Monday, 29 February 2016

Boogie Your Way to Love with Today's Diner Special, Country Girls' 'Boogie Woogie Love'! [MV Review]

All thoughts and opinions within this post are completely, totally and 1000% my own, whether you like it or not. I write what I like, and I like what I write. You don't have to like it if you don't wanna, though! Please though, be aware that what is written here is meant for humour and fun, and not to be taken seriously or for you to be offended by. Ta, duck~

Also, everything's subjective. We know this already~

Given that H!P have improved rather impressively in terms of their music video quality, I think it's about high time I take a look at a small piece of their work from one of their youngest - and most promising - units of 2016. Shall we all give them a chance to showcase their moves this evening, and win our hearts?

As I am currently in the process of a Hello! Pro detox of sorts, Country Girls is, so far, the only group within the umbrella company that actually appeals to me. I guess it's because they are actually interesting, their releases are pretty consistent, and each girl brings something to the plate that seems genuine and fun. That, and they're downright innocent and seem to love every single minute of what they do, each and every one of them! It's truly wonderful, and yeah, it gives me high hopes for their future as a group.

Of all H!P groups right now, Country Girls is the one with the most promise, as well as the unit that shines the most. Their appeal is pretty undeniable, if you ask me, hence why I want to review their music videos, as opposed to watching yet never reviewing.

The pull towards them is strong, and yeah, they are currently who I would consider the best H!P has to offer right now, aside from Kobushi, that is, but honestly, I ignore them. The girls in that unit don't really appeal to me in any way shape or form.

So, yeah, we're going to review some Country Girls and see what they have to offer, especially now that they have two new midgets throwing their talent around. So, let's give the 50's another change, and have a little Diner Dance Showdown!

Let's boogie, baby! Yeah~

Because no diner is complete without the use of multiple road signs and number plates!

The Big Midget Reveal! So tiny, yet so sassy~

Can we get some Jazz Hands up in here? I demand the use of Jazz Hands! -bangs on table-

"But it's 50's themed!" is no excuse for half-arsed choreography.

Musubu: "Diss my mad dancing skillz again and I will cut you when I find you, ya hear?"

Those wide eyes aren't ones of innocence, but instead darkness and hatred OwO

I forget which one this is, but she is cute, in a bland, forgettable way. Eh.

Thankfully, she's a pretty decent singer, for a 2 year old.

Ozeki be drivin' them girls craaaazy!

Also, wtf are you doing in the back there, Manakyan!?

Seriously though, watch out boys, cause Ozeki Mai will steal your girls one at a time! I mean, look at her! She already has two Lolita arm-candies at her beck and call now!

Chisaki: "Please, H!P Overlord Maimi, don't let them make that midget Musubu center..."

Already happened, chickedy o3o

Contrary to what I said earlier, as of late, Chisaki has been looking less innocent, and more like she's plotting the destruction of the new members.

Chisaki: "That's because I am, peasant."

Ahhh, fuck o3o

Chisaki: "You're next!"
Musubu: "Whoa, hold up there, second-rate Ace!"

Okay, where's my West Side Story fight scene? This PV needs a West Side Story fight scene!

If that was my car, I would not be happy is anyone was sitting on it, let alone some cute Idol. Get off the bonnet before you scratch it, Musubu!

And damnit, take off your shoes! Were you raised in a barn or something?


And yes, she's so flawless, her minions part ways for her like the true Queen she is~

No no, you are Manakan, not the Virgin Mary. Seriously, if you popped out a baby Jesus, I would be worried, and so would your managers.

And please, if ever there comes a time you meet a Joseph, steer clear! Thanks, kid~

I don't know why, but for some reason this member reminds me of Sadako from Ringu o-o

Also, still unappealing. Why so emotionless and bland, child?

What a power stance! I can feel the awesome radiating off of each and every one of them!

Put your hands in the air (like you just don't care!) if this is your favourite dance move! -waves hand in the air and kicks legs wildly-

Mai-chan being all cool and broody.

... She should have dressed up as a Teddy Boy or something. It would have worked >o>

Chisaki's so serious in this, to the point where I think she's ready to impale someone with that lollipop xD

Chisaki: "Hmm... good idea..." *begins to sharpen lollipop stick-

o-O oh fuck...

LOL Momoko's face xD

Also, don't those costumes remind you of something one of those flag wavers on a race track might wear? No, only me? Okay o3o

Chisaki: "Mai-kun, will you marry me and help me rid this world of Musubu?"

Finally, Chisaki popped the question to Mai!

... Wait, what was that second part about? o-O

Let's not lie; Musubu knows she owns this PV, and she knows she owns you, too.

The other one, on the other hand? No, she does not.


Jazz hands~

Musubu: "My Ace senses are tingling!!!"

When you look up the term Deer in the Headlights, Musubu's image will be right next to it.

... Seriously though, no wonder Musubu's scared o-O Chisaki's after her for taking the center spot! Quick, run, Musubu, run!!!! D8

Chisaki: "No point in running, little girl. I can smell the fear rolling off of you!"


Mai: "Lollipop, Lollipop, in my hand, who is the most ikemen of this band?"

You are, you are the most Ikemen in this unit! Even though you're adorable as heck XD

Obba Momo: "Urgh, them fuckin' loli's be taking all my fans..."

That's what you get when you enter a group full of young'ins and you yourself happen to be an old woman, deary o3o

Risahime, WHY SO SAD!? ;w; You are my baby, please, smile! I know the other kid is bland, but come on, Musubu will liven the group up,, I swear!

Speaking of the bland one...

Please, kid, just smile or something D: Show some emotion!

Hell, even Manakan is sad at the idea of how bland the other kid is D: Focus on Musubu, Manakan, and SMILE!!! <3

Manakan: "... sigh... not even candy can make me happy..."


When the choreographer tells the bland one to freestyle and make it look cute. Oh, and awkward hand flapping, foot kicking will also ensue!

Seriously, just because it's themed around the 50's, it does not mean you can be lazy! Put some effort into your choreography, H!P!

I honestly get why everyone has Musubu fever right now. I mean, come on, just look at her! Absolutely adorable!

And that little smile! D'awwwwww...

Loli attitude? LOLITUDE!

My baby, why so solemn? ); I don't want you sad, Risahime! </3 Breaks my kokoro D;

Ah, there it is, that prize-winning smile! You rock that dance floor, baby!

Seriously though, this girl is flawless! How did H!P even manage to get someone so damn perfect? *o*

Risa knows she's so hot, she has to fan herself to cool the flames of the heat that burns passionately within her fandom.

Chisaki: "Peasant, you bore me with your oshi's... zzzz..."

I don't know what it is, but Chisaki has this weird, awkward yet serious charm to her.

Also, I can't get over how her neck sometimes seems pretty non-existent under that abundance of collar.

Mandatory adorable leg pop.

Obba Momo: "Don't you fucking DARE think of swapping oshi's on me..."

Oh... Oh shit, guys. Guys! Please, whatever you do, don't swap Oshi's and stan Musubu.



Fuck sake... I TOLD YOU, and now you're dead. Well done for not listening ._.

Obba Momo: "Hey, look, I'm still adorable. And sekushii...~"
Camera-san: *Moves away quickly*
Obba Momo: "He--- HEY!!!"

Manaka: "What would I give to stand in Ace shoes? What would I pay to have Ace status? What would I do to see fans... buying my goods...~"

Manakan contemplates what life might be like as Country Girls' Ace of all Aces.
 I wonder this, too, to be honest.

... And then Musubu comes in and steals all yo girls, brah.

Mai-kun, you have some competition!

Manaka: "... Hey, is that nickel?"

Quick, pick it up, it might be lucky!

Cute as she is, that serious expression does not suit the loveliness that is Musubu.

ARRRRGH, SATAN! -hisses-

Manaka: "I wanna be center..."

Maybe in the next MV? D8

TBH, this is the best, terribly choreographed dance scene of them all!

I love this, it's like a small collective of the most awkward poses one can do xD Whoever choreographed this... bra-vah on your awkward execution. You've made my day xD

Annnnnd perfection! Indeed, it has finally been found, in the form of Yamaki Risa of Country Girls, no less! Ladies and Gentlemen, this day will go down in History as the Day Man Found Perfection!

And this PV shall go down in history as the music video that made the Mona Lisa look happy. I mean, damn, it's pretty hard to crack a fuckin' smile here, I swear. Are the new girls making you that miserable!?

Obba Momo: "Of course it's because of those pip squeaks joining! They've taken over MY spotlight!"

What spotlight?

Obba Momo: "Grrr..."

Okay, okay, I'll shut up now!

BTW, this entire camera shot and how it moves... <3 Yes. ALL THE YES!

Charlie's Angels? Yeah, I've heard of them, but have you heard of Momo's Midgets?

They gonna be big, I tell ya, so watch this space!


Okay, so given that I am so back and forth with H!P right now, I'm genuinely proud of myself for at least managing to keep up with one of their groups of the millions they have right now. I mean, it's not that I don't like H!P any more, it's just that they don't interest me like they used to, and honestly, there are groups out there with more interesting girls, a lot better characteristics, and a more diverse sound of music that appeals to me far more than H!P does these days.
 And then there's Country Girls, who defy all of that and manage to pique what little remaining intrigue I have for the umbrella project. Maybe it's magic, or maybe it's just the power of some good contenders within the group. Who knows?

In general though, what I like about Country Girls is that they feel nostalgic. They bring forth that classic Hello! Project feel of innocence and happiness, all without it feeling forceful. They are playful and cute, even when they are trying to be 'cool', whilst also feeling completely natural when you watch them. No matter what, you feel a genuine vibe from all of these girls. I feels like Country Girls love what they do, and that this is an experience they want to share with everyone.
 For all the other H!P groups, it doesn't feel like that. For others, it feels a little more forced (aside from Kobushi, but only time will tell for both CG and KF), and yeah, that can be painful to watch. Here though, it is effortless.

Boogie Woogie Love, though it takes on a serious 'look' during solo scenes, is another fun and effortless release from the Country Girls gang, and one that you can see they enjoy. Everyone is energised, their choreography - though it looks like it was made up by a badly dancing father - is goofy yet fun, and the girls seem to be having a whale of a time performing this nostalgic 50's piece. Every movement is done with 100% enthusiasm and love.
 Sure, it looks crap when it's finally executed (apart from the leg moves. Those are great!), but who cares, right? It's fun, and that was what the 50's was about, anyway, right? Freestyle and experimentation, and really shit dance moves.

As long as you're having fun, you're doing it right, and given how much fun the CG lasses are having, they must be doing something right!

I like the music video, and I like the theme it was given. The PV fits with the tone of the song and, whilst the serious tones do put a dampener on it for me, I can't deny that it suits the feel overall. The members themselves deliver enough colour and vibrancy to keep us watching them, and their energised dance movements are pretty enjoyable to look at.
 Also, it's nice to see H!P experimenting and using a decent budget for this single. Hopefully they keep it up and make more good MV's for other groups, too, and keep on improving from here on out.

It's a nicely shot Music Video too, one that does not have a lot of static shots within it. Most of the cameras move and roam a little, often following the girls and what they are doing to keep us up with everyone, which in turn keeps things interesting, if you ask me. It's nice to see these kinds of shots here, especially considering it's a 50's themed diner song; it feels like these shots would fit in with something like Grease or Hairspray, solidifying that 50's image even more.
 And if it was in black and white, it would fit the theme even more! Hmm... 

-goes to edit a video for later... >o>-

Overall, Boogie Woogie Love is a pretty good music video, and a nice introduction to the newest members of Country Girls. It's cute yet a little serious, it has some fun choreography that all will enjoy, and a song that is nostalgic, cute and pleasing to the ears. It's a fun ride, so if you have yet to watch it, I suggest you give it a chance and see if these girls can boogie their way into your hearts, and to find your love for them deep down within.

Let's Boogie our way through the days and enjoy a fun diner dinner! I wonder, what will be on the menu next time?

As we contemplate what may come next on our orders though, I think that it;s time to bid you all farewell. I hope that you have enjoyed your time here and that you are all happy and healthy, enjoying your life and, of course, loving the Idols you follow and adore!

Until next though, I will say Ja ne, tata and bye bye, and let you all go on your Boogie woogie adventures! Take care, now~

Much Love,


  1. It's good to see that you haven't completely given up on hello project and if you could can you please review sakura night fever by kobushi factory, it has all the elements you would like in a PV.

    Also the girls in kobushi don't have an awesome mentor like momoko so that may be why they aren't so appealing/know what to do.

    1. I won't give up on H!P until they do something that makes me dislike them greatly... and I doubt that will ever happen XD I may not be as into them as I once was, but honestly, they have a place in my heart forever. They're the reason I got into Idols.

      I know this reply is late, but I do aim to try and review Sakura Night Fever, even if it's at a later date, maybe.

      And Kobushi don't grasp me because of the fact they lack a mentor. They just don't appeal to me because the group feels a bit eh right now. They may grow on me, who knows.

  2. Without Tsunku to do crazy shit that works, Hello!Project is getting kinda weak right now. But hey, it's Up Front, the agency that forced Chisato Moritaka, the biggest idol of the 80s/90s, to songwriting. That's not a surprising move and it's actually expected from them. Only time will tell if they are going to, at least, give some respect to the older groups before the Third Great Graduation.

    Honestly, I always thought of Country Girls as the messy group. There is always happening something to the group and no single had the same lineup so far, but their singles and MVs had been great since the very beginning (with the big red cross over Momoko's face), and being produced by two old AND popular idols helps them a lot. I'm always waiting to see what they will do. And to see if they get on the Asahi Shimbun cover someday.

    The other groups... sre there, right? I mean, Juice=Juice is doing drama, Kobushi is awesome as always, Tsubaki is sucking as always, °C-ute is bringing concert halls down with their constant touring, and Morning Musume is trying to be relevant like 2000 since 2007, so nothing new. I don't like the lack of movement of H!P, but profit is profit anyway and if they have it, nothing will happen.

    As for the idol scene, how is it going? I try to follow it, but I get lost so easily on Avex...

    1. Honestly, in regards to Tsunku leaving I do think that H!P's music has actually become better. Sure, they redo a lot of the songs and package them differently, but a few of them sound different, at least. But, yeah... this is UFP, the guys who refuse to promote, and run their Idols into the ground. I have no faith in them any longer.

      I've never actually thought of CG as a messy group, but thinking about it now that you've said it... yeah, they are! That's probably why I like them; they change constantly, and they remind me of HouPri, who are just as messy :p But, in all fairness, their downfall is met with the greatness that is their promotions (for now) and how cute and fresh they feel in comparison to the rest of the groups. They're definitely becoming a lot more professional, for sure, and they're such little stars/... but I will wait and see if they get a new member before the next single is out, muahahaha!

      The other groups are somewhere behind CG's and Kobushi's spotlight, scrambling for a bit of exposure. Juice=Juice are drying out honestly, and C-ute are actually doing really well. MM, though...? They're really flailing, they have little appeal. Honestly, I just pray for the day that UFP drops that shitty 'cool' image they fail at, and give them something fun and energetic. It's more befitting of them, and you can see how lively they are! With the cool image, you get fails all around. It's rather annoying.

      This is UFP, though, They're gonna watch us fans suffer.

      And the Idol scene is fine, when I do get to see it under all the essays and tears!

      Also, apologies for the late reply. Verrrry late reply. I'm bad at replying in general!