Thursday, 11 August 2016

Houkago Princess Selection: The Top 5 PV's New (and Old!) Fans Should See!

When celebrating 5 years of Houkago Princess, I often look back to their videos, and see just how much these girls have grown, how much they improved, and how drastically the quality of their videos have changed... and believe me, people, the quality has upped itself quite a damn lot, especially when you put Oshiete Kudasai and Seishun Mermaid next to one another.

It's truly impressive, if you ask me; they started from the very bottom, and right now, they're paving their way higher up the mountain that is the Idol world. I feel so proud of them, let me tell you!

So, in my quest to deliver you all Houkago Princess posts in celebration of their 5 years upon this Earth, I will be sharing with everyone today a small collection of what I personally consider some of their best Music Videos, and hopefully, I will introduce you to some of their charms when performing in front of a camera! Are you ready?

Now, whilst I would have loved to give you a Top 10 Music Videos List, I have to admit that it'd be a bit difficult; for one, I can't seem to get Dailymotion videos to work here all the time, and secondly, I don't actually think HouPri have 10 good videos. 5, yes, but 10? That's a stretch, because whilst each year has seen their video quality rise, their videos have only truly been great since around late 2013, early 2014. So, it's a difficult thing, to pin-point 10 good music videos out of the 18 they have released (and tried to erase from youtube, actually).

Hence why I'm settling with the Top 5. It'll be a lot easier, and the videos will definitely be the higher-quality ones. Alas, that might mean you've already seen them... they'll be the most recent bunch, obviously.

Of course, what is suggested here for you to watch, and what I have ranked is completely subjective; have my tastes, as do you, so even if I found say, one video appealing, you might dislike it greatly, and find another HouPri PV that suits your tastes better. So, do take that into consideration... however, I am trying to deliver to you all what I think others would enjoy, as well as what I myself like from HouPri's small video collection.

And so, without further hesitation, let's take a look at what I might consider some of HouPri's best PV's, whether it's in look or its aesthetic! Will your favourite be presented here, or will there be something new to enjoy? Read and watch on to find out!


Smilex3 ~Egao Zutto Saitamamade~

Now, I know what you're thinking; this video looks damn cheap, and dude, it doesn't look like it has any quality to it at all. And yeah, you could be right, but in my humble opinion, I do think that there is something great about Smilex3 ~Egao Zutto Saitamamade~'s music video. It's aesthetic and location aren't at the top of the pier, don't get me wrong, however this video is one of those that contains what I love most about indies PV's; cheer, smiles, and a whole host of cuteness, and in every girl present, you can see the joy emanating from their very eyes and their delightful grins.

So, yeah, it's that sheer happiness and sweetness that I wanted to share with you all, because gosh darn it, guys, I love it so much!

You can see that there was a lot of effort put into this video, despite what it might lack. It's a tad small in location, showing barely a corner of the rooms the girls are dancing in and a few walls or sofas for solo or duet shots, however that doesn't stop the video from portraying a bright, energetic feel with a few colourful, hand-drawn effects to highlight that joyous atmosphere. It's these very pops of colours in the forms of stars, diamonds, flowers and the like that bring the PV's background to live, saving it from looking overly saturated and bland. The filler scenes looking up to the sky and showing daisies in the sun aren't overly offensive, either.

It's a very clean video, if anything, and a bit claustrophobic, but it's a video that does its song some justice; it's bright and energetic, lively and colourful, and you can see just how much fun the members are having here! I think what makes this just as great is the fact that it's one of the last few music videos the group filmed during their indies phase, and honestly, it does feel indies, with a bit of oomph.

Cheap and cheerful, Smilex3 ~Egao Zutto Saitamamade~ is a precious little gem that isn't overwhelming, and introduces a good amount of energy, and the perfect dose of happiness. It's perfect HouPri, and hey! It's the song that finally brought their adorable Sailor Moon themed costumes to the screen! I really can't complain at that!

Seifuku Cinderella

The first of the groups Major Debut MV's, Seifuku Cinderella is also the first music video to feature the group in an entirely green-screened setting, and whilst I can sometimes find such a thing offensive... this one was done pretty darned well.

Not to say I'm against chroma key backdrops, because I'm not, it's just that most groups that use them overuse it *cough*H!P*cough*. Luckily, this is the first (and only!) time HouPri has counted on a fake location, and even then, it was completely hand-done with a water-colour look to create that story-book vibe, as if they had been transported there after dreaming of becoming real princesses. Overall, the look of the PV is pretty simple, but it's rather effective, and it looks so darned cute!

I think that, whilst Seifuku Cinderella is definitely not the groups best PV from their major releases, it is an aesthetically pleasing piece, and it fits the song perfectly. It's hand-drawn look is refreshing, and the girls are dazzling. Houkago Princess truly shined in this video, showing off their charm and personality, as well as their efforts as a group who have come a long way to get to this point in their careers.

It is truly a cute video, and one that I do suggest everyone takes a look at when researching HouPri and their PV releases. It's a pivotal point in their career, and it truly showcases just how much these girls can shine when they're given something they worked so hard to receive.

Junpaku Antoinette

After what I consider to be the disappointment that was Kiete, Shirayukihime's PV, Houkago Princess brought out Junpaku Antoinette, a pretty, white music video littered with red and pink pops of colour, and one of the most pleasing pieces to meet the eye. It's simple, gentle, and rather refreshing, depicting a rather spring-like video that befits the regal look of Houkago Princess.

The setting, feel and overall look of the video is absolutely gorgeous, if you ask me, and is one of the nicest videos to come out of this group. The way the cameras move and the use of the diamond effect are great, adding to that expensive feel, and the use of the flower petal effects during the bridge aren't overpowering, as one might have expected. It's a pretty professional video, with polished editing and gorgeous sequences that fit together perfectly. The pacing is a dream, too.

If you ask me, this is probably my #1 PV, if we were getting personal. I adore how it looks, I think it's absolutely gorgeous, and I enjoy every moment of it. I was awed by it back when it first came out, and I am still completely blown away by its quality, now. It's a wonderful piece, and one of HouPri's finest. I just pray other videos are treated in a similar way to this one in the future.

Manatsu no Yoru no Yume

Manatsu no Yoru no Yume is the reason why a few fans know about HouPri today. It's dark look, mature sound and sensual aura was a new approach from the group, music video wise, and it definitely played in their favour, because whilst not all members look the part here, they still somehow manage to fit the video and its song perfectly. It was a daring look from HouPri back in 2014, but it caught them some attention, and showed off what they were capable of, musically.

This is definitely a gorgeous music video. The use of the 'lightning' effects that flash throughout the dance sequence, the dark corridor scenes, Miran and Saorin's sharp and fluid dance skills, Maika's impeccable vocals and the costumes are all pleasing to the viewer, and the girls seem to be having a whale of a time, here. Sure, their looks a little more subdued to fit that mature and sexy look, but you can see they're having a blast, regardless - especially Saorin and Miran. This song also showed off just how strong the groups lineup was, at the time, and just how mature they had become in the 3 short years they had been around.

It's definitely a delightful MV to watch, and the start of their 'awesome' PV's, if you will. The setting, the look, the overall appeal fit the song perfectly, and the girls all look wonderful here. It's no wonder they caught the eye of a few new fans, after releasing this! It's bloody awesome!

Seishun Mermaid

I stand by my own words when I say that, with each release, Houkago Princess only get better, especially in the PV department. The visuals, the feel, the overall appeal just heightens each and every time, and when you look at something like Seishun Mermaid, it only solidifies that fact; they're getting better the more they release, like a fine wine that just gets better with age.

This is quality. Seishun Mermaid is pure beauty and bliss in a music video. It looks absolutely gorgeous, the shots are hypnotic and soothing, and the overall result is just wonderfully appealing and sweet. The use of little to no makeup, the pure white costumes against a gorgeous rocky seaside backdrop, the interior and the night scenes... everything is just so breath-taking, and I was truly surprised by the end product after I'd managed to find the full MV, because holy guacamole, wow. It was stunning, and it looked like something out of a film.

This videos high quality still amazes me, and it excites me; it makes me wonder just what HouPri will bring out next, the techniques they'll use, the settings... I want to feel like I'm watching a film again, something at this level, something akin to the quality of AKB... Seishun Mermaid, though not my favourite MV of theirs, is definitely a winner in how it looks, what it represents, and just how damn great Houkago Princesses PV's are getting. It's a level I didn't expect from them, actually, however it delights me, because my girls are bringing out amazing videos that are exciting and entertaining!

5 years ago, I couldn't have foreseen this. 5 years ago, I thought they'd stick to the low-budget, low-quality songs that relied on their passion and determination. Now, I see that despite moving on up in the world and delivering something as beautiful as this, they are still creating a passionate, determined piece, with a better budget and better aesthetics. They've changed their look, they've changed their vibe, and they've changed their directors and locations, but the groups delight, cheer and pride hasn't changed, at all, even if the quality of their PV's has; and I love that so darn much about this group.

Sieshun Mermaid is gorgeous, and it represents all I adore about this group: Their laughter and smiles, their undying passion, and their drive to get better. It's a quality release, and the best they have brought out in all their 5 years, and it is definitely something you should check out, because Seishun Mermaid is a dream and a wish, and it's come true.


And with that, another list ends, and another post comes to its close. But, is that the end of the story that is Houkago Princess? Doubtful, considering their 4th release is on its way, along with a new line of Princesses waiting to be introduced to their thrones!

To everyone who has read this, and its subsequent posts, thank you for doing so! I hope you have all been enjoying them, and that through this series dedicated to Houkago Princess and their 5th Anniversary, you have learnt something. Through the members themselves, through the songs and their PV's, I hope I have introduced to you a group you want to follow. They are my joy, and they are my babies, if you will, because I love and adore this group with all of my heart, and I want to share that adorance with everyone I can!

And to end this post, let me ask you this; did you enjoy these PV's, and did you find a favourite? Is there one you liked less than others? And, for those who know a bit more about HouPri, is there any video I didn't add in here that I should have? Let me know, and share the love!

Until next time, everyone, please take care, stay happy and healthy, enjoy life and of course... LOVE DEM IDOLS!!!! <3

Much Love and Happiness, Smiles and Care,


  1. Houpri sounds exactly like AKB + subgroups and sistergroups...
    Just as bland-sounding and un-interesting as their later stuff..
    Though their voices are lovely, and they seem like cute and interesting girls

    1. Aha, I have found people say that before to me XD I can't hear it (actually, their newest song, I do hear it a bit!)
      I have no clue how HouPri appeal to me, and AKB don't? Maybe the fewer members and the fact that most of them are 19-26 years old... who knows XD