Friday, 8 July 2016

[PV Selection] June 2016

The fact I'm posting this so soon after the [Music Selection] piece for June 2016 is truly a blessing, because last month, May's came at the very end of June, which is not good. That said, I had no internet... so that's the excuse I'm rolling with. Yeeeeah!

As per the usual, [Music / PV Selection] is the current monthly segment I am doing in order to keep up to date with music and PV's from the months gone by. It allows me to watch videos and listen to songs from a variety of singers and groups, and to expand on my music taste, whilst also allowing me to create a mini-archive of sorts ready for the End of the Year, where I pit PV's and songs against one another, battling for 'The Favourite', if you will.

It's like the Hunger Games of the Idol world, except a lot less brutal, and a lot more specific to my tastes.

Right now we're going to look at the month of June, and see what videos have appealed to and stood out for me as a viewer. Will there be anything here to peak your intrigue, or will they just fall flat? Let's take a gander, and watch some Idols sing and dance! Ready... GO!!!

Compared to previous months, June is a bit small when it comes to what I enjoyed. Looking back, I really do think June was just a tad bland for PV's, at least for me. Yeah, there were some gems in there, a weird one, and some that made me happy when watching, but honestly... not a lot out there that ticked my boxes, ya know? Still, I found some I enjoyed, and whilst these ones aren't the cream of the crop, they are enjoyable for different reasons, and they all struck a chord with me. Hopefully from this batch, there will be something you like, too!

And, if you have a list of PV's you enjoyed yourself, let me know! It's fun to share, right?

Okay, talking is done. Let's look at PV's, and see what the heck actually appealed to me last month! Wha-cha!

Ideology by Yukueshirezu Tsurezure

Purple shawls and a purple hued filter. It looks pretty cool, actually, though I'm gonna have to pass on the song.

MUSIC SAVES THE WORLD ~ongaku wa chikyuu o sukuu~ by Venus×JICA

Okay, I wanna cry now ;; Where are the tissues at, guys? WHERE!?

Seishun × Seishun by KINDAI GIRLS

That Tsunku sound will never die, and neither will he.

Retirement, my ass!

Yakusou do kukeshi so by otome brave

What in Hells Bells have I just watched? o3o


Ai wa bumeran kaba by SEINA (cover song)


5 kyoku medore (5 songs medley) by 243


Kokuhaku (tsutae) rare tare by Bottom-Up!

What a fuckin' name o3o

Also, HEY, isn't that the location HouPri shot Kiete, Shirayukihime? It is >o>

Seishun Mermaid by Houkago Princess


Hikari no Phrophecy ~Marlin no Deshitachi~ by Maho Joshi☆Seiren

It's about Magic, what isn't there to enjoy in this MV!? GO, GO, MAGIC LADIES!!!!

Saku LOVE ~Sakura byu~ by Sushi Musume

Such a simple video, but executed so well!

asa 8 Shinjuku tasukete hani by Haimochi

The opening to this video was really pleasing, actually.

Also, hello, OL lady style >o> I see chuu there~ <3


... Yeah, that's about it. Not a lot, right? I mean, 11 PV's in one post is a decent amount, but given how I like literally everything in a video format, this ones piss-poor in comparison to other Selection posts. I guess I was just picky, you know? That, or everyone else brought out PV's I didn't actually enjoy enough in June. Who knows? Well, whatever happened, these are the PV's I picked, and honestly, I enjoy them all for different reasons. The OL one by Haimochi is a big favourite of the lot, though. It's just so appealing, for some reason!

So, yeah, a smaller batch, but one that I enjoyed, regardless of how few I chose this time around. Hopefully there will be something in here to appeal to you all, or, if you don't find what you liked, why not send me over some MV's I should look at, and try and get me into your June loves?

Anyways, that's it for now, but I do hope what is here shall suffice until next month. If not, then I do apologise, however this is it, so... live with it? Haha. No, really, I do hope you enjoy what is here, even if it is sparse. Still, this is what I enjoyed, and I want you to enjoy it, too.

Until next time everyone, please do take care, enjoy your Idols, and stay healthy, live happily. Thank you very much for visiting, too!

Much Love,

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