Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Return of the Videos~ (and Reasons for why I stopped making 'em!)

It's been a good long while since I last made a video (9 months, in fact), and I recently decided that, with my dear Suzuki Kanon's up-coming Graduation this May, I would mark my return with a React Video, and also a video to explain my reasons for stopping when I did.

I honestly can't say how long my video-frenzy will carry on, or if I will leave PV Reactions altogether sooner rather than later, however I can safely say that, for now, I am back, and I am ready to React! Enjoy~

Much Love,


  1. Welcome back! XD You and your videos are looking very spiffy. And thank you for saying that the song reminded you of One.Two.Three. I couldn't think of what song Tokyo to Iu reminded me of; it was driving me bonkers! I squee-ed for Zukki's little smile moment too. Ugh! I'm going to miss her so much!

    My roomies used to always hear me singing Japanese pop (lucky for me they decided it was just part of Isilie being home and didn't immediately sound-proof my room). I completely understand that anxiety of having people hear you doing the idol thing. I also understand where you're coming from about H!P. It makes me sad, but I'm glad your love for H!P got you into other idols and you can still find joy in them. :( Our Zukki. Good luck with everything! Keep writing!!

    1. Thank you, dear Isilie! <3 It has been a while coming XD and awwww, thank you even more ;w; And yess, Tokyo to Iu is so One Two Three it makes me cry DX BUT ZUKKI IS LIFE <3 LIFE, WE SAY!!!!

      Ah, you see, my housemates understand and get I'm nuts, but when they note it that they hear me, my anxiety goes a little bonkers and I become a recluse and stop doing what I enjoy. Takes a while for me to stop caring and go on doing ma thang. And I am super thankful I was into H!P, they will forever have a place in my heart, however sometimes we must move on, too. I still enjoy what they offer, just not as much as I once did.


      THANK YOU SWEET ISILIE!!! I love you ;w; My Muse <3