Friday, 21 October 2016

[Updates in Blogging] October 2016

We're about halfway through October (or even further. I don't know), and whilst I might not have much in ways of Updates, I thought it best to keep y'all in the loop with my Blogging, as well as a few plans I might have along the way.

Sometimes, you just need to do an Update like this, and for a while, I've wanted to do it. So... Let's go!?

Okay! Musume Time

As I have no spiffy pics as of right now, I'm just going to sub-head everything, and get to the nitty gritty. For O!MT itself, I have a few things lined up that I want to get through for October mostly, but it may trickle into some of November, too. So, without any more blabbing, this what I current have planned;

  • Halloween Reviews
  • [PV Selection] September 2016... maybe
  • MV Reviews (in line with the Halloween themed review)
  • Okay! Musume Time 6th Anniversary Celebration Post
  • Single Reviews (Most likely Houpri?)
  • PV Reviews (Possibly C-ute)
  • Album Picks for 2016 So Far (Maybe. Might leave till the end of the Year, now)
Basically, from what you can see here, I am trying to get my PV Review count up; I have severely lacked in it recently, and it is one thing I want to get back into, after realising I am focusing more on music than anything, right now. So, it's something I want to get back into, and spam you all with talk of videos I enjoy, and the pictures that go along with it.

In terms of the [PV Selection] posts, I've come to realise these past two months that, truly, I do not enjoy it as much as I do the Music Selections. So, if I do not update with Septembers [PV Selection] Post this month, I am going to scrap it altogether. If I do update, however, I will eventually scrap it, but that will not happen until January of 2017. Realistically, I'm probably going to just not update with it at all, however, I would like to think I can keep it up until December / January time, but we will have to wait and see.

On that kind of note, though, whilst I will be scrapping the idea of [PV Selections] altogether, I am hoping to add in a [PV Highlights] section to my [Music Selection] posts, and add a few MV's of note to it with some comments. If it gets any bigger, I might do a separate post for the heck of it, but it may not happen monthly. I just sometimes don't have the desire or time to go on the look out for music videos. So, yeah. That's why, basically.

... Also, those posts lag. Like, laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag when I'm editing. It's a painful process.

November tis' the season of Cake Day, as you all know, and this year it will be O!MT's 6th Birthday. For my Friend Fries in good ol' 'MURICA, November is the month of Thanksgiving. For me in England, it's the Month of this Blog's Birth, and so I will celebrate accordingly with cake, or something.

... Maybe I should make it a turkey? Early Thanksgiving dinner, yo, all for my blurg!

Oh, and I should do a single review, or something. We need more of those here...

Selective Hearing

Selective Hearing hit its 10th anniversary this year, and this month - 11 days ago, actually - I hit my 5th Anniversary on the blog. And I've not written a post for it yet. Fuck.

Anyway, here's what I basically have to do this month or next for SH, because y'know... STUFF!
  • 5 Year Anniversary Editorial
  • Kobushi Factory Single Review (Hopefully, whilst drunk. It's the only way to get through it)
I only have two things to do, and they are fairly simple. Originally, I joked around and said for my 5th Anniversary Editorial, I would steal Michelle Obama's speech as a little parody, or, that I would probably just review Give Me Five!. But, really, I've just settled for the whole thankful spiel, and basically be my typical self; not at all modest, and cheesy as fuck. It's how I roll.

Also, that Kobushi Factory review... I kind of don't want to do it, but holy shit, if I'm drunk, I do! It's such a conflicting feeling, right now... Also, need to check how much Vodka I have. May need a lot to get through that shit storm.

JaME World

... I didn't do anything for September for JaME, and I've still not done the review I selected in September for October, either, which is a bit of a fuuuuuuck moment. I need to get on the review, fast, but bloody University and me being my social self... yeah. I'm doing shit at my Reviewing game right now. Whoops!

Anywhoo, here's what I need to do;
  • London Blue Album Review
  • Another Review... in general. Maybe HouPri?
Just. Review. Chiima! I need to stop procrastinating on my duties, and do shit. But when you have essays as well, and you're trying to keep your own blog alive... sometimes, you begin to wonder why you signed up for doing so much damn stuff?

Because I like to suffer, sometimes.

Hashire! Idol Manic

Okay, so I've not posted this month. No other people have posted this month, actually, though I am still looking for other people to write for it, whether its sporadically, or on a regular basis. I just want writers XD I need to look for more permanent writers, and to potentially get a staff going, but so far, it's decent... I have to update it myself sometimes, though, too!

I have a few ideas for what I'd like to do for Hashire throughout maybe October, and November, so here are the ideas;

  • Ima Shikanai - Now or Never - by Iwanagi Tsugumi
  • PAINT NIGHTMARE by Color Pointe
So far, these are the only two I feel a great desire to review, as I enjoyed both a decent amount, more-so the former. Both are good in their own ways, and I do want to talk about them a bit more, whether it is on Hashire! or even just here or SH. Anywhere is fine, if you ask me, as long as I get them done!!!

... And, I think that's it. Updates all done and dusted, and hopefully, I will get some posts out after this, soon enough. They will either be here, or there, or everywhere. Okay, maybe not everywhere, but one can wish, right? If I only I could procrastinate at work, and do my blogging there. Sadly, I cannot, and I can't when in class, either. Ah, welp!

Until the next Update or Review, please take care, guys! Love yo Idols, and keep smilin'!

Much Love and Health,

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