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Houkago Princess Ranking Time! - 2016 Member Ranking!

With these posts coming to a close, I wanted to celebrate my favourite groups 5th Anniversary with something I've been planning to do for a few years, yet never actually got around to creating, and that is my very first Houkago Princess Member Ranking! Awwww, yeah, took me long enough~

So, to finish off this small series and to show off the members I adore most, let's take a look at this member Ranking, Cadets and Apprentices included, and see just who Chiima adores, and who she likes, but not as much. Are you ready~?

Now just to give y'all a lovely heads up, yes, this post is completely subjective, and is going to revolve around my opinion entirely. Where I did try to take into account what others might like, and what is actually popular within Houkago Princess in the previous two posts (concerning music and video), the member ranking is all my opinion, and about who I like, and why. So, if your favourite member isn't on the very tippity top, please; don't get into a snit. It is the way it is, and I like what I like. THAT'S HOW IT GOES DOWN HERE IN OKAY! MUSUME LAND, BRUH!

And, just to be clear, this list in no way states who is better than who, and which members should be considered over others. It's a blooming list, y'all, and one that I have constructed for my own pleasure to share with everyone. These members, all a part of HouPri 2016, are amazing in their own ways and have distinct personalities and traits that stand above others. No girl is any less, any better, or even the same; they are all wonderful, amazing girls who make this group what it is. But, like you, I am a human, and I have my own shallow preferences; don't read into this too much and think 'wow, she hates so-and-so', because I don't. I just happened to feel attached to another girl over that one, and so on so forth.


So, ya, this is is my 'favourites' list, if you will. The members I like, the ones I love, and the ones I think are great, but haven't exactly won me over, not yet. My preferences are my own, and my favourites... well, they're my babies, and I adore them. So, without further ado, let's take a look at my Idol preferences, shall we? Whee~

Favouritism: ON! Who will Reign supreme as my Number 1? Check it out!


Odagiri Nana

Truth be told, Odagiri Nana has never been a 'Top Tier' favourite of mine, even from the very beginning of HouPri's half-decade career. She never stood out, her camera presence was somewhat painful to watch, and her voice was... irritating, to say the least. But, she was cute, and it's clear she adores HouPri with her very being, otherwise she wouldn't have stuck around this long and pursued the Entertainment world like she has. Through the good and the bad, Nananyan stuck around, and I really can't fault her for that.

As time has progressed, my opinion on her hasn't changed too much; I still find her quite weak, vocally, though her camera presence has soared into one that is filled with confidence and delight. She's fun to watch, actually, though her stage presence is still a tad meh.

I do like Nananyan, all things considered, and I am glad she's been such a strong, good leader to the group for so long. I also get why she's popular, and why people like her, but truthfully, she's just not the member for me. Sorry.

Shirosaki Himari

There is a lot to love about Himari, there really is. She's cute, she's a bit of a nerd for Sailor Moon, she loves rabbits, and she enjoys light cosplay and dressing in Lolita fashion. She's also talented in art and, hey! Did I mention that she's cute? Really, what isn't there to like about Himarin!?

Originally one of my favourite members, Himarin has admittedly gone down in the ranks over time, though I don't really understand why; I like her well enough, and I still like looking at her pictures and following her twitter feeds. She's a good egg, an enthusiastic member, and a decent singer, too. But, I just like other members more, and whilst I am happy Himarin was once my favourite, I know that I am just as happy enjoying her this way, too.

She's adorable, and deserving of your love, so for those who want to adore her more than me... go, Go, GO!!!


Okay so, lemme get this straight; Maika is gorgeous, and she is an incredibly talented singer, to boot. Her stage presence is second to none, every time she comes on-screen she shines, and there is an undying passion within her that is just so damn wonderful, I want to cry at how such an amazing girl that is Maika managed to wind up in Houkago Princess, of all places, when she could have easily found herself a bigger, shinier group to work with.

So... why the low ranking?

Well, honestly, there are other members who appeal to me more. Granted, there is a lot I adore about Maika, from her passion to her energy, and more, and I know for sure the other members love her just as much as the fans do; she's really close with them all, and she has that big-sister figure that is really cute and sweet. She's a perfect member, however, she's not the girl for me in this tight-knit unit. Appealing she may be, indeed, but Maika-Maika is just not The One in HouPri, for me, that is. I love her, she's incredible, and she brings me a lot of joy, and no matter how hard she stands out, right now she's the Diva-Ace who I will watch with awe.

It is how it is, and I know there are a lot of people who love her anyway, and Oshi the heck out of her, but for me, she's not my Numero Uno in the heart. Aw, welp!

Sekine Sasara

Sasarabu, much like Maika, has this mature, gentle beauty about her that is warm and refreshing, especially in a group as cute as HouPri. She feels a lot more womanly than other members, and she seems a little wiser, too, at least in her looks... and yeah, it draws me in. She and Maika should totally make a Lady-like duo, because they'd definitely look awesome together!

That said, she is also undeniably adorable, especially when it comes to her Disney pictures and posts. She's a bit of a nerd for that kind of thing, so no wonder she'd head for a group like HouPri!

She's a gem to look at, though right now, I'm unsure about her vocal abilities. Still, she seems to be heading towards sub-vocalist, if her role in recent performances has indicated as much, and she seems to be fairly popular within the group. Also, for those out there who might have difficulty communicating if you ever saw HouPri in Japan; have no fear! Sasara is fluent in English, from what I know, and whilst she doesn't use it much in her Twitter or blog posts, she can hold a conversation. That's pretty darned helpful, if you ask me!

I like Sasarabu, not as much as others, but a decent amount, for sure. She's charming, she's cute but also beautiful, and she's probably going to shine in the up-coming PV's... I can't wait for her debut, whoo!

Miyashita Mayuka

The up-coming graduation of this beauty is sure to be a sad one, however, I shall remember her fondly, and though she might not have been a favourite of mine in her entire career, there was something I had always liked and appreciated about her, which ranked her pretty high in my HouPri lists for years to come: Her voice. (And cue, me turning into Ursula the Sea Witch, MUAHAHAHA!)

Even in the very beginning of HouPri's career, Mayuka had proven to be one of the most talented members. Her voice, though cute, is also extremely flexible and appealing in tone. She can sound cool even in a low song, but adorable in a high one. I always wondered why she was a sub-vocalist, instead of a lead; but, that's how it is, and whilst I do wish she had even more lines than she could have, I get that she also has two solo songs as well, and was one the first members to receive them during her time in HouPri.

Aside from her gorgeous voice, Mayuka's a pretty reserved girl. Her blog and Twitter are barely updated, though she makes it known that her dreams lie in becoming a voice actress, a career which she is currently training for and leaving HouPri to pursue. She has aspirations, and that's admirable and understandable. I am truly glad she's been a member this long - even with her brief graduation stint from 2012 until 2013 - and that she was able to see HouPri grow into what it is now. Yeah, I'll be sad to see her go and lose a great singer in the process, however I fully support and hope for greatness in her future career.

And hey, who knows? Maybe the next OP release for a big anime franchise will be sung by one Miyashita Mayuka. Wouldn't that be freakin' awesome!?

Nagasawa Marina

There is a good chance a lot of you already know Nagasawa Marina; a gravure model, Marichu is currently one of the most popular members of Houkago Princess, even before being promoted to the Regular lineup! After being booted out of the group for neglect of her duties as an Idol, Marichu went on to work at COCONUTS LOUNGE Tokyo to prove her efficency, and through that, she made a Gravure career. Since then, she has released 4 DVD's with a potential 5th in the works, and is known quite well in the gravure industry, and has proven quite popular in Russia, too! Now how about that?

When Marichu came about as an original 5th generation Cadet member of HouPri, I really didn't think much to her. She didn't stand out much back then, unlike she does now, and she seemed a bit quieter. Now, however, Marichu has won me over, and through her I found a way to appreciate and enjoy gravure, in small doses. I realised just how cute and entertaining she was, and boy, am I happy she came back to HouPri! She made her comeback worthwhile, and has proven to many fans and staff members just why they need her again.

This kid is great, and her twitter feed is full of good stuff. She's not shy to self-promote or act silly, and she always has something to talk about, so if you like a talkative member, Marichu is one to look for! She's cute, she's energetic, entertaining, and she's funny. What isn't there to like about her!?

Oh, and she's dark blonde, now. A change of pace for the up-coming promotion, I guess?

Kizuki Saori

Another 'favourite' of mine from about 1-2 years ago, Saorin is an undeniable cutie with a bit of spite thrown in there. Really, if you want to Oshi her, try and stay with this one... she'll stop liking your complimenting tweets if she knows you prefer another member over her. I've experienced this, first hand xD

But honestly, this girl is great; she's adorable, she's energetic, enthusiastic, and she happens to be the groups best dancer, right next to Yamaguchi Miran. It's clear she loves performing and that she loves the group, just as much as she loves fashion. Every time she stands on stage, she shines with her great smile and sparkling eyes - it's a joy to watch her, and I think she is an incredible member, one who should be noticed. I just wish she'd get more lines, because hell, this girl deserves them!

Much like Mayuka, Saorin posts rather little on Twitter, more often than not taking to re-tweeting up-coming events and performances her group will be doing. She's not one to show off much on her twitter feed (unless it's fashion related), but is more a promoter, if anything; if something's happening, Saorin's going to re-tweet and share it for the fans to see! She's an intriguing kid, that's for sure.

I do like Saorin, and how she is makes me giggle sometimes, but what I love most about her is just how childish she can be. Despite her age (24 going on 25), Saorin enjoys the small things in life, from The Very Hungry Caterpillar to Sylvanian Families. She's a kid at heart, and she knows that, and honestly... never change, Saorin! You're wonderful as you are! <3

Yamaguchi Miran

Yamaguchi Miran is a surprising member. She's the kind of girl I would never expect to be a front member of a girly Idol group, and yet, she is just that. Despite her lack of lines in A-side song releases, Miran is a staple center in songs, whether it's in the visual or dance department (sometimes, both), and she is a core promoter for the group, too, often making radio appearances and speaking up on TV shows. She has a strong vocal presence within HouPri, though not in the way you'd expect.

She also stands out on the stage, and is definitely the groups go-to-gal to get the crowd going and let them know they have to make a bit of noise.

Miran is an absolute joy. I started noticing her power and energy when I watched HouPri's concert DVD's, and saw just how much this girl commanded the stage. She was bright, enthusiastic, loud and bubbly, and the smile on her face just lit up every time a song came on. You can tell that this girl loves performing above everything else, and that she adores being a part of this group. She has a great presence, on and off stage, and she is truly brilliant at what she does. Miran is seriously cool when you watch her, though she is really damn cute at times, too.

What I like a lot more about Miran, though, is how she works hard outside of HouPri; Miran is currently training to be a teacher, and has suspended activities twice in order to undergo training and get her paperwork done to obtain this dream of hers. It's really admirable, and I like that she is balancing these two dreams quite well. Whenever she leaves, though, there is no denying that she's missed and a gap lays within HouPri during her absence; her presence is one of the strongest in the group, and I do really wish she was there when she's gone...

Miran is a huge part of the group, and whilst I know she will someday graduate to follow her teaching career, I don't ever want her to leave, because her presence is one of the biggest there. She's an important member, and she will always give it her all.


Horii Nina

The newest and youngest member of Houkago Princess, Nina has quickly become one of my Top Tier favourites, clambering to the #3 spot in no time. I put this down to my shallow ways, because heck, she is gorgeous! Despite her age, Nina has a very mature, regal aura about her, though she plays of that cute and gentle look well, too. I've always liked mature looking Idols, it has to be said, and Nina is definitely one of those girls who pulls off that womanly, mature vibe better than others... I mean, just look at her! ARRRGH!

Nina is a refreshing little gem, and I honestly can't wait to see her get promoted and become a Regular member, if it ever happens, that is. She already commands the attention of the camera as it is, and has already secured a few modelling deals with some magazines and the like thanks to her fresh face and gentle approach. Right now, I think management want her to pursue gravure, though Nina is unsure about it herself, right now.

If she was as big a hit as Marina, though, that'd be pretty damn cool!

I like Nina, and I follow her twitter pretty fervently, now. She's one of those girls I find really appealing, and one I hope to see performances of in the near future. I like her a great deal, and I want to fall in love with her even more as time progresses! I can't wait to see what the future holds for this Little Apprentice... she has big things waiting for her, I'm sure!

Michishige Saho

With the recent departure of Ayase Miho from the Idol World, I knew that there was one Idol who would take her place as my favourite within HouPri, and it had to be one Michishige Saho. She's cute, she's sweet, and she's a very lovable girl who has a lot of potential, and whilst she may not be the cutest of them all, she has certainly charmed me with her soft smile and gentle eyes. I'm a sucker for a girl who looks like she is truly smiling from within.

I honestly wish I saw more of Sahochi, because whilst she might not be the most popular member in the group, she is still a gem who is appreciated and adored. She loves Houkago Princess a great deal - just look at her twitter feed and see - and is always one of the first to deliver important announcements regarding the group and what is happening. She also appreciates and adores everyone, from her fellow group members to the fans, and her overall gentle aura and sweet look is just... ahhhh! It just calls to me, and I really do think that she's an amazing member!

This girl is adorable and great, and I really would love to see a small boost in her appearances in videos, and to see her given a few more lines. She's wonderful in so many ways, and whenever I see her update her twitter, I smile so much. She is a great member, and she definitely has some charm there... she just needs to be pushed a bit more to deliver unto us all her full potential!


Kojima Mayumi

And here she stands, my #1, and boy oh boy, was this a bit unexpected, at least for early 2016 Chiima, that is.

I never anticipated Mayumin heading to such a high spot in my list, because when Mihotan was around, I didn't actually notice Mayumin that much. Yeah, I thought she was adorable and appealing, and that she was definitely going to become a favourite in the Cadet group, however once Mihotan had left and I claimed Sahochi my favourite, Mayumin... well, Mayumin climbed. And climbed. And she continued climbing, until finally, I realised just how much I really liked her.

Mayumin is one of my favourite members right now, and I can't see her leaving any time soon. Strangely, she's not the sort of member I typically fall for; she has dimples, for one, and looks a bit like a Stardust Prototype for one of their up-coming groups. She has the kind of looks I avoid, if anything, so my adorance of her was really surprising; she's not my typical Idol love, however she's wormed her way into my heart with her entertaining twitter feed, vibrant smile, and her never-ending desire to become a full-fledged Idol within Houkago Princess, something which she has now achieved.

And yeah, I'm over the freakin' moon about that, because gosh darnit, she deserves it, and I want to see her debut and show off her cute face in PV's!

Mayumin is such a cutie, and is such a thankful person, too. When she was finally promoted, she was just so overwhelmed, her twitter feed was full of thanks and happiness, tears and wonder. Even when she was promoted to Cadet status, she was a happy bean full of joy, but becoming a Regular member meant a lot to her, and I just wanted to cry knowing that she was this grateful, this excited. She's so darned sweet, and I just want to hug her for it!

I've not known Mayumin that long, but I anticipate her growth and performance as a member of Houkago Princess. I can't wait to see her shine on-camera, and I can't wait to see her solo cover with the up-coming single. And - this is how I knew she was 'The One', if you will - I aim to buy her solo cover for Himitsu no Tiara to Gelato, because Mayumin means a lot to me, right now. She's my HouPri Oshi, and she's a shining star I hope to see great things from.

I am so proud of her, and I truly cannot wait to see what she brings to the group I adore with all my heart! Mayuuuuumiiiiiiin!!!! <3


Good grief, she's a peach *^* <3 Mur Mayumin! <3 <3

And with that written and listed, my Houkago Princess Celebration Series comes to its end. Hopefully you have enjoyed this small series in its entirety, and learnt a little more about this group that I adore through it. From the members to their music and their videos, I have shared with you all HouPri, the Idol School Girls who transform into Princesses after the clock strikes 16:00! Now, what are your thoughts on them?

To everyone who has read, followed and put up with this series, I thank you all for doing so. I am so delighted to share something so close to my heart with you all, and to give you a chance to see what this group is all about and what they have to offer. Though they might not be your cups of tea, I do wish that you gave them a small chance, and tried. If you did enjoy what was on offer, then I am delighted, and if you didn't... well, thank you for reading, regardless, and thank you for even looking at this blog!

Please continue to enjoy your day, have a wonderful week, stay healthy and happy, live life to the fullest, and of course, LOVE DEM IDOLS!!!! <3

Much Love, Happiness and Smiles,

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