Monday, 7 March 2016

Saving the World, One Idol Group at a Time! Wa→Suta's Magical Journey Begins Here in the Magical 'Ultra Mirakurukuru Ultimate Choco Beam' MV! [Review]

All thoughts and opinions regarding the group, song and music video are my own. Don't expect me to change my mind just because you disliked an opinion that did not agree with yours. Ta.

When I regenerate to my last save point, I can't help but wonder if all of my found items were saved, too? Ahhh, it would so annoying if I had to go back and find all those ether's again! Ah! My potions! Nooooo, please don't say I lost them!?

Right! Time to start this journey again. Save Point: LOAD!

As I took on one of my many magical journeys through the mountains of Youtubetopia, searching for the mystical beings of life known simply as 'Idols', I came across a new breed of these wonderful creatures who can only bring happiness and delight. Shrouded in pastel and riddled in magic, I came to know these cute beings of Love and Music as Wa→Suta, girls with power beyond belief, and smiles that could repair any HP damage known to man!

In this world where the distant realms of Google Chromia and Firefoxtropolis have been destroyed by the Internet Explorians, I have chosen to enlist the help of these magically cute Idols, harnessing their amazing power to take down those who destroyed our beloved lands, and bring greatness back to the world we know as the Internet!

Together, on our adventure to take down the Internet Explorians and their mythical 'Triceratops', we will return Google Chromia and Firefoxtopalis to what they once were, and save Youtubetopia before the Explorians can get their hands on it! Together, we will fight, but to do that, Wa→Suta needs everyone's help! Are you in?

If you are, then please... press START!!!

Ah, hurry up! I hate it when my save takes too long to load );

Also, not gonna lie, I legit thought the video was downloading when I first watched it. Whoops~

... EARS!



Hello, my immediate favourite for shallow reasons. COME TO ME, MY BEAUTY! *^* <3


Seriously, please do not smile like that again! PLEASE!!! Dx Y'all gonna scare someone to death with that grin D8

Oh, you're cute, too! Though the whole 'I'm bored of you now' expression really won't appeal to many, you know.

Rukarun♥: "Go hit yourself, peasant."


Oh crap, which key is it? How do I press start!? X... Z... A? A!!!

Let's GO!

Holy Skittles, that's some brightness there, that is o-O Might need my sunglasses for this...

(⌐■_■) Ahhh, yes, that's better!

Damn catchy dancing right here, I love it.

Also... dem dresses! -drools-

Hot Mustard, you look kind of like Miyazaki Yuka o-O The fuuuuu---

*clicks and adds to bookmark folder: Insta-Fave*

Damn though, look at all that colour! It's like an Easter egg blew up and nobody bothered to clean the mess!

... Oh, Oh gawd...


... *whispers* She scares me ; A;

But she is just adorable! Quick, Rukarun♥, save meeeeee!

Rukarun♥: "Go jump off a cliff."

Well aren't you a freakin' diamond, aye?

... Wait, what in the crunchy donuts is that? xD And why does it have pants and a bow!?

Please guys... EXPLAIN!?

Nanase: "Oh whoah~ Triceratops-san has appeared~"

Yeah, but why is it wearing polka-dot pants!? Explain!!!

Their faces are just absolute gold here, haha!

They're as gold as that supposed silver-vine in your hand, Nanase... which kind of is not silver, you know?

Nanase: "Haha, you silly, this is silver, for sure~"

Pretty damn sure that's gold, girly.


... Oh crap, I hope that wasn't my last Holy Water, otherwise we're screwed ;w; Quick, which one of you's is the Mage, here!?

Ririkari・Ririka: "I dunno, I just provide the goods, you know?"

... Please don't tell me you're their dealer? >o> it might explain your crazy smile, if anything

Mini-Yuka! My baby! You can have the magic you want!

Miri: "My mahou shoujo name's Miri though, nyan..."

TBH this is a great pun, hahaha XD

Hazukingu: "Eh, but this pun's pretty bad!"

OMFG You're Hazu King! HA! That's the best nickname yet! xD

I swear, this girl... she gives me life.

And to think when I first watched this, she really did not appeal to me o-O Now, I like her. She is precious <3

That background looks like the characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic sneezed everywhere and just left the wall like that for this PV.

Also... DAMNIT! No save points!? That's no good for us right now, not when there's a Boss Battle right around the corner! Damn game makers!

Best part, tbh. That energetic dancing! <3

NO!!! We never lose! We just run away when we can't win, and try again after levellng up some and collecting a few million potions to aid us in battle!

Oh, cheerios, the Polka-Dot Pants wearing Triceratops evolved into a Kamei Eri drawing! Waaah!

AHAHAHAHAHA Oh my Pancakes, I just paused and this gem was waiting for me! HA!

This is what I live for when doing PV Reviews xD

... And that's the face of someone you don't want to mess with, because she will pull a nasty prank on you if you do, I'm sure of it.

Nanase: "Hmph, you know nothing! I would do no such thing... for now~"

Ah, crud muffins! The Choco Beam isn't working! The Kamei Eri drawing... it's... winning...


O-O Oh, crud muffins in chocolate sauce...

Let's, I don't know... RUN!?

Miri: "No no! We must battle until the end!"

Nah, fudge that plan, we're out. BYE!

When the squad rolls up, looking all fly and ready to begin a new battle.

Another day, another set of squad goals. Let's do it!

No, never give up on the fight, Rukarun♥! For if we do, Youtubetopia will be in imminent danger, and both Google Chromia and Firefoxtopolis will never rise again from the grasps of the Internet Explorians!

Don't give up! Don't let the Triceratops win! Together, we can overcome this extreme evil within the World Wide Internet!

If we defeat this beast within the depths of the Deserts of Memeia, then maybe we can grow strong enough to defeat the Exlporians' Triceratops!


Nyan, we're getting catty now, and we're ready to claw some eyes out! Fight time!

Also, the cuteness that is Miri in the back there <3 So freakin' adorable!

To be honest, I wonder why the whole cat thing is a part of this song, too? It's almost like you're parodying Idol music and how little sense it sometimes makes...

Oh, wait... >o>

Now that's the face of someone you don't wanna double cross o3o

... Oh wait, we've already been through this once. Oops~

Nanase: "Mufufu, wanna play, little peasant~?"



Hazukingu, your face <3 I like you!

Rukarun♥: "Peasant, aren't you supposed to love me?"

I actually like all of you...

Until Gremlin smiles, that is o4o Then I only like four of you xD

Ririkari・Ririka: "Oi oi, lemme go, I wanna smile and charm our journey companion! They need to enjoy my presence!!!"


Don't feed it after Midnight, please! ; A;

Now that's the face a person would make if their teeth hurt really bad.

... Or, if they were a pirate, and they happened to be saying Arrrrr, mateys.

Rukarun♥: "Arrr, me cavities~ They be hurtin' a storm, matey/"

To be honest, this is one of my favourite scenes, and that's mostly because it reminds me of Mini Moni's Lucky Cha Cha Cha in a way.

Rukarun♥: "Ehhh, don't compare us to H!P, please. We're classier than that."

Says the girls who have paint thrown at a wall for their backdrop.

Okay, let's be honest: This is the freakin' cutest, and Nanase wins all.

... Until Miri comes along, that is. Honestly, my little Yuka Knock-off is such a cutie patootie!

Rukarun♥: "My camera!"
Ririkari・Ririka: "Noooo, miiiine!"
Rukarun♥: "No way, your smile breaks it if you get too close!"

Ooooh, BURN!

And then, none of them won the camera, because I stole it! AHAHAHAHA!!!

Rukarun♥: "Gosh darnit!"
Ririkari・Ririka: "Fiddlesticks and pancake batter!"

Okay, before we start on our final battle to save Youtubetopia...

Let's break it down and get Funkeh~

Rukarun♥: "Your terrible commentary and sub-par battle skillz make me cry."

Oh, thanks! You're going off my favourites list, HMPH!!!

Miri the Yuka Knock-off is a little bit weird, I think...

And yet, she gives me life xD

Miri: "Muhuhuhu~"

Nanase: "Oiiiii~ Love me, too~"

You have awesome ears, Nanase, I wanna poke 'em! Dx

And Hazukingu, though not here a lot, is such a fun girl... I like you, too!

Hazukingu: "It's because I'm irresistible to the ladies, that's all!"

This girl is FLAWLESS!!!! <3

And obviously, Miri kills it at the end with her supreme loveliness <3

Oh, and the others are cute, too... But Miri! <3

GO GO WA→SUTA RANGERS! -guitar strums ensue-

Okay wait a second... we're going to retrieve The Legendary Excali-nyan to save Youtubetopia and the Internet Realms from the hands of the Explorians? But, how will we obtain it!?

Hazukingu: "No clue, so let's just forget that part for now, and go defeat the Triceratops~"

... Wait, then what was the point in Excali-nyan!?

Well, even without the help of Excali-nyan, we're getting stronger! Let's go defeat the Triceratops, earn level up points, and save Youtubetopia and all of Internet Kind!

Still my fave... and this time, added Miri Bonus! GET!!!

... When you finally notice their twitter handles embellished on their costumes xD Nice advertisement, avex!

... Oh gawd, it's on their merchandise props, too! Quick, we better follow them, before Triceratops gets us all!

With the power of Avexia and Twitopolis behind us all, we combine our abilities and advertisement, and call forth the United Power of...



And so the Kamei Eri drawing de-evolved, and became a regular Triceratops-san who we could claim as our own.

Oh, and we called him 'Torio-kun', because he's just too adorable not to nickname, now!

And through defeating and taming the terrifying Triceratops-san, now known as Torio-kun, we saved not only Youtubetopia, Google Chromia and Firefoxtropolis, but the Internet World, too. Without the fear of the Internet Explorians and their Triceratops to go against us, the world was able to live in peace and harmony.

Our job here is done~


Okay, so what happens when Chiima has a presentation due Tuesday, and she's procrastinating? This happens, because this is what relaxes Chiima, and also... I have really wanted to review this PV since I first saw it, due to how amazingly cute and pastel it is! Eeeeeeee!!!

I am a huge fan of anything pastel and pretty. Colours appeal to me, but so does monochrome, sepia tone and anything stylish. Basically, I like anything, almost, especially if the style is well done in a video. For the PV that is Wa→Suta's Ultra Mirakurukuru Ultimate Choco Beam (what a mouthful), in all of its pastel glory, I find that the style was done considerably well, even if it was a little bright for the typical human eye.

Then again, I am part Magical Idiot, so it wasn't too damaging to my retinas, I assure you.

In all seriousness though, this is a very well done video. It's bright, colourful, cheerful and absolutely whacky in all it portrays. It's an adventure if anything, and whenever I listen to this song, I want to watch the video; it's aesthetically pleasing, and these girls are just an absolute joy to watch, even when one of them does look like she wants to kill me with her psycho smile.
 It's an eye-catching video, and if you're the sort of person who does like a lot of colour splashed across their screens, then this is definitely the one for you!

Energetic to a T, Ultra Mirakurukuru Ultimate Choco Beam is one giant bundle of fun condensed into 4 or so minutes, entertaining you every second of the way and never letting you down. It's pacing - though all over the place - works in both song and video, and keeps you on your tones no matter what with it's weird, ever-changing tune. The choreography is upbeat, the girls are a joy to watch, and every aspect of this video is infectious. I just want to continue watching it, because it's just so pretty and creative. I don't think I've seen a video so imaginative this early on in the year, but heck, I've found it now.

And, what's more, this is a debut PV, which surprises me, given its high quality. That said, this group is a product of the Avex brand, but you can't deny that they went out of their way with this one to make it as great as they possibly could.
 Confusing, yes, but definitely great.

I like this PV a whole lot, and already it's become one of my favourites from this year for its creativity and aestheticism. It's the complete opposite of my other favourite, I Kill, but they both look great and deliver a wonderful performance that is well executed and thoroughly thought out. For Spring 2016 though, Wa→Suta's bright and energetic Ultra Mirakurukuru Ultimate Choco Beam is my spirit PV. It's all the happiness I could ever ask for condensed into one cutely packaged video, cheering me right up on the rainiest of days!

A lovely little Easter Egg just before Easter itself rolls around, Ultra Mirakurukuru Ultimate Choco Beam by Wa→Suta is a sweet treat that will surely tickle your tastebuds and have you wishing for more! So, if you want to head on an adventure and defeat the fierce Triceratops, now's your time to go! Wa→Suta won't wait forever, you know!

It's a pastel world here now, one that we need to explore some more! But are you ready to journey beside Wa→Suta as they take on the Idol World, and save it from the evil Aki-P Triceratops? If you are, grab your Silver Vine, charge that Choco Beam, and prepare yourselves, because the year of 2016 will ertainly be a bumpy ride in this world filled with magic, happiness and cute Idols!

For now though, I will have to dash on my own journey to Universitopia, however never fear, I shall be back with more Idols in tow! But now it is your turn to save the Idol World as we know it, and to aid Wa→Suta in bringing peace and balance back! Can you do it? I have faith in you all!

Until next time, please stay happy and healthy, enjoy your journeys and, of course, love the Idols you travel with!

Much Love and Peace,


  1. This pv was so gosh darn cute! And the song was really fun :) also I really appreciated the subtitles! I know some people don't like them so much, but so much of the fun of this song would have been lost without understanding what they're singing

    1. In this case, I agree with you on the subtitles! I think it truly adds to the song and brings about that weird cuteness it has. It enhances the overall quality of the video, too!

  2. I really loved the PV on this too. I'm grateful for the english subtitles although, I don't know how much they really helped. The song is all over the place, but that's in a good way. It's probably my current favorite Idol street release of the year.

    1. I loved it, so cute and fun! But yeah, the subtitles are a nice addition. I actually think the subtitles are for the benefit of the fans, which is nice.

      Honestly, this is an amazing release, regardless. I love it!