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[A Week with Meimi] And So Begins The Vampire's Final Song - 'Koi Nara Tokku ni Hajimatteru' MV Review

Every thought, every feeling and every opinion written here... they're my own, of course, and y'all can't change what I think. I know not everyone will agree with what is said, and I understand that people will disagree or agree, and that some will dislike me for what I say, but honestly, it's my opinion, and your opinion is yours. That's all that matters, if you ask me, so let me have my say, and you can have yours! The end, ja ne, see you next time!

*Regarding the [Week with...] series: When the time arises, I will dedicate myself to a week of posts where I write and talk about specific members or groups who are Graduating, and for this series, I will be spending my time talking about and appreciating Tamura Meimi of both S/mileage and ANGERME as her Graduation comes ever closer. The intention behind such a series is to focus on Meimi as an Idol and member, and to go through her growth as a performer. I watch as she evolves, and come to appreciate who she is by the end of it. Hopefully, you will take this journey with me, and see Tamura Meimi: The Idol, the Performer, the essence of a smile. Thank you.

As our Littlest Vampire gets ready to take flight, let's pay her a visit and send her one last goodbye as we take a look at the final song she will ever sing to us as an Idol, and prepare for our beloved Tamura Meimi to take her leave...

Sayonara, Vampire.

In my final review for my [Week with Meimi] series, I take a look at the final song and video Tamura Meimi has taken part in as a member of ANGERME, Koi Nara Tokku ni Hajimatteru. The reason for choosing this video specifically is that, whilst the other two songs also feature Meimi nicely within them, this one seems to feature her a little heavily, despite the fact that, much like the other two, this one does not feel like a Graduation song in any way possible. Regardless, this video seems to have the most sentimental value, which is why I will be reviewing it today.

In our Vampire's Last Song, let's appreciate the wonder that is Meimi and treasure that small amount of time we have left with her before she graduates. Right now it begins, the start of the end. Are you ready to let go, or do you want to hold on just a little bit longer?

C'mooooon, H!P. I know y'all can do better opening titles than this basic shit o3o

Well damn, H!P. Looks like you splashed the cash a little! Thank you :D

I like this location. I like it a lot, cause it be pretty!

Oh good grief, she is glorious!

And hey there, look at all dem ANGERME bros in the background, waving her bye bye. Damn kids can't wait to get rid of their little starlet.

Especially Rikako. Damn, if looks could kill, Rikako's would, cause she is ready to watch Meimi leave so she can grab some of dem lines.

Kananana: "I will be the 2ki Ace after this."
Rikako: "Bitch better watch out, I'm gon'a steal all dem lines and be the star!"

Okay, thank goodness for some decent choreography.

I like how fast it is :3

Firstly; DRESSES

Secondly; damn to Rikako's Resting Bitch Face, she's really worked hard on that and perfected it o3o

Dawa: "I's gonna fuck you up, BRUH!"

Good grief, Dawa, get some sleep, you look like a Zombie D8 Also get some lipstick on, those lips look pale AF and add to your Walking Dead vibe.

What's getting bigger, Dawa? >o>

... Aki P's bank account?

Hot damn, Meimi! You're flawless!

Why do you have to gooooo!? ; 3;

Okay, what in Hells Bells did I just screen cap? o-O That is some scary ass shit, Meimi, NEVER do that again, it's not cute, it's downright creepy!

But you reeled me back in with this shot. Gert damn, you are a beauty! <3

Too perfect not to gif ;w;

Oh my days, someone looks bored out of her mind o3o

And Kanananana just looks graceful AF in the back, there <3 Ma baby <3

But heyll, she knows how to bring me back! Hello, sultry Rina <3

Seriously, this girl has some untapped potential in the sultry department. Heck, she could even give MizuKingdom a run for her money!

Her smile may be a winner, but her sekushii aura could be killer!

Oomph, this girl is gonna be the death of me! Kanananananana!

Seriously, she's a doll! <3

I have a feeling Maho might make a good Yankee, no clue why o3o

Also, Moe looking bored as heck, and Kanananana looking like the QUEEN SHE BE!!!

It honestly wouldn't be an ANGERME PV without some leg action!

Now... guess who these leggies belong to!

Gosh darnit, how did 2ki get so perfect!? They're all basically flawless.

And hey, doesn't Akari look like model for some super high end lipstick brand or something? She does to me!

Goodness me, just look at Dawa, running for some attention >o> Girl, get to the back, this is MEIMI'S PV!

Desperation is not attractive, honey >o>

And let's be real; this PV and its gloomy filter is not nice for Dawa's complexion. I mean, she looks kinda like your drunk Uncle at the family get together here, am I right? o-O

Still, in solo shots: She and Rina be killin' it!

Though I stand by my statement that Dawa needs some sleep, and a bit of lipstick. Fight the Zombie Look!

Take-chan is trying to reach into the screen... and grab us! Gasp!

Is she a zombie, too!?

This girl really is rocking this song! Look at that movement, that precision... Gert damn, this Little Vampire has really grown up ; 3;

Take-chan is killing it, too.

2ki perfectionin this MV, and honestly... that's the best thing about it XD They're all super damn amazing.

Dawa: "The Dawa Apocalypse has already begun!"


Kanananananana's eyebrow game is strong, yo! Get the Kana Look!

... And this is what happens when you randomly pause, people: Take-chan headbanging hair. Wow.

That must be some heavy metal she's listening to! Is it BABYMETAL, or LADYBABY, Take-chan?

Take-chan: "... Death Rabbits!"


Oh, haaaaai, new girl, I kinda forgot you existed for a second o3o I mean, you're not exactly shoved in our faces here.

Also, you look like you wanna cry... Need a hug?

When the beat drops and Meimi starts to work that groove <3

And when Dawa opens your mouth and you're just like 'pls don't sing, spare my delicate ears' ; 3;

Honest to GAWD, this choreography looks fun as hell. It makes me want to get up and dance!

Murotan: "Now... to eliminate the rest of the vocal competition..."
Take-chan: "-sigh-, Murotan, I'm standing right here, y'know!"

This girl really is killing it here, despite that look of boredom evident on her face.

... Or is that her trying to be 'cool'?

Rinapuu demonstrating how you should wash yo hair.

Seriously, when she wants to, this girl can command attention and keep your eyes there until she walks away.

Take-chan stealin' the spotlight and yo girls! Not that you'd complain, to be honest :3

Again: 2ki is FLAWLESS, and this is the PV that shows it! God damn, how did H!P score so well with these kids!?

Take-chan: "So flawless you wanna watch me walk away~"


Dawa with her pack of Zombie-Vampire Hybrids :3

Resting Bitch Face feat. Rikako: On Point.

Aaaaaand Rina just looks like she needs a nap and something to do.

Dawa: "You think you can take all my lines, small fry?"
Murotan: "Of course I can... I have a better voice, a bigger fanbase."
Dawa: "I will cut you with these nails, you titch!"

In order to get more lines, Murotan has resorted to flirting with the enemy! In this case, Take-chan! Le Gasp!

Okay, no, this is not a flattering screen caption for any of y'all.

And yet... That Meimi tummy!!!!! <3

Okay, what in the Lordeh's name is Maho wearing!?

It suits her, sure, but... no. NOOOOO!!!

Also, heeeey there, flawless Kanananana! OWO

Giffing for the Kananana, forget the rest, especially Rikako o3o

-is killed by all the Rikako fans-

I know Moe, I love Kanananananana, too o3o <3

Maho, why you not gettin' in on this Kananananana love? >o>

Oh my days, Leaning Tower of Maho, spotted LEANING TOWER OF MAHO, SPOTTED!

Also, yes Rina, those legs do look soft! OWO <3 Can I feel them to confirm that they are indeed soft? ;D

No please, keep everything on D8 Keep the innocence aliiiive!

Also, damn this is a romantic scene between these two o3o Dawa... are you and Meimi dating? >o> Is that why she's gotta graduate?

Di you out her for your own benefit!? D8<

Good grief, Maho is a cute little popsicle o3o

So epic, the rest of ANGERME have to bow down to their Queen.

Also, damn, that last solo shot! There was one killer smile right there!

Seriously, that smile looks like it could control you. She really does remind me of some domineering Office Lady or a lawer or something.

... OL Photobook, anyone? >o>


Also I really don't like Moe's fringe, I have just realised o3o

Finally! She's smiling and not bringing out her epic Resting Bitch Face.

The fact that she can pull off both Happy and Serious makes me happy, though! Well done, kid!

Take-chan: "Chuuuuuu!"

Love has Started, and Meimi's Idol days are ending ;w; I'D RATHER NOT HAVE THAT, OKAY!?

Oh wow, hey Murotan, you finally got a solo shot o3o That took a while.

I am seriously surprised by that, actually!

Take-chan demonstrating that, yes, she can be sexy, too!

Seriously, work it, girl!

Sigh, Moe, please look alive. You look like a train wreck in comparison to both Meimi and Take-chan.

By the way, Meimi seems to have the serious look down pat by now. A damn shame considering this is her last PV!

Maestro Dawa, at your service!

And Meimi, bringing them all back together after Dawa throws them awa ;w; <3

No, Dawa, we will NOT take anything off! You perv! D8<

I wanna catch you, Meimi, not your love ;w; </3 </3 </3

Take-chan: "I am Number 1 Ichiban!"

Whatever you say, dear o3o

#SquadGoals  #Hairgoals  #Vampiregoals

Oh hey, look... PERFECTION x2! :D

Didn't notice this until now but, of all the 3ki, Rikako's shown the most in this Music Video, at least solo shot wise.

She gonna be a visual girl of the bunch, fo' sure o3o

Meimi: One beautiful Vampire ready to rock your WORLD! <3


Seriously, my opinion of Rinapuu has gone UP throughout this series. Who woulda thunk it? o3o


They all look so damn fabulous, right?




Everything matters, because you are LEAVING US FOREVER! D8<

Holy damn, that little hip wiggle o-O

Meimi, are you even old enough to do that!?

Dawa: "Yes, Meimi... bow to me, and love only me, and none shall be hurt..."

Yesss, circle around Queen Meimi. Let ANGERME revolve only around her!

And once the clock struck midnight, the Vampire's army came to a halt, and she slowly began to disappear...

And then she fell asleep, and chose to never awaken again...



When I first heard Koi Nara Tokku ni Hajimatteru, it boggled me as to what other Hello! Project song the verse sounded like. I'd already picked up on how similar the chorus is to Towa no Uta by Berryz, but honestly, it took me a good while until I figured out that, hey! This verse sounds like a discount Samidare Bijo ga Samidareru! Seriously, it even has the same structure as the song. That said, neither of the two songs this one sounds like are bad to copy from; it actually sounds pretty decent, and I like it well enough, so kudos to you, Tsunku!

All that said and done (needed to get that off my chest, phew!), the video itself is pretty good, too, though not what I had expected for Meimi's graduation. In fact, none of the videos are what I would imagine for Meimi in terms of a finale, though I am trying to keep in mind that this is the image ANGERME are going for (sigh) as well as the fact that this is also an introduction, of sorts... not that Moe herself exactly stands out here, considering I all but forgot she existed until her solo shot popped up.

I do understand the struggle of creating content that both features a newcomer and a graduate, H!P, I do, but you have three videos here, and in the other two you managed to nicely show the kid off. Y'all coulda just done a better job with editing here, is all.

So yeah, this video was not what I expected, though it matches the song nicely, and I do like the pacing of the choreography, as well as the abundance of 2nd generation shots. Actually, that's what I think this PV is: A 2ki dedication, and honestly, that's what it should be, because whilst Meimi is amazing all by herself, when you think of her generation, you think of them together, not just one kid by themselves. ANGERME 2ki aren't like MM 9ki, who are kind of doing their own thing, because ANGERME's 2nd gen are pretty damn great together, and seem close, too. They work well together, they're all good singers, and they all command attention in their own way. They are a winning generation, and it is right here that you can see that.

I am a bit gutted that Meimi doesn't exactly get her 'own' music video to shine in, but honestly, I love that she shines with the rest of her generation here. Also, she gets an abundance of solo lines and some nice choreography to lead the other members with, and that's honestly better than nothing, if you ask me. Also, regarding that idea of how this video feels oh-so 2ki, it actually seems fitting to make it about the four of them rather than one member. It's as if we're seeing them as they were in Tachiagaaru, in a way; together, but this time they're no longer in the back, because they're now in the front, and they are leading the song. It's quite beautiful, if you think about it.

I'm glad they did this for Meimi's final song, actually, and whilst it would have been nice to see something more Meimi-ish in terms of aesthetics and a genki-er song, this is a pretty nice song to bow out on. It sounds sentimental, and it suits Meimi and the rest of 2ki's voices.

I'd say the only issue I have with this video is how dismal it looks in general. I mean I like the cool look, and I love the location, but the setting feels so cold thanks to the filter washing over the dance shot, and it just looks so gloomy, like it's trying to copy Otome no Gyakushuu's vibe. Thankfully, the solo shots and their pretty pastel backgrounds really warmed this video up, otherwise I'd just feel a bit bummed out at how bleak this video looked without it.

Koi Nara Tokku ni Hajimattery, though a nice goodbye for Tamura Meimi, is not what I was expecting. The entire single wasn't what I was expecting to be honest, and though I will wish for more from Meimi's last single - especially when you consider how much talent she brought to H!P, and how much of an Ace she was before 3ki came along - I do think this is a nice send off, and one that befits not just Meimi, but the 2nd generation as a whole.

2nd gen, though they will soon miss a piece, are whole here, and they rock this video and song beautifully. But when Meimi finally waves goodbye... Let's not think about that for now, and just treasure the Littlest Vampire whilst we still have her.

She's grown up so much since she first came into Hello! Project, and it really shows. She shines so brightly, and her smile is everlasting. We will never forget you, Little Vampire, and we hope you never forget your fans.

Until the next post, please love Meimi with all your heart, and treasure the short time you have with her. Take care everyone.

Much Love,

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