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[Music Selection] May 2016: PV Side

My damn timing is completely out of whack. Let's blame no internet, crappy library internet (it's internet, at least), packing / moving and being ill. So, if this isn't as lengthy as usual, I apologise. Is what it is.

This PV Selection post for the month of May is going to be a lot snappier than usual, so don't expect me to drone on with the PV descriptions. I am literally gonna leave what was in my head at the time, and hey, I might keep it that way for the future PV Selection posts! I actually enjoy not giving too much away sometimes, and how quick my thought process is upon my first view of a video. So, yeah, it might stay this way, it might not. We shall seeeeeeee!

Anywhoo... Music Selection is a monthly post, in which I create two separate articles about the Music and Videos I have enjoyed from the month gone by. This is of course all for fun, and if something is not listed here that you have enjoyed yourself, do not fret; this is not a serious release at all, just something made for the heck of it, and to keep on top of Idol releases. Don't read too much into whatever I post. Opinions be different from every which way, y'know.

Okay, PV TIME!!!

I actually didn't seek out many May PV's until... well, this last week or so, because I'm an idiot, and also because I was probably damn focused on something else. Who knows? Either way, I left this one until the last minute, which is a stupid thing to do!

Leaving it last minute also resulted in this; quick, snappy, stupid comments that don't say much about the video, aside from my initial thoughts. I thought this'd be funny to do, actually, and if y'all like it, let me know! I might keep it for ease and all that jazz. I don't actually need to write a damn review for these PV's for a post like this, right?

Okay, PV'S. NOW. GO!!!

Love Blossom by Minori Chihara

Lovely PV, I just hate her voice. Urgh. That said... the song interests me, regardless of her annoying vocals. Ooooh o-O

Seven☆Peace by UP UP GIRLS kakko KARI

Less for the video, more for the song. CATCHY!

Song For You by SAKURA entertainment

I really like the song and the style they used for the video. Simple, but emotive.

(This is a charity CD for the Kumamoto Earthquake. Participating groups include La Siana, Culumi, Team Karla, etc)

Haru by LemonKiss

This feels a little trippy, guys XD

Sugar pianist by Color Pointe

This is a pretty MV, I like the contrasts and also... pretty ladies! *^*

Utakata Saturday Night! by Morning Musume '16.

Y'all already know my feelings regarding this MV, I'm sure.

(ZUKKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;;)


It made me laugh, so why the feck not!? XD

Space Lovely Tutorial by Aliceinalice

Okay, who doesn't love Idols in suits!? HELLO, LADIES!!!! >o> <3

Kime masuta by Bando ja nai!

This is just so damn fun to watch, and hey, bright colours! *^* Shiny...~

Ame ga yan dara kimi wa by HALMI

The fact I can not find this song anywhere annoys me. Also, this video is just so darned pretty to watch.

1.2.3 by rinaticstate

I may not like the song, but damn this video is really appealing and cute! (I also legit thought this girl was the real life form of Hatsune Miku xD)


This is just so damn cute, imaginative and vibrant, it's a perfect summer MV! How can I not enjoy it!?

Balloon Drive Over The Chocolate City by Candy zoo

What a title! Ha!


Hatsukoi Hello Chuiho by AOP

I like how they've done this, to be honest. Also... SO VIBRANT!

BOROBORO ~kono ai wa boroboro ni naru unmei na no ka~ by Predia

This is just so damn pretty to look at, and also, that opening line. Hot. DAMN <3

Okashi na kuni no Monogatari by merry merli


If y'all liked meltia, look! It's the older versions, minus a few, with a real PV. MY DREAM COME TRUE!!!


Okay, now this is interesting... >o> hello, costumes >o>

Naiya demo gaiya demo ii kyujo etsure te itte ne by Zettai chokyuu joshi! Playballs

That is a long-ass title, and a long-ass name! But whatever, this is a fun PV. Glad I sat through it >o>

Chichin puipui♪ by Moso Calibration

Okay, this group is still bringing out amazing MV's. Good to know.

Miss. Revolutionist by Taketatsu Ayana

Steam Punk meets AniSong. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW she's cute, maybe I should follow her? >o>

Saikyou Junjou DNA by Maboroshi Karen GeNE

Love Confessions Gone Wrong, and shit costumes that would make MomoClo proud.

(Please just watch this one, seriously XD)

Mae wo muke! by Musubizm

The Plot: Idols steal a Golden Onigiri from some dude. Cue Chase Scene.


And that's it. I'm done, the MV's are here, the post is finito. I'm glad, actually, because I've been putting it off for so long, not just because of crappy internet, but also because I kind of wasn't bothered by it. Heck, I was contemplating never posting this, but I told myself I should, and yeah... glad I did, because whilst it's not great, at least I watched some May PV's! I also found some gems (hello, Saikyou Junjou DNA), and a new Lolita Dressup Unit to calm my Meltia woes now that they don't post regularly. Tears.

Before I go, I do want to apologise for what a mess this post is. That said, life is a mess, and if there wasn't some form of mess in your life, then you aren't living it at all! Buu~

Okay, I'm done. Thank you for patiently waiting for this post, and thank you all for tuning in and enjoying Idols! I hope that you have found something to love and like here, and hopefully a new group is waiting for you to fall in love with them from these videos selected from the month of May!

And of course, if you have your own picks from May's PV's, please let me know! It's nice to share and love together, right?

Now until next time, please love Idols, enjoy life, live happy and healthy, and take care of yourselves always!

Much Love,

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