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[Music Selection] July 2016

Happy August to you all! Hopefully summer has been treating you well thus far, and that your July went off without a hitch, and that you listened to lots of great Idol Music along the way! For me, I actually didn't listen to that much Idol music, because for 12 days of my July, I was off in Poland with my friend, going around Gliwice, Katowice and Krakow, discovering a few things and trying my hand at saying 'hello' and 'thank you' in Polish! So, yeah, I didn't listen to a lot of music unless I had some down time and did some writing... and even then, it was mostly music from February to June, so nothing new!

So, if this July post feels a bit scarce, I do apologise, but I wasn't going to listen to new J-pop music 24/7 when I was away! Still, I listened to some, and about three singles popped out, so those are the three you're getting, for now xD Sorreh! Maybe a few July songs will pop up in the August post, hm?

ANYWAY, with that all said and done, as per the usual, the idea behind [Music Selection] is to love and share music I have heard from the month before, and other past months, to give you an idea of what I have personally been obsessing over during the month of July, August, and so on so forth. Because this is a personal list, if there are songs that are not on here, do not get offended; it's usually because I have either A) Not heard them, or B) didn't like them, and if I didn't enjoy what you did, well... music is subjective! I can't like everything, my mind does not work that way!

I also have a [PV Selection] post that comes out monthly, as well, however... I might not have one this month, due to the fact I did not watch any videos for July due to panicking, preparation and being away with barely any internet, so... apologies for that! O-O

Aaaaaand with all that said and done... let's look at some music! What did I enjoy in July? Let's find out, whoooo

Okay, so, whilst July was indeed abundant in music, I only listened to like... three releases that I actually enjoyed a great deal before I went off to Poland. When I got back, I had a mad rush of writing stuff out for two other blogs, plus I was listening to some June releases I'd missed out on to see if there was anything worth while there. So, yeah. You get a few songs from three different releases I enjoyed xD Apologies, y'all, but... time is lost very quickly, especially when you're trying to get things sorted and having fun!

Hopefully I'll have more for August, unless I get a job... well, then you'll have less, again. Apologiiiiiiieeees! xD

Anyways, July, music. LET'S GOOOOoooooo!!!

Shakunetsu Summer ~SUMMER KING x SUMMER QUEEN~ by Shida Summer Arai Summer (2016.07.06)

This song is, in many ways, addictive and annoying. Parts of it I adore, and then there's the chorus, which is pretty damn grating and gets on my nerves. I guess it's how its been mixed and rendered, because urgh, it's horrible. The rest of it, however, is really catchy with great vocals that are smooth and pleasing to the ears, and that's what I enjoy about this piece.

... The horrible chorus is pretty catchy too, it's just... couldn't they have mixed it a little bit better, made it sound nicer? Yes, no?

Well, regardless, it's a nice summer song. I like how upbeat and fun it sounds, how it reminds me of the beach and the sun, and how sunny it feels. It's a cute summer tune, and it sounds like the singers, Shida and Arai, are having a bunch of fun making this track.

All that said and done, though... I doubt I would listen to this outside of the summer season, and I don't think that it'll go into my playlist for 2016 any time soon! SCRATCH THAT, I think I've become a tad obsessed with it o3o OH MY!

Konya wa Gozen Summer by Shida Summer Arai Summer (2016.07.06)

Okay, so whilst the A-side wouldn't touch my playlist with a ten foot barge pole, this song will, because holy heck, it's great! It's got a good sound, great backing vocals, a lot of power and some fire behind it! It's cool and addictive, and just sounds so much better in the chorus than the first song.

Seriously... how is this not the A-side!? Damnit, Japan! Why you gotta have better B-sides for your Idols?

Seriously though, if you're thinking of giving this single a go and you don't find the A-side that appealing for it's horrible chorus or it's light, carefree feel, then have a go at Konya wa Gozen Summer, because whilst both songs have their good points, this one is a better song, all around, and makes for a cool summer track that will please a few ears. Give it a go!

Drive Drive by Ariyasu Momoka (2016.07.03)

Honestly, I wasn't expecting much from this album in terms of vocal quality, because c'mon; it's Momoka from MomoClo Z, and we all know their vocals are kind of shit, so when I finally tuned into this album, I was... impressed, because whilst her voice isn't the best, it's still a lot better than when she's screaming down a microphone. Seriously.

Also, Drive Drive is a nice song, it actually makes me think of someone driving down the boulevard in the sun, with the rooftop down and their chiffon scarf flapping in the wind. Yeah, it's one of those songs, it feels a little Hollywood, haha. It also suits Momoka's tone nicely, and just feels rather refreshing in its sound. It's a nice summer track, basically, and it's pretty darned enjoyable.

Kokoro no Senritsu by Ariyasu Momoka (2016.07.03)

This song is really nice. It's a ballad, I'd guess, and it's just so darned pretty! Momoka sounds good here, though she'll slur a little sometimes, giving off that drunk feel, but regardless of that, she manages to sound a bit emotional, and fits the song nicely. She gives a decent amount of power here, too, and creates a performance that is memorable. This also happens to be the final track, and I think it's a good way to finish things off.

It's mellow and sweet, and I like it a whole lot! This might actually be my favourite song of the five present on Momoka's first solo mini-album, mostly because of its tone, and also because it's hella pretty to hear. It's nothing new, sure, but it's still a good listen, and feels so heartfelt. It's what I like to hear in my ballads, basically.

Koi Nikki by Yuuka Ueno (2016.07.13)

After the disappointment that was her first feature length album this year, I was looking forward to Yuuka's up-coming single, and whilst the wait was long, I have to say, it was worth it; what we get here is a summer single that fits Yuuka's tone, with two of the three being slow, lulling ballads that Yuuka sounds great in. Koi Nikki, the opening track, is a charming piece that is deserving of its place as the featured track.

This is a pretty song, and its use of background tinkles and tones really adds to the atmosphere of the song, delivering an appealing piece that is enchanting and gorgeous in every way. Yuuka's voice only enhances this pretty instrumental track, too, giving the song life and vibrancy, passion and emotion. Truly, Yuuka is growing as a singer and creating pieces that are memorable and effective, and Koi Nikki is one of those tracks, and I am so glad that this single is as good as I wanted it to be; it makes up for how bad her album was.

This is a great tune, and again... So. Damn. PRETTY!!!

Niji shoku Shabondama by Yuuka Ueno (2016.07.13)

Whenever I think of the words 'Shabondama', I think of the aggressive tune that is Morning Musume's 19th single. What I don't expect is a soft, subtle approach to the word, one which befits the actual word 'soap bubbles', but that is what Yuuka Ueno brings here - a gentle touch that is a gentle caress to the ears and fills you with positive, sweet feelings when hearing this pretty little tune.

Niji shoku Shabondama is so sweet, a song that befits Ueno's vocals perfectly. She really does sound great in ballads and slow tunes, and whilst this might not feel like a summer tune in its sound, it does feel refreshing.

I kind of wish that this had been the title track, because it would have been nice to see a music video accompany it. That said, it is a nice ending track for this single, which is beautiful through and through.

June Roll-Over

Seishun Mermaid by Houkago Princess (2016.06.29)

I like this song. I love HouPri, and Seishun Mermaid is just so exciting and thrilling, and it makes me feel alive and happy. I love how it sounds, basically, and I just think it's a good song.

Having Maika as a lead, of course, helps a bunch. So, yeah. Good song, good vocals (until Nana opens her mouth), and a good sound. Hallelujah!

My Love Song by Maika of Houkago Princess (2016.06.29)

I wasn't initially that keen on My Love Song, however after a few listens, it grew on me, and it became one of those songs I craved to hear. It's memorable, passionate, and pretty, and Maika does a really good job here on her first solo track as a HouPri member. She sounds so good, and honestly, this tone fits her beautifully.

Kinda just wish, y'know, she'd have better vocal flexibility. Seriously o3o

It's a good song, and it grows on you, plus it feels fitting for the single. It works well with the use of oceanic background noise, and feels like a continuation from Seishun Mermaid. A very fitting tune for the groups Mermaid-themed track, if you ask me, and a perfect solo song for the groups Diva voice, Maika.

Dare Yori Suki na Noni by Hamasaki Yoko (2016.06.15)

This is such a pretty song, and from this entire mini-album, it's my favourite. It's sweet and sentimental, it's befitting of Hamasaki's vocals, and it's just all around lovely. It makes me think of a dream, and just feels so gentle. Now, I wouldn't go as far to say that Hamasaki sounds emotive here, because she doesn't, however she definitely captures that dream-like quality of the song, though let me warn you; her voice is sickly sweet, so you might not enjoy her if that's not what you're into. I know I didn't, at first, but she grew on me.

It's a nice song, and I like how peaceful it feels. That said, her voice can get annoying pretty quickly, so yeah, I don't listen to this too often. Truth must be told!

Anata no Haruka-san by Chisuga Haruka (2016.06.22)

This song is FUN! It is hyper, catchy, cute, a bit weird, and just all around great. It's probably my favourite track from June, and the most memorable. I love the cute vocals, I love how Haruka's pitch will change from time to time, and I just adore how much joy the singer has throughout. Seriously, you can hear just how much fun she's having! It's a blast listening to this song, and honestly... I kind of want to sing it, too.

The album in general is great, however this song is one of the shining stars out of all the track lists. It's a little crazy, but that's what makes it so freakin' good. It also happens to show off just how flexible Haruka's voice is, though the entire album does that, generally - this song, though, shows it off even more, and allows us to dive into just how energetic, passionate and adorable Haruka can get. It's a whale of a time, and from this album, I do indeed recommend this piece, especially if you're into that quirky-cute anime sound Haruka does best!

Muteki no Uta by Tokimeki Sendenbu (2016.06.01)

Stardust Promotion are finally getting under my skin. Already I've enjoyed Cherie!, and now I'm hooked on Muteki no Uta, the latest from one of the younger units, Tokimeki Sendenbu. It's just so cute and refreshing, plus the vocals aren't half-bad, which is generally unheard of from Stardust! Really, though, I do like Muteki no Uta (actually, most of the single is great!), and it's been my looped song for the past week or so, which says something. I really like it, no matter how generic it sounds.

It's cute and fun, and I like the video that accompanies it, too, plus it fits the girls' vocals quite nicely, though I do wish the blue one would get a few more lines, aside from the one yelling line at the end... still, it's enjoyable, and something to check out if you're interested.

Not the most exciting of songs, but an easy one to get into. It's upbeat and cute, and something you could easily join in with when the Woah Woah WOAH's start up. So, yeah... check it out, and become intrigued by the adorable girls that make up Tokimeki Sendenbu!


Sayonara wa hajimari no kotoba by La Pompon (2016.03.23)

One day I will learn the songs name, and not have to look it up before typing it out... sigh.

Also, I think you already know how much I like this song, so I won't need to fill this out again, okay? OKAY! :D

SKY GATE by Cheeky Parade (2016.02.24)

... You know the drill! CHIIMA LOVES IT, YOU GET IT! NOW LET'S GOOOO!!!! <3


And that's my July Music Selection! It's small, I know, and the singles shown are limited, however I've not had the time to check out and love everything July has had to offer, so for now, this might have to do! Apologies, one and all, but it is what it is!

For July 2016, what were your favourites in music? Is there anything you might like to share with us all, and to give us something new to dive into for the Summer? And is there anything you listened to and did not like!? Whatever it is, please share and give us a listen!

Until next time everyone, please have a wonderful summer, take care, love your Idols and stay happy! Thank you for reading, and thanks for being amazing <3

Much Love and Happiness,

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