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[A Week with Meimi] A Vampire in May. - Tamura Meimi's 'May.' DVD

All thoughts and opinions posted within this post are, as always, my own and should in no way reflect anyone else's opinion. If you agree with what I saw, AWESOME, if you don't, AWESOME. Either way, please respect what it said and shared here, and I shall in turn respect yours as well. Opinions are completely subjective to yourself and anyone else. Don't expect a person to follow your line of thought, but do open your mind to other opinions and how they may match or differ from yours. Thank you.

*Regarding the [Week with...] series: When the time arises, I will dedicate myself to a week of posts where I write and talk about specific members or groups who are Graduating, and for this series, I will be spending my time talking about and appreciating Tamura Meimi of both S/mileage and ANGERME as her Graduation comes ever closer. The intention behind such a series is to focus on Meimi as an Idol and member, and to go through her growth as a performer. I watch as she evolves, and come to appreciate who she is by the end of it. Hopefully, you will take this journey with me, and see Tamura Meimi: The Idol, the Performer, the essence of a smile. Thank you.

This post is coming out later than anticipated, due to essay deadlines (ouch) and some personal things that came up the day before. I apologise for this posts lateness, but I hope you enjoy it in all its Meimi glory, because, y'know... Meimi! :D YAY!

Meimi... Meimei... MAYMEI!!! I got it :D

I'm honestly surprised that, out of all S/mileage and ANGERME members ever, Tamura Meimi is the one who hasn't yet had a photobook published of her own, to date, and to know that she will never have one of her own as a part of Hello! Project is really darned surprising for me. I mean just look at this girl! She's gorgeous, and when you look at her smile, she lights up the room.

So, because she never had that much needed photobook release, I thought I would review the next best thing: her one solo DVD, May. (how in the heck has she only released one!?). It's basically a photobook, except she kind of moves a lot in it, and we see her expressions change throughout. So, with a bunch of gifs and some lovely still shots of this girl, let's have a look at Tamura Meimi in all of her toothy glory, and appreciate her as the perfect sprig of joy that she is.

This is May., in which our sweet little vampire entertains us and no one else. Are you ready to go on a date with this cute vampire of happiness and joy? If so, then let's get going~

I love this opening. So retro. So cute. So happy. :3

Oh sugar muffins, she caught me spying! Quick, hide, before she bites me! D8 -hides-

*pretending she doesn't see me* Huehuehue, Meimi~ Why so cute? Why so perf?

Littlest Vampire: "Mufu, I see you~"


Littlest Vampire: "N'aww... they left..."

OOOOOH, a dial phone! Haven't seen one of those since the 90's! :o

Chiima you OLD!

Honestly, how is she THIS cute!? H!P, do you know what the fudge you letting go!?


Okay, that's darned cute. Can I try the hat on, too!?

... Okay, no, THIS is darned cute! Peek-A-Boo, I see you!

Littlest Vampire: "Hehe, silly~"

Meimi = Perfection
Perfection = Ace
Ace = Meimi


Oh good grief, if this isn't adorable, then you need to reevaluate Meimi and her extraordinary teeth and come back later.

Even if her performance was piss poor I'd still love everything Meimi sang to me ; A;

Guitar + Hat + Legs = YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

Her pensive look is beautiful, too! ; A;

... !!!!

If I die now, I will die smiling knowing Meimi looked at me like this ;w;

The happiness she exudes gives me happiness! This girl infects you with smiles and love, I swear!

Littlest Vampire: "Bye, y'all~"


H!P can't afford seats any more, it seems.

Oh and wink~

So effin' CUTE!!!!

I swear, this girl is perfection. Big eyes, sweet face, amazing hair, incredible voice, and lovely expressions. What can't she do!?

Oh, yeah. Look serious. Ah, who cares about that right now? o3o

Yes, I'm still here! Don't look so sad, sweet Vampire Dumpling!

Hey, don't hide behind the curtains! I wanna see that pretty face!

So. Freakin'. Lovely. HOW is she so perfect!?

Shoes. And legs. Legs and shoes.


That slow walk and spin is on point. Thank you, Meimi, for your exceptional legs, and for existing in general.

D'aww, honey, you okay? What ya thinking about now?

It better not be graduation D8<

Ding Dong LEGS!!!

And Ding Dong IDOL LIPS!

Another thing to add to the list of Meimi Perfection: Lips (and ears!) :D

Littlest Vampire: "Mufufu~"

That's a Gremlin-I've-Got-A-Plan face if ever I did see one >o> What chu planning, gurl?

Littlest Vampire: "Nothing...~"

Nuthin' my butt! Sneaky devil D8<

Aw damn, that is some Horror movie-esque, creepy doll level shit right there o-O

Littlest Vampire: "I'm sorry..."

Yeah, you better be! Don't freak me out! D8<

Urgh, so that's what her plan was... to scare me... >o> Idols these days!

Just think, if Meimi didn't have those crazy cute heels on, she would be shorter than this... wire thing.

... And I kinda wanna see that o3o


Seriously though, ain't it creepy how one eye is showing... and then the rows of vampire fangs this child has!? CREEPEH!!!

Cuteness in a nutshell. Good grief, why is she so adorable!? H!P, you truly lucked out with this one!

And now y'all letting her go D8< Urgh!

Peace and WINK~

Littlest Vampire: "Oh, Hi~"

I was here the entire time!

Question Time: ... WHY doesn't she have a Photobook!? Enlighten me, please.


Be honest with me: Wouldn't this have made a wonderful photobook?

Meimi, y'all can't just hit the damn wall!

Littlest Vampire: "Yes, I can."

Littlest Vampire: "There there... I didn't mean to hit you."

And now the crazy is hugging it o3o


I really want one, H!P. I really do.

This girl really does make me smile. She truly is an Idol ;w;

She really is a beauty, isn't she? Gorgeous smile, amazing camera presence, charisma and cheer. She is everything. She is Idol.

And soon, she will walk away from us all...

And that smile will fade away as she walks on forward, with us all standing behind her...


What I share here is only a little bit of what May. has to offer, because in the 50 minutes you are just watching Meimi, you get so much more than imagery and delight. You get an overwhelming sense of happiness from her, and every time you watch this girl and see her smile that glorious beam of hers, you want to grin from ear to ear as well. Her happiness is infectious, and it reaches you from the other side of the screen. Everything Meimi exudes, she delivers it to you, no matter where you are or where she is.

Looking at Meimi in this DVD, I couldn't help but wonder just how she had gotten away with no other solo DVD's or photobooks within her time as a member of Hello! Project, S/mileage and ANGERME. She's cheerful, bright and a ray of sunshine to her fans, and in everything she does, you can see and feel that energy and happiness she contains. I really do wish I could have seen that even more in a photobook or even more solo DVD's, because Tamura Meimi's joy is something you need to share, and it's something you should experience.

This girl is a ball of light. She keeps you going, and she keeps you smiling even in the darkest of times. When I sat and watched this, screen grabbing as I went, this amazing Idol made me feel such happiness when I wanted to do nothing but cry. She brightened my day, and she gave me something to enjoy. Tamura Meimi is truly a treasure not only in this, but everything she has ever performed and taken part in.

For those reading this, I apologise if it feels rushed or terribly written, and for its lateness. But, I thank you for reading this, and for enjoying all things Meimi. I hope that today, this girl managed to put a smile upon your face, and I hope that you were able to watch this DVD and see just how truly amazing she is.

Until our next Meimi based post, please enjoy all things Meimi, and love that bright smile that lights up our worlds.

Much Love,

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