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Of Climaxes and Poltergeists and Idols, Oh My! - C-ute's 'Mugen Climax' MV Review!

I've been slacking off on my reviews here lately, so... guess who is going to do a Write-As-I-React Review? Me, because this is my answer to replacing my react videos, and because I have not done one of these in yeeeears!!!

As per the usual, all opinions are my own, and it is fine for you to disagree with me. Just don't go overboard and expect me to change what I think just to fit your values and ideals.

Honestly speaking, I don't know when I last wrote up a music video review; was it last June, when Seishun Mermaid was released, or was it around the time Zukki and Meimi graduated Hello! Project, leaving my life forever? Either way, it's been a hot minute or three since I last graced this blog with a pic spam, so by george, it's time to get to it and take some pictures! And, what better way to do it than with a React-As-I-Write piece?

Basically, I'm going in somewhat blind, and I am going to pic spam and comment as I go along, like I used to in the good-ol' days of blogging. It's been a few years since I've done something like this, so it will at least be somewhat refreshing to do it now, right? That, and honestly... I kind of miss it. I miss this, talking about Music Videos, reviewing them and basically doing what I used to do. Even I've noticed I do this less now than before, and there are a mixture of reasons for that, one being my Youtube Reactions, another being lack of interest lately. So... let's see if we can get back into it, shall we?

Sentimental ramblings aside, I figured it'd be fun to do this one with C-ute in their new (what I like to call) Crow-Slaughtering costumes, because dude, who doesn't love a handful of good-looking Idols wearing what looks like their latest kill for the Halloween season? Plus, this is meant to be a decent MV, so it should give me a few decent screenshots and some fun times ahead.

Oh, and it's C-ute; I kind of have high expectations for them, given their maturity and presence within Hello! Project. No shitty PV's for you, please and thank you.

Anywhoo, I am getting ahead of myself and being all rambly (cause I'm tired, which is no damn surprise), so we're going to shut me up and get on with this wonderful little pic spam, and see what the video's all about. Get out your guns, dear readers, cause we're off bird-hunting with C-ute! Are you ready to fall into their darkest world yet?

Let's read on, and take a peek!


... Wait a second, I know this location!

It's the Kiete, Shirayukihime room!!!! >________>

Good grief, I'm getting good at this eye-spy game with Idols and locations. Shows you I've been watching PV's a damn good while.

Yes, girls, bend over... >o>

HOT DAMN, AIRI! Look at yo legs, giiiiirl!!! <3

Ahhh, fuck nuggets, my screens gone screwy :/ Maybe it's the ghost in the house...? >o>

Okay, whoever did Airi's make-up for this, I give you props. Stellar freakin' job, she looks damn sexy.

Well, aren't you a chipper bunch.


All the legs, yumyumyum~!

Maimi looks like a housewife who has been caught doing something she shouldn't...

Maimi: "Oops... you caught me, now I must be... punished~"

Okay, Chiima, let's keep this PG, mm'k~?

But seriously, she is positively delicious... I mean, gorgeous. Shame about that voice, though.

Now, when it comes to looks and voice... HELLO my pretty little Chissa >o> <3 <3 <3

Only one Chissa is all I need in my life <3

Is there ever a time where Nakky isn't pursing her lips??? She's super gorgeous here, that being said <3

Also, Editor-saaaaan, I told you to dial down on the saturation! LISTEN TO ME!!!! D8<<<<

All the Sulky Nakky! ALL OF THEM!!! Muahahahaha!!!

... Wait, why is that book falling? Mai, did you let Peeves back into the house!?

Whoa, whoa! Mai is looking like a god-damn pinup girl, and she is rooooocking it!

But urgh, auto-tune... Give it a rest, H!P, you suck at it and only make your girls sound worse, not better >_>

... Good grief, these damn poltergeists, they never know when to stop, do they? >_> Are these the ghosts of Members Graduated, haunting the successful remainers of C-ute?

Despite the mature make-oops, Airi still manages to look doe-eyed and sweet, until...

BAM! Sexy Airi appears!

Also, even if it's not made of feathers, I swear this outfit is something a Crow-Slayer would wear. Or, heck, even 'The Crow' himself. Seriously, I'm getting vibes of that movie with this outfit.

... Who is this? Maimi? Airi? Kinda Male-Airi-Maimi? I DON'T KNOW, but holy shit this lighting + their make-up makes this scene look very Michael Jackson-esque, and honestly, it creeped the shit outta me when I first paused on this by accident.

MJ is alive and well, people, just like Harambe. He is speaking from the Heavens!!!

And Chissa is yelling 'HALLELUJAH PRAISE LE LORDEH!' for MJ's return.

Mai: "Urgh, can't we just let Harambe and MJ R.I.P or whatever?"

No Mai, we can't, because the masses will never cease with Harambe and his inevitable revenge...

Chiisa, what do you use to get such silky, soft hair!? Tell us your secret, oh wise one!

Chissa: "Herbal ESSENCES! AHHHH!"

... Okay, THIS looks pretty damn cool, though I swear, I've seen that artwork before on a few folders or something in stores?

Nice to see a splash of colour and fantasy going on in this PV, though. Different, but very much appreciated.

Simple transition, but really freakin' creepy when these two scenes are mashed together. Daaaang.

CHISSA!!!!! *^* <3

Ah, shit, there's smoke in the house! Maimi!!! Did ya leave the stove on again!? D8<

Good grief, it's getting hot in here... -fans self-

Airi makes this whole scene so damn sexy. Forget the rest, let's just focus on Airi tonight >o>

FFS, Peeves is really enjoying himself tonight >_> Go back to Hogwarts and terrorise the students! D8<

Shitty screenshot is shitty.

Thanks to this dating ban law, Idols have to console themselves in times of need, and not just in hugging themselves... ;) ;) ;)

... I've really not been playing close attention to these lyrics, but holy shit Nakky, that is some Exorcist / Omen shit right there.

... FFS, do I have to bash this screen around a bit to get it working, or is this some Poltergeist voodoo?

Another shampoo commercial worthy screenshot, or... is it more than shampoo that makes her toss her head back? ;) ;) ;)

Airi's doe-eyed stare is kinda sexy, in an innocent-secretary kind of way.

This lightning effect is basically here to highlight their amazing legs, isn't it?


And with that, the PV came to an end, though it was far from abrupt. A pretty solid music video, C-ute seem to take the paranormal in their stride with an ounce of grace, and a good dose of meh. It helps that it's rather pretty to look at, and that the costumes - because damn, we know how cheap H!P can be - are really freakin' good, and look like they are made of quality material, instead of the plastic and tin foil the company saves for Morning Musume and any other poor sod as unworthy as the reigning Queens, C-ute.

If that above statement doesn't say anything about my views on this PV, then to save you the rest of this review spiel about to head your way; I like it. I like it quite a bit, because it's well done, and it has a nice Halloween feel to it that gets me all giddy inside.

Going into a little more depth, I firstly have to say that one thing I noticed right away was the location; given I've been watching PV's for more than half a decade now, I've become pretty good at spotting certain locations that feature in more than one PV, and whilst my first thought was 'wow, this is the Kiete, Shirayukihime PV from HouPri', I have to say, C-ute executed this location sooo much better, and used it for all it was worth. They made their set dark and alluring, a little bit romantic, and very gothic, and it works perfectly for Mugen Climax. Even the costumes tied into the location well, giving this PV that Gothic-Romance / Gothic-Fantasy element it plays on so well.

The use of camera angles and panning shots was pretty well executed too, though the panning shots are a lot more noticeable here than anything. The effects as well were simple, but highly effective, and certainly got the point across as to what we needed to feel; the use of the lighting flashes throughout bring along that feeling of eerie discomfort, the falling and flying items unsettle and disturb, and the multiple versions of one member makes you realise that there is something adrift in this house, and that the members may be more than they seem. What they use here is all very simple, but again, it is effective and fits in with the sound and location really well.

The use of the green-screen in the one 'book' scene, though pretty to look at, does not really fit all too well within this realm. Of course, it helps to convey that state of 'otherworldly-ness' this music video is portraying, however... it's just like a sore thumb, looking back on the video. Plus, the green-screen itself is really badly done, and with how well the other effects, transitions and editing techniques that went into this played out, it would have probably been wiser to see this one scene left out. That said, some fans enjoy this scene... it just so happens that I didn't, and find it more of a distraction than anything. So, whilst it's pretty, I don't find it wholly necessary here.

Also in terms of any editing or effects, I have to say that I really did not enjoy the horrendous use of saturation / lighting used on close-ups - it's unnecessary, and just makes the members look a tad too white-washed. If it's for the purpose of making them a bit paler for a ghostly effect, however, I can see why they'd do it... but, too many companies do it for the sake of making one seem more 'white', if you will, and yes, I dislike that greatly. But, ah well, practices are what they are.

Aside from these two things, though, I find this video quite enjoyable. It's nothing ground-breaking or new, of course, but it's very well put together, and fits C-ute nicely. They have a great balance of sexy and innocence throughout, and definitely work the camera when given the chance. Their broody looks are appealing and befitting, and their all look the part. It's nice to see them bring out their womanly sides once more, and show off just how charismatic they can be as Idols and performers.

Mugen Climax, for everything it contains, is a worthwhile watch that will not displease those who seek it out. If you're feeling the Halloween spirit and want something a little tantalising for your dark evenings to come, then head on over to Youtube and give it a go, before the Poltergeist in your room decides to do it for you.

This Halloween, will it be C-ute knocking at your door, or the ghosts of a group that once was?

Until next time, everyone. Sleep tight...

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