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[A Week with Meimi] The Littlest Vampire's Enormous Voice [Performance Selection à la Meimi]

All thoughts and opinions within this post are, as per usual, my own and nobody else's, unless otherwise stated. If you do not enjoy what is being said regarding these songs and / or member, or disagree with me to a point where you cannot stand what is written, then you can turn away and leave this blog. Otherwise, please do enjoy whatever nonsense I spout!

*Regarding the [Week with...] series: When the time arises, I will dedicate myself to a week of posts where I write and talk about specific members or groups who are Graduating, and for this series, I will be spending my time talking about and appreciating Tamura Meimi of both S/mileage and ANGERME as her Graduation comes ever closer. The intention behind such a series is to focus on Meimi as an Idol and member, and to go through her growth as a performer. I watch as she evolves, and come to appreciate who she is by the end of it. Hopefully, you will take this journey with me, and see Tamura Meimi: The Idol, the Performer, the essence of a smile. Thank you.

In this kind of series, I aim too look at Meimi as an Idol and Performer, and of all the current Hello! Project members to date, Tamura Meimi is one of those rare girls who seems to be an all-around Idol. She has the voice, the looks, the personality, the dance skills, and of course the acting bug. She's a star, one with a cute face and powerful vocals that really surprises you when she opens her mouth and sings. She takes you in and keeps you there, and sometimes she can even send chills down your spine.

Simply put, Tamura Meimi is amazing, and despite her short time as an Idol, she really did deserve more than two solo songs, because damn, she was - is - one of ANGERME's best.

In this post, I will be looking at Tamura Meimi's two solo songs, Mo nana nai to Kime ta from the stage play LILIUM, and her solo of Yume Miru 15sai from SMILE FANTASY, as well as a select few duet and solo performances from concerts or events that Meimi has participated in during her time as a Hello! Project member, all in order to appreciate the big voice this girl holds.

So, without further ado, let's look at Tamura Meimi as a singer on stage in this small Performance Selection, and appreciate this girl's enormous voice.

Theater Solo Songs

Mō Naka nai to Kime ta from LILIUM -Lilium Shoujo Junketsu Kageki-

I've not yet watched LILIUM, much to the shock of my Hello! Pro fan friends, however after seeing this performance of Meimi and the raw passion she holds in both voice and face for the musical number, I can't help but want to see it and watch Meimi in all her performing glory. Just looking at this piece, you can see how much dedication and love she has for the theater and singing. It's really inspiring, actually.

I've come to really enjoy the song itself, especially the emotion that is portrayed throughout. I mean, I don't think Meimi's voice is at its best here, however you can really hear the power behind it as she tries to reach the audience from both the front and back, and the emotion for her character is evident all the way through. Despite being a short song, you can feel the pain and determination in the character, not Meimi, and you believe every bit of it.

Mō Naka nai to Kime ta is a beautiful song, one that is a great example of just how far Meimi's voice can go, and the depth it has in emotion and passion. It's no wonder she was given such a heart-rendering piece for what must be a moving stage play.

Yume Miru 15sai from SMILE FANTASY

I was honestly surprised by this new arrangement of the popular S/mileage track, however I found that this new version Yume Miru 15sai fit Meimi to T, what with its almost hyperactive fast pace and matsuri-esque feel. It's energetic, a bit weird in terms of performance, but absolutely fun to watch and listen to.

Even the studio version, much like Mō Naka nai to Kime ta actually, retains that emotion and dedication to the song that the performance has. Meimi's energy and personality really shines through here, however, and the song feels more true to Meimi as a person, rather than Meimi as a specific character in theater. It's a great performance, one that also makes me want to watch the musical this song was rearranged for, though the song itself doesn't deliver the same amount as want for the stage play like it did for LILIUM. I guess it's because I've heard this song before, who knows?

Either way, this song and Meimi's performance just goes to show how great she is in theater, and how fun the girl can be in her roles. She's energetic and passionate, and she really is eye-catching to watch. Her charisma is undeniable, and Meimi is just... well, she's Meimi, and she is pretty darned awesome here.

... You know what, no wonder Meimi's only two solo songs are her theater performances! It's something she does best, right?

Duet Performances

robokiss by Sato Masaki and Tamura Meimi

This was one of the first duet performances I ever saw from Tamura Meimi, and honestly, it's one of my favourite, because who doesn't love the weird happiness of Hello! Project's most energetic kids? Seriously, the pairing of Meimi with Masakins is somewhat genius, and after seeing them perform robokiss together, I'm surprised they never sang any other W songs together again. I mean... what? They're the perfect members for a W reboot! H!P, why didn't you get on this!?

These two girls are silly and fun, their energy is through the roof, and they have a beautiful amount of passion for both the song and their performance to the fans. Pair that with their cute but powerful vocals, and you have a perfect concoction for one hell of a time with these two.

Honestly, I am extremely sad these two didn't perform together more often, because their chemistry is absolutely wonderful, and they fit the song beautifully. Seriously, it matches them so darned well! ;w;

Smile Blues by Fukuda Kanon and Tamura Meimi

I am honestly not a fan of this song, mostly for Nyon's annoying voice and it's weird tone, however as it is one of Meimi's few duets I do know of, and also because I'm sure I might get thrown on a bonfire if I don't include it here, I thought I might take a look at it, and watch Meimi in a more serious song performance as an Idol.

Honestly, whilst this is not my favourite song to hear Meimi in, I do think she does a good job of taking on a more serious-ish, down-tempo tune. Her voice is beautiful here, and though you do see smidgens of her smile and joy at being on stage here and there (y'all can't kill the passion!), you can still see that Meimi takes the song itself seriously. That said, I do like that you can't dampen her spirits with such a dull slow song. It's nice to see her happiness shine through here; it proves just how much she enjoys being an Idol, and standing on that stage.

Sadly, I do have one gripe with Smile Blues... Why, oh Lord why, did you try and make Nyon and Meimi 'sexy' in this song? No, H!P, no. Neither can do it, so sit in your corner, and stay there! Urgh!

Otherwise, YAY, Meimi! ^o^

Suki Sugita Baka Mitai by Hagatamu (Original by DEF.DIVA)

One of the most recent performances from Meimi, you can really see how professional and serious this girl has become in her time as an Idol, and how dedicated she is to the stage and her efforts as a performer. You can still feel that passion and power in her voice, and her energy is unparalleled, however her attitude is a lot more polished, her form and expression that of an Idol who has seasoned. She basically like fine wine at this point; she got better with age, and it shows!

And throughout it all, she actually didn't lose her smile. That's a damn good feat for a Hello! Pro Idol right now, because despite the fact that Meimi doesn't smile as much her, you can see the happiness in her eyes and how they light up when she sings. Her performance doesn't feel forced, her enthusiasm isn't fake and her spirit hasn't been crushed. She loves doing this, and you can feel it in every lyric and beat she dances to.

Seriously, this girl is incredible, and her happiness is indestructible! I really do guess it's only in Music Videos she seems to have taken a backseat because, damn, she is still an amazing performer here from when she first started all those years ago!

Solo Performances

Goodbye Natsuo by Tamura Meimi (Originall by Matsuura Aya)

I actually wasn't going to include this here in the post, because the opening lines didn't sound all that powerful at first, and then... well, that little girl let out a big voice, and I was like damn, she's killed my speakers! and realised I shouldn't have judged her opening line for the rest of the song because, wow, this girl has some killer pipes on her! She really does reach the crowd with her voal iice, doesn't she?

For someone so hyperactive and adorable, I really don't expect such a strong voice to come from her. I mean, she's so cute, right? That said, big things come in small packages, and Meimi has not only a big personality and an even bigger smile, but she has an incredible voice, too, and it's really displayed here. Her spirit is super apparent here too, like it is in every performance, but I do actually think it comes out more in Goodbye Natsuo. She's clearly pumped, her movements are intense and her performance is just amazing to watch!

I'm actually in awe at how stable a singer she is, despite moving around so much. She doesn't pause for breath that much either, I think, and yet she can still come out with such a wonderful, rich voice filled with that undying passion that Meimi has. Oh, and that smile. It's so big and wide and... it's just so lovely to see it!

Seriously, if you've not watched this performance, do it now, because I actually think that this is one of Meimi's best solo performances. She is such a winner here, and I'm so glad I stuck this one out, despite my initial doubts.

Osaka Koi no Uta by Tamura Meimi (Original by Morning Musume)

I do actually find it funny that, of all the members to perform this song, it was the kid from Gunma, not Osaka. I mean... was Kanananana not feelin' the Osaka love that day?

All kidding aside, I do think that Meimi rocked this performance, even if the pronunciation does feel a little forced. She really suits the song and brings across the power that Osaka Koi no Uta demands of its singers, though Meimi trying to a little bit sexy is weird to watch, cause she's far too cute for that here. Still, she does rock it, and for a really short performance of such a great song, Meimi demands and holds attention with every note and each dance move. She's absolutely mesmirising, and you really can't take your eyes off of her.

I think that's what I like about Meimi as a performer; she demands attention, and she never fails to deliver on her performance as an Idol, whether it's in singing, acting or dancing. She's energetic, precise and always ready to give you a memorable performance, whether she is doing it solo, or with a group. She keeps you locked onto her, and she never fails to meet your expectations. That is what a performer is all about, and Meimi does it every. Damn. Time.

So yeah, she killed Osaka Koi no Uta, much like she killed every other performance that I've talked about here, because that's just how Tamura Meimi rolls.


Honestly, we all knew it from the beginning: Tamura Meimi is an incredible performer. Whether it's on the stage as an Idol or an actress, she will always reach the audience with both her voice and her energy. She's happy, she's a professional and she's lively, and she never loses that spark that attracts you to her. In just seven videos posted on here, you can see that displayed, and honestly, I don't doubt she's the same in every other performance she's done, because hey; it's Meimi, and she's never going to lose that ray of sunlight within her that shines ever so brightly when she stage.

I love that Meimi is passionate about this, I love that every time she stands on the stage, you look at her, and I love that she demands your attention and keeps you intrigued until the song finally ends. She's absolutely stunning in that, as a performer, she can keep you there, watching and waiting for what she might do next. It's not just her voice that takes you in; it's Meimi herself, and whenever you look at her, you really can't deny that she is great in every possible way.

As a singer, Idol and performer, Tamura Meimi is one of the best from Hello! Project's current lineup, and I dearly wish she'd had more solo songs and more time to shine, however, I understand where her true desires and passion lies, and I know why she has to go. Yeah, she loves performing on a stage, but there's a specific stage she wants to stand on now, and honestly, her passion and drive will come out in full force there once she leaves ANGERME and Hello! Project to find that dream.

This girl is amazing, and she has a big voice that moves you. I just hope that in the near future, she keeps on moving people, because I never want her to let that love and passion die down.

And finally, to end this post... DAT MEIMI!!!

Until next time everyone, keep on lovin' Meimi, and keep on doing what you love and have passion for, too.

Much Love,

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