Sunday, 24 January 2016

Leaving with Honors: Ayase Miho to Graduate Houkago Princess this March

On January 24th 2016, Ayase Miho made the announcement that, at the end of March this year, she would be graduating from Houkago Princess. Junpaku Antoinette will be her final single.

Ayase Miho, also known as Mihotan, made the announcement during her 25th Birthday live (her Birthday is officially on January 30th). Her reasons for leaving include that, currently, she believes this is the best lineup the group has had since its inception, and that she would like to leave on a high note. She also feels that right now, she would like to pursue something that is not within the entertainment industry.

As well as thanking the fans for their support and asking them to continue supporting her until her final performance, Miho has stated that she made this decision with no regrets, and that in order for Houkago Princess and herself to shine even more, this is the right thing for her to do.

You can find the announcement here.



My friend Akeda linked me to this announcement via Twitter, and when I saw the link, even in Japanese, I knew that an announcement was going to be announced. When he said that I would cry when I read it, I knew it was going to be Miho.

I cried. Of course I cried, because for over a year now, Mihotan was the member I wanted to know the most about. She was the member I liked the most.

The thing is, I expected a graduation announcement at some point this year from HouPri, but I don't think Miho was one of the girls I expected it from. Nana or Mayuka, yeah, but Mihotan? Not really. That said, I'm not entirely surprised, either.

This year on January 30th, Mihotan will turn 25, a big number to hit, if you ask me. She's an adult, she has been an adult for a while now, but for three years she has pursued activities within Houkago Princess and experienced the life of an idol, from the hardships to the fun times. She has done a lot since being a part of the group, including being a part of their major debut process.

And now, after 7 singles, a mini album and three years, Miho has decided that she would like to the leave the group with the best lineup it has ever had and pursue other things in her life. It's a big change, and it's one she's going to take with confidence and a smile on her face, because that is what Miho does.
 And of course, she will do it all at her own pace.

I am sad that it is Miho graduating. I would be sad if it was anyone else, too, but I know that this is a part of the Idol package; to graduate and move on, and to allow others a chance at being a part of the Idol group that is Houkago Princess. I just hope that when she does graduate, Miho will leave with the love and adoration she deserves from not only the fans, but the other members as well.

I will miss you dearly, Mihotan, but I am happy to know that you are confident in this choice of yours, and that you are ready to leave on a positive note in HouPri's history. Thank you you, for all you have done, and for all you will achieve.

"And, after my graduation, I will leave my entertainment activities behind and become an ordinary girl." - Miho Ayase, January 24th, 2016

 Until next time everyone. Please, love your Idols, and cherish the time that you have watching over them.


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