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On This Star Filled Paris Night, Love Shall Surely Bloom! - Country Girls' 'Ranrarun ~Anata ni Muchuu~' PV Story-Review!

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I might not write as much as usual, due to my carpel tunnel syndrome acting up. My dominant hand really hurts right now, so typing and any sudden movements are painful, though tolerable. That said, I may limit what I do, which is annoying considering this week, I planned on writing a good deal... well, what can you do? Sigh~

Anywhoo... That said and done, let's (properly) start with this;

After casting a poll where I asked you guys to choose one of three PV's for me to review next, a choice was made, and now I am ready to deliver unto you all the result - and the pic spam review itself - as voted by you! Are you ready, oh my darling?

With a majority of the votes, Country Girls' Ranrarun ~Anata ni Muchuu~ was the winner for the poll I set up in order to help me decide which video to review, and boy, what a cute PV you all wanted to see me talk about! I mean it's just adorable, right?

A cover of I've Told Every Little Star, the third and final track on Country Girls' latest single release is a cute, nostalgic tune that is sure to please a lot of people with its gentle tone and classic sound, plus the delight that is the accompanying PV. Set in a sleepy little Paris town where the moon shines bright, one does wonder what kind of love story will unfold in this pursuit for a heartfelt relationship...

If you're ready, then grab your cupids bow and aim it at the nearest cutie you see, because we're aiming big, and we're gonna let that arrow fly far. Who will you strike right in the heart today?

Once Upon a Time in a sleepy Paris Town far, far away, there lived many a beauty dressed in lolita clothing...

One was a Gremlin, as old as time itself...

Momo-Gremlin: "Who're ya callin' old!?"

And the others as pure as snow, cute as can be.

Chisaki, a youngster, a child with no soul...

(Yet somewhat cute in a charming, bland way!)

Everyone would clap for their cute yet bland center, whose vocals were as inept as could be...

And then there was their second center, a boyish yet cute girl with lips as pale as a risen zombie, and eyes as dark as the soul she held within her.

Daily, these cute young girls and their haggard old timer would dance the funky chicken, all for the sake of keeping the Gremlin's bingo wings at bay.

And act like washing machines spinning laundry, in the hopes to retain their ever-lasting cuteness.

Some days, during these lonely Paris nights, these girls would walk through the streets and sip tea, waiting for the love they so desired, or watching those who were clearly in love already...

For some, it was not a pleasant time to be watching, especially when one could see that the lady was older than her man. Cradle Robber is what she was named, at least in whispering's.

It was an outrage, one might say!

Risahime: "Despicable! Unbelievable!"

She would cry out at the Gremlin tart in her red heels.

Risahime: "How can he love her, she as old as the Eiffel Tower itself!"

And so she drank her tea, as bitter as she in all her jealousy.

Beside her friends she cried, wishing for a love so pure as they comforted her with fancy talk of handsome men parading her way.

Of course, being a lady of beauty, her love soon came, sweeping her away as she swooned at his lovely mustache. Ah, it was a love to behold beneath the Paris stars, watched by the yellowed moon!

They danced away, blissful as could be, within the arms of the one they loved as friends on the bench smiled and preened, hoping for a love of their own...

A lovely girl in white and red, a vision of purity and life, awaiting true loves kiss to revive her life of mundane schedules and tedious days...

... Only to find that the one she hoped to love had eyes for another.

Lady Manaka: "... Are you fuckin' kiddin' me, blud?"

She said in her regional dialect that one could not clearly decipher here in lovely nighttime Paris.

And so, as her might-be beloved swept away with the Gremlin in two, she watched in anguish and despair, hoping it to all be a dream.

But t'was not meant to be, so in a rage she stomped her foot, hoping for nobody to see.

Her friends, though in loves of their own, encouraged her happily, knowing she might find love of her own one day, with patience by her side...

Chii-Collar: "You can do it, Lady Manaka!"

Cried the soulless one.

Mai-kun: "Love will slowly find it's way to you!"

Chimed the one with a face as long as Miyabi's.

Risahime: "And with patience, a love as kind as the stars above will fall unto you and have you as his bride!"

Smiled the radiant Risahime of the Moon and Stars.

And truly, the stars would shine, bringing to them all the loves they desired.

Indeed, it would be raining men if that is what they wished.

Risahime: "Oh, Darling! Come to us all, and allow the Heavens to open with your love and desire for such beautiful ladies!"

And from the Heavens fell beautiful men in top hats and overcoats, tied by the string of fate, of which knotted from the pinkie of the haggered Gremlin, Momoko.

Momo-Gremlin: "Oh, my! What a surprise!"

She sighed happily/

With three handsome men surrounding herself, her head came over in a spin, dizzying her slightly as their dazzling forms swam before her eyes...

Only to find that they have tied her with the string of fate, leaving her behind and in a slight rut.

Momo-Gremlin: "Heeeeeeeeeeeey, come bck! Marry me, damnit!"

None did not want to marry a hag as old as she.

Momo-Gremlin: "God damnit, I'm not old! I'm your age!"

"Shush", said the author, before silencing the pest with chloroform.

Lovely ladies, standing in a row, most with loves as bright as the stars in the sky. All but poor Lady Manaka, who was still diligently searching for her love that moonlit night...

Desperate for a love as bright as the Moon, she searched high and low until she finally came across Cupid's Bow, in a bid to love and be loved!

Lady Manaka: "I'll be damned if I have to resort to Tinder! Urgh, Cupid's Bow it is..."

(The trials of getting a guy to fall for you, people.)

Lady Manaka: "Oh my! What spiffy young men!"

She cried out in delight, her search now over as she readied her bow to claim her man, and stand at her rightful place by his side, forever within his heart.

With one fell swoop, the arrow hit, claiming the heart of Sir Chiiman, Lady Manaka's new beloved! With persistence and dedication, she had finally found love!

Of course, such a rash course of action shocked the two friends of Sir Chii-man. Mr. Nana-man and Dr. Funa-he were rather surprised at his sudden desire for such a maiden he had never met before!

Why, it was an outrageous! An outcry, if you would. To fall in love on the spot, without warning? Why, it must be witchcraft, they cried!

Nana-Man: "By golly, he is parading with a harlot! Sir. Chii-Man, return, I say!"
Funa-He: "Eeghads, good man, has your mind left you!?"

An outcry rose within the streets of that Paris town this very night.

The Lady Manaka, though pleased with her find and choice of man, was tired from her days plight.

Lady Manaka: "Urgh, catching Sugar Daddies is such hard work for a cute girl like me!"

She muttered, voice worn.

Love, though, had befallen them all at least once, allowing each darling bliss in their pursuit for the purest of all loves!

Lady Manaka, who had found love through the means of higher powers, was truly happy in all she had accomplished...

Whilst Funa-He - now cross-dressing as a she - was in a relationship as sweet as could be...

For Funa-He fell in love with Risahime, the girl on the Moon, who dreamed of love as bright as the stars as she sat upon a crescent throne within the sky.

Each night she would wait, sat on her throne, with a rod cast to Earth as she wished for a love she had once known.

And from Paris towns, she found a guy, who flailed and flopped in the sky up high...

Risahime: "Whom have I caught?"

Cried beautiful Risahime.

Risahime: "... Oh my, it's a Magikarp..."

Risahime: "Such a nonsense find!"

And so she cast him away, with hopes for Prince Charming to find her another day.

With a smile so sweet, and encouraging her friend, Chii-man dressed as Chisaki wished for the best, casting a spell to find Risahime's true love...

Every night she would wait, dreaming of love, wishing on stars to find her Prince in Shining Armor...

Risahime: "Sweet amour, find me soon!"

Prayed she, never losing faith in the stars who guided her...

And then, from sweet silent Paris, he came to the Moon and, with a click of his fingers, swept the sweet Risahime off the Moon, and to the Eiffel Tower that night with a kiss...

Funa-He: "A story as beautiful as the sky!"

Nana-Man: "My giddy heart pounds, my stomach flounders! T'is a story to be told through the ages!"

(By the way, here's some Demon Spawn of Bore for you all. Aside from being a yawn fest though, she's at least cute to look at.)

And so, as the Moon and its Princess drifted through the throes of all love entails, a lone wanderer searched the night for her own love, after escaping the clutches of her strings of fate...

The town teased with men of upstanding loveliness, exciting her beating heart, only for them to disappear.

And so the Hag would wait, hoping for just one man to find her that night and to take her by the arm, for a maiden such as she deserved a sweet love during Paris at night, to...

And behold, they came, arms outstretched as she smiled with delight, ready to take them as hers...

But they disappeared, leaving the Hag alone, annoyed as could be under the Paris Moon and Stars.

And as the night comes to a close, so does the story. Beneath the Moon and Stars lies a Paris Night Town, where love will bloom for those who desire it most. Tomorrow a new story will begin, but one should wonder just who this story will be told about next...

Good Night~


Okay, so let's get right to the point; this is a fun PV, one of the cutest to come out of Hello! Project in a while, for sure. It's sweet, innocent, and a bundle of entertainment that will keep a few viewers pleased when watching it. Right now, I think that Ranrarun ~Anata ni Muchuu~ is my favourite music video from H!P this year, though that isn't hard to do at this point; they've not released anything of worth so far this year, except for Sakura Night Fever, that is.

Really though, this PV is just downright adorable to watch. The costumes are cute, the backdrop is absolutely wonderful to look at, and the girls are really fun to watch here when they're acting. I love that this song and its accompanying video fit together so well, and that they paint a story perfectly. I love how the girls all have their own unique roles here, and how Momoko is, once again, being made fun of by the rest of the group and the directors. I love everything about this, because damnit, it's wonderful!

It's also going to most likely be H!P's best looking PV of the year, unless they actually spend money on the other groups, that is.

Where Boogie Woogie Love was a little bit cool with a pinch of cute thrown in there, Ranrarun ~Anata ni Muchuu~ is just pure sweet, sugary happiness rolled up for dessert, ready for the fans to devour. I mean, what's not to like about this video? It has some great direction, the members' charisma is amazing here, everyone is charming in their own way, and it's even humorous at points, which wins points with me.
 Plus, that set. I like the simple things in life, sure, but when there is a cute set that sets a story... well, I'm as much of a happy bunny as I usually am!

I would say however that, with Ranrarun ~Anata ni Muchuu~, my only big gripe(s) would be that, despite it's cuteness and charming little story line, this is a pretty damn static PV, give or take the few zoom in and out shots thrown in there. I mean, I get it, the set they used was pretty small, meaning movement was not the best option if you did not want the cameras or wires to be seen. Still, a few up and down shots would have been great.
 I'm a creature of movement with my videos; good camerawork pleases me, and with how stable this entire video was... well, I was a little bored by it.

Adding to that, the lighting during close-ups bothered me greatly, too. Yes, it was for the sake of the heart shapes in their eyes, but those close-ups are terribly washed out, resulting in half-dead looking members who kind of freak me out, especially Mai-chan.
 It's a horrible effect to use, and unless you're going to turn down that brightness in post-edit, please, don't do it. It looks tacky, and it messes up the rest of the PV for picky Music Video snobs like myself.

All gripes said and done though, I do enjoy this PV for what it delivers. It's a memorable little video that is cute in all aspects, and though it was not made on a big studio set, it still creates a setting that is sweet and fun to watch for all ages. Ranrarun ~Anata ni Muchuu~, though simple in execution, will surely be a treat to watch if it ever graces your eyes.

On this beautiful Paris Night, who will capture your heart and hold you forever more? Choose wisely, for once Cupid's Arrow has hit, you may never be free from these innocent grasps ever again...

Until you decide though, let's close this story book and go to bed before the Moon sets to meet the Sun. Do not fret though, for we shall meet again, just during another day, and with another story.

Till then, please stay happy and healthy, enjoy your life and, of course, love your Idols with hearts as pure and bright as the stars above!

Toodle pip!

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