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[A Week with Meimi] Stand Up, Vampire! We Can't See You in the Sunlight! 'Tachigaaru' Rewind PV Review!

All thoughts and opinions within this post will be my own, and no one else's. I do not expect people to agree with me, nor do I expect them to think similar to me. All I hope is that, through this post, you understand my thoughts and feelings on the song, video and group, and to leave with no hard feelings. If you feel strongly about something, and are easily offended by another persons opinions, then please do click away, otherwise enjoy, and I will see you at the end of the post!

*Regarding the [Week with...] series: When the time arises, I will dedicate myself to a week of posts where I write and talk about specific members or groups who are Graduating, and for this series, I will be spending my time talking about and appreciating Tamura Meimi of both S/mileage and ANGERME as her Graduation comes ever closer. The intention behind such a series is to focus on Meimi as an Idol and member, and to go through her growth as a performer. I watch as she evolves, and come to appreciate who she is by the end of it. Hopefully, you will take this journey with me, and see Tamura Meimi: The Idol, the Performer, the essence of a smile. Thank you.

I have not done one of these in a good while... for a damn year and 5 months, to be specific. WOOOO-W. I feel so out of practice!

So, a better time than never to get back into the swing of things! Let's GO!

Way, waaaay back when in good ol' 2011 when I was still new to blogging and very much an opinionator (Read: not a word), I reviewed the newly released Tachiagaaru, S/mileage's first music video to feature the up-and-coming second generation, as well as the first to lack the presence of the amazing Ogawa Saki, my beloved of what was once a perfect S/mileage.

2011 me hated this song. 2011 me hated this video. 2011 me was really fucking bitter because Ogawa Saki's graduation was ripped away from her, as was all decency because she wanted to jump ship. 2011 me was not a happy camper. Luckily, 2016 me has grown the fuck up, and 2016 me has actually changed her mind a little about some things regarding the song and video.

So, after five long years of ignoring what I once hated, I've returned to it, all for the sake of Tamura Meimi's impending Graduation day. For one week I will look back at PV's, potentially look at songs, and basically think of and write about the Tamura Meimi of S/mileage and ANGERME. She is my focus, she is my muse, and god-damnit, we will find her in this damn PV! So, to start things off, let's take a trip back in time and find Meimi, the Littlest Vampire and the happiest of them all!

Beginning from the starting point of her Idol career, it's Tachiagaaru! Stand up, Tamura Meimi! We want to see you!!!

Not gonna lie, this is actually a fun opening shot. Now, the question is this: Who the fuck crashed the spaceship!? -stares pointedly at Kanananananananana-

Dang, that 480p quality really chokes me up!

Such quality, so high, so yeah.


Because who doesn't enjoy watching Yuuka and Dawa bend over?

... Wait... were they legal at this point in their career? >_>

HOT DAMN, Dawa ears.

Aww, look, little people! And not a vampire in sight!

It's like they knew which ones would last in 5 years' time... o 3o

Dawa: "Huehuehue... I'm gonna still be leader by the time you leave~"

Dawa the Pervert is surfacing! Look at dat perv smile, aye~

Oh, yeah... wasn't this way back when the catchphrase was 'The group with the shortest skirts and longest / nicest legs'? I miss those days!

And damn, how did I miss this shot!?

Bouncey bouncey, wheee!

Seriously, this is some fun choreography, despite the simplicity of it all.

HOT DAMN, FUYUKA! My precious baby ;^;

I will never forget that one time you were a S/mileage member ; A; </3

Holy fucking shit, Akari without chubby cheeks is a scary mother fucker o-O

Honestly, in all 52 seconds of this video, the one time I see the Littlest Vampire up-close is behind Dawa, and she's fucking squinting because of all that god-damn sunlight she has to dance her way through, trying not to burn away in the process.

Praying y'all had a good amount of sunscreen on during this PV shoot, kid.

Also, DAWA FOR VIVIAN! -throws-

Yuuka: "Peace out, Mofo's, Y'all won't see me again for years... 'cept in some pictures you gonna cry over."
God damn, she was the perfect S/mileage member.

And then they suffered without her... Le sigh.

Damn, it's almost as if the H!P overlords just knew who was going to make it, and the one that wouldn't...

-sob sob!- FUYUKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

... Leg kicks. Just because!

And honestly, Dawa does it so damn flawlessly.

But HOLY HOT DAMN, that giant Vampire mouth on Meimi, though.

... Makes me realise how tame she's become in recent years o-O

When you suddenly realise how much both Dawa and Nyon improved in the looks department over the years, and yet Yuuka never needed to improve - laughs evilly-

Oh boy... I'm such a cow, and I am going to Hell for it! -cackles-



Goddamnit, Meimi is owning that little bow right there.

This ones for ma girl, Kua! SHOUT OUT TO YOU, KUA!!!

And this one is all for me, because GORILLA-CHAN! <3

Please close your mouth, I don't want to get trapped in there ; 3;

Seriously though, Yuuka was the true S/mileage Ace. I mean, S/mileage completely fell apart without her until ANGERME was created, right?

... And now, Dawa's gonna shoot the Hater Taters with Laser BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAMZ!

Dawa: "Who da fuck hatin' on S/mileage post Yuuka!? I MADE THIS GROUP, BITCH!"


Don't be surprised if this is the only pic you see of Nyon from me; I didn't like her much back then, much like I didn't like her in the on-coming S/mileage x ANGERME years XD

I'm a bitch, I know.

Hot damn, this scene is actually really freakin' pretty! How in the Hey-ll did I not notice this before!?

Yuuka: "Is that the sound of future failure I hear?"

Oh Yuuka, so cruel, yet so truthful, too~

Okay, let's be honest... THIS IS THE BEST!!!

Young Nyon was a silly Nyon, and that was nice :3

You never actually notice how little Meimi is shown until you do the screen captioning part of your review...

God damnit, background members!

Okay, this is freakin' pretty. Thank you, Adobe Effects!

You know, photoshop could do wonders on this photo...

...Okay,  Pervy Chiimaw, get back in yo cage!!! In fact, how the hey did you get out!? >o>

When you're basically trying to scrape together every little bit of background member footage you can...

Le sigh, who knew Meimi was once this irrelevant, huh?

Actually, can this be my favourite thing ever? This scene is near damn flawless because of its movement <3

Camera shots, le siiiigh!

Daaamn, look at Yuuka, working that move to perfection!

Come on Dawa and Nyon, keep up!

The Littlest Vampire, leading them all even before she was a full-time member! You go, tiny batshit crazy person!

Hahahahaha, oh Gawd, ALL THE PHOTOSHOP! All the opportunities!!!


That fucking cow!

The bloody cow still gets me, and it's been 5 freakin' years! HA! XD

Okay, never noticed the rumbling... COOL!!!


Fave. Move. EVER! Right next to the generic High School Musical Jump :D

And then they be like "Bye bitch, bye" and laser beam themselves the fuck outta here.

And that was the last we ever heard of 'S/mileage'...


I don't know what it is, but for some reason, 2016 Chiima is super hyped about this PV. In contrast to how I felt about it five long years ago, right now, I think it's a pretty fun video. Cheap and tacky, sure, but fun regardless, because holy shit, it's everything S/mileage represented back in the day: Short skirts, cute songs and weird vibes. Hyperactivity also played a huge part in their image until their 'cool look' infiltrated some time later, and honestly, this was the S/mileage that Tamura Meimi fell in love with, and I can see why.

Tachiagaaru, though cheap and tacky in more ways than one, is extremely cheerful in all it exudes. Sure, the set isn't that great (Hi, green screen!), and the Warugaki scenes are so freakin' cramped I feel claustrophobic, but it's very close-knit and energetic that you kind of forgive it for all its faults. The members are enjoying themselves, Meimi is having a fucking ball in the back there, and they all look so damn happy, you can't help but feel that happiness, too. They're silly, carefree, and we loved that about them. Heck, I miss that about them. Cool S/mileage ain't got nothing on these chipper girls, let me tell you!

And in regards to Meimi who, despite being pushed in the back due to her status at that point in time, you could really tell she loved being a part of S/mileage, even if she wasn't a main member. Of all the second gen potentials in 2011, Meimi was that member of all the potentials that you knew wanted to be a part of the group, because every chance she got, she showed it. Her smile, her energy, her absolute brilliance and dedication was all there. In a short 6 second clip of them jumping together, you could see how much Meimi wanted this and how much she adored being there. Hell, you can even see that girls adoration of S/mileage when she's behind them; this girl loved this group, and she wanted to be in it with every ounce of her being.

Heck, even 2011 me saw the enthusiasm this girl had way back then, and she was my least favourite sub-member of the lot! It goes to show how obvious she was in how much she wanted that full member spot, right?

Meimi jumped her little ass off in this and, whilst she freaks me out with her giant mouth and giant forehead, I can't deny how endearing she is as a potential member here. She shines, and she for all six seconds of solo spotlight she has, she rolls with it and makes her presence known. She was a memorable candidate for S/mileage, and a force that would soon be reckoned with come her four year, 9 month tenure within Hello! Project, S/mileage and ANGERME.

Once upon a time she freaked me out, however Tachiagaaru was the birth of a great member and a memory of the innocent, enthusiastic girl many came to love. Her cuteness is forever embodied here and, whilst 2011 Chiima may be disgusted by my opinions now, the 2016 version of me is rather happy to have gone back to Tachiagaaru, only to realise I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

A quirky cute video, a pretty adorable song and a little Vampire making her way in the Idol world... what more could you want? It's so very S/mileage, and it's so, so good in a cheesy, tacky way. Let the past me cringe, because I enjoy this right now, and nothing can stop me from rocking on to Tachiagaaru!

If you would like to read my review of Tachiagaaru from way back when, the click Here to take a look, and see what has changed, and what hasn't! You might be surprised by what you read, you know~?

And until the next post, please take care, love Idols and, of course, remember Tamura Meimi. Goodbye~

Much Love,

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