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[A Week with Zukki] Beneath the Glittering Disco Ball Her Smile Shines, This Ephemeral Saturday Night... - 'Utakata Saturday Night' PV Review!

Hey, let's have a dance, my dear... Also, my opinions are my own. Let's not fight during this emotional time, yeah? Thanks~

*[A Week with Zukki] is a series dedicated to the and only Suzuki Kanon, to both celebrate her and to prepare for her up-coming departure from both Morning Musume and Hello! Project. Here I hope to appreciate and adore the Idol who has brought me such joy, as well as to share with you some of her best works in her time as an Idol. So in order to celebrate all that is Zukki and her wonderful smile, let's take this journey together and think of her with fondness and joy. Before she dares Graduate, let's enjoy this wonderful Idol as much possible, and smile as we do so!

For our final PV Review, let's fight back those tears and have a wonderful time, because the best way to remember someone you love is to remember the good times. So, even though I want to cry right now, let's smile all the way through, and have a joyous Saturday Night, because this time we have won't last forever!

Coincidentally, I am reviewing and publishing this post on a Saturday Night, something I find quite funny and all-too coincidental. Sadly, I have also been crying as I screen captioned this video, even though I want to smile throughout it because of how joyous and great Utakata Saturday Night! is as a song.

I can't stop those overwhelming feelings, however, because it has now finally sunk in that this is it; this is the final PV for my dear Suzuki Kanon, and the last weekend she will ever have as an Idol in Hello! Project and Morning Musume. It's that last hurdle for her, and my time watching her is growing ever shorter. It's heartbreaking, and I am just so devastated that she will be leaving come Tuesday evening in Japan.

But before she goes, let's just enjoy what we have of her, and experience a Saturday Night filled with cheer and smiles, DJ Zuk and more. Before she dares leave our world, taking her smile along with her, let's experience that gorgeous beam of hers together, and dance! Before this song ends, why don't you fall in love with Suzuki Kanon of Morning Musume '16 all over again?

Life is short, so let's do it! do it! do it! DANCE!

H!P, thank you for finally listening. We are all digging these opening shots that have some substance to them! :D

DJ Zuk in da hooooooooooooooooooouse!

Also, is that jacket orange!? -gasp!-


And probably not much of a coincidence, either, because H!P can do throwbacks when they wanna.

Perfection in a nutshell.


I love this scene XD

Ayumin looking less sharky and super cute here :3

Wait a second... is that decent set!?


This move should really not be allowed, however, I would totally do it myself at a disco-rave >o>

And nope, I am not kidding about that! :p

Hot damn, that is one splendid headpiece. If Zuk was a peacock, she'd have all them ladies lining up to ruffle some feathers! OwO

Masakins is just too damn adorable.

Damn, this set is super sparkly, but in a good way! :D

Also heeeeey there, tired looking Sakuranbo. You been getting any sleep lately? No? Well, please do sleep, you kinda need it to perform well.

Fukuhime and her flawless skin make a return! Can I touch the plush skin upon your holy being? o3o

Mizukingdom: "NAI!!!"

Kuso! Don't be mean to me ;w;

Two of the bigger personalities, and yet H!P refuse to show off how amazing these two are on TV. Fuq u, H!P ;w;

Also, DAMN, that Zukki charisma and that gorgeous smile! <3

Paralyzed with such astonishment at the very idea our Zukki baby is getting some wonderful screen time! <3

And yet, it's at the price of her impending graduation... ;w;

Eripon: "Chuuuuuu~?"


Seriously, even when she's so cute, she manages to still look the coolest of the bunch! Kyaaaa! <3

TBH this is one of the best scenes I've seen Maria do (and my favourite), and I can't deny this kid has great camera presence, cause she does.

Still find her fake as F--- though.

Here come the booooooys!!!

And hot damn, Eripon manages to only get hotter every time I see her!

Oh good grief, Honeyboo is totally amping up the sexy here! Daaaaaaamn, girl!

Basically perfection, like a good chunk of MM.

This has to be my favourite Sakuranbo scene, and I don't know why XD

BABY!!!!!! ;W; <3

She has grown up so well! ;w; <3

When Ayumin confuses looking upset with looking sultry. No, boo, no.

Mizukingom: "Bitch, that;s my mic, get outta the waaaaay!!!"

Poor Ayumin, tossed to the side like unwanted leftovers.

Yet another Queen to add to my ever-expanding pile of Idol Queens. She slays me, she slays me good! <3

Look at that cheesy grin! MY BABY!!! <3

You and Eripon are the best, I swear. Why did H!P have to treat you so bad? ; A;

Holy damn, this is quite possibly the best use of graphics I've seen H!P use for Morning Musume in a while. Props to you, editing team!

Duu: "I swear I didn't complain about their shit use of graphics and sparkles after what happened in One Two Three!"

Truly, this PV is a great example of good editing and a good use of shiny things. Thank fuck they didn't screw it up, or I'd probably be crying.

Now, H!P, this is how you should show off lyrics on a screen, and not in the form of obnoxious white block letters some people really hate o3o

And my people I mean me o3o

This one is for all you Hagachin fans out there! Isn't she a cutie!?

... Scissoring? >o>

Pervy jokes aside, this is actually a cute move. Disco and cute, and pretty half-arsed on the choreographer's part, but whatever, it fits the songs theme, so who cares?

Her forehead and lips actually scare me and I don't know why o-O

Still, Sakuranbo... you're cute, regardless of my forehead fears!

"I won't stop!" she says, before abruptly stopping in her tracks thanks to the power of editing XD

Way to contradict the lyrics, H!P xD


Wait, you have a real heart? What, so the other heart you happen to have is fake? Plastic? Made of solid cardboard?


And it's the pelvic thruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust! And it'll drive you insay-aye-aye-aye-ayyyyne!

Mizuki is also enjoying herself waaaay too much here, yo.

Duu's creepy smile gives me life XD

Hagachin looking like a right yankee here. I think she's ready to beat camera-san up if he doesn't give her more screen time!

Ayumin can be so damn adorable when she isn't trying to be 'sexy' and flailing at it.

Perfect Honey is perfect, and I love these scenes XD It's like I'm watching the 80's or something XD


It;s like they're sharing a little secret <3

That OOHaru shoulder shimmy.

And damn, that smile and those sultry eyes.

And hot damn to MoMusu's sexiest underrated member!

Seriously, she is killing it!

Let's just...

Screen cap this memory of sexy Eripon, aye? o3o

Y'know, I like Miki, but she actually bores me in videos. She's not that exciting on-camera.

Masakins, however, is the full damn package. She's basically MoMusu's Meimi.

Okay, our baby girl looks damn fragile here, but also a little sultry o-O Is this Sexy-Sad? Can Zukki actually pull that look off!?

I finally found an Idol who could do it. Now, Zukki... cry sexily!!! if y'all don't know that reference, sorry XD

Hagachin is cute, but pls, girl, look emotional. We don't need another Dead Fish like HKT's Sakuratan in our midst.

Now here's the true 'sekushii' girl of 12ki. Sure, she needs work, but of them all she has the most charm and appeal, at least in how she expresses herself.

... At least, that's what I like to think o3o

And my Zukki is just a babe in this. Happiness, charm, smiles and that sexy-cute appeal. DAMN, she's a winner! <3

ARRRGH, FARKING JESUS! I'm gonna have nightmares for weeks now! Why the HELL would they put this in a PV!?

... Oh wait, it's only Maria >o> Still gonna have those nightmares, though.

DJ Zuk likes to partay like it's 1990!!!

Also, that smile ;w; She looks so happy!

Her smile makes my heart swell so much, and... yep, I wanna cry ;w;

BUT NO, NOT YET, CHII! No crying yet!!!

Hot damn, Sakuranbo could catch flies with her mouth open that wide o-O

Mirror Mirror on the wall, whom is the Hottest of them all? >o>

Mirro: "Eripon. DUH!"

Zukki at the front is basically a dream come true. Also... ZUKKI SMIIILES ;W; <

And now for a toothpaste commercial courtesy of Duu. Want your gnashers pearly and cute? Use Duu-paste, the only toothpaste for those with fangs!

;w; She is so fabulous, and damn, her voice sounded really amazing here! Probably her best performance in an MV yet!

Cute Zukki trying to be a sexy Zukki.

Well, she's a little sexy, but still cute to me! <3


And her smile is the widest we have seen in years ;w; you go, girl, you smile and be proud! <3

That started off sexy, and then just flopped at the end and left me feeling embarrassed for Duu xD

Now that's what I call Flailing!

Because holy shit, that is not dancing XD At least not for the standard Ayumi can set.

Seriously, H!P, what's wrong with you and your shit choreography lately? You can't say they're dance heavy when half of what they do is flapping their arms and waving their hands.

Love me some smokey discos scenese.

But hey girls, watch out! Jumping on those kinda shoes can hurt yo tooties!

Harunan: "Ah~!!!"

TBH this grl can do sexy really freakin' well. Hot damn, Harunan!

No... NO!!!

DJ Zuk: "AYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! You know what's comin', right?"


Zukki: "In just 58 seconds this song will end and so will my career!"

Prepare for the heart break, Chii, prepare for it well... ;w;

12ki look all too happy at this development, not that Zukki would have been much competition for 'em anyway, considering they already surpass her in screen time... >o>

Of course I'm gonna be blue, MY BABY IS LEAVING ME D8<<<<<

The happiest she has been in a PV in years. I feel so proud of her ;w;

I'll dance, but not with you. Lemme dance with H!P's true Queens, Zukki, Eripon and OOHaru!!!

;w; my baby... my perfect, wonderful baby... ;w;

That bright smile won't be with us any more... I'm going to miss her so, so much...

This shot looks so disco, it's actually pretty great XD

I don't care for her, but hey! At least she's entertaining to watch.

This should have just been the cover for the entire single, you know? Or just a poster by itself owo

It would look sooooo amazing on my wall! >8D

That smile sparkles as nicely as the disco ball behind her does ;w;

The sheer joy she exudes here actually makes this PV better than all three of the ones Riho had for her graduation single, because that is how much Zukki means to me.

This is one of the best graduation songs right next to Mikaeri Bijin.

Do it! NOW!

Them hip thrusts, though.


Haha, this is really cute and funny.

I freakin' love whoever edited this, they did a bang up job!

My shining star ;w; What ever will I do without you now? ; A;

This is the happiest they've all looked in a while. It's fabulous to see, honestly.

And before you know it, this short-lived Saturday Night has quickly come to an end, and along with it, her smile...


I've watched this video countless times, I've listened to the song plenty, and no matter how many times I experience it, that little "Haai! Soko no niichan oneechan!" always gets to me, and it always will. No matter how fun and energetic this song is, there will always be that undertone of sadness to it because of that one line. It indicates so much to us Idol and Zukki fans, because we know deep down that it isn't just the song that will end, but our dear Suzuki Kanon's career, too.

For her last single, we were given something so joyous and fun, and yet no matter what, we still end up crying because of what that entire line implies, and the meaning it holds for us. Because in 58 seconds, a song ends, and so does Zukki's final single where she truly shines.

I'm so glad that this was Zukki's bow-out song, because whilst The Vision and Tokyo to Iu Katasumi are nice songs in their own way, Utakata Saturday Night! is all Zukki. The energy, the spirit, the bright colours and loud look just screams Suzuki Kanon. I mean, it's so old-school that it's actually perfect, because whilst Zukki herself is a modern girl, how she looks and the songs she likes from Morning Musume's long career are pretty nostalgic, and that's what this song is; it's nostalgic, but it's fun and appealing, and it's something we haven't seen from this group in a loooong time.

It's actually really refreshing, and perfectly suited to the group as a whole. I really hope they continue down this route, because throughout the entire PV, you can see just how excited these girls are and how much they love the surge of energy pulsing throughout the song and video. They're enjoying themselves, and they all look so freakin' happy, something I haven't seen from MoMusu in a while. Yeah, they'll have a few smiles here and there in other PV's, but nothing like this. I want them to keep this sort of style up, because it might actually benefit them, rather than that crappy cool look they're forcing on them that's really falling flat.

In general, MoMusu are coming together nicely, however this video truly shows us that this was a real group song and that they all came together as one. It was amazing to watch, and to see how they interacted with each other so beautifully. I love this video, and I love how great everyone is in it. These girls really stand-out when they're given a song that they can all work with.

Moving on from that though, let's talk about the real highlight of this video, and focus on the amazing graduate herself, Suzuki Kanon.

As I said, I'm glad this was her bow-out PV, because whilst three of these kinds of videos would have been great, it's also unrealistic given her position within the group. One video, however, allows us to treasure her more as a member, and can mean a lot more to us fans. The fact it was the lead song of this Triple A-side that she lead and starred in makes me all the more happier, if not a teeny bit surprised. Still, she rocked it, and it fit her so damn well. It's almost like Utakata Saturday Night! was a small nod to Zukki's debut, Maji Desu ka ska! in that it is energetic and cheerful, fun and bright, and very very cheesy in its execution. I doubt they could have given a more perfect song and video to Zukki as her final hurrah, but they did it, and whilst I dislike H!P for pushing such an amazing girl back, I am thankful that they gave her something memorable for her graduation single.

Zukki shines here, and this is honestly the best I have seen her since her debut. From an energetic, happy pre-teen who was over the moon at becoming an Idol to a professional performer who just wants to see others smile at her own expense, she has truly grown. She stands tall and shines even brighter than when she first stepped onto the stage, and didn't back down even when things got tough for her. She is an amazing girl, and whilst this MV isn't all about my dear Zukki, it celebrates everything about her that us fans appreciated. Her joy, her loud voice, her attitude and that never-ending smile that can be seen even from far away.

I love this video, and even though it brings tears to my eyes, I think that it's perfect for Zukki and all she is as a person. I wouldn't change any of it for the world.

For our final Saturday Night with Suzuki Kanon, let's treasure the short amount of time we have with her! If you don't, you'll regret it!

So niichan, oneechan, what are your thoughts on Suzuki Kanon's final music video and song? Are you happy she received something so great, or sad for her departure? Will you smile through your tears, or just smile? Whatever you do, please, smile for Zukki, because that's what she wants to bring us all; smiles and joy!

Until next time everyone, please enjoy the Idols you love, grin alongside our beloved Zukki-chan, and of course, stay happy and healthy!

Much Love and Many Tears,


  1. That move is really so awkward, but no doubt I'll do it when I'm alone in my room! XD

    I'm glad this song is the promotional lead out of the three for this single. It's fitting and screams "Zukki" and everyone, including the members, are having lots of fun with it.

    Zukki's the happiest and most joyous she has been in an MV for a while. I'm glad some thought was put in for her last bow-out song AND the MV - it's such a throwback and nod to Zukki's tastes, character, and personality.

    I was getting a bit worried there what with Tokyo to iu Katasumi and The Vision going down the usual sentimental, cool vibes.

    Zukki is really interesting isn't she? She said "The Peace!" was her favourite song, and some songs she has sang at her birthday events and solos (when she has them) are all classics from earlier eras of H!P.

    1. Let's all do THE PELVIC THRUUUUUST XD We'll all be secretly doing that dance move in the bedroom, because it's easy... yet awkwardly funny!!! XD

      I'm really glad about that choice, too, because it's clearly the best of the three, and the most original. It's total Zukki, too, as you say, and it looks like it'll be a hit with a lot of people, too. It's a nice change in direction, and I think they did right in using this song as the lead. YAY!!!

      I think they did well in choosing a good song for Zuk. Where they used a song to give Riho a dance break, they chose a song that made Zukki's smile shine, and that's what is important, I think - they create graduation songs that befit the members, at least for MM. They did it with Sayu (the group song about her, by the group she loved and lead) and I just love how this video was vibrant and bubbly and filled with everyone's unique personalities. It's so Zukki, and it's so true to MM as a whole.

      Ah, those other two... u.u H!P will do what H!P does, it seems XD They'll still go down a cool route, even if it kills 'em.

      Zukki is interesting. I guess it's cause she grew up with a mother who loved old-era MoMusu, but yeah, she goes for classics that actually fit her aesthetic, and her vocals. She feels like a classic MM member sometimes, so I'm glad she likes those sorts of songs, too.