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The Tale of the Alluring Rain Princess - Color Pointe 'Rainy Princess' Music Video Review

On my many ventures in PV Hunting, I recently came across one of Color Pointe's video releases from September of this very year. Though I was aware of the groups existence since their debut, I admit that I have not paid close attention to them. Well, I'm a fool for doing so, because hot damn, Color Pointe are brilliant! O-O

So, long after viewing the video, I made the decision that, eventually, I would talk about it here, because I really feel like what Color Pointe have created is far too good to leave alone. Of course, I've shared it on one of my social media platforms, but talking about it here in a little more depth is, in my opinion, a lot more delightful... plus, I can relish in screen shots and spam you all with the pictures! Muahahaha!!!

So yes, this is what we're going to talk about today. Are you ready to be lured into this dank yet beautiful world?

Being a group made up of professional ballerinas, one would think that Color Pointe are a dainty, cute group without much substance, and that their videos and music would not pack much of a punch. I myself have never done ballet, nor have I cared to watch it, really. (more so due to lack of knowledge in where a ballet might be held, than anything) So when I first heard of Color Pointe, I did think they would be these cute little girls spinning on their tippy toes, and nothing more.

Well, more fool me, because I was fuckin' wrong. I am still in the learning process of never judging a book by its cover, it seems.

Anyway, this is a great Music Video; I fell in love with both the look and sound after watching it for the first time, and now I am completely hooked. There doesn't seem to be a day that goes by where I don't give this song or video some form of attention and love, and so, it feels right to talk about it. Plus, with it's dark but alluring vibe, it seems like a great video to talk about just before Halloween rolls around! Though really, this is more of a treat than it is a horrible trick.

So, grab your pointe shoes and get your tutu's ready, because we are heading into this ballerina's tale of allure and mist, to experience the tale of the Rainy Princess in all its glory. Are you prepared to become entranced?


Basic. All the basic!

... Okay, not so basic now o-O HELLO!!!

Pan up a bit more, Camera-san, I wanna see in the bathtub ;)

Oh damn, there's mist and concrete... and tutu's. Steampunk Ballerina's, anyone?

Aw, shit, someone let their razor slip when shaving again, didn't they? Gotta be careful with those things, girls, they be sharp and hazardous!

... HOT DAMN, who are you!?

Duu from the future? The hotness Duu fans wish Duu was? My new lover in disguise?

Oh, good grief, Hink, DAMN! You are one mesmirising piece of yum.


The perfection of Hink is overwhelming. She's like Tamaki from Ouran Highschool Host Club. Charismatic. Gorgeous. Charming. Glistening...

Except, she's female, and hotter o3o Ah fuck, I have a girl crush >o>


And you remind me of my Kuubaby, a tiny bit o-O KUU DOPPLEGANGER!?

Ari: "Chuu~!

AHHH, be still, my heart! Be still! Cause you're only meant to beat for Hink, Eripon, Sahochi and Mayumin, damnit!

... Aaaaaand dead, because damnit, all of these ballerina's are hawt! What gives!?

Ari: "I'm so cold... could you warm me up~?"

Ari, don't tempt me!!!!! DX

... Wait, who are you?

Suu: "..."

Ah, crap, she's flirting via fan. And... she has long hair... I like long hair..

Suu: "... Yes?"

Oh my days, you are beautiful! And perfect. Let's not forget perfect!

Marry me? >o> Just please, don't tell Hink. My heart goes to you, now, dear Suu!

Oh, fudge muffins, who are you!? ARE YOU HOT, TOO!?

The mask makes you hotter, though, cause Mystery and Tuxedo Kamen vibes. DAYUMN!

That smile and those lips... well, HNNNNNNNG!!!

Suu is now the most alluring thing about this entire Music Video, at least according to me.

Suu: "Mmm... nom nom, Petal Rose nom...~"

Is that sugared or raw?

WAIT! Hink! I thought I was getting into the tub with you!? ;^;

Hink: "She's ma ho."
Ari: "We are all her ho's~"

Okay, this PV got a little bit hotter, and has surpassed even Heavy Rotation at this point.

Clothes clinging to the body in such a way is so much hotter, and leaves a lot more to the imagination, ho ho ho >o>

Hink: "Come to me, my dear Princesses, and join my Kingdom of Pleasures and Joy! I promise, I shall treat thee as gently as thou might wish it..."

Jesus Christ, this is basically Duu in years to come. Hink, did you step into the time machine way back when, and change your name just to tease us all? Did ya!?

Can I rename Hink to Hunk? Cause, dayumn, Hink!

Hink: "Come, now! Don't be shy, my pretty. Take off that chemise and let me see what lays beneath...~"
Ari: "Bu-but... people are watching, Hink-sama...~"

Okay, if these two are not actually having a love affair, colour me surprised. They seem pretty damn convincing here...

That said, Ari looks like she wants to cry. Is Hink hurting you, sweety!? Is S/he!?

Ari: "I'm just so cold..."

Well put some hot water in the bath, then!

... Oh wait, they wear costumes? Kind of forgot that part, considering I'm focusing on the bath scenes, huhu... >o>

Oh yeah, and they dance. It's pretty, though standard. Still, who cares about choreography WHEN THERE ARE BATH SCENES!? No one, that's who. MAUAHAHA!!!

I do like these outfits, though. They seem quite old-fashioned, and remind me of steampunk for some reason. Victorian steampunk.

It's probably all those ruffles, you know?

Gimme more SUUUUU!!!!!!!!

If I tried lifting my leg that high, I'd probably bust a hip.

Oh good grief, why are you all so hot!? WHY!?

Also, please show me more of Emo, she's gorgeous as heck. And, yes, that is the name she goes by, at least in Color Pointe. I ain't making this shit up.

Hink: -rubs face all over fabric-

Fuck it, let's watch the scene in action and bask in sexy Hink o3o


Good grief, Suu is perfect. Can I marry her, yet? Better yet, can I join her in the bath, yet?

Suu: "... You sure you want to join in with me?"

Well, you might be lonely, considering Hink is with Ari at this very moment...

Question: HOW is Ari so cute, yet really damn sexy at the same time? What is this Witchcraft!?

This is what all Idols wish they could be, but sadly, most fail at; being both adorable and sweet, yet sexy and alluring when needed.

Yes, wave those arms. Cast your spells and force us all to love you, MUAHAHAHA!!!!

.Soooo, when ya gonna kiss? o3o

Yep. Emo's a hottie. She and Hink are totally on my Hunk list.

If only Emo sang, too! ; A;

Aw, shit, someone bit the shoulder! Will they all become vampires, now!?

Vampire-Steampunk-Ballerina-Witches. Sounds Legit.

Ari: "So... cold... hold... me...?"

You didn't want me when Hink was around >o>

Wait, where is Hink!?

Hink: "God damn, I am perfect, and you shall all love me for it!"

... Yeah, this is Ouran Highschool Host Club, alright. No one but Tamaki would have the Holy Light surrounding them whilst sitting down.

Well, Tamaki or Jesus, that is, unless... GASP!!! Hink is Tamaki-Jesus!?

Hink: "And now you know my true identity, I must seduce away your memories with this mask!"

Noooo, not the sexy masquerade mask! Noooo!!!

Chami is so lovely, too. Sadly we don't see much of her face, just her flexibility.

Hink: "Ah, to be a rose... yes, if I were such a thing, many would bask in my beauty, including the bees...~"

On a random note, I accidentally put Hink's name as Tamaki. I truly believe she is Tamaki. Geez xD.

Also, I just love this picture. Feels quite artistic / arthouse-esque (not that I would know about arthouse cinema, honestly).

LEGS!!!!! :D

... Because that's not sexy or suggestive in any way at all, is it? o3o

Ari, stahp it! Stahp making me loooove yoooou! ; A;

Okay, can I just marry them all? Please?

Suu: "..."

... Nope, just Suu! MARRY ME!!!

Emo: "And me~?"

Ah, screw it, I'm just gonna marry them all! A life of Polygamy for me! 8D

The Life of Hink the Playa; they just ping to her, and a harem is formed!


And this is oddly satisfying. Also makes me think of many metaphors I could use for life, in conjunction with this very gif.

"Ah, a free evening all to myself, so nic--- and now I just remembered that paper I have to hand in tomorrow. Fuck."
"I loved you so much... Until you broke my heart. Bitch."
"I'll be gentle... Oh wait, I like breaking people. Whoops~"

You know... Daily thoughts and things! 8D

... Yep. This is Ouran Highschool Host Club, with Ballerina's.

I actually wouldn't be surprised if the Host Club did a skit like this, dressing as ballerina's for the Hell of it. In fact, it sounds like something right up Tamaki's alley!

Hink: "Kiss, Kiss FALL IN LOVE! (With me)"

Suu knows she's a side chick, and she's about 99.9% okay with that.

I want those costumes.

Actually, scratch that. I want them!!! :D

My dreams of wanting to be a ballerina are coming back. Now, though... I just want the ballerina's. Same kinda dream, right? Wrong

Hink: "I will seduce all the ladies! Fufufu...~"

I don't doubt your ability to do such a thing, actually. First Ari, then... THE WORLD!!!

Annnnd dead, because Suu is a Princess, and she is gorgeous.

Ballerina's of the Future. The Dystopian Entertainer's I wish I could marry... >o> huhuhuhu~



I've watched this video plenty, and by now I already have a solid opinion on it: As a music video, Color Pointe's Rainy Princess is a visually appealing piece filled to the brim with charismatic and beautiful young women, all of whom know how to please and entice the viewers from one simple glance, and a few gestures. Its dark setting feels quite tempting, and the members themselves are just so beautiful, you can't help but feel lured in by the atmosphere and look of it all.

The video is quite inviting from the get-go, because it is so dangerously pleasing thanks to the temptresses of Color Pointe.

There is a lot to like about this video, stylistically; it's setting fits the sound of the song, it has a seductive presence throughout, the members themselves are highly charismatic and inviting, and you feel invested. The video also proves that these ballerinas are not all frills and pointe shoes, but something more. Here, they show off their wiles and charm, deceiving us with a pretty face that soon becomes one of a mature, quite possibly lustful young woman. It's sexy and powerful, and it definitely draws me in as a viewer.

I also love the use of camera angles and how it will sometimes jerk away from a position, as if it's been disrupted. It gives that idea of something eerie happening to the camera, or that all is not as it seems. It might be a little too jagged for some viewers, though, but that discomfort it brings only enhances the beauty of this video for myself. With the dark setting, the red water in the bathtub and the almost barren location these members are playing in, the movement of the camera and its slow or ragged movements only enhance the quality. It's playful yet unnerving, successfully delivering a flirtatious pan one moment, and then a disruptive shake the next.

I pretty much adore this video, and the song is no ear-sore, either. The instrumental feels quite mysterious and gothic, lending to that Halloween vibe that is perfect for this time of year, whilst still including a twinkling element to bring to life a more fantasy-like element. It's also quite seductive in its tone, despite some of the lyrics sounding a bit out of place in the song itself (the line, Rainy Cat, for instance). It's an intense sound, and something I did not expect when tuning into the video for the first time, but it works, and you can tell that all of the members (especially Hink) are having a blast singing and performing in this.

And yes to those members! Though two of them are only seen a handful of times, you can tell that all five of the Color Pointe members revel in what they produce, Hink and Suu especially. Ari is incredible here, too, don't get me wrong; it's just that every time Hink or Suu comes on screen, they eat everything up and play their charms to the camera perfectly. They take in the viewers, and keep them under a spell. Hink is especially seductive, though Suu herself oozes the perfect amount of presence and maturity. They're all pretty freakin' sexy here, in a knowing way. You can see that they are aware of the power they have, and that they are all incredibly comfortable in their own skins. That's pretty damn hard to pull off, if you ask me, and most Idols make looking 'sexy' and 'alluring' seem like a clunky feat, but here, it's mere child's play.

Every member of Color Pointe knows what they are doing, and they're doing it bloody well.

This video is gorgeous, and I really cannot point out much that I don't care for about it. I would say, it would be great to see more of both Chami and Emo, because I do like them and find both as gorgeous as the others, but alas, they are not vocalists; just dancers. Also, at some points, whilst I find all of the members extremely endearing and sensual in their own ways, Ari sometimes looks like she wants to cry, though that could be to do with the make-up and red eye shadow on their lower lashes. Still, the girl looks upset, and Hink herself manages to rock the same look without looking like she's dead or wanting to sob a river.

Oh, and the choreography, though nice in parts, really is not much, especially when this group is supposed to be focused on ballet; there was more waving of the arms than anticipated, and less of the ballet I had hoped for. So, yeah, that's really the only downfall I could think of, in relation to the video itself.

It's a strong piece, no matter how I look at it. I am impressed and entranced by the very essence that is Rainy Princess, and I have found myself intrigued with the group that is Color Pointe. They have a lot of passion and talent in what they do, and they are by far one of the more impressive groups I have seen this year, right next to DEEP GIRL. It's nice to see a mature, even sensual group enter the industry, one that actually looks and feels like they know what they're doing, and also a group that knows how to own their sexuality and show it off to their audience. Groups like this are few and far between, but boy, they are a treat when you finally find them.

TL,DR; This is a gorgeous video, and all of the members are pretty damn alluring and sexy. If I could marry them all, I would. Heck, if I could only meet them all, I would.

If you have the time, definitely check this release out. It's worth your time, it's worth your breath, and it's worth your dedication and fan love. Color Pointe are awesome, and they need to be known!

Until we meet again though, please enjoy yourselves, have a Happy Halloween, and get yourself a bit of Color Pointe in your lives! They are definitely worth it.

Much Love and Happiness,

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