Saturday, 20 August 2016

A Road Filled with Dreams and Hard Work Comes to its End! C-ute to Disband June 2017 at Saitama Super Arena!

Hitting newspaper headlines before it was announced live on the stage, Hello! Project's oldest and dearest group, C-ute, have announced that they will be disbanding in June of 2017 to follow their own individual dreams, and to take on that path called adulthood.

Announced on August 19th 2016, the group revealed their intentions for disbandment during the Hello! Project Nakano Sun Plaza live, noting that the idea has been in the works since the youngest member, Hagiwara Mai, turned 20 in February this year. With an up-coming performance at Saitama Super Arena, a stage which the girls have long dreamed of standing on, the girls will hold their final performance as the Idol group C-ute before parting ways and taking on their own individual paths.

It must also be said that the current Hello! Project tour will be the groups last, as they will not take part in the 2017 winter tour. In order to focus on their final tours together and their last activities, the group will dedicate their time to C-ute, and make memories for the fans and themselves that everyone shall treasure.

Since the announcement, Up-Front Link on Facebook has released statements from both management and C-ute regarding the announcement. Furthermore, comments from the members about their impending break-up have also been translated for the fans.

Thank you for your continued support of Hello! Project and ℃-ute. 
Today, we have an announcement for everyone.
In June next year, we, ℃-ute, will realize the dream of performing at Saitama Super Arena. And this stage will be our last one because we will break up after. 
This year on February, when all the members were at least 20 years old, we talked for the group and each respectively about what we can do... concerning the future. Since this moment, we concretely thought at the future of the group, with each advancing in her path and understanding each other. 
However, because especially, "As ℃-ute, we still did not realize our dream! We cannot stop until we perform at our dreaming stage, Saitama Super Arena!", we have decided to face this dream and to fight for it.
After that, our feelings became as one during our activities, and, one day, we have been said that our performance at Saitama Super Arena was decided. 
We were really, really happy. And at the same time, the dream of this big goal we were pursuing and kept on arrived... it was quite an indescribably feeling. 
When Saitama Super Arena's performance had been decided, the 5 of us talked with the staff of the company, and we concluded on the fact that at the end of Saitama Super Arena, we will fulfill our individual goals and dreams after that. 
Concerning the future, there were 3 options.
First one, graduating from Hello! Project and as ℃-ute, continuing activities in a different stance. Second one, suspension of activities.
And the third one is the one we decided, breaking up. 
℃-ute started in Hello! Project and grew up.
℃-ute is part of Hello! Project.
If there had not been Hello! Project, we would not have come this far.
We wanted ℃-ute to stay the ℃-ute of Hello! Project. 
During 11 years, by facing this dream, and because all the members continued to kept running, when the performance at Saitama Super Arena will be over, we can say with confidence "Now, there is no regret! With all our might, we have fulfilled ℃-ute!"!
The 5 of us talked proactively for a long time and that rather a break of activities, we decided on breaking up. 
℃-ute has been formed on June 2005 so next year on June 11th, it will become 12 years. There had been good times, bad times, and because there had always been all the fans supporting us, from our debut with the members we arrived this far 12 years later.
Our feeling of gratitude will really never end. 
There are currently many promising kohai (juniors) in Hello! Project.
Even after breaking up, we will follow for sure Hello! Project and we are convinced it will lead.
What we inherited from our senpai (seniors), the time came we will transmit it and pass it to our kohai.
Every year, Hello! Project Concert tour takes place in summer and winter and the current "Hello! Project 2016 SUMMER 〜Sunshine Parade~/〜Rainbow Carnival 〜" is the last one we will take part in. 
Until the Saitama Super Arena performance, ℃-ute members will as much as possible do their activities together and send their gratitude nationwide to all the fans. 
Please support ℃-ute until the end.
And please continue to support Hello! Project from now on as well. 
August 20th, 2016℃-ute
You can find the Management and C-ute comments HERE, and the comments from the members HERE. Translations courtesy of Up-Front Link.


In regards to the announcement, when it was made I had no feelings of surprise or shock. Even now, after sleeping on it, I'm still fairly neutral about it, because for a while now, I've seen it coming. Sure, it'd be better if Morning Musume broke up (because come on, whilst I love Eripon and Harunan and Ogata, the groups a dead horse still being beaten) however, C-ute's break-up has been up in the air for a while. Their little statement about 'if another member is caught with someone and strikes a rumor... we'll break up' was a bit of a giveaway, if you ask me.

That said, whilst I'm not surprised by this, I'm also not unabashedly delighted like I was with the Berryz break-up (oh, wait... "hiatus"), because unlike Berryz, I somewhat enjoy C-ute. They're enjoyable, their music matches them, and they don't look like train-wrecks on-screen. So, yeah, I prefer them, and I know I'll miss them when the time comes because... well, they're the best Hello! Project have on offer right now, and from what I've seen of the latest groups, no one else offers what C-ute do, or have an image as good as theirs.

Then again, I'm becoming a cynical old fool, and my interest in H!P and its boring units (outside of ANGERME and Country Girls) is faltering quite quickly, like a landslide.


Er, erm... *ahem*. In all seriousness, I'm going to miss C-ute when this time comes, because I honestly thought they might leave H!P and become artists, as such. But, I'm happy this was the decision they made, because whilst they are stellar together and stood the test of time, I do understand that they each have their own dreams and challenges they want to face as individuals.

I'm also happy that they made the decision to fully disband, rather than saying "Yeah, we're suspending activities and coming back", giving false hope to the fans and the like. I think I'd lose more respect for them if they did that, actually... -throws the dig and shade at Berryz quite happily-

So, whilst this news isn't anything new or surprising to me, I know that a lot of fans are deeply saddened by it. The group has had 10+ years of being together, and in that, they have proven that they can be just as good - in fact, better - than the group that they were the 'leftovers' of. They've grown, they've achieved, and they've dreamed together, and soon, they will make their own dreams a reality.

2017 will indeed be a sad time for the fans of this fantastic group, however please look towards the future with positivity and a smile, because that's what C-ute will do. Tears will shed, but smiles will bloom, and surely, these girls will achieve amazing things as they walk down their own paths.

Until this time comes, please treasure this amazing C-ute that have grown together and withstood all that was thrown at them. They became what they are today by persevering and never giving up, and now, with just under a year to go, they will show us their best. Let's all look forward to it and enjoy the C-ute we know and love!

Until next time everyone, please take care, dry your tears and treasure your Idols, and of course, enjoy life.

Much Love,


  1. I wouldn't say I'm surprised, but still I will miss their solid releases and great skills, especially Suzuki Airi's great singing and beauty. I agree with you on the hiatus vs disbandment thing - I don't think that was a good choice for berryz koubou, so I'm glad C-ute decided against that pointless limbo. Whenever I think of a group disbanding at their dream stage, I always think of Acchan at Tokyo Dome. While it's all too clear that AKB48 has survived her loss, I feel like its character did change somewhat, like watching the sequel to a beloved movie when the main character is gone and the goal already achieved... Haha, that was a bit of a tangent, but really what I mean is I'm glad they're going to reach the peak of their performance aspirations at Saitama and then call it a day. It will be emotional, but also the perfect climax to over a decade's hard work.

    1. I'm going to miss their solid releases, too. I may not like all they put out, but at least they were consistent, and showed strength in all releases. And C-ute will have a wonderful final performance at Saitama, they are going out pretty big, if you will. But yeah, C-ute will do their best! They'll leave with smiles and show off their best performance yet!

  2. I am still sad T___T

    C-ute is about the only group that I am interested in now. Yeah, there's ANGERME and Country Girl's but they're not really up there in terms of giving as much as C-ute do in their live performances. But C-ute's had years of experience, so maybe time will tell. (I am still feeling Manaka - or Dumpling-chan as I like to call her, endearingly of course - loss though. I do hope her asthma condition gets better!)

    And I agree with you too, that they decided on "disband" rather than some "indefinite hiatus" **coughBerryzcough** It's a closure and there's no false hope there. I like that they wanted C-ute to stay in H!P - regardless of whether that's public relations fluff or an ounce of real love for where they started, I appreciate that.

    A little bit of me may have dabbled in the thought of seeing them in a company that promoted them better, but I also realise that they auditioned for H!P for a reason. They admired the likes of Ayaya and MM, and hell - stuck with the trainwreck that is UFP for this long.. The ladies deserve spending time on themselves.

    To say I was shocked or surprised.. Not really. After Mai's photo with a guy (her cousin?) leaked, I was wondering if they'll still do any activities together. And when Berryz talked to them about a "hiatus" they were as sad as the Berryz girls themselves... So I have been wondering how long they'll go. Even when Chisato said they'll charge on for three more years (ha), I wasn't all that convinced.

    But they always give their 120%, and I really would miss Nacky giving her all in the dances! (Two of my fav H!P dance machines lost! First Manaka and now Nacky! Oh dears T___T)

    The girls have been talking about wanting to go to Saitama Super Arena for years now. I'm glad UFP decided to give C-ute their last hurrah there. I think that's also the same place where they performed Wakannai Z? All of them are from Saitama too.

    1. This is gonna sting a while. I mean, it's been a while since the announcement, but I'm still actually thinking 'wow, this was announced???' it feels quite surreal.

      H!P are definitely having a bit of a whirlwind year in the losses, and C-ute going next year... I pray they don't lose anyone else who is as talented as what Manaka, Meimi and Zukki were, cause it would hurt them, in terms of lives. But yeah, Manaka's loss is so understandable - she must look after herself.

      C-ute's disbandment feels final. It's clear they all agreed upon it, that they knew it was what they all had to do as indivuduals and as a unit. But, I'm sure they will go out with a bang and show their fans one last big, happy hurrah. They'll leave H!P with style, cause that's C-ute.

      I think with their age, too, you come to an understanding they would leave eventually. They're an older group, they have been around Idols since they were children, and have spent their childhoods and teenagehood within the industry. It's understandable that they would want to go elsewhere, now.

      I'm glad they have gone on this long, and that they will leave with a great last hurrah at Saitama. They deserve it.

  3. I don't feel sad at all, I saw this coming after Mai's scandal being honestly, but I was still surprised when it was announced.

    Although I don't really like C-ute now, I know I will miss them because I'm fond of the members (especially Nakky and Airi). I have always liked more Berryz, their songs to me are better, and although visually they became boring in 2013, I always care a lot more about the songs than the music videos.

    But I agree completely with your opinion about C-ute except in "Sure, it'd be better if Morning Musume broke up".

    People are underrating Morning Musume A LOT. You are not the only person who says that, and I seriously can't understand why people say that and three days ago they were still hyped because of Utakata Saturday Night but oh, well xD

    And I do not think H!P has boring units (except J=J and Tsubaki but even Tsubaki is getting more interesting with the addition of three new girls but still boring xD), Kobushi Factory and ANGERME are amazing, and CG and MM'16 are really good too but it looks that you have already given up on Hello! Project xD

    Anyways, they are different opinions (sorry, I may have some mistakes, English is not my mother language. I wish you understood me).

    1. I'm not sad, but I do keep thinking back to this and realising they're gonna be gone soon. It keeps surprising me ahaha. Guess they've been here so long, it feels weird, now.

      That's fine that you enjoyed Berryz more, a lot of people have their favourites, obviously, and I do think Berryz had amazing songs under their belt. But for me, visually, C-ute was definitely superior, but that is entirely subjective ahahaha.

      Aha, the MM thing is also subjective XD not everyone will like my line of thinking, I know.

      See, I liked Utakata, BUT, that doesn't necessarily mean 'ah, I think MM are awesome again!'. But, I have not seen them live yet, either. Pretty sure that would either change my opinion, or not. I watched Zukki's grad, and found nothing appealing about the performances until she did her graduation solo, and then Utakata. And usually, I really enjoyed the concerts, when I did watch them more a few years ago.

      I'm not giving up on the units, per say. The units themselves could easily turn it around, however, it's Hello! Project doing the bare minimum that now puts me off. MM'16's music is just recycled, and I like CG quite a bit, but they're still new and I'm waiting for H!P to just stop doing what they are doing now once the group has a good platform of fans.

      And it's fine, your English is wonderful. I didn't actually realise you were not English! XD <3