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[Music Selection] April 2016: PV Side

Now that a few essays are out of the way and I have some time to actually breathe, I thought it wise to actually get on with the PV part to my Music Selection of May... so, here we go!

As stated in every other post, the idea behind Music Selection is that it is a monthly series in which I share my favourite music and videos from the month that has generally gone by. I give my thoughts and feelings on what is shared - generally in lengthy sentences, because that's how I roll - and hope to bring you something new and different to watch, and also to potentially allow myself and others to find new groups and music to follow or listen to!

It's a fun little series that enables me to keep in touch with the Japanese music scene, as well as gives me something to look back to at the end of the year for my Music and PV Awards (haha, ulterior motives!). It also means I can post something at least twice a month now, because we know how well I procrastinate!

And just so you are aware, all opinions and thoughts stated within this post are my own, and I do not expect you to agree with me or even like the songs and videos posted. We all have our own opinions, and we should share and express them (though no hate or death wishes, thanks!). That is all~

On a final note, I will now be posting the Music Side and PV Side to these posts separately, for the ease of it all, and also because I tend to post a lot of PV's, so everything can get a little laggy. Also... it ups my post count, another reason as to why I'm doing this, muahaha!

Okay, enough talking, more PV's! Let's take a lot at what April graced us with visually, and see if there is anything in there that you have enjoyed too, or something new that might grab your attention...

I like a lot of PV's, because I am the sort of person who strongly believes that, no matter what, no music video can be terrible. There is going to always be something to like, whether it's the visuals or the editing. Sure, I have videos I really don't like, but no matter what, I try my best to find something to enjoy about it... well, I do now, at least!

Spiel over and done with, April had some nice videos, and I have quite the collection to share! So, without further ado, let's look at the videos April delivered, and enjoy something from the Spring that should soon end! Are you ready~?

Sakura by Trefle

I have no clue who Trefle are, but daaaaamn, I do like this music video. Sure, it looks a little like something I might have recorded back in college, but those shots, the panning cameras, those scenes! It's a really nicely recorded music video, one that is fun in all its budget friendly glory.

You can tell it's indies, but honestly, that's what I love about it; it feels so handmade, and you can feel that effort oozing from both the idols and the editing team. It's a nice little video, and a ton of fun to watch, and the music is great, too! I love both song and video here, and honestly, it's one of my favourites right now, for both its aesthetic appeal and its musical happiness~

74 Okuban no 1 no kimi e by HKT48

This is actually a really sweet PV, and I like how it plays out and the cuteness of it all. Though simple in execution, with its live scenes and the use of the outside festival, it is actually a heartfelt music video that makes use of its setting, whilst bringing in the third party couples who claim their love for each other. It's a video that makes you smile, because you can see the happiness people have together, and the joy that Idols bring to people like use.

It's a simple video with a cute outlook, and I enjoyed it quite a lot! Sure, the song is your generic, bland HKT affair, but honestly, the video makes up for it with its authentic feel and simple vibe. It's a good spring PV, and the couples... well, they're just d'awwww!!!

Asa made sugar me by Shishido Kavka

I have no clue who this woman is, but honestly, dayumn to the PV! Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it's a tiny bit perverted and quite sexy! And yeah, believe it or not, I don't mind PV's that go down the sexy route... so long as it looks like they're not forcing it, and they're legal! The former is important.

I like the song, and I find the video itself entertaining, though it does leave me feeling a little like a voyeur. But... yeah, the reason I like it is because lesbians, okay? I like me some yuri
 once in a while, and hey, it's nice to see someone outside of the 48's getting on that. FINALLY!!!

Harmony Ribbon by Inori Minase

I like this song. It was my jam in April, and damn, this PV is hella pretty, fitting the song perfectly in all its glorious simplicity. It's just so... so heavenly, and I love how the sky changes colours and creates that image of day, sunset, night and then dawn. It's really lovely to look at, and fits the pacing of the song nicely.
 Oh, and the band. THAT BAND!

Such a soft video is befitting of a soft song, and honestly, these two go hand in hand; it looks nice, and I think that whoever directed this really did a good job. Not a lot was needed to add to this song in the form of visual effects, and what they created beautifully complimented the song, never detracting from it, but adding that essence of peace and tranquility we can imagine when listening to this song.

It's... it's just so nice!

U ~eyuu~eyuu~o~tsu~hine kure no tari~ by Zenbu Kimi no Sei da.

This video is extremely destructive, and aesthetically pleasing as it destroys itself in more ways than one. It's surprisingly bright and colourful too, despite its dark undertones and chaotic intentions, and also, the ending. It's simple, and unexpected, but given the nature of the music video itself, it also makes sense; the video is all about self-destruction, and how lethal people can be to themselves.

At least, that's what I read from it.

It's a really cool video to watch, but it's emotional, too; the symbolism is amazing, speaking to the viewer and showing that inner struggle of the human mind as your thoughts take over completely, until they finally kill that small amount of happiness you had left. This is a great music video to watch, and whilst not as shocking as I Kill was by Deep Girl, it has similar intentions that will really make you contemplate.

It's a good video, and I highly recommend this one, for the visual appeal and the meaning behind it.

Mudai Gassho by Zenbu Kimi no Sei da.

Mudai Gassho is actually the first track on Zenbu Kimi no Sei da's latest release, and it was the first video of theirs I saw that made me want to watch something else of theirs, because damn, who doesn't like a good music video made up entirely of animated sequences? I know I do! And yes, it's darned pretty and heartfelt.

Like the previous video, this one also deals with the topic of death, just in a more dramatic way, if you will. It feels very much like a manga panel you would read, or a J-drama you'd see on TV. It doesn't make it any less heart-wrenching, in fact it gets to me. Where U~eyuu~eyuu feels a lot more personal to those who struggle with their own thoughts and feelings, Mudai Gassho can feel personal to those who have lost a friend and loved on. It still contains symbolism, such as the dying flower, and the crushing inner thoughts that get to you as shown with the white outline of the girl.

It is a beautifully painted video, but it's so, so sad. I think this will speak to all those who tried to help a friend, and who will always remember those loved and lost.

Nikibi by Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku

Okay, so I don't like the song because it really isn't that exciting, but the PV is a damn joy to watch. Really creative, excessively colourful and pretty darned sweet. It's entertaining, but honestly, the song doesn't do it any justice, and it makes me want to switch the entire thing off because of how bland and snooze worthy it is.

Something this exciting deserves a good song, and this... well, just no. NO!

In short: I like the video, but because of how bad I find the song, I can't actually finish the video. And that is a damn shame.

HIDE & SEEK by Itano Tomomi

Okay, so I like fairy tale remakes, whether it's in film, music, TV or short videos, and when I heard that HIDE & SEEK was essentially Beauty and the Beast re-imagined I was like 'Hell YEAH!', because whilst Tomomi is not my favourite artists, I have some faith in her music videos. And damn, this was good!

Firstly, I love how it's from the point of view of the maid, and how it slowly comes to light that she's the bad guy of the entire story and, despite her status, is the most powerful of the Maid and Beast. The climax of the story is really fun too, and though it's an idea that has been played out in stories before, I thought it was executed well here. It's a bit like Beauty and the Beast meets Elizabeth Bathory; dark, a little sexy, but in the end rather deadly for the poor innocent girl hoping to fall in love.

It's a good Music Video, and though short, really paints a story that is memorable and fun. If you can find the full music video, I urge you to watch it, especially if you enjoy a spin on classic fairy tales, because HIDE & SEEK is a good one.

Life goes ON!! by CherryHearts

Editing is key, and the editing here is on point. I love the colour, the use of panels, the pacing and just how simple and pretty it is, overall. It's a pretty creative edit, and it works well with the cong and the live shots that are included here. Also, the rabbit in a suit. That was a fun twist!

I'd like to see the full version at some point soon, however what I see here just shows me how fun a video can be, even if there isn't that much going on it. Also, it reminds me of Fullfull☆Pockets Fu ♩ Refu ♩ Remirai!!! with its use of colour panels, and I really enjoyed that PV, so this one is no different!

Fantastic Parade by Yumemiru Adolescence

This video is really fun. I love the straight-faced choreography, and then I love how they switch to these fun-loving girls in another sequence. It's a contrast that works really well, and gives this video quite a weird but funny appeal thanks to how silly it can be one second, and then professional and uniform the next. It's intriguing, to say the least, and honestly, it only gets better the more the video wares on.

I haven't been paying much attention to YumeAdo since their major debut, but honestly, when they go the fun route with their songs and videos, they rock them and have a blast. I love this side to them, because they can be such quirky Idols, despite the cool image they give off in their other songs and videos. They're actually great at switching between the two, and that does attract me as a viewer... despite my ignoring them, of course >3>

It's a party, this video, and I enjoy it, more than Oshiete Schrodinger. That said, both are good, but this one won out for me.

the non-fiction days by BAND MAID

This is here because I actually like the sound of the song, though honestly, the video is pretty good, too. It has nice panning shots, some wonderful focus, stylish black and white alternative scenes, and FIRE! Seriously, who doesn't like a bit of pyromania?

This is actually the first video I have ever seen from BAND MAID, but I think it's a nice introduction to them for me as a viewer. It's a simple video set on the beach, but it has its epic moments (FIIIIIIREEEE), and allows me to focus on the vocals as well as the visuals, and how crazy good these guys are as a band. Also, the main singers eyeliner... I love it!

In all seriousness though, this group seems to be really awesome, and their video is great, too, what with its roaming shots and amazing camera work, and, yes, FIRE! It's a good video, and it matches the tone of the song and how fierce everyone is. I like it, and I might have to start watching BAND MAID more in the near future.


Strangely enough, I've avoided PassCode for whatever reasons, I don't know, but this video is telling me to stop that, because it's both funny and great. Like, I was laughing at this so much when I first saw it, because it's just so entertaining and well thought out as a video. If you like something a little more light-hearted, this is something you should check out... though the random scream-o that comes out of nowhere might freak you out. It did me.

This is just a fun video, one that can be a little bit 'WTF?' in places with the music, but otherwise, it's all fun and games here, and the use of the comic book effects and parody style of a ninja battle really enhances that entertaining quality it has. Really, just watch it; you'll have a whale of a time.


As an absolute sucker for both the black and white filter, as well as good camera work, you can already bet I would like this video, as it falls under both categories. That, and it makes great use of the live and backstage settings, delivering a first-hand experience to us viewers whilst also showing the cuteness of the girls before they head off onto the stage.

Oh, and that little transition that goes from Black and white to colour was really nicely done, I think. A simple video, one that is nice and sweet to watch. Not to everyone's tastes, I'm sure, but it offered me a little something something, at least.

POWER FOR LIFE by Kusuda Aina

For a song that has 'Power' in the title, it really isn't that powerful or moving in any way. In fact, it's pretty bland and doesn't move much in terms of tone or pacing. Still, though... the video is cute, yet has this indies feel to it thanks to its small setting and standard camera shots.

Really, though, that song does nothing for how sweet this video is, lessening its quality a little with how slow it is, and how lacking in impact that chorus is.

Y'all can guess I won't be tuning into this song any time soon, right?

Mystery by CHERRSEE

A Japanese group produced in Korea.... That's why this PV feels so aesthetically Korean!!! XD

In all seriousness though, this PV, in all of its aesthetic glory, is very well done with some nice following shots and a great setting. The costumes, though flashy, suit the overall tone, and the idea is fun and flirty. It's well made and, whilst I'm not the biggest advocate of Korean music, I do think they have some of the most visually pleasing music videos next to Japan's biggest pop group, AKB48, and this one is in no way disappointing. Y'all can really feel the money that was spent on this!

Oh, and those girls are really cute, too. I rather like the look of them all, and it looks like they had a blast filming this video. It's nice when you see the group itself having fun in a video that looks fun, right?

Muteki no Uta by Tokimeki♡Sendenbu

Y'all know Hell's gonna freeze over, right? Why, you ask? Well, because... because Chiima is contemplating the impossible... she's thinking of - gasp - buy You know Hell's partially frozen over when Chiima contemplates buying a song / single from a Stardust Group.
ing a song / single from a Stardust Group! Unheard of!!!

... Oh shit, I think I pissed off Hades. Oops~

Seriously though, this PV is damn cute to watch. I love colour coding, especially if they colour code rooms and sit the members in them. It's hella cute and really appeals to me, though I don't know why. Maybe it's a colour OCD, or something. Either way, this video appeals to me a lot, and I really love how it looks, and the song itself is damn adorable, though weaker than what I would expect from Stardust. Still... it's nice to listen to, and makes me feel quite happy.

Adorableness for the win!!! Also, it wins in personality and cuteness, something Stardust units do well. So, yeah... I like it, and now the Stardust fans may revel in their victory, for a Stardust disliker is slowly reforming! Arrrgh!!!

Kangaeru hito by Team 4 (AKB48)

I have yet to see the full video for this, but honestly, what I have seen, I do enjoy because of how aesthetically pleasing it is, and how contemporary the whole music video feels. It's really a fun watch, and it makes me think of what you can do with some simple editing and a fun idea, and how effective it can be. I mean, it's just a computer and a bunch of videos, right? Well, that's a lot more effective than you think, because it gives us an abundance of scenes, edited together in a new type of format. It's pretty darn unique, and fun to boot!

... I really do want to see the rest of the music video, though the song I can do without xD

Baby, My First Kiss by Murakawa Rie

The second music video for Rie's debut single was released towards the end of April, surprisingly, and though I originally wasn't going to include it in this list, I realised I just had to after watching it a few times, because I simply adore some of the shots, and the changing dress sequences entertain me to no end.

Seriously, I am one of the easiest people to please. Just buy me Irn Bru and show me flashy colours, and I'm a happy bunny!

This is a fun PV, and much like Sweet Sensation, I want to see the rest of it to get the full effect of both the song and image, Sadly, I am gonna have to wait and see, because I swear, Rie's songs and videos are nowhere to be seen! Urrrrgh!


And so we come to the end of another PV Side to my Music Selection series. Hopefully you all enjoyed what was presented here, and that you have found something to enjoy, or even a new group to dive into!

Admittedly, though there is quite the selection here, there is not as much here as there was before; I cut about 6 or so videos from the list because, after watching them over, realised that, whilst I enjoyed them, they were not as note-worthy as I had thought, and did not grip or entertain me like the videos shown here did. So, yeah... we had some guys go home ); boooo! Regardless, though, the PV's themselves are good, they just weren't as memorable as these ones happened to be.

Finally, with everything said and done, I want to thank you all once again for reading and viewing these Selection posts! I do hope that you are enjoying them as much I enjoy creating them, and that you are finding new groups to enjoy, or old ones to return to! Also, if you yourself have a list or any song recommendations from April, please do share them with us and let the music flow~ We are always open for something new, and to find groups to love and follow!

And until I see you next, please take care everyone, love yo Idols with all your hearts, and enjoy! See you soon~

Much Love,

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