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The First Kiss, What A Sweet Sensation! Murakawa Rie's Debut Single, 'Sweet Sensation / Baby, My First Kiss' Single Review!

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It's been a long while since I last reviewed a single, and by a long while, I mean since December of 2015. It's been half a year or more, people! I think it's time I talked songs, instead of news updates, music selections, and the like. Time to hit those AniSongs, Chiimaw! GO!

Through many random ventures on Youtube, I continuously find myself enamored by a variety of artists and groups, and thanks to my recent series, [Music Selection], I came across the newly debuted Anime Soloist, Murakawa Rie, a girl with a voice and sound so sweet, she is sure to give you diabetes upon trilling a tiny tune! Her debut single is also one of the most anticipated releases of 2016 for yours truly, as when I first heard the title track, Sweet Sensation, I kind of fell head over heels in love.

It's cute, it's bright, and it sure as heck gave me a cavity or five. What isn't there to enjoy, am I right!?

So, given how much I seemed to enjoy the song from the short PV released all the way back in March (with the actual single being released in June, of all months, which was actually cruel on my part, because I craaaaved this single!), I thought it right to review it here, on my blog, rather than somewhere else, because I've been waiting for this. It was an impatient wait, sure, but I waited all the same, and never forgot how much I enjoyed the short track from its MV preview, all those months ago.

So, without further ado, let's cut this chit chat, and take a chance to try out this sugary, sweet debut from Murakawa Rie, a girl filled with so much helium and delight, she can barely stay on the ground! Will the sensation you feel when hearing her new release be as sweet as I think she is? Let's listen and find out!

Release Date: June 1st, 2016

Track List:

1. Sweet Sensation
2. Baby, My First Kiss
(+ Instrumental Versions)
1. Sweet Sensation

If you like an upbeat track and a singer who basically grew up on a diet of helium and sugar based treats, then you're in luck, because Sweet Sensation is pretty much that. It's cute, fun, energetic, and filled high to the brim with squeak and smiles. If you don't like that kind of thing, though... well, stay away. Stay far, far away, because Miss Murakawa Rie is not for you.

I myself don't mind a bit of squeak. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I need a break from it, and sometimes I can kind of tolerate it. I rather like Murakawa as a singer right now, and whilst my tastes this year have moved more or less towards the breathy, imperfect vocals of TRUSTRICK and the like, I've still found some joy in Murakawa's works, because she is a joy. Her energy, passion and love for singing is evident, and her personality spills over in both songs present on her debut double A-side. So, yeah, what's not to enjoy here?

But, if I must be completely honest with y'all (and when am I ever a liar? We know how I roll here), I do have to admit that, upon first listen to the full track... well, I was not that impressed, let me tell you that for free. Since that initial first full listen though, the song has sweetened me up some, and it's a steady favourite. The initial 'meh' is still there, however.

(Full MV Link)

I like this song. I actually like it more than I did a month or so back, when I first got to hear the full MP3, and for me, a girl who enjoys upbeat songs that are so hyped up and bouncing on a sugar high, this is pretty much perfect for me. And seriously, it is a good song (of that's what you enjoy), however I do think that it wasn't what I 'wanted' it to be, I guess.

Whilst an undeniable love of mine from 2016, this song is not that impressive, nor does it live up to the anticipation I had for Sweet Sensation. Yeah, it's cute and catchy, and it's one of my looped to the death songs, however once the opening is done and dusted... it kind of loses its spark, and the bubbles die down a bit. It's like a can of soda you opened, and the fizz just stops fizzing. Sweet Sensation is like a slowly deflating bouncy castle, and a flat can of soda pop the longer it goes on.

Good thing I like flat soda, otherwise I'd be a bit like 'eh'.

This is a bubbly song, and the energy is great here, however it lacks the punch once the opening verse is over and done with. Murakawa herself is a positive delight, and she has some damn powerful vocals on her when needed, despite the squeak. She's an impressive girl, and the colour she adds to the song is wonderful, as is her enthusiasm. She's a cute and fun girl, one with a vibrant nature that is apparent throughout the track and the music video.

If you do decide to check this one out, I urge you to watch it with its video, because whilst the song is decent, it sounds a lot better when you see it together with the accompanying PV, but all in all, it's a fun little ditty that is cute to the core and as sweet as its title might suggest.

2. Baby, My First Kiss

This is the song I didn't like, people, and it is also the song I happen to enjoy the most on this Double A-side debut, because Baby, My First Kiss is a grower, as well as an absolute joy to tune into. I really like it right now, y'all, and I doubt I'll stop enjoying it any time soon.

Yes, she's still squeaky. No, I don't think Murakawa's singing voice is flexible, but what do I care? I'm enjoying what she has to offer on this single, and when it comes to this song, I am hands down a fan of how beautifully she expresses herself, the energy and joy she has for it, and how happy she sounds that in turn makes me happy whenever I hear it. She's so positive and cute here, and I love every second of it!

(Full MV Link)

Baby, My First Kiss was not that impressive when I first watched the preview, however once I listened to full piece, I realised how much of a grower it was. The more I listened, the more hooked I became, until I was thinking about it from the moment I woke up to the second I went to sleep. It's catchy and bold, the song is highly memorable, and it isn't at all boring. I'm entertained from beginning to end, and find it so colourful in sound and feel. I don't want to stop listening to this song at all, and honestly, it's the best part of this single.

The video is really good, too! Where Sweet Sensation was a blast of colour and cuteness, Baby, My First Kiss is bold and filled with pops of colour thanks to its use of multiple costumes and props. The editing is smooth, and you can really feel Murakawa's personality flow through this one thanks to how intimate and interactive it feels through her interactions with the props and the camera. She's so cute and delightful, and I can't help but love her as a performer here.

I do like her in Sweet Sensation, too, however the PV for Baby, My First Kiss feels so much more natural and relaxed, and less staged, if you get me.

This song is a ball of fun and, of the two, the strongest on the single. It's good from beginning to end, and just shines with personality and joy courtesy of Murakawa Rie. She suits the song well, filling it to the brim with her high energy until it bubbles over.


As a debut single, I find Sweet Sensation / Baby, My First Kiss by Murakawa Rie a fun, vibrant release that is full of personality and joy. It's cute, energetic, and sweet as can be, to the point where it might cause a cavity or three. Murakawa is a bubbly girl, that much is undeniable, however she might not fit everyone's taste thanks to her high voice and adorable persona. Still, what Murakawa has presented here is great for those who love all things cute, and everything anime in sound and feel. If you enjoy what an anime songstress has to offer, then I doubt you will be disappointed with this single.

Rating: ✯✯✯

I enjoy this single, however the lack of impact Sweet Sensation has does indeed dampen my feelings towards it a little. That said, Murakawa Rie herself is absolutely wonderful, and I do look forward to any future releases she may have, because whilst this single may not be what I wanted it to be, it was still a joy, and I still found a favourite within it. So, whilst not the strongest of debuts, it does indeed have its strengths, and allows for us to experience Murakawa and her vibrant voice.

And, if this is the kind of music or voice you like, give Murakawa Rie's debut single a chance, because you might just like what you hear. It's worth a try, right?

Until next time though, I will bid you all adieu. Please, take care, be happy, live healthy, and of course, love your Idols with all your heart!

Much Love,

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