Friday, 1 January 2016

UPDATE: Okay! Musume Time 5th Anniversary Contest Reminder

HAPPY NEW YEAR Y'ALL! Hope you're having a great January 1st of 2016 so far ;)

I just wanted to make a quick update to remind you all that, on January 3rd, my contest for my 5th Anniversary here on O!MT will have closed, so if you wanted to enter... now is kinda the time!

You can find information regarding the contest HERE, but for a basic run down...
  • The topic is 'Why Am I An Idol Fan'
  • One entry per person
  • All entries to be sent to:
  • If you are under the age of 18, please get some parental permission!
  • I need a valid address to ship the potential winners CD to
  • The prize is a regular Edition Single (no albums) of your choice
Again, you can find the full post here for all of the information you will ever need!

Thought I would try and remind all about this, though so far I have had some fantastic entries submitted, so to all who have already handed their entries in, thank you very much! <3

GOOD LUCK! I love you all!

Chiima of 2k16! MUAHAHA!


  1. Because of their ears. Ha! Sonda plays to Chiima's tastes and is awarded an insta-win! Where's my CD already?

    1. Haha! Here, have a CD XD it's called 'Chiima feat. Sonda: 2016 Celebrations!!!!!' XD