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[Music Selection] March '16: Music Side

*Due to this post including more songs and MV's than expected, I will be splitting the post into two - A 'Music' side, and a 'PV' side. I hope you enjoy the two posts that will come to you all! <3

Music Selection is a monthly series in which I share with you all the music and videos from the month gone by that I have enjoyed, along with a few other songs from past weeks, months or years that I have also loved listening to. Included will be a little bit of spiel as to why I enjoyed the songs and videos chosen, whilst hopefully giving you an idea of what songs and groups to watch out for in your journey through this big, wide world of Idols.

Of course, all songs and videos are subject to opinion, so if there is something you have enjoyed that is not on here, or something you absolutely abhor that is listed, please be aware that this is simply my list of songs I liked and what I suggest, and that you do not have to even like them as I do. I am just suggesting and listing, and I do not expect people to take my word that these are holy grail, God-tier songs, cause more often than not... they aren't (because I have terrible taste in music, y'know).

Song Suggesting is my Game, and Selection's in the Name! Whee~

This is just a fun little series that I hope you all enjoy and get into, and hey, if you have something you want myself or others to listen to, please comment about the songs you loved from the month gone by and let me know about them! It doesn't matter the genre, country or group it belongs to. If you loved it, then share it with the world!

With all that said and done, let's roll into the March Selection, shall we?

Okay, let's be real; I did not listen to a lot of new releases in March, mostly because I was in Hong Kong for half of it, and by the time I got back, it was the end of the month and I was not overly bothered with listening to anything. I was tired and getting back into the swing of things...

Oh, and my laptop broke. Whoop-dee-freakin'-do!

That said, from the songs I had listened to in March, there were three new releases I enjoyed. In reality though, March was more a re-discovery month with some songs, whilst also a roll-over month with some songs that I had yet to listen to back in February, but able to finally get my hands on the month gone by. So, yeah, it's a bit of a mixed bag this time around... but hey, maybe y'all can help me this time and suggest a few things you enjoyed! Just let me know ;)

Anyway, enough about all that... let's take a look at what pleased the earlobes in March!

Ryusei Flashback by FullfullPocket (2016.03.09)

I actually like this entire single, however of the three songs present on Fu Refu Remirai!!! / Ryusei Flashback / Wagamama Fairy, it has to be Ryusei Flashback that is the show-stopper for me, and one of my favourite releases from March in general.

Energetic, hopeful and powerful, Ryusei Flashback is an all around great listen with some wonderful vocals thrown into the mix. It's nicely done, and by far my favourite track of the three present on FullfullPocket's debut single. These four girls, all formerly members of the now defunct Karat, are amazingly talented, and it shows here. I am absolutely floored by them.

I honestly adore this song and have listened to it almost non-stop since finding it. It's inspiring and encouraging, and to me it's one of those indie songs that, in my opinion, is absolute top quality. I listen to it and can't help but love it. Heck, I even feel butterflies when I watch the PV for it, it's so good! I hope these girls go far, because damn, they are good. I truly have no shame in claiming this as my March favourite, because it is music to my ears!

Sayonara wa hajimari no kotoba by La PomPon (2016.03.23)

Okay, so hands up; I actually started listening to this pretty late, but honestly, once I found this song... well, damn, I fell for it. It's super sweet, absolutely gorgeous in sound, and it gives me goosebumps. I swear, Sayonara wa hajimari no kotoba is a wonderful piece, and it kind of makes me want to listen to more of what this group can provide.

I've never really thought to look into La PomPon until now, because they've never really stood out to me. But, after seeing the short Music Video that accompanies this song, I am intrigued. If they can create something this gorgeous and promising, then what other gems have they hidden for me to find? Seriously, these girls are great. Talented, awesome... just all around wonderful. This is a great track with so much beauty and grace in it, and I want more of what they have to offer.

It's enjoyable and sweet, a song that befits the spring season pretty nicely. If you have yet to listen to anything from this group (like me), then I say give this one a try. Sayonara wa hajimari kotoba is great, and it's not to be missed!

Ranrarun ~Anata ni Muchuu~ by Country・Girls (2016.03.09)

Currently one of the more promising groups in Hello! Project as of late, I honestly can't help but enjoy what Country Girls have to offer whenever they lay it out for me. I mean a good chunk of them are pretty talented in the vocal department (sans Chisaki, that is), all of them have stellar camera presence, and they're all pretty likable. Oh, and their songs are pretty good too, which helps a bunch.

From their latest batch of songs, it happens to be Ranrarun ~Anata ni Muchuu~ that stands out for me thanks to its nostalgic 60's sound and lullaby look. It's sweet, cute and a pretty good cover from the CG crowd, whilst also fitting in well with the rest of the singles vibe. It's a song that I enjoy wholeheartedly and keep returning to for its catchy, upbeat sound and its cute accompanying lyrics. Plus, it's a Manaka-Risa lead; what more could I ask for!?

It's a fun song, one you should check out if you're looking for something as charming and carefree as the CG gals themselves.

February Roll-Over

As I failed to post some of these songs in the February Selection, I will instead post them here in the 'Roll Over' section. I hope I don't do this too much over the months coming, however if I do, then so be it. Anywhoo, I do hope you enjoy and find something from February you may have missed that you can enjoy in the up-coming months. Have at it, brah!

Tomodachi to Yoberu Kimi e by Fudanjuku (2016.02.24)

Given that February seemed rife with Graduation Announcements, it makes sense that some of those February releases would include a few tear-jerker Graduation songs, and yeah, one of those songs happened to be Tomodachi to Yoberu Kimi e, Midorkawa Kyouhei's final song as a member of the all-female cross-dressing unit.
 And yes, I teared up ;~; how could I not!?

I do not follow Fudanjuku as much as I once did, however when I first heard this song, I was a little bit in love with it. I listened to it plenty back when it was first released as a PV in January, and I still adore it now. It's one of those heartfelt songs that gets to you, whilst simultaneously encouraging and inspiring you to do your best. It's a song that I can write to, as well as a song that I can cry to. It's beautiful, and one of the most perfect send-offs for Midorikawa in my opinion.

I am honestly kicking myself for not including this in February's selection, however I didn't get my hands on the song itself until recently, hence why it's here. Still, not including it in Feb's selection doesn't change a thing in my mind; I adore this song, all that it stands for, and the feelings it gives me. It's absolutely beautiful, one of my new favourites from Fudanjuku, and also one of their most heartfelt send-offs for a great member. A+, guys!

Sky Gate by Cheeky Parade (2016.02.24)

Cheeky Parade keep on impressing me. Their style is pretty unique thanks to their rapid change in both pace and tone for their songs, but they always manage to keep their listeners on track by making sure everything sounds interesting, and Sky Gate is no different. Catchy, fun, a constant changer in its tone and pace, it's a song that keeps you on your toes. It's intriguing, much like the group itself, and I really can't help but like them.

This song was one I kept coming back to throughout March, actually; I remembered it at random intervals, such as when I was walking or when I was just waking up, and I constantly wanted to hear it. It's one of those songs that you can't help but want to hear more and more, despite the fact I actually thought I wouldn't care for much for it when I first heard it. Seriously though, it's stuck in my head, and it's not going to leave any time soon, I swear.

I like it a lot basically, and because of their great style in songs, I'm starting to like Cheeky Parade, too. They're a wonderful group, one of the best from iDOL Street if you ask me (and I generally don't like iDOL Street, so there we go), and they hold a lot of promise. I look forward to more from them.

Goin' On by i☆RiS (2016.02.17)

Goin' On started out as one of those 'meh' songs on my list, one that I neither liked nor disliked. It floated in the middle for me, and is most definitely not a favourite from i☆RiS. Thing is, this song gets stuck in your head, and after hearing it once, I thought back to it and wanted to listen to it again... and again... and again, until finally, I realised this was no longer a 'meh' song, but one with quite a bit of promise.
 It's like food or wine; it happens to get better the more you taste (or in this case, play) it. And that's the story of how I came to realise I like this song.

It's cute but mature in its own way, one of the more seasoned songs from i☆RiS for the PriPara collection they have accumulated over these past few years. It is a pretty good listen, really it is, though again, it's not the best this group has come out with. Still, it's a pretty charming piece, and it can get addictive the more you listen to it. I'm glad I gave it a chance, and I am honestly glad that I enjoy it as much as I do now.

Sakura saku by Houkago Princess (2016.02.17)

Okay, I won't so much regarding this song, because I've already said enough about it in February's Selection post, but seriously; I've listened to this song a lot even throughout March, hence why it's back. It has an impact on me, what can I say? It makes me cry, and it makes me smile. I love this song, and I think it's amazing. The perfect send-off for a graduating member, if you ask me.

Now, where is my damn hanky!?


The 'U-Turns' are generally what I call songs that I may have listened to before, as well as songs that came out way back when, or even some time before the month and year we happen to be talking about. This can be from a year or so ago, or even a couple of months back. So, if it does not sit with the time frame of the current month or the month before it, then it is a 'U-Turn' track to me.

For the month of March, I had a few songs I returned to during my trip to Hong Kong. There may be a few songs here that you have not heard of, or some you may remember. Either way, I hope you enjoy what I have heard if you dare to listen to them, too!

Cross by Chihiro Yonekura (2005.07.06)

And oldie but a goodie, Cross is a song that I found way back in my anime days when looking for all things Fushigi Yugi related. This song is riddled in nostalgia for me, and it goes without saying that this is one of my absolute favourite songs from when I was just getting into Japanese pop music.
 Actually, this is one of my favourite songs period. It's totally up there with Koi ING, Mother Symphony and Baka da ne.

I keep going back to Cross no matter what. It's one of those songs that just means so much to me. It's a beautiful song that makes me feel happy whilst also making me feel like I want to cry a bucket of tears. I sing it loud and proud, I feel content when I have it on... it just brings on a range of feels whenever I play it, and even when I think of it, I think of it fondly. It's just... argh, wonderful! I can't put it into words how much I adore this song.

I love it, I think it's worth a listen, and yeah... I'm going to listen to it on repeat for the rest of the day. Bye!

C of C by Ari Misato (2015.06.30)

I'm just going to throw in the whole freakin' album for this one, because why the heck not? I loved C of C when it came out, and my feels will not change for a while. I swear, this album gets better the more you listen to it, and when I was on the plane back from Hong Kong... well, I listened to this album quite a bit. I just love it so much, and I love Ari's voice! All the hearts for this wonderful piece! <3 <3 <3

The second song on the album, Syndrome, is one I listened to quite a bit actually. It's a fun little track, one that I actually played more than I expected on this trip. It became the stand-out song for me and matched my mood pretty well when I listened to it. It's quirky, and I like that!

Seriously though, it's a great album all the way through, and if vocals don't bother you much and you want a little bit of variety, then definitely give C of C a go. It's a promising collection of songs from a promising young singer.

Fighting☆Hero by Ono Erena (2013.05.29)

Here's another old love that I returned to thanks to travelling; I swear, Fighting☆Hero will never get old, and it will always, always make me want to cry. It's not overly powerful in it's sound, sure, but it is powerful in what it makes me think and feel. Also, it's pretty inspiring, making me want to fight on for what I believe in and for my dreams. It makes me want to go forward and persevere, basically, and to reach my goals no matter what the obstacles.

I love this song so much, and for me, its one of Erenyan's best, at least for me. What makes it so bittersweet though is that this was her last single, hence why I tend to cry when listening to it, but I guess that's what makes it sentimental to me, aye?

I love it, and I want everyone to listen to it, even if they end up hating it. Seriously, please, listen to it. (sobs)

Mother Symphony by Mermaid Melody Cast (2004.06.14)

Before I was heavily into J-Pop, I was hardcore into the anime Mermaid Melody and the songs it provided. In fact, it was Mermaid Melody that lead me to the J-Pop gateway and introduced me to the Idol-based anime Kirarin☆Revolution, which in turn introduced me to Hello! Project. It also happens to be one of my favourite anime's, with some of my favourite songs, one of which happens to be Mother Symphony.

I adore this song, and it is one of my all-time favourites. It's one I think of fondly and with a lot of love, because of all it holds for me. It's nostalgic, it reminds me of my anime days, it makes me think of my early youtube days and, of course, it allows me to remember just what brought me into this world of Japanese music and happiness. It's a very meaningful song to me, one that I will always go back to, and an absolute gem. Mother Symphony and Mermaid Melody as a whole opened up a world for me, which is why it's so freakin' special to me.

I really can't say much more regarding the song, because I'm pretty sure it's not as great in sound as I make it out to be, but honestly, I love it, and that's what matters. It's cute, it's sentimental, and it's one of the most meaningful songs I can recall. What more can I say?


And so ends this months Music Selection for the Music Side! Hopefully you all have your own selection of Music that you have enjoyed from the March gone by,and that you have enjoyed this post and the music I have listened to and enjoyed, too! Really, though I did not listen to much from March itself, I do think that this was a good month for re-discovery with some old loves of mine, whilst also delivering unto you all something you may not have heard before yourself from the years gone by!

Of course, if you guys have any suggestions for music from the month gone by, please don't hesitate to share! It's always fun to dive into new music and to find something I never would have thought of listening to before.

Until then though, it's time to say tata and leave ya for a bit, at least until my PV Selection post for the Month of March. I wonder... what videos will we see in there? Let's wait and see!

Much Love,

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