Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Updates in Blogging! (August 2016)

With so much happening in my Writing x Blogging life right now, I thought that it might be nice to update you all on some of the things I've been working on, both here and everywhere else! So, let's get going, shall we~?

First things first; I've opened up a new blog site, but it's not just for me! Even though I'm the sole (permanent) writer for now, (I do have one contributor, Ami) I aim to make this a blog that will include a multitude of writers, from regulars to sporadic contributors. I want it to become a platform filled with a variety of Japanese music, and not just my divine favourites.

Titled Hashire! Idol Manic, this blog has been a dream of mine for a while now, and slowly, I aim to make it a reality. Hopefully I can keep this up, and hopefully it will become a blog people can go to for reviews and to find something new to listen to. Of course, it's still at the baby steps period right now, and I'm figuring out how to go about writing the posts, however what I have now, I am happy with. Let's just hope it grows into more than its three existing posts, and hopefully, it will gain some new writers along the way!

For the future, I do hope to host both casual and permanent writers, even one-time or sporadic authors who would like to try their hand at Reviews and editorials. If you want to writer, then I would like Hashire! Idol Manic to be one of those places you would want to write for, and to share your views and love for music.

You can find Hashire! Idol Manic HERE, and if you want to have your go at writing, then please get into contact with me, and let me know what you'd like to write and review for! Thank you very much~

Second on the list in my Blogging and Writing life is that, as of July 31st 2016, I am a writer for the Japanese Music Review site, JaME World! My first review is currently a featured piece, which is a review of Hamasaki Yoko's Blue Forest, and wow, do I feel like I've accomplished something! In general, writing for blogs that are not your own is pretty hard, as your style and presentation needs to fit in with what already exists, and you have to cut out a lot in order to keep it looking professional and presentable, however... it's fun. It's a lot of fun, and you feel proud of yourself once it's up and running.

Being a part of a team is great, if you ask me, and it can go on your CV or job applications, if you want it to. Plus, you feel a little professional when you write for these kinds of blogs... it's awesome!

I know that currently I'm tackling 4 blogs, first being Okay! Musume Time, then Selective Hearing, and now my own multi-writer platform as well as JaME, however I want to do this, and I want to try my best writing for these other blogs. I like growing as a writer and improving myself, and switching up my style and tone for each one is pretty fun, too, though it can be stressful. Hopefully I'm not piling too much onto my own plate, because heck, I'm going to have to write a lot now that dissertation is looming for University... but, I'll cross that rickety bridge when I come to it, and see if I can handle the giant work load I've given myself.

Seriously though, I'm pretty damn proud of myself right now, and glad to be a part of an amazing team of writers and editors. JaME is so good, and they have a huge variety of music reviewed there, as well as interviews and news pieces. So, if you get a chance to, take a look at what they have, and support them by reading and enjoying what there is to offer!

My review, Hamasaki Yoko - Blue Forest, is live and ready to be read, and I hope that you enjoy!

*As a side note, for both Hashire! Idol Manic and JaME, I am credited by my birth name, Kelly-Mae, so if you get confused... apologies! xD

Thirdly, in Okay! Musume Time news... HOLY WHACK-A-MOLEY! HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN!? I hit over 1,000 pageviews!?

Okay, so, at the time the screen grab was taken, it wasn't even the end of the day, and by the time my clock changed, the views were at 1,877 for July 31st... which is insane, because my highest page count has been about 900+. Hell, I barely even expect to get over 500 on a good day, and that's because I know I am a tiny blog, and that not a lot of people visit me in general. I fit a niche category, too, so of course my page views wouldn't be that gigantic!

Plus, I'm not Tokyo Girls' Update, Selective Hearing or JaME... my numbers will never be like theirs, and I accept that, but seriously, this is insaaane.

And then August 1st's views wracked up to 1,065. SERIOUSLY, YO!?

AND THEN AUGUST 2ND WAS 1,118!? What. The. HEYLL!?

It's that Nagasawa Marina I-Candy post, isn't it!? I mean... she's pretty damn popular at the minute, so it's gotta be! It already has 2181 page views alone, so... that's gotta be it!

Either way, to those who read on a regular basis, thank you. It makes my day just to know I have readers at all, and I am eternally grateful to those who enjoy what I do and think I'm a decent writer. Doing this makes me happy, and if I can make you smile with what I write and post, then I'm doing something right, and accomplishing my goals! Again: Thank you, everyone.

Also, in terms of up-coming posts, I thought I might share with you my plans for August!
  • A small series of Houkago Princess based posts, to celebrate the groups 5th Anniversary!
  • My Half-Year favourites for Singles and Albums... a bit late, but better late than never, aye?
  • [PV Selection] July 2016... Hopefully. Coming soon, because I actually wrote it, so YAAAAS!!!!
As well as those three (actually, that would make 8 posts all together, because there will be a little more than three with the HouPri posts!), I also aim to write for the other three platforms I am currently contributing to, so looking at August already, I would say the up-coming August month is going to be a busy period for me, writing wise. Plus, I'll be looking for a job, so... busy times ahead, me dears! But hey, I can do it, I'm sure I can! If I didn't have this belief in myself, then I wouldn't be writing, now, would I?

Anyway, I think that should be all for now, at least when it comes to blogging. Lots of exciting things, and lots of work to do, but hey-o, I should be alright, at least for now. SO! Until my next post, please do enjoy yourselves, keep listening to music, and love those Idols with all your heart! I shall see everyone in my next post, so take care!

Much Love and Happiness,


  1. Does the blog only take Music reviews or can we do other idol-related posts? Like for example, I have this idea about an article relating to who I consider the best idol group centers. Would something like that fly on your blog?

    1. Hi there! That's actually a really cool idea, I'd be open to that! It relates to Idols and J-pop, so why not! :D

  2. Your blog is bookmarked! And it sounds like you've done a lot of work behind the scenes! Congrats on the milestones too! :DDD

    1. Waaah ;; thank you <3 That actually means a lot to me! <3 And it seems I have, haha, I've been wanting to do things like my own multi-writer blog for more than a year or two... plus, I like writing for other people! It's nice! And again, thank YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU <3 <3 I love hearing from you via your comments ;; <3