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[Music Selection] September 2016

With my Month of Birth over and done with, I have to honestly say that September was one of the worst months for Japanese Idol Music, at least for me. I could find barely anything I wanted to listen to, and those that I did listen to, were the only ones I listened to. So, despite being a month I adore, it really was shockingly shit in what it turned out. Ah, well.

Also, now that October is here, I have started my 3rd and final year of University, and already I'm panicking. FUN TIMES!!!


Once again, welcome back to my Music Selection post, one and all! Here is where I talk to you all about the Music I have loved and enjoyed from the past month, whether it is from the month gone by, or from previous months to years ago! Whatever it may be, from Jpop to JRock, Chinese ballads to English Musical numbers, I will list it here, with the hopes that you will take a dive and find something new to enjoy, as well! Of course, I will not have listened to everything that has come out, so if there is something you enjoyed that has not been listed, don't get offended; I might not have taken the time to listen to it, or, I did, and was not so keen. It is how it goes.

If you have something you enjoyed and want to share it, too, then please do! Either comment here, or post your own lists on Facebook / your own blogs! Sharing is, after all, caring, and it could get us into some wonderful new music! Woohoo!

... And now it's time to move on! Let's get into this months Music Selection and listen to some music! Yahoi!

As stated above, the turnout for September was - in my opinion - absolute shite. I really did not listen to a lot (or find a lot, for that matter), so of the two pieces I did like, I kind of listened to a lot and fell in love with, or simply found quite amusing. In general, though, I did not take much time to listen to a hoard of music aside from the few picked here. I was not branching out, nor was I the least bit bothered by my lack of interest in anything but a few favourites from August, and the two songs from September that stood out to me. A shame, really, but hey! We all have bouts of disinterest in the areas we love.

So, without much else to say, let's get into this very short selection, and check out what the heck I enjoyed from September, out of all that I ignored and found disappointing. Will you like either of the two songs I did, or find them pretty pitiful pickings? Let's read on see, ne~?


Saikou ka yo by HKT48 (2016.09.07)

This has honestly been one of my two jams for September, and is still keeping strong in early October, because it is so fun and carefree, and very much a 'wota' song. It's great to sing-along to, and whilst very generic, it serves as a great pick me up.

What can I say, I like the cheer songs, and this one ticks all the boxes... though the vocals sound shit, and I generally don't care for the AKS style of how they mix their vocals together. It's grating.

Still, this is a hoard of fun and games, and I find the overall product extremely enjoyable from beginning to end. It's energetic as heck and makes me want to jump around as well as sing, and yeah, it makes me wave my arms around like an absolute idiot. I can't help myself! I feel so included in this song, despite not being a part of it in any way possible.

It's such a good song, in all its generic glory, and if you want a little pick-me-up today, definitely give this one a shot! It'll go great with your coffee mixed with brandy, I am sure :p
Goodbye, I love you by Takigawa Arisa (2016.09.07)

I actually quite enjoy this entire single, but of all three songs, it is the final track that caught my attention the most, only because it reminds me of something, maybe something a little Buono. I don't know. But, it is reminiscent, and also quite pretty, and those two combined make me like it.

Plus, her voice is nice. It's not overly sweet or low, and it doesn't sound forced. Me likey that quite a bit.

Of the two songs I enjoyed from September most, this is definitely a lot more chilled out than what Saiko ka yo is, and a lot less grating in how it has been mixed and finalised. It's simply refreshing, and I really enjoy how pleasant Arisa's vocals are here. Again, I like the entire single overall, but this is the one song that sticks out with its sound and its overall appeal.Though not my favourite song ever, it is an enjoyable piece from beginning to end, and worth a shot if you feel the need to give Takigawa Arisa a go.

August Roll-Over

Sayonara ga Utsukushikute by SKE48's Shibata Aya and 4th Generation (2016.08.17)

Another song that I have really loved throughout September, and honestly, I am still luuuurving it. This may just be my favourite 48 song from the year gone by so far, because since it came out, since I saw that small preview clip for its MV, I have been going back to it again and again. I love its sound, its feel, and how much inspiration it gives me for writing. It's a great song for atmosphere, and for getting me in the mood to sit and down and write a short story, and y'all know how much I loved that kind of thing, don't-cha?

It's simply a relaxing song, and very easy to get into, plus a little bit emotional thanks to it being a graduation tribute. I enjoy this one a lot, and I doubt I'll put it down for the rest of October. It gives me too much in terms of atmosphere for writing to give up on, so... yeah. I'll return to it even more, me thinks. Me hopes... Me will.

... Okay, onto the next one, I'm getting weird.

un secret by Shimotsuki Haruka (2016.08.10)

This one kind of goes for the whole single, because damn, I really do like this single and all it has within it. It's mystical and whimsical, beautiful and enticing, and the songs are great for writing to, depending on the short story piece I am creating, that is. If I want something with a little more whimsy, then this is the single to turn to, because it's just so pretty and unique. I really do adore this single.

I really cannot recommend this song enough to anyone who cares to listen to it, because it is beautiful. I have yet to review it, but... I should. I really should, it is so worth the words, and so worth your time. Check it out, please. I insist.

Recall THE END by TRUSTRICK (2016.08.10)

Of all the songs on this single, I really do think that Recall THE END is the only one worth listening to. The others, for once, do not stand out to me, and they just fade away into the very depths of my mind with all the other bland Idol music, which for TRUSTRICK, has yet to happen. Still... this A-side track is great, and I love it still.

It has also helped me greatly with writing, thanks to its light, haunting sound and atmospheric instrumental. Sayaka's voice is also absolutely spot on here, adding the right amount of passion and sincerity to this piece. It feels a little otherworldly, a little futuristic, if you will, and somewhat chaotic, or maybe that's just what I take from it; still, I love it for all of this, and think it's a great song to listen to... the other songs present on the single, however, not so much. Ah, well.

On a random note, I would like to say that there really should be more background screaming in this. It'd make it so much better, if you ask me.

In general, though, just tune into TRUSTRICK; they are pretty damn good.


... And that is it. My short little list for September's music picks, because I either didn't care enough to listen, or didn't find enough that intrigued me. In general, though, September just seemed weak in releases overall... but, there is that chance that this month, I will go back to a few September releases and find something to enjoy, it will just come a lot later. Whoops.

But, I do hope that for your month of September, you all found some music to enjoy from the Idols you love! If you yourself have a track or releases you enjoyed greatly, please feel free to share it with everyone, and let more people know about the music you think is amazing! And if, like me, you haven't found a good chunk of songs to like, don't fret; October is making its move, and hopefully a slew of releases will follow! Let's anticipate the new months pickings, and find some music to love and enjoy!

For now, though, I will take my leave. Please do love your Idols, enjoy the music and videos they produce, live life happily, and smile!

Until next time, everyone, and much love,

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