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[PV Selection] July 2016

With July out of the way now, I think it's about time we ready ourselves for August, and enjoy the rest of the summer and what it has to offer us all! Hopefully your Summer so far has been warm and filled with sunshine, and that you have enjoyed yourselves! And, if you're in winter right now, I hope that it isn't too cold or rainy for you, and that you are enjoying your days as much as us Summer folk are right now!

But if you hate summer, and you're waiting for the winter... well, it'll come to you soon, guys, don't worry! Summer doesn't last forever, at least, not for us Brits! Haha!

No matter what the weather, though, you can be pretty darned certain that our beloved Idols will bring out some entertaining PV's, fitting every season under the sky! And, with this post being my July Selection, you can bet that some of these Music Videos included will contain bikini's, sunshine and beaches, but which ones will they be? We shall have to see, won't we?

As per the usual, the videos shown here are simply the videos I have viewed and enjoyed. I am one person, and my opinion is subjective, so I will not include everything. If there is something you enjoyed that I have missed out on, it's either because I might not have seen it, or because I didn't enjoy it as much as you - sad, but true! If you want to share what you love with me, however, please do let me know, and I will check it out and see for myself!

For now, though, these are my July PV picks, and I have enjoyed them all thoroughly! The question is, will you enjoy them as much as I have done? Watch on, and find out! Start the PV's, hyaaah!

Given that I was away for a good chunk of July, my video watching days were a bit numbered, however, I've dedicated an entire night to watching videos and finding a few that really tickled my fancy, so that I didn't miss out on some gems! The original plan, however bad it may sound, was to basically not look at any videos at all, and to forfeit this months post... but that's not what I'm about. I know I fail at a lot of things, and that I'm bad at keeping up with series, however I want to at least end this year with a series that was maintained until 2016 said its goodbyes and lead us into the New Year. So, with my Lucozade by my side and determination on my mind, I did it! I watched July's releases (probably not all of them, given some were blocked, like Nogizaka46. Urgh) and managed to compile a list of videos that stood out to me, so that I could share them all with you.

So, without further ado, here is my July Selection in PV's for 2016. I hope that you enjoy, and I hope that you can share your own lists with me or many others, too! Now, let's dive in, and enjoy our Idols and what they create for us all. Se, no...!

Leadership by Yumemiro Adolescence

I honest to Gawd thought that I hadn;'t watched any July PV's, until I looked back at what was released and saw this. Hot damn, I do have a video I liked in July, and it's a YumeAdo one, no less!

What I love about this video is how it makes my brain go What? Seriously, the use of the slanting platform is a bit weird, and it makes you want to tilt your head. It's confusing, and honestly, I was stumped as to how the directors did it, until I saw the end scene where it shows the girls coming off the titlted platform. Even then, I do wonder just how the heck they stayed on for the shoot itsself. Seriously... how!?

It's a good PV though, and whilst it may look a bit gray, it's actually pretty creative in execution, and is overall very interesting to watch. It's a good YumeAdo PV, and whilst the song lacks in creativity and energy, the video is at least a treat for the eyes, and a unique piece, which is to be expected from the YumeAdo crew.

Manatsu no Maji☆Rocket by Party Rockets GT

I wasn't going to talk about this video, but then it made me chuckle with its confused center in the tracks opening, and its use of animation and stop-motion imagery. Initially thinking this would be a pretty standard PV, it actually turned into something a little more, and became a nice piece of work that entertained and humored me as a viewer.

It may not look like much to some, but honestly, the simplicity of this video by Party Rockets GT made me smile, and I love the energy the girls have here. They've truly taken a small place, and used it as much as possible, with props and animation to create something fun and colourful that many will enjoy.

Though it might look gray, this PV is pretty colourful and does not limit itself to any boundaries. Space is used well, and the girls of Party Rockets GT show off just how fun and cute they can be in this creative little video!

Superhero by DIANNA☆SWEET

I give props to the group and their director for creating something fun, and I love the comic book effect used and the costumes that really pop here, however the lack of enthusiasm and fake cheer on Azumi's face is really off-putting in the dance and solo sequences. She might be trying to look 'cool' or something, but honestly, it just comes off as bored and unenthusiastic for the song and music video... not that I blame her, because this is a pretty boring song, overall.

Despite the song though, the overall look of this video is great! I love how the colours are downplayed to give the superhero costumes a bolder approach. The spotlight scenes are a nice touch, too, and the background used for the dance sequence is really cute and ties in with the theme of the video nicely! However, the energetic and enthusiastic approach in the choreography and from two of the girls feels a tad over the top for such a dull song. Oh, well! It's still a good video, but the song could have been a tad more upbeat to fit the visuals tone!


Okay, so, I didn't expect much from this other than the members singing in the tunnel that I think was used for an AKB song, however, after watching the entire video, I have to say I'm impressed. I never expected anything so emotional or beautiful, but wow, that was what was delivered. WE ARE the IDOL - a modest title, if ever there was one (pfft) - is a well presented video with good acting, and a fitting song.

I like the overall tone of this video, from the dark and emotive shots to the bright scenes that depict a happier time. The scenes featuring the rain are especially powerful, and the final act that portrays the members in the garden wearing their Idol costumes is hopeful and promising, delivering a positive message that, with time, things get better. The ending sequence especially, where the rain becomes snow, is strong, showing that no matter what, a change can being good things.

It's a great video, one that has really moved me. I hope that this isn't the last time I check out GANG PARADE, because their latest video and song has truly moved me. It's gorgeous.

BiSBiS by BiS


Actually, Pour Lui is back as the only member of BiS, for now... Auditions are happening, but yeah, BiS is back, and they're ready to rock our worlds all over again after 2 years of leave! Woohoo!

Okay, so whilst I wasn't a fan of BiS, I really did respect them as Idols. What they did changed how we saw Idols a little, and what they brought to us in both sound and visuals was definitely different, and appealed to a select few. They were hardcore, and they were a bit gross and over the top, but they were also freakin' cool and knew how to take everything a step to far. So, I'm glad they're coming back, and I do hope they make their return memorable!

Anyway, onto the video; firstly, I like the song quite a bit, but when watching the video, I was delighted to find that it was one continuous shot, meaning no edits, no breaks - nada. It's a long pan from Pour Lui, and continues as she walks through a very hazardous looking wreakage, trying her best not to get hit by the flying sparks or inhaling a bunch of smoke. It looks very dangerous, but very cool at the same time, which makes it very BiS, too.

What is BiS without something a little unorthodox to entertain us, eh?

It's a simple video, but it's a visually appealing piece that is a great watch, in my opinion. Also, it's sure to please the BiS fans who have missed the group since they graduated from the Idol world. Now, whose waiting for those newbies to come along and make this group extremely weird again!? WHOO!

Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari by Idol Renaissance

Even if the world is coming to an end, nothing will stop Idol Renaissance from creating their latest music video! NOTHING!!!

A cover of the Supercell song released in 2009, the video for Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari depicts the members of Idol Renaissance banding together to produce a music video, despite the fact meteors are falling from the sky as they do so. Even though the beginning shows staff halting the process of filming the video, the girls ultimately take it upon themselves to finish what was started, and create memories together before the world comes to its end.

A fairly simple video, it's well done and feels emotional at times thanks to the decent acting skills from the members themselves. The vocals are pretty nice, too, and the song is a great listen, overall. It fits the video, too, which is always a bonus, and the effects used are nice, too!

It's a great video, one that I didn't think I would enjoy, but boy, am I glad I watched it and found out it was a joy to watch! If you want something quite sweet, then definitely check it out!

Re:Call by i☆RiS

A surprising addition by anime songstress group i☆RiS, Re:Call is a dark and mysterious video that depicts the overlooked cool side to the group, who often opt for a cuter look. With this new image, however, we see the mature side to the girls we all know and love, and see them covering new territory complete with fire and cool toned filters. It's a difference, that's for the sure, and whilst I'm quite surprised by this change of pace, I welcome it, too, because heyll, it's about time for this group to change it up a little!

So far, only the short music video is available, however I will be impatiently awaiting the full shabang, because I want this SO bad, and I want to see more of this amazing new i☆RiS so that I can celebrate it in full! Bring me the PV, and soon! I crave them nooooow!

TWINKLING+STAR by MariKore (Marine Collection)

Bringing together Marine Entertainment's Idols, MariKore is a super group with a cute sound and a rather sweet look in this colourful music video set in a small village that is home to a bunch of lovely Idols. It's adorable and vibrant, and seriously, it's just too adorable! It doesn't have a lot to it in terms of editing, sure, but hey... I like cute things, I like Idols, and the song is decent, so why not add it in here? Plus, it's a bunch of girls I didn't know about until now, and I want to share them with everyone! So, let's share!

Really though, I like this video because of how bright and uplifting it is. It feels quite summery thanks to its abundance of flowers and colours thrown together, and it's upbeat sound is cheerful and fitting for the setting. It's overflowing with sunshine and smiles, and the girls sound pretty good here, too!

Now, time to learn all of their names and find a few favourites, huhu...

HOT GIRL by Chu's Day

HERE FOR THE SONG, but holy heck, this PV is nice and bright! Yay!

Also, as a random off-comment, Chu's Day sounds like a great blog name for me, cause I am ChiimaChuu, Chuu'sDay... yeah, time to steal that for a future blog, yeeeeah!!!

Okay, okay, talk time. I really did add this in for the song, but honestly, the editing and overall brightness of this video pleases me greatly, too, but those vocals and this song are just a giant YASSSSSS, GIRL from me. This is pure quality, and I'm so glad I looked at the July PV's for 2016, cause hot damn, I would have missed this if I hadn't!

Killer find, and I am a happy ChiimaChuu for it! WHO!

Summer☆Summer by Akishubu Project

Okay, so let's just get this out there; Bikini's made of flowers are UGLY AS FECK, and I don't get why Idols wear them, other than to try and make their boobs look bigger. Aside from that, though, this is a cute video, and feels like a traditional AKBikini music video. Except, this isn't AKB, it's Akishubu Project, who I think have a lot less members, and are probably a little bit cuter. I dunno, depends on your Idol tastes.

But yeah, this videos cute, and I like how they fit in a few summer activities here, from walking on the beach to barbecues together, cycling and playing volleyball. It's packed with more than them just dancing on a beach, and the brightness of it is really appealing, too. The colours are viobrant, the girls look like they're having fun, and whoever did wardrobe did a pretty decent job, minus the sunflower bikini top, that is.

It's a fun PV, and it's pretty vibrant, which is what I like in my Summer PV's! Woohoo!

Sayonara ga Utsukushikute by Shibata Aya to 4kise

This video is really simple, but it's also really effective. I mean, I have no clue who Shibata Aya is, or any of the other 4th generation members, however I get that this video is sentimental, and that she's going to graduate soon. Also, the song sounds as if it's for someone ready to move on, and her long solo says that much, too.

It's a pretty song, and I really do like it. Heck, it beats out Milky's graduation song and video, but that's just me. I find this one sweet, and I love how Aya and the other members are dressed in red so that they stand out against the white steps and walls. Hopefully the full video will be out soon, because I actually want to see what the rest of the PV has to offer, and enjoy looking for metaphors and the like throughout, like what the steps symbolise, etc.

It's a nice video, and its simple look is extremely appealing to me. Hopefully, the rest of the video is just as nice. We shall see.

Zettai Reido Novatic by Walkure

I have no clue who this group are, but honestly, who cares? Just look at THIS PV! Holy heck, I'm impressed, though I'm generally impressed by even the simplest of things. But, in all seriousness... this is a well edited video, and it's a pretty good song, too!

Also, oooh, shiny platform that they dance on! It's mirrored *^* I like mirrors! Because I'm vain, HA!

This editing is love, though, it seriously is, and I just find it quite entertaining to watch thanks to its effects and use of background colours during solo shots. It's an appealing video, and the upbeat editing fits in time with the music, which is always great, at least to me. It's a fun piece, and something you should try out for yourselves! Go ahead and watch it, whoo!

Natsu no Oh! bai busu by Bando ja Naimon!

This is bright, quirky and a bit weird, but that's to be expected of this group, and honestly, they do it well, creating a fun and memorable experience for their viewers whilst having a lot of fun when creating this kind of content, too.

Quite cute, a little sexy and pretty darned fun, Natsu no Oh! bai busu makes use of its effects to make the video a little weird, whilst including some fun summer activities amongst the members in the form of games that will only lead to them falling into the pool, as well as your typical scenes of the girls by the pool. And then there are the band scenes, which are cute as well, though very much bikini-fied.

Honestly, the PV is a blast to watch, and though the cleavage and butt shots are quite surprising to see, the video has a flirtatious and bright feel to it that is enjoyable, and will surely win over fans of the group.


Okay, I added this for that opening scene, and the men in uniform in general, because when this video started, I was really hoping it would give me a Grease-like number sung by those guys. I mean, that's what those guys clapping looks like - a musical number from Grease! It's just too great, too funny, and very musical! xD

That said, the video itself is really good, and the song is pretty darn fun! The choreography for the guys is hilarious, but DAOKO herself feels pretty cool and desirable here. I have no clue who she is, but she is pretty, and rather entertaining to watch, even without her abundance of uniform-clad followers, and their hilarious choreography that puts Danny Zuko to shame!

A creative video, BANG! is a must-see if you want something entertaining and new. It's a good time, and hey, now that I've seen this, I'm looking forward to whatever this girl brings out next! Bang!


And with that, this post does come to an end. Though it can seem small, these are all videos that I enjoyed with great enthusiasm and delight, and hopefully, there will be something here that have entertained you in some way, too! For now, though, I must bid you all adieu, and wish you happiness!

If you have any videos you would like to share that were not present on this list, don't fret to comment and let me know about them, or to share those with your friends, too! Sharing is caring, and it also alerts us to awesome Idols and cool groups that we might not otherwise know about! So, I hope you share your favourite music and groups with those around you, and that you have enjoyed July's abundance of Music Videos for 2016.

Until next time, though, please take care, enjoy life, stay happy and healthy, and of course, LOVE YO IDOLS! Bye bye, everyone~

Take care, and smile!

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