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[Music Selection] March '16: PV Side

*This is Part 2 in my March Selection series. Due to finding so many PV's delightfully entertaining, I felt it best to break the pots apart for a Music Side and PV Side, respectively. Thank you for your understanding.

Music Selection is a series of monthly posts in which I list the Music and Videos I have enjoyed from the month gone by, including songs thats I have may have enjoyed from months or years prior to the one mentioned. Included will be some spiel as to why I have chosen the songs or MV's, just so y'all know what I liked about it, and what not. This is to give you an idea of what has been released in the Idol world, and to pique your interest in groups you may not have thought to look at yet, or did not even know existed until now.

As per, everything written and mentioned here is subject to opinion and taste, so if something you have enjoyed has not been listed here, do not fret; it just so happened it was not my cuppa tea. I also do not expect you to take my word as the Holy Grail, or something of that nature. I am simply listing and suggesting, and also hoping you all share your favourite songs and MV's of the month with me, too!

Where Selection's in the Name, Suggestin' is gonna be the Game!

This is simply a series made for fun and happiness, and to share with you all what I have enjoyed! It's supposed to be a little bit positive, and to be shared! I can't always be a negative ninny, you know!
= 3= bu buu!!!

Of course, if you have your on MV list to share, please do list it in the comments below! Maybe I missed something you loved, or just need to see it a second time to fall for it! It happens, sometimes!

Anyways, with that all said and done, let's (finally!) get this post rollin', and talk about some March Music Video Releases! This is the Music Selection: PV Side, yay!

My laptop is lagging so bad because of this post and the abundance of PV's I loved! The lag is worth the PV love though, because honestly, I wanted, needed to mention all of the videos below because I liked them so much! Some more than others, of course, but honestly, there was something to enjoy about all of these videos, from the style to how fun and creative they were. There's something for everyone here I think, so I do hope you enjoy this PV compilation, because it took me a while to type up!

... Especially considering I accidentally killed the HTML at one point, meaning I lost everything I had done before, and needed to do it again. Ooops~

Anywhoo, enjoy, because I enjoyed watching these, and I really want you to love them, too! So, have at it, me mateys~

Silent Majority by Keyakizaka46

Okay, so we all know just how well Nogizaka46's debut MV turned out (reminder: not well), so of course when Keyakizaka46 announced their up-coming debut, you can bet I prayed for this video to at least be a little bit better, with a pinch of style and a dash of grace to top it all off.
 And, thank the Idols Lords above, it actually turned out pretty good!

Whilst not the most impressive video of the few I've seen this year so far, I have to say that Kayaking46 (I'm sticking with that name, now) have released a rather attractive, energetic filled with some great camera shots and great scenery. It's good looking, and a fun watch.

Also, I like the uniforms. Sue me :3

Chicken LINE by SKE48

Hosting one of the worst names possible, you would have thought this song would be Pyoko Pyoko Ultra, AKS style. Lucky for all of us, this is actually a pretty cool PV with a Dystopian / Sci-Fi setting in which society is corrupt, and conversation, singing or talking of any manner is not allowed. Breaking those very rules are the members of SKE, with Lord Jurina starting a mini-uprising.

It's basically one of AKS' usual green-screen affairs, with some stylish looking backdrops and pretty girls singing about... well, something. Either way, it's impressed me and I enjoyed it greatly. It's cool and dark, and very well made. For March, this is definitely one of the better PV's to come out, by far.

Sayonara wa hajimari no kotoba by La PomPon

The video that helped me find a gorgeous song, Sayonara wa hajimari no kotoba is just a really cute, well done animated PV about a young witch learning to fly. It's simple, it's sweet, and it's a nice little watch if that's what you enjoy.

I have yet to watch the entire video itself, however what I see here is enough for me. It's really cute, I love the animation, and I enjoy how bittersweet the video feels with the witch learning to fly some months after everyone else. It pulls at my heart strings, you know?

I hope to watch the rest of the video at some point, but honestly, give the short version a go. It's a good little watch, and worth your time.

Chozetsu☆Happy! Generation by Jelno

A new group under the ArcJewel banner, Jelno are rather annoying in sound, but adorable in all they do in their debut music video, Chozetsu☆Happy! Generation. Budget friendly, a little effect-happy in the close-ups and rather homey in feel, this debut MV is pretty damn cute and fun in its execution, though sugary as all fluffy hell.
 Seriously, I have cavities from watching this. Owwww!

It's a cheap and cheerful debut if anything, and whilst it's never going to be on par with the upscale look that SKE has going on, this video does have energy and personality that some of the bigger groups out there lack. It's a good video, though the song is... yeah...

Ranrarun ~Anata ni Muchuu~ by Country・Girls

It looks like a freakin' Lullaby. ME LIKEY!

Seriously, I really love how this video looks. It's cute, well-paced, fun and creative, and really bursting in personality and cheer. It's probably the best video from the group I have seen so far, and by far one of my favourites.

I won't say much more on it, considering I've already done a music video review for Ranrarun, but as you know, I like it a lot and think it's freakin' adorable.

Bokura ni ai wo kudasai by P.IDL

I'm pretty on and off with P.IDL in terms of enjoying what they produce, however their latest music video, Bokura ni ai wo kudasai, is a pretty solid release that shows the girls trying to fight their reflections, whilst also trying to break free from the building they may be trapped in.

Fairly simple in execution, this is a stylish looking PV that deals well with contrast. I enjoyed the use of dual personalities here, with the 'white' side of the girls' personalities being the reflections, whilst the 'dark' side was the one potentially holding them captive in the mirrors, calling them out for one last battle before the good side clearly prevailed and broke free from their glass cage. A simple story that's probably been played to death, but a thought provoking one none the less. I have to say, it's one that P.IDL have done well.

It's not a fancy video, nor is it overly complex, but once you watch it back a few times you get the gist of the story and realise there is a lot more depth to it than you would have thought before. I like it a lot, actually, especially as it got me thinking. It's not all laid out for me, which is nice, so yeah... it's a good video in my mind, and one to think about a little more.


I am by no means a fan of BABYMETAL, no matter how much that may pain my sister, but honestly... this is awesome. I love the effects, I enjoy how much it disorientates me, I love the dark look and the pacing. I basically enjoy all it entails visually. The music? Not so much, but I'm here for the visuals, not the audio.

I won't say it's my favourite video, but honestly, what it has intrigues me as a lover of filmmaking. It's dark and enticing, beautifully=y crafted, and the effects work in favor of the video from the shaky came to the rippling effect at the very end. It's powerful and highly enjoyable, and something you should all check out.

Nanairo Dance by Takoyaki Rainbow

I generally don't like Stardust produced groups, because they're pitchy, irritating and a little bit creepy. Takoyaki Rainbow fall under that line that most Stardust groups do, hence why I ignore them.
 ... But I can't deny a fun PV when I see one, and this is really cute, colourful PV with some semi-decent vocals, to boot. Weird, huh?

I don't rate the song much, other than that it's somewhat memorable and a little headache-inducing, but the video is enjoyable, especially the hand-drawn scenes and the wacky rainbow dresses the girls wear that they can barely walk in. The use of lasers and colour also helps a great deal in keeping me entertained, as well as the pace and eccentricity of it all. It's random, a little weird, but a bundle of fun and colour that will surely keep you entertained for all four minutes of the video. Not the most interesting Stardust have ever done, but still a good release all the same.

In short, I enjoyed it. We get it~


A random find that I've really come to enjoy, Short Hair is a cute music video with a fun concept that really entertains me as a viewer. The short hair concept and use of personal phone camera to record the journey of getting short hair is a nice little touch, the use of the one-short take during certain points is energetic in pace and tone, and the girls within the group are, in general, really entertaining to watch and all around charming.
 Also, I am loving how this song seems to take note that only one of the six members has short hair, whilst the rest have long hair. It's pretty neat... to me, at least.

I'm also in love with this song and how cheerful and personality-driven it feels. It's super catchy and makes me feel so happy when I hear it, which is basically what I want from my Idols and music on the dreariest of days. I aim to keep up with this group, because they seem pretty promising, and I enjoy this release of theirs quite a bit. Let's just hope their next release is soon!

Kimi Wazurai by Maneki Kecha

I fell in love with the opening of this video, I won't lie, and the rest of the video is pretty enjoyable to watch, taking on a homey feel with its cute group scenes, solo journey shots and catchy dance sequences. It's light and airy in look, just like the spring, but energetic enough to keep you entertained and wanting more from this group.

It's a beautiful PV, one that keeps pace with the song (no matter how much the songs pace changes) yet still feels refreshing and sweet no matter how bubbly it can become. It's absolutely lovely, with the scenery never overwhelming you. I really love it, from the gorgeous cinematography to the wonderful atmosphere the members of Maneki Kecha create. It's a nice little Spring PV that has a great focus on friendship, and yeah... I like it! ^o^

Chérie! by Team Syachihoko

Weirdly enough, two Stardust groups have made it into this post, and honestly, how can I deny the sweet simplicity of Team Syachi's latest music video, Chérie!? It's bright, gentle and undeniable sweet to watch, not to mention a little fun. Sure, it isn't as upbeat or daring as other videos they have done, but this one is an abundance of pretty to me. The fun variety of outfits, simple but fun editing techniques and use of that phone code thing (no clue what it's called) keeps the video modern, but gives it some charm, too.
 That said, the code will become irrelevant eventually, and this video may feel outdated. Still, nice to see something relevant to 2016 thrown in there.

It's a cute video, and I like what it delivers. Sadly, it may be one of the very few videos I ever enjoy from this group, given how... quirky they can be. Hmm...~

STAR☆tto shichau ze haru dashi ne by

I'm getting used to their god-awful vocals, but honestly, this group still somewhat freaks me out whilst also entertaining me. Luckily for me, this video really entertains me without freaking me out too much. I mean, I really enjoy it (apart from Yellow's horrible lip-synching. That just pisses me off) and find so much to like about Denpagumi here, like how amazingly weird and original their videos are, or how charismatic they are with the camera and set, and how happy they seem to make me when I watch something this fun and whacky.

They're a great group, they honestly are, and these girls are highly entertaining and worth the watch. They know how to entertain and keep you intrigued, and don't seem to get boring at all. I love how energeised and fun this video is, and how much their personality shines through. This video is great, and hey... they song's not that bad, either! Bonus points!

Oh, and the credits are entertaining, too! Even more bonus points!

Naze hito wa arasou n darou? by ℃-ute

Okay, so, I really like this PV and how it was edited, because no matter how cheesy or cheap it looks, it feels classic and completely nostalgic, and it fits the song perfectly. So, say what you want about how plain or boring this is, I don't care; I find it pretty fun to watch, and I love seeing these classic editing choices made with the overlay and bright lights that make everything sparkle. It's gorgeous, classy, and completely befitting of ℃-ute themselves. Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen them rock a song or look this well since, well... I don't know, a while back? It's been a good time since I've felt that something feels this right with ℃-ute.

They're rocking this more womanly feel, honestly, and I'm enjoying how they are all embracing that mature vibe without trying to be overly sexy or in-your-face. This is just right, and honestly, it is sexy, but in a subtle way, and it totally works for the group. I want to see them do this kind of classic style more, either in a nostalgic song or one with a modern twist, because they look and sound so good. It's a great video, simple but nicely done, and it fits them so damn well!

Alien Girl in New York by Niji no Conquistador

Niji no Conquistador are the darlings of the Idol world right now for their fun concept and their almost Momoiro Clover Z meets good vocals vibe, and of course, for how cute and sweet they look. They're also a little weird, which helps in their likability factory, I guess. We all like a little weirdness, no?

Alien Girl in New York intrigued me more from it's opening, which reminds me heavily of Sailor Moon, rather than the rest of the Music Video, though I have to say the quality of the alternativestory line shots are definitely great to look at and worth the watch. The dance shot, however, feels lack luster and boring. but honestly, the quality of everything else and the effects used makes it a decent watch.
 Honestly, though? I might not watch this again, but the opening sequence and other shots are worth the PV being mentioned here. That said, it does bore me, regardless of how expensive and well done it feels.

Sweet Sensation by Murakawa Rei

An energetic, sweet debut for Murakawa, Sweet Sensation was released at the tail end of March, but still manages to pack a punch in this short and colorful video filled with energy and promise. It's exhilarating, bright, a bundle of fun and flavor, and is visually pleasing. It's a spring fling or happiness, basically, and I can't wait to see the full video once it comes out! I'm so excited!!!

I love the sound of the song too, and I've only heard one minute, 30 seconds of it, but honestly, it makes me feel happy, and again... that video! I love the bright vibe it has and how much of a fun atmosphere it has. Plus, I love how everything is literally flying around, fitting with the songs tone and bringing forth that chaotic sensation. It just feels so cheerful and upbeat, and I want more of it! It's a sugar rush, basically, and I really, really want to watch more of this video, and see how it pans out, as well as what it has in store for us as viewers.


And for the PV Side, that will be all, meaning that March's Music Selection has come to an end, though of course I will be back with the series come April, bringing you Music and PV's galore that have entertained and inspired me one way or another. Hopefully you have all enjoyed this PV compilation and the groups shown, as well as the Music Side in the post before this one! Also, I do hope that these kinds of lists inspire you to create your own, or to look at new and different groups from those you usually view.

This is a list I am really loving to create each month, and it really helps me to branch out myself! So, if you have any suggestions for up-coming releases or videos you think I might like, please let me know! I love suggestions from others, it opens my eyes to what you guys love.

Until April though, it's time to close the List down and let you take your own journey in the Idol world, and to let you fall in love with the music and videos in your own time. So I shall just let you go, say goodbye, and hope to see you next time.

So ta ta for now, and remember, Love your Music, Love your Idols, and Love yourself! Mwah!

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