Monday, 6 June 2016

Updates in Life: June 2016

Due to both unforeseen and planned circumstances, I am here to give you all a quick update on what is currently happening in life, and why I have yet to post my darned Music and PV Selections for May 2016. Because I don't want to keep y'all out of the loop, I find it best to talk about it here, and to let you know what the heck is going on in life, and all that nonsense.

So, yeah. Let's get to it!

First things first; I have no internet. One of my former house mates thought it wise to cancel the internet (without asking anyone still living there if we were going to need it), and yes, I am sore about that, because whilst it doesn't hinder her in any way, it does stop me from blogging on here, Selective Hearing, as well as any other places I may be a part of. It also means I can't update HouPri news as quickly and efficiently, and it also means uploading videos is not happening any time soon. So, yeah. No internet at all in the house, not until I move out on the 22nd and return to my parents.

And even then, internet time is short there, considering I have a niece and two nephews who rather enjoy attention... not that I mind, because d'aaaaaawwww, BABIES!!!

So, yeah, I am on a bit of borrowed time now in terms of what I can do on the internet, because I will be using the library services at University as much as I can. It is this reason for why my Music Selection post is going to be late. That, and I keep forgetting to make and put the damn logo on my laptop. So that one is all on me, naturally, haha.

So, late posts shall be late, and there is a big chance you won't be seeing any PV reviews this month, unless they're to the point and include zero pictures, which isn't me, so I might just stick to single reviews (which I haven't done since December, so I think it's about damn time).

All that said, no internet actually is a blessing in disguise, somehow; I'm getting some planning done for a story I might use as my final project piece for third year. It's actually going pretty well, and it is filling my time, too!

Oh yeah, by the way, second year is finished! Now I just need some results back!!! :S

In regards to the internet though, I won't be on it so much even when I come home, at least not for June, and for some of July I'll be on only a small amount. This is because on June 25th, I am going to see some friends until the 27th, and from July 13th until the 25th, I will be going to Poland and staying with my friend because, y'know, travel bug and all that. So, yeah, if you see me posting very little for the next two months, keep in mind I'm going to be busy, either with dissertation plans, travel or crying over zero internet.

I'm going to try my darndest to update as much as I can with what little internet I have, however if you don't see me much, I apologise, but really, in this instance, my absence is actually out of my hands.

Until I see all you lovely people next time, please take care, enjoy life and, of course, love yo Idols!!!

Much Love,

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