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Cadets! Gravure! Graduations and Covers! Updates from the Houkago Kingdom have Arrived!

Though I no longer do my Digests, I do try my best to constantly update on Houkago Princess whenever a bundle of news comes about, and considering I've been busy with essays and University, I have not yet had the time to update you all on the recent events all the way from the Houkago Kingdom!

So, without further ado, I will be updating y'all on what has happened since Ayase Miho, Kamiya Airi and Izumi Sakura's graduations from Houkago Princess and Houpri Youth right here, to keep everyone on track! So, let's dive in and see what our Princesses have given us these past two months in news~

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First up, much to the happiness of many a HouPri fan, an announcement on April 3rd was made that both Nagasawa Marina and Sekine Sasara had been promoted to Cadet status, and would be allowed to perform with and feature in the up-coming Houkago Princess single! Both girls, who had previously declined creating a new unit and leaving Houpri Youth after the graduation of Kamiya Airi, now aim to work their way up to becoming Regular members.

 And to this I say: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS, BISH, FINALLY! We've all been waiting for Marichu to be promoted, YAS! *^*

OH, and all the Cadets now have Instagram accounts! YAHOO! Clicky clicky

Back on the 14th or so of April, Nagasawa Marina of Miss iD 2016, Gravure and Houpri Youth fame revealed her plans for world domination a future gravure DVD release, one which would be dedicated to her fans, as well as funded by them.

The campaign - which has since accumulated over 3,000,000 yen on greenfunding - is being held so that Marichu, who is well known for her youthful look paired with an adult body, can self-produce a gravure DVD to not only challenge herself as an Idol, but to also give her extra experience as well as show her gratitude to her fans worldwide in the form of this DVD (especially those in Russia, as she's rather popular there).

Marichu has a lot of ideas for this work, most of it including cosplay like a roller skating waitress in an American pop type store, and Star Wars cosplay, which she hoped to do for her up-coming 4th Gravure DVD, but could not do for some reason.

Her original goal set was 2.5 million yen, to cover the cost of location and shooting the DVD, though her second aim was 3.5 million yen - of which she has now succeeded in her crowdfunding campaign - to allow for a more luxurious type of gravure DVD.

 In regards to the announcement, I'm really intrigued and happy for Marina to be doing such a thing. I know that before, Idols have self-produced and directed photobooks to maintain a specific image or to show off their creative sides, such as Michishige Sayumi's SayuminLandDoll, but I'm unsure of whether it has been done for gravure DVD's at all. Really though, it's interesting, and I'm glad it's Marina doing it!
 I'm also really glad that she's hit her goal for the DVD, and honestly... I'm quite excited to see what it's about once it's done!

Also in regards to the ever-popular Marichu, her 4th Gravure DVD, titled Marichu ni Muchuu, is set for a May 20th release this year. It was shot on-location in Phuket, Thailand, and will be released on Blu-ray and DVD. A release event for the DVD will be held on June 11th, 2016.

... And now, to await the announcement of her 5th and 6th Gravure DVD's, because seriously, she releases them like they're going out of fashion!

Back in April, on the 22nd until the 24th, Houkago Princess took their first overseas trip to Vietnam to perform at Sakura Mutsuri in Bien Hoa City and Chi Minh Ho City! For the trip, all Regular Members plus Kojima Mayumi attended and performed at the event.

I know for sure there are quite a few fans in Vietnam, so for those who did go and were able to see them, I am so happy for you, but also a little jealous because, y'know... HOUPRI! Still, I hope everyone had fun, and that you treasured seeing these amazing girls!

On April 23rd, the announcement was made that Makihara Yuyu of Houpri Youth would graduate come May 1st 2016. The reasons for this sudden decision were that Yuyu, who had been having issues with her back, had been diagnosed with a spinal cord disease, and had been told to halt her activities within the unit as soon as possible. Her final performance was held on April 29th, and she took part in handshake and cheki events until May 1st.

The announcement was made by staff via the Houpri Youth blog.

 This news really got to me because, whilst Yuyu was not my favourite (her eyes freak me out), I don't like to think of people having to leave for reasons such as health issues, especially ones as dire as this. That said, whilst Yuyu has since left Houpri Youth, she has stated she wants to return to the entertainment industry some day, though as what, I don't know... personally, I think she will return as a model or a professional cosplayer.

What's important though is that, despite this set back, Yuyu is happy and working through it like a trooper. She is going to follow her dream, just a little later on than expected, and honestly, I hope she goes for that dream! She deserves it!

And, finally, the news I have basically been waiting to talk about... (and countless other blogs have talked about, surprisingly)...


Seriously, I don't think you guys know just how damn excited I am for this release, or the tears I shed when I woke up just to watch the SHOWROOM Live stream to hear this song and look at those beautiful costumes in all their glory!

Honestly, considering this is HouPri, and their news is the most important to me, I am sad that I couldn't update this any sooner, or even on the day the covers were published. I was far too busy, what with essays and the like, and because I wanted my Music Selection Posts out of the way. Priorities, urgh. So, yeah, it took a damn while and a half, but hey! At least I'm not neglecting it (like that last essay I kind of need to write... oops).
 That said, I did manage to post everything onto my Houkago Princess LOVE Facebook fanpage once it came out, only because it's easier to manage, and because I didn't have a chunk of news to share and write about there!

Oh, and this post is also late due to waiting for the Cadet versions cover to be released, because.

Okay, that little ramble all rambled up and dusted; June 29th will see the release date of Houkago Princesses 3rd major single release - 10th overall - which will be based off the popular water fairy herself, (Universal's words, not mine!) The Little Mermaid, by Hans Christian Anderson!

Titled Seishun Mermaid, this new single will feature Houkago Princess as beautiful underwater royalty! This will be the groups first release since late 2012 to not feature 3rd generation member Ayase Miho, and the first since Manatasu no Yoru no Yume to feature Cadets in both the music video and covers. And, on the topic of covers, let's take a look at what our Mermaid Princesses will look like in these underwater covers~

(Left: Regular Edition  |  Right: Limited Edition)
(Right: Odagiri Nana ver.  |  Left: Miyashita Mayuka ver.)
(Right: Yamaguchi Miran ver.  |  Left: Kizuki Saori ver.)
(Right: Maika ver.  |  Left: Sirosaki Himari ver.)
(Left: Michishige Saho ver.  |  Left: Cadet Ver.)

The single, like the other three major releases before it, will be released in 10 different versions; Regular Edition, Limited DVD, 7 solo member versions and, finally, the long-anticipated Cadet version!

And, hot damn, BEWBS! Especially Miyashita Mayuka's! Giiirl, where you been hiding them!?

In all seriousness though, of all these covers, it has to be the Cadet version that has been the most anticipated, and the most celebrated. I mean, given Marina's popularity, I'm not surprised, but since the single was announced, only a few online articles talked about it. Once the Cadet version was released, however? Quite a few news articles, and even a damn newspaper piece was done for this cover! I mean, I knew Marichu was popular but, damn, she's got more power than she thinks!

The power of Gravure and BEWBS!
And, I've known this for a while now anyways, this girl has way more popularity and recognition than all of the HouPri members put together! Heck, I could wager a bet she has a lot more recognition than Maika at this point, and she's the best damn vocalist the groups ever had.

I find it funny in general that, of all the covers this single has, it's the one Marichu features on that gets the most news coverage. The thing is, I get why. I know that HouPri isn't that popular, and I know that Marichu is a lot bigger than them, and I know that if she's never promoted, Staff will have made a really stupid mistake. And, seriously... I hope she's promoted come 2017, because if she isn't, we should all RIOT! XD

OH, and in regards to the Cadets costumes... here's a video of them showing off their cute mermaid attire!

Damn, ain't these costumes great? XD I swear, I never thought I'd see HouPri in any form of a bikini, but if it's this, I'm aye okay with it!
 Also... Sasara abs! *^* *^*

And hey, if you're wondering, my favourite cover is actually Michishige Saho's. I like the sweetness of it, and just how damn good she looks! Seriously, she knows how to work the camera, and is just so adorable!!!! ;w;
 Oh, and I'm biased, haha!


And with that all written and shown, the Updates for the Houkago Kingdom have been delivered! Hopefully you are all up to date on the goings on within HouPri, and that you anticipate the new single with me! However with everything said, I must leave you now, and bid you farewell!

Until I see you next time everyone, please take care, stay happy, love your Idols and, of course, support them with all your heart!

Much Love,

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