Wednesday, 14 September 2016

[Updates in Life] Birthdays and Froyo and Doughnuts, Oh My!

24 years, and still no Zimmer Frame! Well, the fact I've been on this Earth so long is amazing in itself, and I've still not screwed up my life! Early days, though, early days...

And, because I'm oh-so modest and not that into myself, I thought it'd be nice to (once again) celebrate my bday just a little bit on my blog today because it's just something I like to do, plus it gives me some time to talk about anything big or small that's happening in my life, and to basically keep y'all updated on... well, anything that's happened that I think is nice to let you all know about!

Firstly... let's get that random bday selfie feat. Pikachu pillow and Eeyore plushie out the way, shall we!? I swear, every year, I wanna take a seflie because A) I am shameless, and B) I like to see if I've aged any since the last year, aha! Also, it's just nice to commemorate the day with a picture! Sadly, I don't have an updated image of me or my sister to share with everyone, however, just so ya know;

IT'S MA SISTERS BDAY, TOO! She's 23 (the age I was just yesterday, sniff!) and we have shared our birthdays for 23 years now! I'm not with her right now, as you can guess, what with me being in Uni Land and all, however I know she's having a splendid day today, so I'm happy for her! ^o^ She knows I love her, I know she loves me (I hope...), and I will see her soon-ish, anyways, so we can say Happy Barfday whenever I get back home next, and then ignore each other for the rest of the visit. You know, as siblings do! ;)

And, before I round off the Birthday portion of this post, I've had a pretty nice day thus far! I've not done much, honestly, because being an adult means my friends and even myself have things to do. For me, I've not started work (yet), so I've been free as a bird the past month, however my friends are all busy bees. So, today my time was spent with my wonderful roommate and best friend, Z, and we went for food, did some shopping for the flat we live in (ha!), and then I bought a bunch of notebooks, colourful pens, and a pikachu pillow! Ahhh, presents <3 Happy Birthday to Me... ha!

Z was so lovely and bought me a small teal (MA COLOUR! <3) notebook, nad some Krispy Kreme doughnuts! Om, nom, nom, nom...!!!

Basically, this is what I bought... the cards from family and friends though are my favourite <3 I don't need presents to be happy honestly, just so long as I have people around me, however when buying notebooks for myself, they're handy for things like University and dissertation, you know, the stuff that's important for a student... if you take University and / or college seriously, that is! :p

And, in regards to University...


... Yeah, that pretty much sums up what I'm heading into, because final year = final presentations / dissertations / final projects, and whilst I am certain I will adore my dissertation prep (of which I started in July, so, I'm a bit ahead XD), the rest of the essays I will have in-between that, plus Publication for Creative Writing and more... I can see this being a year of Hell and procrastination. Le, sigh.

Also, to do with Uni Land, but not exactly University... I have secured another job, meaning I will have some form of income this year. This will mostly go towards food / things I don't need / holidays I may want to plan, like... Belgium. And seeing friends in another part of England. And maybe Japan for 2017, and stuff I don't need. You know, the luxuries in life I am trying my best to get whilst I still can, before a job I might not like halts me from doing that too much... all the fun stuff! :D

I have yet to start said job, but I have a shift coming up this month, so yeah... let's get this ball rolling, and have a good 3rd year! Hopefully I won't stress too much, and hopefully I can juggle this blog, Selective Hearing, JaME world and Hashire! Idol Manic as I go! If not... well, I'm kinda screwed, aren't I?

Super Chiima... WHERE ARE YOU!? Come out from hiding, I need you this year, for sure! );

... And until next time, I want to bid you all adieu. It's time to love you and leave you, but now, take care, stay happy and healthy, live life to the fullest, and of course, LOVE YO IDOLS!!! Take care and peace out, guys!

Thank you for reading, always, and thank you for being here! <3

Much Love and Happiness,
Chiima <3


  1. AAhh! Final year!! Wishing you all the best! ^^ I'm sure you'll smash everything and rock out of Uni a superstar :D

    Also belated happy birthday! Glad to hear that you had a wonderful day! :D

    1. Ahahaha thank you!!! <3 I hope I do!!!! I've been prepping my final project since June XD XD XD XD