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[A Week with Zukki] A Smile so Bright that can be Seen from Afar! [Performance Selection à la Zukki]

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*[A Week with Zukki] is a series dedicated to the and only Suzuki Kanon, to both celebrate her and to prepare for her up-coming departure from both Morning Musume and Hello! Project. Here I hope to appreciate and adore the Idol who has brought me such joy, as well as to share with you some of her best works in her time as an Idol. So in order to celebrate all that is Zukki and her wonderful smile, let's take this journey together and think of her with fondness and joy. Before she dares Graduate, let's enjoy this wonderful Idol as much possible, and smile as we do so!

When planning out this series formy last week with Suzuki Kanon, I had a good idea of what I wanted to do for it, and planned on a PV Review for my second post, much like I had done with my [A Week with Meimi] series. Thing is, I hit a giant wall of mental block when looking at earlier PV's featuring our beautiful Zukki, because let's face it; she's not shown a ton in most videos after her debut. That privilege actually went to my other MoMusu love, Eripon, so no matter what I reviewed from Zukki's first two years in H!P, I wouldn't get a lot of imagery that included her.

So, because of that giant road block that caused a spanner in the works for my series, I've decided to focus on three PV's from her last two or so years in MM later on in the series, and for today focus on some of my favourite performances from our dear Zukki instead of the PV Review I had hoped to write.

Also, I would like to apologise for the delay with this post, however I headed home today, so had to pack and sort things out the night before, rather than writing up this post. It is what it is, I suppose.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at some of my favourite performances from our darling Zukki, and enjoy this girl as a performer, an Idol, and of course the wonderful singer that she is!

Group Performances

Otome no Timing by Mitsui AikaIkuta Erina and Suzuki Kanon (from the album 12, SMART)

I remember watching this way back when it was first released, and honestly, I really love this performance, because it brings together three girls who were highly underrated at the time of this performance in my opinion. That, and Zukki amazed with her gorgeous vocals, of course.

Otome no Timing is such a cute song in general though, and whilst neither Aika nor Eripon sound great here, they both at least suit the tone and pitch of the song. Of all three members though, Zukki's the star here, bringing the song some form of vocal quality thanks to how good she sounds in comparison to both Aika and Eripon. What's most surprising though is that, despite only being an Idol for about a year here, she sounds the most seasoned, beating out even Aika, who had six years of singing.

Well, they can't all be good singers, can they?

This is still one of my favourite performances from Zukki's career as a Morning Musume member, no matter how old it may be. It shows off her talent well, as well as shows off that endearing smile of hers that I am sure could be seen from even the stalls at the back. Gosh darnit, she is just so great here! <3

Sungoi! My Birthday by Mitsui Aika, Fukumura Mizuki and Suzuki Kanon (from the album Fantasy Juuichi)

This song is great in general, but once you add the vocal talents of Zukki and Fuku-who? to the mix, you get a mix of cute and wonderful. I mean seriously, for one of Zukki's very first concert performances, she is really impressive here, both in how well she takes to the stage, and how nicely she sings. Sure, I won't go as far as to say this is her best vocal performance, but it's still great in comparison to other Idols. Her pitch is decent, she looks and sounds like she's having fun, and of course her smile is a winner.

Seriously, this kid is adorable, and I love seeing her shine so bright on the stage with that wonderful grin plastered to her face as she pleases the crowd. So endearing, and so beautiful to watch!

I don't rate this as highly as I do Otome no Timing, sure, but I still think that this is a good performance from our dear Zukki, especially when you consider how new to the Idol scene she was back then. Just from this performance, you could tell she was a little star waiting to meet her potential, and that she was made to make others smile as happily as she did.

I Wish by Mitsui Aika, Sayashi Riho and Suzuki Kanon (Originally by Morning Musume)

Oh good grief, Zukki sounds so damn good here, and honestly, when this video came out, I was a bit of a teary eyed fan... well, until Riho started singing, that was. Still, the performance is a sentimental one, because it combined at the time two people Zukki really adored within Morning Musume. It was a sweet little get together, and hey! Aika sounds fab here, as does Zukki. Shame about Riho, though.

Performance wise, I really love seeing Zukki. Why wouldn't I? She looks like she's having a blast, and you can really tell that she enjoys being there, performing such a great song. Every time she gets a solo line, her eyes just light up. It's more than just performing for her, and seeing her so energetic and cheerful makes me mile. I love it, and I love that this seems to be more than just a job for her.

I actually forget the year this was released, but honestly, it does show Zukki's growth as a performer quite nicely. She was definitely a better dancer at this point, and whilst her voice hasn't changed much, she was still pretty stable, and damn, she can hit the right pitch!

Also... Hallelujah that Zukki got a good majority of the lines over Riho here, am I right? This song was made for The Zuk! <3

Chu! Natsu Party by Ikuta Erina, Suzuki Kanon and Sato Masaki (Original by 3nin Matsuri)

I only found this performance recently, but I am honestly glad I did, because this kind of songs shows off Zukki's flexibility in singing cute and cool songs. I wouldn't exactly expect her to sing this kind of song despite it's energetic, cheerful tone, however it completely fits both the personality of Zukki, as well as her voice which, again, I never thought would fit into the cutesy category. Of course, Zukki is ready to surprise at all times.

I love Zukki in this performance, mostly because her confidence here is soaring and her smile is just so beautiful! She really looks like she's in her element here, and every time the camera focuses on her, you can't help but see the sheer joy at performing in front of so many people on her face. It's mesmirising! I just want to smile looking at Zukki here, because her beam is super infectious, just like the joy she exudes.

I know I've said all the perfomances thus far are great, but honestly, this one is too, mostly because it shows off that charisma Zukki has and just how fabulous she is as a performer. Also, these three together... they should have made a unit! How does Gorgeous3 sound? :p

Wa~ Merri PIN X'mas! by Michishige Sayumi and Suzuki Kanon (originally by Rainbow Pink)

This song is annoyingly cute, and honestly, I am so happy that Zukki was able to perform this alongside Shige, because it fits her bubbly personality, even if it isn't necessarily suited to her voice. Now, I won't lie and say that this performance is amazing, because it isn't. There are quite a few times where Zukki actually stumbles and forgets lyrics, and a point where her confidence is overthrown because of her blunder. That said, she picks herself up and keeps going, which is better than just throwing in the towl.

This is a cute porformance, if anything, and it actually reminds me that, no matter how seasoned a performer you may be, there will still be a few kinks to sort out during a live. And yeah, regardless of Zukki's lyric issues, I do enjoy watching her perform alongside Sayu and find them adorable together.

Also, Zuk's little Pin X'mas for You! lines... ARRRGH ASKMDKSMKDMFKSDMFKM ADORABLE!!! <3

But yeah, this isn't the performance of the century, and it's definitely one of Zukkini's weakest, however it's still an enjoyable watch because you get to see her in a Santa costume, and you get to hear sing an awfully cute song that will most likely give you a migraine later. I love it, despite its flaws, and her smile at the end is just... ;w;!!!

1-Oku 3-Senman Sou Diet Oukoku by Morning Musume (Original by Berryz Kobou)

Okay, I forget how I felt about this song way back when it was released, but I do remember that, when the setlist for this Hello! Pro concert was released, the Western fan community went a little nuts when it became apparent that Zukki would be centering this song. It would be one of her first real centers, and it was a song that would fit both her vocal ability as well as Zukki herself. I mean come on, it's about dieting, and no matter how much we want to not talk about it, Zukki is basically MM's Queen of diets... but I digress.

This is an amazing performance from Morning Musume in general, however Zukki really shines here. The confidence she has, her charisma, those vocals and, of course, that smile. She is really in command here, showing that her ability as a center is pretty darned promising. You can tell that she luuurving every second of her performance and that she doesn't want you to forget it. She is hella great here, and feels like an absolute star.

This actually has to be one of the best performances from Zukki I've ever seen, because she just looks so damn cool and in charge here. It felt like this was her song and no one else's, and that everyone else was simply there for her. She made it her own, and you knew it.

Zukki looks fabulous here, and this stands as one of her most amazing performances in both look and sound. She is such a star, and honestly... I wish she had centered more, because she belonged there. Sadly, that wasn't the case, at least until Oh My Wish! came out, making all of our dreams come true...

Solo Performances

Sukiyaki by Suzuki Kanon (Original by Morning Musume)


When you combine two of MoMusu's greatest things, you get one Happy Chiima, and honestly, I love this. I mean come on, it's Zukki singing Sukiyaki! How much more amazing could this get? Sure, she's a tad nasally here, but she sounds so vibrant singing this song. You can tell she's enjoying herself, not just by that smile on her face, but by how much cheer is going through her voice. She's loving this moment, and lapping every second of it up. In turn, I am loving it, too.

Listening to that energy and how breathless Zukki's becoming really makes me enjoy this performance so much more, as well as makes me feel energetic and happy. I want to sing this song along with her, and dance to it, too. She makes me want to join in and experience the exhilaration she's feeling as she sings.

I love Sukiyaki, and honestly, I didn't think there could be anything more perfect than the song itself. I was wrong.

Yumemiru 15sai by Suzuki Kanon (Original by S/mileage)

It's pretty much tradition within H!P to sing this song your 15th birthday now, I swear, and hey, no issue; I love this song, and I love Zukki, so a winning combo, right?


I wouldn't really say that this is one of Zukki's best, because it isn't, however it's her smile and energy that is truly wonderful about this entire performance.  In fact, Zukki could sound like Koharu and still win me over with her overabundance of personality and charisma, and I wouldn't be fazed at all. Luckily, we all know Zukki's better than that, because she is both a great singer and a wonderful personality. Just so happens that, for once, a song really doesn't seem to suit her.

That, or she was just tired and having an off moment. EITHER WAY!!!

I basically love how energetic and happy she is here, despite her vocal issues, and really, a strong performer can make up for a terrible voice. I can appreciate all the joy she brings in the dedication she has for a great performance <3

Konna Atashi de Yokattara by Suzuki Kanon (Original by Kikkawa Yuu)

I think if there was one to showcase just how powerful Zukki's voice can be, it has to be this one, the performance I found by complete accident. Boy, am I glad I found it though, because this is amazing, even by Zukki's standards. It's strong, energetic and, by my standards, it's absolutely freakin' PERFECT! Can't you just feel that power surging through you as Zukki sings? No? Well listen harder!

I absolutely adore this performance from Zukki because, not only just she sound absolutely fantastic, she also looks great. She looks as if she's having the time of her life and really feeling the song itself. She just reeks of greatness, and I'm actually having a blast listening to and watching her perform this song. It's a beautiful match for her voice, and she gives it life. Hell, I want to hear her sing more Kikkawa Yuu songs, now, because she really matches the tone of what Kikka creates, and Zukki makes it her own.

Heck, I though Aya Matsuura was her calling... Nope, it's Kikka's music! Get on that, Zuk!

I just want to smile and cry when I see this, it's so amazing. Zukki is a powerhouse here, and she's showing us all that no matter what, she will deliver and prove to us all that she's an amazing Idol who will deliver great performances, as well as a smile that shines throughout the entire room. This was an incredible performance of hers, one of the most memorable by far, and also the brightest she has shined. I am in awe.


I love watching Zukki perform. Like Tamura Meimi, Suzuki Kanon is the kind of girl who just makes you smile when you watch her on the stage, simply because she looks so overjoyed to be there. When she stands alone or with other people, she shines, even when she's stood at the back. As a center or singing solo, she commands your attention and keeps you watching, especially when performing something as incredible as Konna Atashi de Yokattaru or 1-Oku 3-Senman Sou Diet Oukoku.

Despite never actually being a center herself, Zukki has this amazing ability to lock you in and notice her thanks to the happiness she exudes, and the memories she wants to create for the audience. Her charisma is amazing, and her joy is absolutely inspiring to me as a viewer. She stands out, she always has, and her energy is one that is unparalleled within her own generation.

This girl makes me smile, and it does sadden me to know there were only a few times where she was able to show off her capability as a center and vocalist within Morning Musume. It's those rare glimpses that we treasure though, and they are all performances we will enjoy for a long time even after she graduates. I'm just glad I was able to experience them as a fan of hers currently, and not after she leaves the Idol world.

Zukki delivers happiness alongside her performances, and even when we don't get the vocal ability we expect, she still gives us something solid to take away, whether it's in the form of her energy or cheer. No matter what, she always smiles with unwavering confidence and brilliance, and it;s that smile and charm we remember.

Until tomorrow, please treasure Zukki's never ending smile, and love your Idols.

Much Love,

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