all it offers to see just what it has promised! Are there videos galore, or was October a snore? We need to read to find out, and of course, see if we agree! Are you ready for it?

As per the usual, all thoughts written here are my own, and whatever may be listed is all through personal choice. I am a one-man... woman band on this blog, so of course my feelings towards videos will be put on the line, here! Yes, I could act unbiased, but where's the fun in that? If I cannae open a can of worms once in a while, my life would be a tad boring! :p


The year is swiftly coming to an end! With two months to go and ten down, 2017 is creepin' on faaast! So, this of course means deadlines, parties, presents to wrap, trees to erect (lol, cause I'm 5) and Christmas songs to be sung! It also means I need to start preparing my final year posts and compiling the necessary lists together for favourite videos and songs of 2016! Wowzers!

But, for now, let's bask in the happiness of October's offerings and pray there are some decent music videos out there for us all to enjoy! Are you ready for the final pickings of the Autumn before Winter crowns us with its frostbitten kisses and jingling twinkle bells? Before we head off into the final season of 2016, let's finish off our Harvest and enjoy our Idols in full force!

1,2,3... SELECTION DU PV!!! YAHOOOO∽!!!!

Saturday, 12 November 2016

[Music Selection] October 2016

The first signs of winter begin in November, when the air turns crisp and the night becomes ever darker. I swear, every year on November first, the winds seem to shift and the smell of cold becomes so much stronger, and I can't help but think 'yes, this is winter!'.

But before I can truly celebrate winter and the on-coming jingle songs, we need to talk about the tunes that kept me going in October '16! Did you find anything of note during the Halloween season, and if so, what were they? Did any new Idols attract you with their lullabies, and have you become besotted with a song you never knew existed until now? Let's take a look, and see what is in sotre in my Halloween Goody Bag of songs!

As always, all choices are mine, meaning that if there is a song you enjoyed not present, I either did not enjoy it as much as you, or I did not listen to it. Is the way of life, peoples! We can't all enjoy what others do, aye?

Thursday, 3 November 2016

[PV Selection] September 2016

To quote the White Rabbit from Alices Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll; "I'm Late! I'm Late!", though I myself would add a few more expletives in there, for colour, and because that's just me. Also, because, holy shit, this is late by a month. Whoops!

The original plan for this PV Selection was to completely boycott it, however, I have a sense of wanting to finish this off, at least for the year 2016, before I drop it completely. Generally, I'm useless at keeping things going (which is why it's so surprising this blog still stands), however, as I already had the videos here, my duty in delivering felt a bit overwhelming, and so, here we go; a PV Selection for September, which is better late than never, I suppose.

As per the usual, these PV's are completely my choice. If something you enjoyed is not here, it's either because I did not see it, I did not like it as much, or because I cannot access it due to country restrictions. It is how it is, and at the end of the day, this is my blog. My domain, my rules; I will not, can not, and care not to please others. It's the way of life, people!

Shall we roll on to the PV's, now? I kind of kept you waiting long enough.

Before I quickly delve into the list of Music Videos from September that I enjoyed, I want to let you all know that it was not lack of content or love of videos that stopped me from doing this post; far from it, because September contained two amazing videos that I really like, and a bunch of other great mentions. No. It was my own laziness and lack of drive that stopped me from posting this. Procrastination and laziness, be damned!

Better to tell the truth than give you some BS about me being busy, aye?

Anyway, September's post is here, and October's should be around after the Music Selection for the month. I will keep this up until around January 2017, and if I feel such a desire to keep it going as its own stand-alone post, I will... for now, however, let's see how we go.

Are you ready to dive into a new host of videos? Are there any here you enjoyed, too, or some new faces and videos you did not anticipate, but liked none-the-less after viewing this list? Are any missing, or any you downright hate? Let me know, and of course, enjoy! Let the List Begin!