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[Music Selection] April 2016: Music Side

Hello all, and welcome to the month of May, where Summer should officially begin and the Idol PV's hopefully blossom into something airy and bright! And as per my schedule, I do believe it's time for a little April love in Idol Music! Yee-haw! First off, the intro!

Music Selection is a monthly series in which I share the music and videos from the month gone by that I have enjoyed, mostly from the J-pop side. I will of course include some previous releases from way back when, a few months ago and so on. No matter what though, it is all going to be music that I have loved and liked listening to, as well as what I recommend to you all if you dare to chance the listen. Yus!

As per usual, all songs and videos posted within these Selections are subject to my own opinion, and I do not expect anyone to agree with me or to even like what is posted. Just because I enjoyed it, doesn't mean you have to. We all have our own tastes, and honestly, my only aim here is to share and suggest, and from there it's basically all up to you.

Suggesting's the game, sharing's the na--- oh no wait, Selection's the name! Oops :p

Also, if you guys have anything you want to share and suggest, please do so! It's fun to share your music tastes and see if we like it, too, and it can get us into discovering some hidden gems we might have overlooked! Y'never know just who you can get addicted to that one group you love in the near future, aye?

And finally, this series is for fun, as well as to allow me to keep up to date with musical releases from the Idol scene each month. It allows me to find songs I enjoy, whilst also introducing me to some groups I might not care for as much, or allowing me to realise how good a group is that I did not care about before. Either way, this is for fun, and it is something I enjoy doing. So... yay!

 Now with that said and done... WE DONE! Let's get onto some music, shall we?

April was actually pretty abundant in nice releases, and I did find a few favourites that are probably going to become staples in my playlist for the rest of the year. A few songs listed here stood out in particular and, whilst it may not look like I listened to a lot based on what is here, believe me; I listened to many songs last month... it's just that these songs appealed to me a lot more than the others did, and I would rather give you a list of the songs I really liked and played a considerable amount, as opposed to the ones that were eh.

Also, regarding these selected few, I found a few of them truly inspired me when writing, and that is something I enjoy when it comes to my music. If it motivates and moves me, then bonus points, because it helps the creation process. April truly had my back, especially with the essays!

Okay okay, enough talk, more show. I wonder if you'll find some new songs to enjoy from this list, or if you enjoyed them just as much as I did in April! Let's go :D

Harmony Ribbon by Inori Minase (2016.04.13)

One of my favourite songs to come out of April, Harmony Ribbon, though generic in all its pretty glory, has definitely been a source of inspiration whenever it was listened to. It's been on a loop. It's been sung along to. It's basically been played to the death, and admittedly, I'm kind of sick of it now. Still, it's a song that has aided me greatly this past month, and it was one I actually anticipated back when the PV was first released. I like it a lot, but yeah... it gets tiring quickly.

Still, I'll return to it... it's a source of happiness, after all, and I am so thankful this song was one that aided me during my blue days!

Ring of Smiles by Inori Minase (2016.04.13)

I actually might just put this entire single here, because whilst Harmony Ribbon can get tiring, the other two songs on Inori Minase's second single... well, they're good, Ring of Smiles especially. Simple, sweet, airy and refreshing, it's basically all I could want from a song. That, and I have yet to get tired of it, and I honestly doubt I will... it's one of those songs you can't help but enjoy if this is the sort of style you enjoy. It's a really pretty song, and definitely my favourite from the entire single.

I would say if there was one song that was my absolute hardcore favourite of the month, it'd be Ring of Smiles; it oozes Spring and just lifts my spirits. If I had a down day in April, this was probably the first song I went to, Harmony Ribbon quickly following after... it's just so nice!

CheriĆ©! by Team Syachihoko (2016.04.07)

Okay, I'm not a Syachi fan, but I can't deny how adorable this song is, and whilst I definitely didn't play it that much in April, I did actually remember it after my first initial listen. Plus, I like it... however much that pains me to admit DX (Kill me now)

It's actually quite a light song in sound - something that surprised me, considering this is Stardust - with a sweet, upbeat chorus that is pleasing to the ears and delicate vocals to add to that innocent, fresh Spring appeal. It's quite nice, and whilst I didn't listen to it a boatload in April, I can actually see myself revisiting this one at some point in May or throughout the Summer because of how relaxing it is. And, believe it or not, this sort of song soothes me.


Hell is freezing over this very moment, I swear.

Jinsei wa STEP! by ℃-ute (2016.04.19)

Okay, seriously, this song is THE BOMB, and though I've stated Ring of Smiles is my April favourite, Jinsei wa STEP! isn't that far behind. It's addictive, catchy, memorable, cool and probably one of the best releases to come out of the current Hello! Pro time since ever. It's bloody brilliant, and a great sound for the current lineup of ℃-ute. It suits them, they rock it, and a lot of the H!P fans loooooooove it.

I actually adore this mature yet nostalgic sound for ℃-ute, because if actually befits them super well. Their voices suit the style, they all sound amazing (even Maimi!) and you can tell that they all enjoy it, too. The tone of their voices actually sound passionate and they just ooze confidence and positivity. I swear, this is an amazing release, and one I'm probably going to revisit in the near future, mostly because it's just so damn good. I seriously can't help but love it.

The whole single is actually really pleasing, but honestly, this is the one song that kicks ass, and the PV's solid to boot, too. And hey, you know this is a good single for Chiima when she actually wants to buy it... and I haven't wanted to buy a H!P single for a while since Country Girls... yeah.

℃-ute are getting good, guys. They've been good for a while, sure, but ever since last year, their songs have been phenomenal and, undoubtedly, the best H!P has had to offer. The quality is hiiiiigh, and this one does not disappoint. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if this comes out as one of my favourite singles from 2016. It's just too damn awesome!

Naze hito wa Arasoun darou? by ℃-ute (2016.04.19)

Whilst Jinsei wa STEP! is the undeniable star of this single, when I first heard Naze hito wa Arasoun darou? I fell head over heels for it. A little nostalgic, a little old-school H!P and very much a piece of magic, this song just suits ℃-ute to a T. They sound absolutely amazing here, and honestly, they rock the mature, slightly sultry tone this song exudes. It sounds exactly like the sort of song I would have heard on the radio back in the old days, or probably something I would have seen performed in a speakeasy... you know, classy but prohibited, that kind of thing.

This is a damn gorgeous song, and it's style and feel fits in with Jinsei wa STEP's! own sound perfectly, giving the single that mature, nostalgic feel I am really enjoying from ℃-ute. TThis is a wonderful release from ℃-ute and, honestly, I didn't think anything could top GamUsha LIFE until I heard the songs present on their latest single.

It's stellar, and I really commend those who wrote and composed these two songs in particular; they are stunning, and ℃-ute rock them with grace and style.

Short Hair by ROSARIO+CROSS (2016.04.11)

I was waiting for this to be released, because after seeing such a fun, cute PV paired with this song, I just wanted to listen to Short Hair in all its full-length glory... and yes, I do enjoy it greatly, though honestly... it's not as good without the PV. BUT STILL!

Short Hair is freakin' cute, let's just get that out there, but it's also generic as all heck. The thing is, it's so upbeat and positive that I can't help but adore it. It makes me feel so alive and happy when I hear it, and I enjoy singing along to it and even doing some weird little dances. It just brings a big smile to my face and gives me joy when I'm down; it's a favourite for sure, and whilst it doesn't compare in sound to Jinsei wa STEP!, it still elates me, so I can't deny how good I find it.

Honestly, no matter how cheesy or easy a song sounds in its composition, if it makes me feel happy, then it's value can mean so much more than a piece of music with better structure. Seriously, yo!

Itoshima Distance by ANGERME (2016.04.27)

Given how freakin' strong ANGERME is right now, there is no doubt I'll add at least one song onto this list from them. And yes, whilst this single is pretty decent, the other two songs present actually bore me a little, with Itoshima Distance being the one standout song from this release. Regardless of Moe and Dawa's pitch problems, this is a really enjoyable song with a great instrumental that sounds quite sexy at times (hello, sax player, I hear you there ;D). It's quite riveting! (Throwing in big words, aye, Chii?)

I'd say my only issue with this is that the vocals sound a bit flat at times, but honestly, that doesn't stop me from liking the song, because I really do enjoy it. I've actually been craving this song for a few days, meaning it is a memorable song that is worth the playback. The other two? Not so much.

I like it, and yes, it's a favourite from their first single of the year. Will it make it onto my Top so many list of 2016, though? Who knows. We shall see if I listen to it any more after May ends.

Silent Majority by Keyakizaka46 (2016.04.06)

Another song that I haven't listened to much over the course of the month,l but one I can't deny is enjoyable. It reminds me a little of Kaze wa Fuiteiru in the opening, and the first solo line by leading lady Hirate Yurina is really flat and horrible... but the rest of the song is pretty damn good, and the PV is nice and stylish to watch. So yeah, disregarding the horrible solo line, this is a pretty good song.

I doubt this will become my favourite song ever, however I like the cool and mature vibe it has. It really befits the group as a whole, and that bridge is love. It's a really pretty sound in contrast to the rest of the song, but not so different that it sounds jarring when you listen to it. It's a nice song, and yes I like it. I might listen to it more in the future, but for now, it is certainly one of the better releases from AKS this year. Is good, you know!

And as a quick final note on this song; in regards to Hirate Yurina's voice, her solo song Yamanotesen is waaaaaay better and actually shows off her voice beautifully. Silent Majority screwed my first impression of her! Damn!

Chain of Love by HKT48 (2016.04.13)


Okay, okay, overreaction overload there... I know, but seriously, how? I'll tell you how; an incredibly catchy cute B-side is how, one that's generic as mud and good for background noise, but one I actually quite enjoy. It's better than the A-side (what isn't?), and it's charming, and so very AKS and HKT.

Sue me for liking the generic crap Idols pull out every damn release. Sue me I say!!!

Really though, it is an adorable song and my favourite of this entire single. It might not appeal to everyone, but for me it has that light, refreshing sound that feels perfect for the spring, and really makes me think of clear blue skies and daffodils sprouting from the Earth. It's nice and gentle, and it soothes my black soul. Heck, it feels like something I would listen to when having a picnic, it's that Spring-like.

Not my favourite, but a cute song. Now leave me alone to wallow in self-hate for liking something HKT related! Arrrgh!


A 'U-Turn' in Chiima-speak is when I decide to rewind a bit and look at songs created before the month in question here on Music Selection. From a few months back to years before - whenever the date is that isn't the month we speak of here -, the song that I have listened to and loved along with my favourites from April will be stored and praised here! Just because I peddled back a bit, doesn't mean that I shouldn't share and suggest. All songs deserve some love, no matter when they were made!

What will our U-Turn Machine churn out this month?

SanSan GoGo! by Milky Way (2008.04.30)

Once upon a time, anything Koharu was my jam... actually, anything Koharu is still my jam, because once you're hooked on whatever she was on, y'all never let it go, and you never forget the absolute joy anything Koharu related brought you. Of course, SanSan GoGo! is one of those very songs you never let go of, FYI.

I love this song so much, and though I don't listen to it as often as I used to, it still stands as one of my favourite Kirarin songs ever created, and my favourite Milky Way song, period. It's fun, catchy, bright and bloody addictive! It's one of those songs that you can't hold back singing to, and seriously, I think this is the best song the trio was ever given, hands down. Whenever I think of Milky Way, I always think of SanSan GoGo! Screw Anataboshi, screw Tan Tan Tan, this is where it's at!

Now, where's my tambourine!?

Faith by Cheeky Parade (2016.02.24)

These girls are dominating my year, and they only have two songs on their single! In all seriousness though, I am absolutely looooving Cheeky Parade, and Faith is the song that's been my obsession for the month of August.

I actually have to question just why I didn't include it in my February Roll-Over when it's this damn addictive!?

Faith is actually a solid favourite of mine now, and considering I play it a lot and use it as my 'inspiration' song for some stories and essays, it's become one those pieces that has been played to the max, potentially burning a hole in my music player. I am clearly in an obsessive form of love with it, and hey; I ain't mad about that! The more I like it, the happier I am, and damn I'm so glad it hasn't lost its appeal to me. (Praying that never actually happens, yo.)

It's a beautiful song, one that perfectly balances out the SKY GATE single whilst delivering a sentimental sound that brings me all the feels. Gargh, it's so gorgeous! -sniffles-

Legally Blonde: The Musical by the Original Broadway Cast (2007.07.17)

If y'all don't know this about me, then y'all will now learn that I love musical tracks, even if I have never seen the musical an OST is to before. I love them, and they complete me just as much as J-pop completes me. I love them! Explanation: Over.

So, given this week has been essay week and I have been struggling to high Hell, I usually play one song or a bunch to motivate me, and for my story based essays in particular, Legally Blonde: The Musical OST was my saviour in pink. That, and I absolutely adore this musical track list, and given I got to finally see it back in April, I was on a musical kick... and this has been played to the death, as it should be!

It's catchy, fun and just all around great in my opinion thanks to its positive outlook and amazing tracks. It inspires and pushes me forward, gives me something to sing along to, and it makes me feel happy! What more could I ask for, aye?


And with all that written and praised, that is the month of April in Music done and dusted! Horrah! 

Of course the PV Selection part to the Selection posts has yet to be delivered, however it should be here soon, but for now, I do hope you enjoyed the music and whatnot provided unto us all in the month of April! And as always, if you have your own suggestions to share in terms of music and videos, please let us know in the comments, or on your own lovely little blog!

And before I leave, I just want you all to know that I really am enjoying these kinds of posts. It really gets me into more music, and allows me to look at groups I might otherwise ignore. It also gives me a chance to share more of what I enjoy with everyone, whilst also keeping a routine. It's a great thing to do honestly, and I think that, if you run an Idol blog, it's something you should try for yourself! Not only does it give you a reason to update monthly (yay!), but it also gives your readers a look into what music appeals to you, as well as how diverse your tastes are.

Anyways that's it for now guys, hopefully you see something you like, and hopefully you share your own music with me. Until the next post though I will say my usual bye bye's, and wish you all happiness.

Take care, love yo Idols, and stay perfect. Bye bye sweet Readers!

Much Love,

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