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[A Week with Zukki] Amongst the Idols, A Smile Blooms! - 'Maji Desu ka Ska!' MV Review

All thoughts and opinions regarding the music video, song and group are completely my own. This is my Blurg, my domain. You don't have to read if you don't like it. Ta~

*[A Week with Zukki] is a series dedicated to the and only Suzuki Kanon, to both celebrate her and to prepare for her up-coming departure from both Morning Musume and Hello! Project. Here I hope to appreciate and adore the Idol who has brought me such joy, as well as to share with you some of her best works in her time as an Idol. So in order to celebrate all that is Zukki and her wonderful smile, let's take this journey together and think of her with fondness and joy. Before she dares Graduate, let's enjoy this wonderful Idol as much possible, and smile as we do so!

It's 2011. A 18 year old Chiima orders Maji Desu Ka Ska! Limited D version off of Ebay. It contains within it two songs and a DVD interview with 9th generation member Suzuki Kanon. She watches it, elated, and slowly begins to fall in love, both with Suzuki Kanon and Morning Musume. Before there was only like, and now there was something more.

This is the beginning of an Idol's career. This is the beginning of a Fangirl's love for Idols...

Maji Desu ka Ska! is a song and video I hold dear to my heart. It was the first single released to feature a new generation in years, the first generation I had ever experienced as an Idol fan and a fan of Hello! Project in general, and also the first Japanese pop CD I purchased for myself. I held so much excitement over my first purchase, and to this day it is just as special as it was back then, because it symbolizes the start of my CD collection, as well as the beginning of my deep love for J-pop, period.

So to start of this [A Week with Zukki] series, I knew there could only be one song and video to kick this week into gear, because it's the one that started it all. This is the beginning of not only Suzuki Kanon's career, but also my undying love for all things Idols. This is Maji Desu ka Ska!, and I'm seriously still in love it after all these years! Are you ready to press play?

Good grief, this is boring. But hey, look, colours >3>

Okay, this opening takes the cake for being stupidly long, and stupidly unnecessary.

I guess H!P just wanted to show us how big the letters were, most likely to compensate for how cheap this set was.

God damn, Sayumi looks so perfect standing there. The rest of you can leave >o>

Eripon and Riho are practicing their crouching tigers, I see.

God damnit, Ai-butt is sexy. Wish I'd known that back when I was still a noob fan.

Okay, even after five or so years, this is still my favourite part of the choreography. I used to love practicing this at home, back when I had no life and no exercise plan.

... Wait, I'm still like that today >o>

Oh my days, look at that smug little face and that confident attitude.

She just knew she was gonna be an Ace, didn't she? >o>

Coincidentally, I liked her at this point. It was Only You where I started to care less for her :>

Good grief, she was adorable back then ;w;

And honestly, she really hasn't changed much looks wise o-O Maybe she bathes in the Fountain of Youth or the Blood of countless Virgins?

Eripon, on the other hand, looks like a baby here o-O DAMN, she grew into her looks, didn't she? This girl has such a different vibe here compared to how she is now!

Smugleaf: "Mufufu, all the lines shall be mine, you hear? MINE!!!"

Yeah, and you'll sound shit singing them, whilst the rest of your generation continue to improve as you spiral down vocal-hell o3o

Okay, so I love Debut Eripon, but I am super thankful she gained some confidence and charisma, because good grief, she was an awkward turtle at this stage in her career, though a cute, happy one.

Also... her teeth. Good grief, her teeth >o>

The Zuk, however, needed none of that! She was a little starlet even in her first PV!

I mean just look at that confidence, just feel that energy, take in that radiance... she was an Idol from the get go, for sure!


Breakin' it down with Ai-butt and co.

Oh my days, it's the Flying Squirrel. Never thought I'd see you again o-O

Squirrel: *Hic* "Now you sheeeee - HIC - heeeere..."

Drinking on the job again, I see. Surprised you've not been fired for that, yet >o>

Winky: "I'll ferkin'... hich... kill yer!"

She loves me really! :p

Holy shit, I want that jacket o-O

In fact I want all the clothes worn here. They're so good!

... And sadly, we don't get quality like this in 2016. Fuck sake o3o

Chayu: "Teehee, if you don't become my fan, this is going where the sun won't dare shine!"

I don't think a few of your fans would have a problem with that though, Sayu o-O

Duck Face 101 with Mitsui Aika!

Lord Gaki: "What the fuck did they do to my hair?"


All my love is returning ;w; it's OVERFLOWING!!! ;w;


When 23 year old Chiima has a new found appreciation of Ai-butt that 18 year old Chiima never had o-O

I am also very much Idol-crushing on Ai-butt as I am now.

I swear, 2016 is the year where I discover things I thought I'd never discover. I mean, I now like Tachiagaaru, and I also like Dot Bikini and now Takahashi Ai. What next, a new found appreciation for Nogizaka46's Gurguru Curtain?

All the oldies together now, with the shriekiest at the front! :D

Lord Gaki: "Please fuckin' kill me now, I don't wanna be here."
Director-san: "Gaki, just smile for the camera, and then we'll be done."
Lord Gaki: "Fuck you."
Director-san: *ch-click* ( -_・) ︻デ═一 "You were saying...?"
Lord Gaki: "Urgh... fine..."

To be honest I'd pull that face if I was forced into a jacket coloured like poop.

Gosh darnit, they were all so cute and make-up-less then ;w;

Seriously though, Zukki's the best looking one of them all, and the most confident ;) <3

If I can do the Can Can, you can do the Can Can, can you do the Can Can, Can you Can?

I seriously love this choreography =3=

GAKI IS BAY! Bae? Babe? Bane?


That's NOT how the Birds and the Bee's work, Zukki!

Hell, even in her debut PV she was boring as heck o3o

Don't worry, we can't all be as crazy goofy as Zukki or as entertaining.

Is this what happens when rival groups like AKB step onto H!P turf? They roll around like they're big shots and threaten them with their menacing stares?

MoMusu: "Yeeeah, we guna fuck you up, yeeeah!"
Winky: "Fuck yer, we're numba 1!!!"


Good grief, that smile was everything to me back in the day ;w;

Hell, when even Mizu-who is more animated than Riho, we know there's a damn issue.

She was so cute once upon a time, and a half-decent singer. Sad to say, H!P fucked her voice up for every single after this, never to be repaired.

Poor Eripon, she has no clue what to do with her arms other than flail them like a windmill o3o

And HOW did you not get a lead until one of your last few singles!? You're stick out the most of all the 9ki! Why in the fuck did they shove you to the back!?

Oh, I remember now... weight hate >o>

And an abundance of WTF Riho love. Like, seriously. Why? o-O No personality and shit vocals beat out The Zuk? Why, how, why?

Yes, I'm still bitter, let a fan be this way if she so wishes o3o

Thanks for reminding me that Mizu-who had posture issues once upon a time, PV o3o

Winky: "And OMG it was thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis BIG!"

Winky on AKB's career and Aki-P's bank account.

She could have been a car model, for sure. Instead she graced us with her Idol presence and we all loved her for it ;w; <3

HA, Reina, please stop trying to impress us. We know you're not that great :3

Ai-Butt: "Ne. Ne ne ne!"

What, Ai-Butt, WHAT!?

Ai-Butt: "Why the fuck didn't you like me before this?"

I dunno... maybe because my Lord and Saviour, Niigaki Risa, was the only one for me after Koha left?

Ai-Butt: "... So?"

Charyu: "Ahh, it's so hot in here, my cuteness is making me melt!"

This girl is too adorable, urgh, why so perfect!? <3

You'd think after about 5 or so years in MoMusu since this came out, Aika would have learned to do more than flail an arm and point a finger during an MV shoot o3o

MY LIEGE!!! My Queen! My Lord and Saviour and the wisest of them all!

Good grief, she is perfect.

Aika: "AYYYEEE!"
Zukki: "Ayyyyyye!"

She looks so happy now, despite the shit coloured jacket she was forced to wear ;w;

Ai-Butt: "Look at all these fucks I give that you didn't like me back in the day."

That's quite a lot of fucks to give, Ai-Butt o3o

Ai-Butt: "... Shut up!"

This is actually damn cute, and rather reminiscent of Yaguchi Mari's little sprint in Happy Summer Wedding o3o

I see what you did there, Hello! Pro. I see you >3>


Oh God... this shit's still funny after 5 years! Haaaaaaaaa!

This is basically newbie perfection.

Also, hey! I remember when I had a scarf similar to Zukki's! Wonder where it went? o-O

This is a damn cute move, too.

After 5 years... I still adore this choreography. I can't deny how much I love it, really.

Even Gaki adores it! That, or she's daydreaming about me.

Put yo hands in the air! It's time to rock out with AI-BUUUUUUUUUTT!!!


Seriously, that's one aggressive Zukki gif XD

YASSSS those floor changes, yassss!!!

-sings aggressively- MAJI DESU KA SUKA!!!!!!!!!!


Holy shit Sayu, calm yoself, this is a G-rated PV, ok!? o-O

Okay, I admit, Mizu-who looks pretty darn cute here.

MY BABIES!!!!!!!!!! <3

They were so adorable way back when ;w; Hard to think it's been 5 years, but truly, they've both come so far ;2;

Still wondering if Aika truly knows what she's doing here o3o

Also, YAY, Sayu and Gaki <3

Oh, and Winky's there too. Sigh.

Ahhh, it seems even Riho's own lack of personality puts her to sleep, too! Good night, sweet Idols, zzzzzzz...

When Chiima gifs everything she can of Zukki, even if it's just 10 milliseconds of footage >o>


... Heeey, isn't that the face a Vampire off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Holy shit it is o-O

They're practically twins.

Oh hey, look, H!P are taking inspiration from The Brady Bunch opening o3o How fuckin' original.

Slap dat booty, slap dat junk, slap dat booty in the trunk!

Pew, pew, you're dead!



I don't know what I should say here, because there is a lot I want to say. How much I love this song, how I loved it back when I was a fresh-faced Idol fan, the joy it brought me and the fun I had trying to attempt the choreography. The emotions it brings up now, the tears I want to cry, the smile I want to sport. There's a lot going on within me right now, whether it's nostalgic or not, and it all wants to burst out.

Thing is, it's 2:21am, and everyone in the house is asleep, so no matter how big my desire is to start doing the Can-Can in the middle of my room whilst belting out Oi oi oi oi oi oi oi OI and YEEEEEEEEEEEI, I know I shouldn't. That'd be just plain rude, and I'm too British to let my inner 18 year old break free and do what the Hell she wants at this time of the night.

But yeah, this song digs up some good old memories. I used to listen to this song when I went to work, forcing other people to listen to my Japanese pop music that not even I understood. I would try and learn the choreography to my best abilities, I would fangirl to it at every opportunity, and of course I looped it to death. Heck, this was my first ever generation, and I was as excited as could be. I mean, this was a big thing for a new fan at the time 9ki came along, because MM hadn't had a new generation since JunLin came along, and they hadn't had an audition since 2006. It was a new experience for me, so of course I was excited, and when the song came out, a fresh, happy tune with bundles of energy and a kick-ass beat... well, I was one content bunny, let me tell you, because the MM I knew didn't do that kind of music. They were too cool and grown up for that.

In short, I adored this song and video for all it was worth, though I did find the video itself cheap upon my first viewing. Still, it gave me the joys of the 9ki, more so Zukki and Eripon, two girls I pegged back then as my favourites. Hell, they're still my favourites today, which goes to show my undying dedication for the underdogs. It just so happens that I love them a little bit more, even if my love for H!P in general has since waned.

History lesson aside, looking back at the PV as I am now 5 years later, I can honestly say that I still feel as excited to see it as I did back in 2011 when it first came out. It still makes me smile, it still makes me laugh, and it still makes me want to get up and dance. It gives me this explosion of energy, no matter how tired I may be, and it also makes me fall in love with both Zukki and Eripon all over again... especially Zukki.

This girl is an absolute treasure in this. I mean, of all four girls, it was Kanon who stuck out the most to me, no matter what. Her quirky nature, cheeky look and gorgeous smile really won me over as a viewer. She looked the part, she felt like an Idol and, above all, she looked like she belonged in the group. She wasn't awkward or weird, she didn't seem like she had no clue what she was doing, she just fit right in and made the studio her own playground. Of all four 9th generation members, Zukki, the kid with the least experience, stood out above the rest and commanded attention. She was energetic, bright and a gem to watch. She looked so pleased to be there, too, and that was so wonderful to see!

This is a happy video, one that showed the joy of the new girls and the spirit they brought along with them. It showed us a Morning Musume we had not seen in years, and how lively they could be when a new generation came along. Sure, it was made on the cheap, however the space was used wisely, and you could see that everyone was having a lot of fun with all they were given. It's a decent PV, but it's the personality behind it that truly made it worthwhile, and in my opinion, it is here that Suzuki Kanon truly shined, because she was as innocent as could be, and at her happiest in life because she could share her people with not just her fans, but the world as well.

The memories I hold for this song and video are fond ones, and they will never be replaced. Here I was introduced to the brightest smile I have ever seen, and a girl who wanted to share that smile with everyone she met. Now I'll share that smile here in this series.

This is the Beginning of the End, people. Are you ready to watch as this beautiful smile bloom before it fades away...?

Until next time everyone, please take care, and enjoy Suzuki Kanon as much as possible before this week ends! Treasure her smile, and love your Idols to the fullest.

Much Love,


  1. Me too! I really fell in love with Zukki here. She looked so adorable and bubbly. I actually didn't mind Riho's voice here, but like you - anything after "Only You" was just... WHY UP FRONT, WHY.

    1. Zukki was so wonderful here, she has been wonderful throughout her entire career, but you could really see she wanted to be an Idol and deliver her smile to others. And yeah, Riho was nice here, but then they destroyed her. OWO