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[PV Selection] August 2016

Though August is certainly away from us, and Summer is coming to its end, I still have some music videos to share with you all from the month gone away, from groups we know and love, and a few new faces, too! Will there be a few in here you like or love, and will there be a few you don't enjoy as much?

As per the usual with these types of posts, the videos and music shared in either the [Music Selection] or [PV Selection] are completely subjective to my own tastes, and may not reflect yours. When reading, do not feel offended that I have not included something you yourself personally enjoy, because there is a good chance I either did not like it myself, or did not see it, or that I found it too mainstream / typical / ordinary to include here. I am one person, this is one blog, and I don't always have the same mindset as you guys.

Basically, this is my opinion on my blog, and what I say, goes. If you want me to be a little bit more contained and less subjective, then this isn't the place for you. I ain't no robot, and I ain't no sheep. My mind is my own, and if y'all don't like it, y'all don't have to read it. Kay? KAY!

And with that said and done, this is my August Selection, these are the PV's I have viewed and enjoyed, and if you want to continue with the post, we will do a little less talky, and a little more watchy. Ya ready for the list!?


Let's get this post rollin', shall we?


Like most months prior, I watched a good chunk of my August picks in September, because I'm a procrastinator extraordinaire, and also because I just didn't have the time to watch them. Most of August was spent correcting and updating my CV's and LinkedIn account, writing for the other blogs I'm a staff writer and / or contributor for, and looking for jobs or taking care of my flat. I've also been doing research and drafts for my dissertation, so... Yeah, it's been a busy past month, but a worthwhile one, because whilst I may not enjoy being the busiest of bees some days, I do feel a little more grown up, and like I'm doing something worthwhile with my time... not that watching MV's aren't worthwhile, because they are, they enable me to continue writing on this blog and delivering stupid reviews I hope you enjoy. But, in terms of life, it's been busy and enjoyable, give or take some down days.

Anyways, of the videos I saw throughout August and then in September, these are all the ones that I thoroughly enjoyed, and that I think you will like, too! What will you see, and what will you enjoy that I have hand-picked from August 2016? Read on, watch a few, and let me know!

It's time to share what we like and love again! Everyone... WATCH ON!?

Love Trip by AKB48

This ball of cheese, though simple in execution, is extremely cute and heartfelt in its end product. The music video for AKB48's senbatsu winning song, Love Trip (center: Queen Sasshi, of course), shows the Top 16 members of the biggest vote since the general elections touring around the schools and other places in Japan to help students in confessing their feelings for the person they like. In most scenes, we see a lot of success, though we do get one rejection, and it's a little sad.

This is a cute music video. It's really heartfelt and adorable, and I love the different ways each person confesses to the one they like most, from making kanji out of locker doors to swim team helping a guy profess his love for a girl. It's downright adorable, and one of AKB's most eandearing PV's to date. It doesn't help that the song is pretty catchy, too!

It's fun, it's sweet, and it does show that AKB and its sister groups are there to help others as much as they are there to entertain. It makes you want to cheer on not only the lovers, but AKB as well. The end is a nice touch, too, and seals the deal beautifully. Well done, AKB... just please, don't let your next single suck, okay? You're doing so well, right now!

Kanzen naru Aidoru (The Perfect Idol) by wa-suta

Probably the best PV to come out of August, wa-suta return with another eye-catching PV and thought-provoking song. This time around we see the girls as cats, who view the world in a strange but intriguing way. The song itself is cute, but also heads into the realm of 'wtf' with its creepy rock sound and low, monotonous vocals that bring a lifeless tone to the song.

Bordering on fantasy, this is a very pretty PV to look at, and an interesting one to dissect. When a friend of mine (I shall name her AR) brought the PV to my attention, she mentioned how it seemed to satire Idol groups and what they portray in the industry, with AKB being the main group they are parodying, and actually, I do agree; the cat costumes, the use of the table filled with sweet treats and the bed seem to resemble Heavy Rotation, though in a less lascivious way. Even the lyrics seem to portray the life an Idol, from the mask they wear (described as cat ears here), the work between 7am to 7pm (described as hunger here), and how they wish to crush their 'cat lives' and how the perfect Idol is a lie.

I may be reading into it too deeply myself, but it does feel like it is a song about being an Idol, and wishing to potentially run from it, because it isn't a perfect world. If it isn't, then regardless, this song is extremely powerful anyway, and is also very nice to look at. Yet again, wa-suta have impressed me, and I hope they continue this streak of creativity and slight whackiness in future music videos!

Hitorijime by Tsubaki Factory

Okay, so there really isn't much to Tsubaki's Hitorijime, but I remember watching this back in August and enjoying the song, and how pretty the dance was. Sure, most of these girls look like they want to be elsewhere, and their camera presence needs a lot of work, however, this is a nice video overall, and well edited. The comic book panel style reminds me of teenage magazines I used to read, where there would be a small story every week or so, about school girls and their conflicts with friends or the crushes they had on boys. It's cute, and it fits the song decently, I'd say.

Also, to whomever had said this group is talentless and can't sing... what? I've heard these girls in a live performance, and they're absolute fine, in fact, they're pretty good! The fact that most (if not, all) are not nasally (yet) is a blessing, and they're pretty decent, pitch wise. Plus, they're a cute bunch of girls. Already, vocally at least, they've surpassed Kobushi, in my books.

I quite like Tsubaki, and whilst this PV could use a little more colour, the style of the song and how it has been edited is very nice. But again... needs a bit of colour, they all look too beige.

Mi kansei Summer by Powerful Musume

I was not going to add this PV until I got halfway through, because at first it was just like every other typical PV. And then cross-dressing came into play, and they made their own little 'love story', and I found it quite cute and funny.

The idea behind the video is that the members are planning and directing their very own music video, and each member has a part to play. There are a few muck-ups, but the job gets done, and the overall product feels very cute, a little bit homey, and has that team-effort vibe. It's an enjoyable little video, and it had me giggling at a few points.

It's not the most extravagant of videos, but it's got a lot of charm to it, and it's worth a watch if you want to get into a new group, and see what the MV is all about!

Happiness ~Kinenbi no Hajimari~ by HAPPY♡ANNIVERSARY

Okay, I like the song a lot, and I also like how sweet this video is. It's nicely edited, which is always something I want in a music video, and it has a lot of beautiful shots that appeal to me as a videophile... Oh, and wedding dresses! It feels a little taboo, if you ask me, but I love it, and these girls look absolutely stunning in their bridal gowns for this video!

This is another simple video in my PV lineup for August, but it's rich in colour and  has many nice shots to keep you entertained. It's nothing fancy, that's for sure, and it feels a little generic at times, but who doesn't love something a tiny bit generic in a time where weird and wonderful PV's are rife? Sometimes simple is better, I like what this PV provides; a lot of colour and vibrancy, beautiful dresses, and big smiles from its three members.

A pretty but simple PV, and worth at least one watch, if you don't mind a few squeaky voices.

Ryuusei no warukyure by Ai yume GLTOKYO

I was not going to add this PV. The start, a short of the girls playing games, kind of put me off. I thought it felt a little OTT for my own liking, however I soon realised it was a (pretty good, and rather cartoonish) setup for the rest of the PV, which is all based 'in-game', yet it's a real life game, too, where the members have to collect items at first that represent the characters, before they can transform into their characters and head for battle!

The scenes inter-change between real-life and old-school game graphic, and basically, it's just really interesting from the get-go. The graphics are decent, mixing CGI and the real-world to depict boss battles and such, and the use of the camera angles and using quick pans to zoom into the members' faces feels very game-like. Also, the song itself is 8-bit with its vocals, keeping that feel of it being a game alive and well. It's a beautiful music video, overall, and so intriguing.

My favourite part in this music video has to be the scene where a member steals a bike, and when a police man questions what the heck they're doing. It's humorous, and mixes that idea of being in-game but being in the real world well.

In short... WATCH THE VIDEO, ENJOY IT! It's well done and worth your time.

WONDER DRIVE by nozomi Girl NEed

Okay, so there isn't a lot to WONDER DRIVE, in fact it's very plain as a video, however I liked the song quite a lot, and the crisp, refreshing look to the video. Anything with a bright blue sky is immediately appealing to me, and when the members mostly wear white, I find it even more eye-catching.

Basically, this is a pretty PV, in a ll its simplicity, and I like how refreshing it feels as a summer music video. It makes me think of walks on a hot, sunny day, and also makes me miss the countryside, a bit. It's a nicely edited video, but its bright look and clean feel is the reason I like it, most of all. The song and the members' pretty faces happen to be a bonus. That is all.

A corsage of white rose by meltia

After disappearing for a while, lolita themed Idol group meltia return with a significant amount of members missing, too., as well as their first music video, A corsage of white rose. Surprisingly, the video is a bit darker than expected, with the girls lacking their sweet smiles through some segments of the video, and the main dance shot taking place in a dark, empty room where they wear mostly black and white.

It's quite an eye-catching music video, with a contrast between light and dark throughout, some good choreography, blue lights, and beautiful imagery that will surely catch your attention. The members are great at being both sweet and demure, mysterious and cool in this video, and give us reason to want to see more from this group, especially after they have disappeared from the youtube scene for so long.

It's a good video, though it was one that surprised me when it first came out, however it shows off two sides of meltia beautifully. Hopefully, we see some more music videos from this group later on, because they definitely have charisma and camera presence, and I would love to see what they do for future content.

Nagisa no Sinbad by Pink Babies

Okay, so this one is on here mostly for the song, because I really enjoy Nagisa no Sinbad and the rendition Pink Babies have delivered. It's catchy, well paced, pretty pleasing to the eyes, and these girls just look like they're enjoying themselves so much! Of course, the PV doesn't have much to it, including only three locations, however the enthusiasm and joy of the members is enough to make me like it a good amount to include it here.

Plus, again, it's a pretty good cover of a really classic summer song, and even though it's just shy of 3 minutes, the members of Pink Babies still manage to throw in as much charisma, cheer and cuteness into the video as they can. It's a nice PV, and one you should give a go if you enjoy Pink Ladies and their songs, and want a quality cover of the wonderful Nagisa no Sinbad.

Roku Ochikyou by Yukue shirizu tsurezure

I am not 100% sure on the song title for this, because it's a little bit of a horror to put into romaji, however, this video is amazing. I didn't expect such a peaceful opening to lead us into something a little more... gruesome? Dark? A little bit terrifying? Well, however you view it, this video certainly exceeds expectations once the second frame opens, and you find yourselves watching these peaceful, sweet members being held hostage and beaten to a pulp by these guys who want to kill them. Luckily, they're saved by the power of the nuns, who cast spells and allow them to escape from their captors.

This is an intriguing PV, and very beautiful to watch. It has some gorgeous shots, and feels a little more cinematic in its approach. Colour me impressed, because wow, 2016 has delivered some of the most promising PV's I've seen from the Idol world in a long while! This video, of course, is one of those amazing pieces, and I am so delighted I have watched it! Not as good as what I Kill was, but still just as impressive and delightful.

Hopefully, the J-Pop world continues to produce such quality, because it'd be a shame to let it go!

Cinderella Blues by Blue Twins (from Bando ja nai mon!)

The appreciation I have for this video for paying homage to the 80s / 90s MV, and sticking to it throughout, is very high. Honestly, I thought it would stop the aesthetic halfway though, but... nope! They stuck to it, and they have made me a very happy camper!

In both fashion, hair and even how the video is shot, you get a feel of quality 80's style music video throughout Cinderella Blues, a nostalgic piece that includes some very old-fashioned transitions, with the possibility of their director even using a camera from the era that was the 80's! In many ways, this style of music video is super refreshing in a time where we expect high-cost MV's, beautiful studio sets, colourful graphics and great CGI. Here, though, we get absolute simplicity and beauty, and the aesthetic of this is just breath-taking, if you ask me. Honestly, I thought this was a 80's MV when I saw this, and thought it was an older group... but nope, it's a modern unit who were inspired by 90's pop, and a video that hails to the era where music videos began, and where they became one of the most popular forms of promotion for music!

It's an amazing homage, and highly impressive. Definitely worth a watch if you're a lover of classic style MV's, and if you love the look of the 80's on-camera in general!

Saikou ka yo by HKT48

My thoughts when first watchinfg this were 'Wow, I would get really pissed off if they dared disrupt my work with their stupid antics!', and sincerely, I hoped the Chef would at least swing a frying pan at one or two of them to let them know they were pissing him off, because wow, he did not look impressed!

With that said and done, though, this is a cute MV thanks to how it shows off HKT cheering on members of the public who work hard. It's pretty darned sweet, and whilst I haven't watched the entire video as of yet, I can already see it's going to be very colourful, playful and energetic. (I have watched the full version now. It's still great ahahaha) The set looks great, the costumes look fun (though overly glittered up!), and the use of words popping up on-screen and the CGI scenes are just a bundle of cuteness. I know a few H!P fans have noted how similar it seems to Utakata Saturday Night, but honestly, I don't see much of a resemblance, and words on-screen have been a thing for yonks, so... yeah.

It's also nice to see a new face centering the group, rather than the same-olds who are... well, boring, you know? So, yeah, a nice change of pace... Now, if only the song was good. That said, I do actually like it, and I'm kicking myself for enjoying it, because it's absolute crap. Waaaah!

Hoka no Dareka Yori Kanashii Koi wo Shita dake by Flower

I think there is no denying that when Sony Music want to do a really gorgeous MV, they make something bloody beautiful, and it's unforgettable. Sadly, they're also cheesy as fuck, and whilst I do find this video absolutely lovely to look at, the opening ruins everything for me, because it's OTT, tacky, and... well, it's all the nope. But, if you ignore the tacky as heck opening, this PV is glorious.

The look of it is splendid, and the choreography is, of course, beautiful. It's very pleasing to the eyes, and whilst the song is pretty boring, the video is certainly captivating enough to keep you entertained. It reads a bit like a fairy tale, the aesthetic, and just makes me want to write about lands filled with flowers and beauty and whatnot. Oh, and the camera angles. Gotta love me some beautiful shots, angles and pans. Hallelujah!

I do want to eventually see the entire video, because gosh darnit, it makes the film reviewer in me ecstatic, however, the song is so boring, I do wonder if it would be worth it? Who knows. Either way, it's a pretty music video, so definitely check it out when you can, if only for the prettiness of the set and the girls of Flower themselves.


And with that, we come to the end of the PV Selection for August 2016! Were there any videos here that you enjoyed, and were there some newbies you have found you liked, too? Was there anything here that you didn't enjoy, and if so, which ones!? And, of course, if there were any videos that were not posted, but you thoroughly enjoyed during your August search, what were they? Comment and let me know, or make your own lists! It's fun, and allows you to share with others what you loved the most!

For now teough, I have to flit off and do some writing elsewheres! Hopefully you have enjoyed this months [PV Selection], as well as enjoyed the PV's delivered unto you from your Idol Lovelies, and that you enjoy any that have come out this month already!

So, until I next see you everyone, please do take care, live life to the fullest, stay happy and healthy, smile and of course, Love your Idols! Thank you very much for your time, and I hope your week flies by!

Much Love,

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