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Pastiche du Idol! Wa→Suta vs. The Industry, Let's Break 'The Perfect Idol' Concept! - 'Kanzen Naru Idol' MV Review!

In this big, wide world of Idols, what is the standard, and what makes an Idol perfect? It's time to question the industry in wa→suta's own little survey of "The Perfect Idol", and see if these girls can break away from the demands and constraints of the entertainment world! Are you ready to dive into a sweet yet bitter world that our dear Idols encompass?

As per the usual, all opinions are my own, no matter how you might damn them. Let me thrive in my fangirlish tendencies or bitter states, if I so wish to be such a way.

With their second music release finally upon us this year of 2016, The World Standard, more commonly known as wa→suta, yet again grace us with another visually intriguing but lyrically questionable piece, this time in the form of Kanzen Naru Idol, a song that hopes to invoke thoughts about what can be considered a 'perfect Idol' to those watching, whilst also allowing the members to vent their frustrations on the industry and break away from it. Also, they get to take the piss out of other Idol groups and their videos, because why the Hell not?

Taking on the form of Idol-Cats, the members of wa→suta live a seemingly nyanderful life in this bright world of music, fish, sweet treats and laying in bed. But, when the cat ears come off, who are they really, and what exactly makes a 'Perfect' Idol, when there are so many to choose from in this world already!? Let's head on into this crazy life, and find out! Nyan!


.. Okay, this isn't the kind of Idol PV I signed up for, guys. I swear I didn't know it would hold Religious undertones!

Di-did those cats just burst out from ground and break those gravestones!? What kind of witchcraft is this!?

This is too freakin' cute to ignore, nyan! Just look at Ririka go!

Why does this vaguely remind me of how we were introduced to Heavy Rotation?

... HEY! This is the same location as the PV's for Kiete, Shirayukihime and Mugen Climax! When did StudioBe 3Building become so popular!? Yes, I did my research. I'm such a nerd.

Good grief, Nanase is adorable. She's basically the most perfect member you could ever hope for <3 And damn, those lips! <3

I give you all my love, too <3 Notice my Love, Kohai's!!! <3

I never know whether I should find Hazuki adorable, or menacing. She's a bit of a complex Idol in the looks department...

But damn, I can't help but like her! <3 She intrigues me :3

If this isn't adorable, I don't know what is. And yes. Be bored of the Humans. I certainly am, most days.

Ruka: "Nyaaaaaa, is mine~"
Nanase: "This bitch."

That little puff of the cheeks <3 Nanase, you cutie, you! <3

Well, if this doesn't get a rise out of the fans, I don't know what will! ;) ;) ;)

Good grief, I love these crappy CG paint drips. And bless, Miri really is shit at trying to look menacing.

YASSS, MY GIRL! You rock that fierce look! One of my fave scenes <3

Ririka... what are you doing?

Ririka: "Must destroy. Shit CG. Must. DESTROY!!!"

Nyan2: "Aw shit, aw shit, don't let her know we're here...!!!"
Ririka: "Nyan fuckin' nyan, Mother Nyaner."

Okay, I know this CGI isn't that great, but WHOAH, girl! No need to take it out on the cats! Go throw down with the editors, not the poor kitties!!!

Oh good grief, be still, my heart!

HAZUKIIIIIIIIIIIII! -waves pen lights in a glorious fashion-

Sure, Ririka's Joker Smile freaks me the fuck out, but she really is adorable beneath those psycho eyes and manic soul-eating grin.


Nanase: "... You bitchin' about my ho again?"

N-No, Nanase-sama!!! I would never... >o>

Ruka: "For Nyan's sake, Nyanase, I told you! Don't snooze on meeee!!!"
Nanase: "Zzz... maim.. zzz, blood, guts... zzzz... Kill the Chii...zzz...maaaaa...."

HA! Ruka's face XD

... WAIT, WHAT!?

Ruka and Miri being the adorable little beans I wish I could be ;3; <3


Nanase!!!!!!! <3 Hazukiiii!!!! <3

I do wonder why we get hungry, too, but honestly... I like food too much, so best not to question it.

Also, dang, that's a pretty clock! <3

They stick so close to these bloody lyrics that, at the same time, it's great but also mind-boggling, because of the imagery it comes up with.


This is so gross, so of course I had to gif it.

Plug that bleeding nose, Miri you perv!

Those angry head-banging CG cats have only just caught my attention, and now I can't look away. Gosh darnit!

Second fave scene, cause Miri is the Expression Queen.

Hazuki: "Oh, look... Chiima's Dissertation. Mhm... BYE!"


TBH this is me with my responsibilities, some days... All the days

Ruka looks a bit like a tinier Makino Maria, but cuter... and a lot more appealing >to me<... OH, and she can sing...

They both have that same, wonky eye, though. Huh.

GOOD GRIEF, I love you.

And there will always be a Heaven for you <3

She is sassy and cute and absolutely gorgeous all rolled into one. She is my Nanase-Sushi <3

That's her nickname for me now, and I'm sticking to it >o> Until I forget I made it, that is

Some more De-ja-HebiiRooteshon going on here, though this is a considerable amount more innocent...

Okay, girls, if you're going to go down this route... please, for the love of Gawd, don't do a Tomomi and slap icing over your chin, nose and mouth. I would be a tad disappointed, given your innocent but fun demeanor. You don't >need< to prove anything to anyone. Y'ALL PERFECT AS IS <3


Good Gawd, you're adorable, and I want to hug you.

Don't feed the Nanase!!! After Midnight, she.. she becomes a far cuter being than ever before!!!

Also, hey! Lyrics I can finally relate to!

Ruka: "Urgh, we'll never catch the wota with this PG-rated crap..."

Dude, at least this 'PG-rated' stuff is tolerable. You should see how embarrassing and awkward MoMusu's new Sexy Cat MV is. Even the song title is laughable!

When you finally realise that they put the green-chara member in front of the blue and yellow rooms, because colour-theory! 8D I feel so freakin' clever, now xD

Also... NANASEEEEEEEEE!!! She's so gawd damn awesome <3

Sayonara, Nekomimi! Throw them away like you throw away your Idol Personas once you're behind closed doors! YEAH!!!

Also, lawl to the screaming Cat, ahahahahaha!

Holy shit, I WANT A FLAG! Let's stamp on it 'The Chiima Standard'. Yeeeah, that sounds good!

... When did this become an 80's music video?

Gowd-damn, I really do want a flag now. Shall I make a few and sell them to my Readers?

Chiima, stahp. You're not popular, you never will be. IT'S NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

Gawd damn, they're all amazing/ They truly command the camera <3

Shame about the shitty CG petals, though.

Nanase, stop throwing a tantrum >o> I can't like everything in this video...

Nanase: "But, you can love me. Yes, nyan?"

I will always love you <3 dem lips, tho

Ririka: "... I think I'm gonna be sick. *barf*"

Oi oi, my love for Nanase is pure! D8<<<


Seriously, though, I think I've found the perfect gif to represent me at a club, drunk. Finally!

If I could have screencapped this in good quality, I would have the perfect image for a Halloween banner, no lie.

AW, SHIT, IT'S ALL GOING SOUTH! Quick, get to the pearly gates before the fiery ones swallow us all up!!!

And this is why I should never take the piss out of Idols. And yet, I still do. Whoops~

Ruka may look like an Angel, but I promise; she's as demonic as those flying cats are, and probably as crazy as the idea of fish swimming in the sky.

Hazuki: "Chu! I catch you~"

WAAAH, be still, my heart, for Hazuki has shown how truly adorable she is! ;w; ;w; <3

Inside of this tough cookie, there is a melty sweet center, bursting with joy! <3

I know you're adorable, Miri! But, I am pretty sure there is a mean streak hidden within that marshmallowy loveliness, somewhere... >o>

Cheshire-Ririka can be adorable, she really can. But, that smile... ; A; she's scaaawy!!!

ANNNNND I'm dead. Goodbye, world!

Nananse: "Squee!"

Now back to the Entertainment World, you go! No more whining, girls, chop chop! Put those masks on and make the Wota SMIIIIIILE~!



If I make little sense here, don't worry; I never make sense. It is the way of the Chiima, here in Blog-Land. You kind of get used to it, after a while. My excuse for making little sense tonight? I am tired, and can feel a headache coming on. Also, I think I'm getting ill. Damn winter air!

*Ahem* Anyways. Since the release of Kanzen Naru Idol well over a month ago now, I can honestly say that I have, a fair few times, returned to it, as both a song and a video. I thoroughly enjoy this creation, much like I enjoyed their Miracle Beam piece, and think quite highly of it. It's fun, charming, cute, and downright weird at times, from the songs constant instrumental changes to the way the video looks and feels. It's an eye-catching video, and certainly worth your time, if you like Wa→Suta 's far-fetched, energetic style.

Basically, it's likable, and a damn good time if ever there was one.

Originally, I saw this video on facebook, when a friend on there posted a link to it, talking about the video itself, and how it seemed to lightly parody Idol culture in general, as well as AKB48's infamous Heavy Rotation PV, and honestly... yeah, it kind of does. From the lyrics, in which the members talk about such things as Cats and Idols, waking up at 5am, feeling hungry from 7am to 7pm, 'The Perfect Idol (A Clown)', and wanting attention, yet being bored of humans altogether, we have a small glimpse of the members whining, if you will. May it be because they are in a predicament, or because they are tired of their day to day tendencies, I don't know, but the lyrics here are strong, and they stand out in an ironic way... because, these girls are Idols, too, and yet they're creating backlash to the very career they are in. It's quite funny, though, but the lyrics do indeed have depth to them, and you can't help but see the truth behind what is being said.

I especially like the part about taking the cat ears off; it's a nice little nod to that idea of Idols wearing Masks to appeal to the public and hide their true natures. One will never know the true identity of an Idol, unless they are related to or marry them, I think. It's just how it is, and this song depicts that pretty well with the whole cat ears gimmick going on throughout.

So, kudos to you, Lyrical Master. I applaud your efforts, and raise my glass of non-existent wine to you. -le sip sip-

Also in regard to the song, I like how it changes from cheery to dark at certain points. It's weird at first, don't get me wrong, but once I had heard the song twice, I was used to it, and enjoying it greatly. Similar to Cheeky Parade, Wa→Suta seem to have conflicting elements in their songs, but they embrace it. In Kanzen Naru Idol, it works quite well, with the carefree, airy lyrics fitting that cute, Idol image, and the darker sounds working in harmony with the tone of disgust and complaint the song seems to hold. It's a sound that works for the idea behind the song, so why not?

As a random bit about the song, I want to say that I really do enjoy the part where they sing Nyan... Too Many Idols! - There are too many Idols, and once again, the irony of it all is that Wa→Suta themselves are a part of this one-too-many-Idol structure right now, given their overall new-ness and the like.

Are they taking the piss out themselves as much as they are other Idols? Why yes. Yes they are, and they're enjoying it, no less.

Moving forward from the music and looking at the video itself, we pretty much see a play-by-play of the lyrics on-screen, which is extremely entertaining, but also confusing, at some points. The fish in the sky, for one, are really weird, however it allows for us to imagine the 'wonders' of being a cat, and puts the members in a very dream-like state... as if they are dreaming of an Idol World, and the benefits it could bring. Of course, it's not always so, and throughout the girls seem to realise this. Whilst they relax and enjoy food and play, it also comes to light that being who they are is not all fun and games; there are duties, too, and those duties must be met. Of course, they become annoyed.

Visually, and outside of its context, this is a damn pretty PV. Sure, the CG isn't that great, but I enjoy whatever this video delivers, anyway. The members seem to be having fun, Hazuki is damn good at being grumpy, and I love the colour they have brought into what could have been a moody, red-tinged PV, thanks to their location. The choreography looks whacky and fun, and the variety in scenes is great for keeping us viewers and fans invested. Also, the variety of expressions is adorable, and funny, sometimes. Though the topic is a bit more serious, the video itself is just a bundle of cuteness and energy, thanks to the members and just how delightful they are.

It was honestly fun screen-capping this video; Wa→Suta are a treat to view, and their childlike innocence is extremely endearing. They do not try too hard here, they don't even attempt to be sexy in the slightest, even in scenes that could seem a little more... controversial, for lack of a better word. Sure, they might seem to go one step further at times, but they never cross the line, like some think Heavy Rotation might have done, No matter what, this is dorky, cute fun, and you can see the members are having a blast.

This is a cute, fun video, and whilst it is in no way original - really, it seems to borrow from Heavy Rotation a little bit, but never to the point where it is as mature or where it downright plagiarizes it - it is still an enjoyable piece that is fun, and a nice little poke at Idol Society in a cute, ironic way. I like how they symbolise Idols through cats, and how these members seem to want to 'destroy' either their own personas, or the personas of others. It's destructive, but adorable, and it balances light and dark beautifully. This is a quirky video, and one worth your time. If you love adorable Idols, sweet expressions and entertaining videos, Kanzen Naru Idol is probably a good one to check out... so, what are you waiting for? Check it out!

And SQUEE! Because who doesn't want to see Nanase in her most adorable state!?

Are you ready to take off the cat ears and run? Or will you keep them on, and abide by the rules of these boring humans?

Until next time fellow Idol fans. Let's hope we find some more delightful music videos, and enjoy them before the year is up! Take care~

Much Love and Smiles,

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