Saturday, 31 December 2016

Year Reset: 2017 ⟶ Hope ♡ Dream 🌥 Fear ☆ Predict

It is the End of a Year, and now that all the posts regarding 2016 have been created, it's time to look forward, and think to the future! It's the Year Reset, and for the on-coming force that is 2017, it's time to look at what might be, and cast our Predictions, Hopes, Fears and Dreams! I've listed what I think might happen, but what do you think will transpire in the Year that will be?

Because I want to keep up my tradition of posting random pictures for the End of a year, here's a fun little reminder of just how random they can get...~

Melons! I like 'em big! The irony that it's Sahochi holding the melon, though!

IT'S THE YEAR END! And with the End of the Year, it means my final post of 2016 is here, too! As per the freakin' usual, I will deliver unto you all the predictions, fears, hopes and dreams I have for the year that will be! There is no way to determine whether any of these will come true, because as of right now, they are all speculations, and until they come true, or never happen, speculations is all they will be!

Still, it's fun to predict, and it's even more fun to think about whatever might come! Until the end of 2017, however, we won't know what I predicted correctly, or what didn't happen, period.

Speaking of the End, I think it's about time we evaluate the Predictions, Hopes and Dreams from 2015 that I made for the Year that Is, and see just how many came true. Let's take a peek, shall we?

For reference, here is my 2015 edition of my 2016 predictions.

On 2016: Memories of A Year

The Year is coming to its close, and once midnight hits, a new chapter will begin in this tale of Idols, Music and Entertainment. Before it all ends and the magic of 2016 disappears, however, it's time to sit down, look back at all we know happened over the course of 12 months, and create memories of what was once the Year 2016...

I never know how to start these posts, because I always want to begin with something nice and whimsical, or something equally cheesy. Likewise, I never know what to put in these posts, aside from the Graduations or anything else that happened that was big. I mean, 2016 was a complete blur, for me. Aside from an abundance of Celebrity passing's from the Western side, as well as an unholy amount of Graduations from the Idol side, what else was there to 2016? Well, there's been a few things, I suppose, mostly in the Graduation and Disbandment department, of course, and we will get to those, soon. Still, the year that was 2016... where has it gone, and why did it decide to disappear so quickly?

For the year that will come to its end tomorrow at midnight, it's time to look back, think about all the Idols we love, and reminisce on what once was. Before the clock strikes Midnight, let's treasure the magic that is sure to disappear...!

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Sounds of 2016: 100 Songs from The Year

I'm doing a Top 100, because I hate myself, clearly! Okay, that's a joke, because if I didn't want to do it, I wouldn't. Plus, I'm the sort of blogger who wants to push her boundaries, and see if she can do something better than she did the year before. Given I did a Top 50 last year - and was told I was a tad crazy for going that high - I wanted to try and go a step further, and do 100 songs, in one post. Crazy, right? Well, that's me in a nutshell, and whilst I'm sure I've lost a few more marbles along the way... I know I can do this! I want to do this, and I believe deep down that by doing this, I am bettering myself, and giving you all even more songs to enjoy from the year that was! Yeah, that's what I'm doing! -nods-

In all seriousness, though, I'm in for a bumpy ride, because 100 songs is huge, and I'm one person. That's a lot of writing, and a few days worth of carpel tunnel going haywire. Ah, the things I do for Idols.

Good thing I'm on the nice laptop, otherwise I'd be in for a world of pain...

As per the usual with these kinds of posts: As I am one blogger, and these posts are all my own, they are, of course, subject to my opinion. So, if there is a song on here you hate, or even one you love, but it happens to be low on the list, please be aware that my intention is not to hurt your feelings, but to introduce you to music and Idols you might not have heard of. Plus, the list is completely subjective, and heck, even if a group you like is on here, but low down, it doesn't mean the song sucks; it just means I liked it, but not as much as others.

Likewise, how the songs are placed and positioned does not mean you should like them in that order, or whatever. If you like song A more than song B, but I'm different in how I like them, then you like the one you like most, regardless of what I say. It's just a list, at the end of the day, and it shouldn't determine how you like your music. Got it?

And with that all said and done, we have a list to get to. It's a feckin' long one, guys, so grab a coke, maybe a coffee or some vodka, a doughnut and some crisps, and strap yourselves in. This is a long one, and you will need sustenance. Ready?

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Visions of 2016: The PV Awards of O!MT

With 2016 on its way out and 2017 making its way in, it's time for our final posts of the year! So to celebrate our final steps, let's embrace all that has come from the year gone by, look back, and enjoy! For the year that was, let's think back, and look upon the things we have enjoyed fondly!

The PV Awards, one of four annual posts I try my best to never miss! It's one of my favourite posts, because here, I can give you the low-down on the Music Videos I have loved (and sometimes, loathed) over the past 12 months. Some of them I have already talked about in-depth, others, not so much. Still, though! It's nice to look back at them all, and talk fondly of - or, lament over - once again.

Of course, with this being a one-man (... woman? Person? Person!) kind of blog, the post in question will be pretty damn subjective. SO, if there is something here you might have disliked, or nothing here you yourself liked, please don't be alarmed, offended, or disrupted by it. It's simply my post, plus my feelings, so of course it's going to be filled with the things I remember most. Just because I don't include what you preferred here, does not mean they are bad / shit in any way. Got it? Good!

It's the Final PV related post for the year that is 2016, and I am SO ready to talk about all I have enjoyed from the year gone by! So, get seated, drink a cuppa and prepare your eyes and ears, because it's about damn time for some Idol goodness to ring through your room. Are you ready for a little bit of awesome to transpire?

PV's of 2016... PLAY!!!

Monday, 26 December 2016

It's A Tale of Everlasting Beauty! Houkago Princesses' 'Lychee Red no Unmei' Covers Revealed!

After four singles and a feature album song, Houkago Princess have been depicting popular fairy tale, historical and even movie portrayals of royalty. For their latest venture, however, Houkago Princess will finally take on the role of an Eastern Historical figure! In this brand new chapter of Houkago Princesses royal adventures, let's dive into the era of ancient China, and experience the life of one of China's Three Beauties who brought their country to its knees in this new, dramatic tale!

On December 26th, the Houkago website and Universal Music page for the group updated with the news that the promotional artwork and covers had been revealed for the up-coming single release, as well as the title itself! Named 'Lychee Red no Unmei' (translated to: Fate of the Red Lychee), the story behind the song will tell the tale of the Historical Lady, Princess, Nun and Consort, Yang Guifei, whose beauty won over an emperor. A key feature in the imagery is the peony that decorates the backdrop, as well as the gorgeous red that adorns the members costumes.

This will be 5th single release from Houkago Princess under the Universal Music Japan label, and the first since their new lineup change to include eight members. It is also the first single release of 2017 from the group.

Ten editions will be available to purchase, with a Regular and Limited DVD edition, as well as eight solo member covers. The single will be available for purchase on February 17th, 2017.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Hark, The Bells Will Ring! Merry Holidays and A Twinkling New Year!

IT'S CHRISTMAAAAAAS!!! And I am late with this post. Nothing new, there.

Hopefully, for the festive holiday season, I hope you are all having a good time, enjoying time with those you love, or doing what you enjoy most, as well as keeping up with and adoring your Idols! Though I myself have not been online much today, I have indeed looked at a few updates, and found out that Sashihara Rino will be collaborating with Morning Musume '17 come the New Year, on an album song! Sweeeeet!

Other than that, however, there's not been much going on for me on the interwebs (that I know of), but whatever updates there may be, can wait for tomorrow!

It's been a busy day, filled with present unwrapping for the kids in my family (little niece, tiny nephews), and me having to hoard their gifts into the living room. Food happened, too, a lot of family chatter, and the chicken was never cooked. Sad times for me, as I barely eat most meat, anyways, but what can I do?

Hopefully the day was great for you guys, too, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other celebration, or even if you don't. Whatever you have done today, whoever you have seen or spoken to, I hope it was good.

And before I dare leave thee, HAVE SOME PICTURES OF HOUPRI (and MM + ANGERME) IN SANTA OUTFITS >8D Huzzah!

I'm tired, hence why this post is so short, and so to the point and bleh XD

I love you all, and I am thankful for all the joy you bring, and for reading this blog, no matter how stupid a post might seem!

Until I next see you, everyone, please have a pleasant day (or evening), and enjoy all the goodness life might bring you!

Much Love,

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Eve of The Idol ~12th Night~ Gimme Gimme Christmas! - PASSPO☆'s 'Gimme Gimme action'

As the Eve of Christmas dawns upon us, we wrap the final presents and place them beneath the tree. Stockings hang above the fireplace or at the end of our beds, and we spend the day in longing wait, keen for the night to begin...

11th Night 

It's Christmas Eve! Everything is ready, from the lights that adorn the walls, to the tree that houses presents galore! It's time to get excited and enjoy all that Christmas holds, whether it is time together with your family, or giving out gifts and receiving them yourself! If you celebrate the holiday or not, remember, it's a time to be happy and remember the year gone by, and the people you treasure in your life. No matter who or where you are, what you believe or whether you practice religion or not, the season that is Christmas is one to enjoy with those you love!

This is the Final Eve, and after 12 Nights, our journey is coming to its grand finale! Hopefully you have enjoyed all these winter treats delivered straight to your webpage, and found something old
or new to adore! Now, however, it's time to celebrate, so crack out those party poppers, dig out your Christmas cake, and enjoy!

Eve of the Twelfth is here, and it's time to enjoy the seasons celebrations! Are you ready to have a peaceful dinner with your loving family, or will someone cause a ruckus before you can say 'Turkey'!?

Christmas, it's a wonderful time of the year, but when everyone is gathered around the table...!

Friday, 23 December 2016

Eve of The Idol ~11th Night~ Kiss of The Winter Blossom - Flower's 'Shirayukihime'

One these cold nights, I lie on this bed of flowers and dream of you, wishing for a return. Yet once again, I am awaken not by lips, but the kiss of first snow...

11th Night 

Isn't winter beautiful? It creates such purity, despite the fact its loveliness also takes away from us the life of the flowers and the trees. Yet despite this, there still flowers that prosper and peek through the snow, revealing their beauty and allowing us to remember that, no matter what, the snow cannot kill everything with its deadly beauty.

The snowdrop flower is one of my favourites. I also like the daffodil and the lily, however, it is the ability to grow even when the ground is frigid that inspires me so. This small flower, despite all odds, decides that it will show its strength and grow in the coldest of months, peeking ever so slightly through the snow with its head hanging low, waiting to be discovered and loved by all who find it in the midst of winters snow...

For 12 Nights, and 12 Nights only, let's take a journey with Idols of all kinds and enjoy the wintry styles they have adopted. Whether the song is old or new, let's celebrate all it delivers. This season, let's fall in love with our Idols all over again...

This is the Penultimate Eve, and the Eleventh Night we take to the very depths of the Winter Lands, where even when surrounded by beauty, grief still strikes those who enter. Yet, despite all that consumes these beautiful flowers, they still flourish and prosper in the depths of their own cold despair...

It's time to return this Princess of Snow to her true home, but when she returns, will she remember all that has transpired in days gone by...?

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Eve of The Idol ~10th Night~ Wishes Before Midnight's Strike - Girls' Generation-TTS - 'Dear Santa;

Christmas is but one day a year, so when it finally comes around, be sure to treasure the day and all it holds, because before you know it, once Midnight strikes, the Magic will come to its end until the next year rolls around...

10th Night 

It is a time of the year to believe. Whether we ask our children to be good for Santa Claus, or to hope for a better new year, the Winter and December's end brings us hope and wishes. As youngsters we look towards Santa and ask of him the things we would like, yet as adults, we look towards a younger generation as well as ourselves for happiness, warmth and love. We hope for a better world, and for the New Year to grant these desires. Whether you celebrate the Christmas season or not, it seems that many people all hope for something better, and to see the world become just that little bit brighter for the on-coming year. 

Every Christmas I wish for joy and love. I want to see my family smiling, and I want to sincerely enjoy myself, too. I hope for my friends to have a good holiday, and to celebrate however they wish, and to be happy, too. Hopefully, this year, you can enjoy your holiday, and think of all the things you like, love and enjoy, too.

For 12 Nights, and 12 Nights only, let's take a journey with Idols of all kinds and enjoy the wintry styles they have adopted. Whether the song is old or new, let's celebrate all it delivers. This season, let's fall in love with our Idols all over again...

The Tenth Eve of this Idol Festival ready to go on an adventure, with memories to be made and happiness to find. Are you ready to take flight and begin a celebration of your own, or will you bring someone along with you?

The magic is about to start, so before it runs out at Midnight, be sure to make as many memories as you possibly can!

The Royal Court Grows! The Houkago Princess Announcements Continue! (New Member + Single Announcements)

With the sudden withdrawal of Nagasawa Marina coming up this December 31st, I thought that Houkago Princesses announcements were over for the rest of the year.

Well, that isn't the case, because they had a few more up their sleeve, with one that has [yet] to be announced, but I managed to snoop my way towards the information via my usual HouPri Stalking techniques! WOOHOO!

Let's get into some news, shall we?

Firstly, a brand new member has emerged! Meet Morishita Rina, the latest Candidate to grace the HouPri Halls. Like Horii Nina, she will participate in activities with the Regular members, but will only be included in the chorus and as a backing dancer. She will also perform at her designated Team lives, and help to promote the group.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Eve of The Idol ~9th Night~ Snow Tinted Memories - SweetS 'Love Like Candyfloss'

With every love born during Christmas time, there is also heartbreak just as the snow begins to fall...

9th Night 

The coldest feeling in the world is not the snow that touches warm skin, but the chilling feeling of being betrayed and having your promises broken. If you ever liked someone, only to find that they never meant all they had said to you, how cold would your heart become, and how much would the snow remind you of the suffering you have been through?

Will you give in to the snow and freeze your heart, or will you create new bonds with those who have also been wronged?

For 12 Nights, and 12 Nights only, let's take a journey with Idols of all kinds and enjoy the wintry styles they have adopted. Whether the song is old or new, let's celebrate all it delivers. This season, let's fall in love with our Idols all over again...

On the Eve of the Ninth, let's see how the snows first fall can bring back painful memories of a relationship lost to broken promises and lies...

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Eve of The Idol ~8th Night~ Ding Dong, Sleigh Bells Ring - lol's 'xmas kiss'

As Santa prepares his sleigh with gifts galore, we look up to the skies, wondering just when we will hear those sleigh bells ring out into the night...

8th Night 

The Christmas season is all about celebrating with your family, and it can also be about giving. Of course, Christmas is not about focusing on what to get someone, or how much you spend; it's about giving those you care for something from the heart, allowing them to know that you love and appreciate them greatly. During this time of the year, we can sometimes become lost in the commercialism and bright lights, but always remember, it's not what you buy, but the meaning behind what you choose to give someone.

As I myself come from a big family, there has always been an emphasis on simply being there, and celebrating with those that raised and love me. My parents and siblings don't care about the gifts, but they appreciate what is given. If I can't buy anything, they completely understand, and are just happy to have me home. This is what Christmas is about, in my eyes: It's about wanting your family around you, and not caring about the gifts, so long as we are all under one roof and happy. Of course, everyone approaches Christmas differently, and I cannot begrudge you however you might celebrate it, or if you don't celebrate at all.

For 12 Nights, and 12 Nights only, let's take a journey with Idols of all kinds and enjoy the wintry styles they have adopted. Whether the song is old or new, let's celebrate all it delivers. This season, let's fall in love with our Idols all over again...

Let''s begin our Eighth Eve. If we listen close enough during the night, just when the snow begins to fall, maybe we will hear those magical sleigh bells ring...

Can you hear the bells in the distance?


I still think this is a hideous name XD Why would you name yourself after slang word!?

Good grief, child, put those legs away! It's freezing, you don't want frostbite on those legs, do ya now?

Now that is one fluffeh coat! Cruella de Vil would luuurve it!

... Okay, why is one girl wearing Santa's sack, another lingerie, and the third is the only one dressed somewhat appropriately for the winter season? xD

Also,damn, boys, you hit those moves!

Damn foggy windows... -wipes-

Eramgerd, yer a beauty! *^* <3

Hot damn, that's a floofeh coat, too! I kinda want one owo

Awww, Santa-san! D8 Lemme help you, it's a bit blustery! -hauls sack-

Okay, who are you, and why are you so damn adorable?

-squints- Santa, I cannae see a bloody thing! Turn off the Aircon!

Hot damn, first you have a fluffeh coat, and then I see you have symmetrical hair... like Cruella De Vil... Hmmm...

I'm onto you, kid >o>

Santa-san: "Ho... ho... Cannot do it no more..."

After so many years of sending gifts out to the children of the world, Santa's finally starting to feel a tad tired.

Oh good gawd, man, your hair is beautiful!

Your ears are also very pointy. May I ask, are you of the Elven breed? I hear you only come out when the snow falls, yes?

So damn aesthetically pleasing.

Oh my GAAAAWD, she looks so precious! ;^;

I just wanna squidge her up and love her! ;^; ;^; <3

Pretty: "Eh... snow?"

No, it's cocaine, falling from the clouds! Of course it's F***ing snow, damnit! D8<

Cruella 2: "Can I make a coat from this powdery substance?"

Unless you want an Emperor's new clothes scenario later on, I say no.

Good grief, I just want to 'boop' that nose and pat her on the head, such a darn cutie :3

Forget the girls, let's just watch those guys flail around and kick snow!

I just enjoy these types of shots, because obscurity and focus! :D


Also, hot damn, look at that booty!

... Wait, how old are these guys again? >o>

Feckin' BEAUTS! How are you not on every damn magazine cover ever!? You're beautiful, baby!

She kind of completes me, you know? Like, for now... but until then: PRECIOUS BABY!!! :D <3

Cruella 2: "Ooooh, a penny! Om nom nom...~"

The penny thing never gets old with me.

Cutie Button: "What ever could it be...?"


Cutie Button: "YASSSSSS, FLOOFEH DERG!!!!!!"
Woofers: "Hyelp me!"

Vanilla Ice: "Rising Sun to Bald Eagle, Rising Sun to Bald Eagle, the Dorito has claimed Presidency. I repeat, the Dorito has claimed Presidency. Over."

Cruella 2 is v. pretty, she really is. I kinda want her jawline and lips owo

Vanilla Ice: "She hasn't noticed yet... closer... closer, then the dog will be mine..."

Looks like a pranks about to go down XD


But honestly, what in the hell are the guys doing? XD

So. Damn. GORGEOUS! I really cannot get over her beauty, she looks so traditional and natural <3

Adorable. Floofeh and the Beauts.

I think that, secretly, Cutie Button is a derp deep down. She may show herself off as gorgeous and cheeky, but I bet she's a a dork IRL XD

We legit see nothing of these guys unless it's their one solo, or they're staring out the windows XD I feel for them, we need more mn in this XX-Chromosome fest xD

Good gawd, look at Vanilla Ice go! You be a gangster, you denim wearing bro, you.

... I don't know what the feck I am saying, sometimes XD

Vanilla Ice: "Yo yo, home dawg!"

No. Stahp XD


I won't ever get enough of her, or the Cutie Button.


*boops the nose*

WAIT, they know Santa!?

Vanilla Ice, wtf you doing? Waiting for another member to join?

I do love how Vanilla Ice is trying so hard to look cool, here, but he only manages to look like a bit of an idiot XD

Those fuckin' windmill moves and how the guys do them, though XD


God damn, she's a bundle of wonder and joy, Merry feckin' Christmas, this PV and her presence is my gift this year XD

The cuteness of these scenes, though. Adorbs. Such happiness. So damn lovely.

That dog does not look delighted, Cutie Button XD Let it go, free the floofeh!

Cutie Button: "Fuq you, he's mine, he stays 5ever."

Cutie Button: "Confetti, Bitcheeeeeeeeeeeeees!"

Cutie's child-like happiness makes me equally happy ; A; BABY! <3

Santa really does not know what the feck to do in this situation, does he? XD

Cutie Buttons face is so derpy here, though xD

Santa-san: "Ho ho, look at dat ass!"
Cutie Button: "SANTAAAAAAAA!"

Santa-san: "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

Okay, stop calling all the girls ho's, Santa. That's mean! D8<

Oh gawd, her smile is as radiant as she is! Save me from this perfection!

... Wait, don't. Don't save me. Let me bask in all her shining glory! <3

Awww, picture perfect!

... And then Cutie Button went full on Dork ;) Had to happen at some point, didn't it?

Good gawd, it's blurry. Oh, well... PINE TREES! 8D

The silence suddenly breaks, and deep within the night sky, a tinkling bell rings out.


I'm still a little new to the group that is lol, so I don't know any names at all yet, though I have been told that the I have been calling a Cutie Button is Hibiki. That's a pretty name! I also know one is called Honoka, but the rest, I have no clue, so until I learn their names properly... apologies. It won't be another Shinee scenario, for sure, but hopefully I like them enough to eventually learn all their names. (Which shouldn't be hard, given there are like, five of them in total).

Honestly though, when I first saw this music video, I was surprised. I wasn't really aware that this group would do something like a Christmas video, nor did I think that they would go for a song as basic as this one. Don't get me wrong, it's a fun song, I like it a great deal and sing it a lot, but it is basic. From the one song I have heard from lol (spank!!, of all things), I thought that they were a cool group, for sure. So to see this, yes, I was taken aback, but I was delighted by it, too. It's a nice video and a decent song - what isn't there to enjoy here?

Now, despite what its name might suggest xmas kiss does not, in fact, contain any form of kissing whatsoever, but it does include a lot of cute scenes. A simple piece, xmas kiss pretty much follows the premise of people watching the snow fall down from the sky and smiling upon realising that, yes, winter is here. There is also a cameo from Santa Claus, and some nice little gift giving sequences that result in the new possession of a fluffy pup, and some happy members who adore it so much. There is not a lot to this video at all, but it is still quite a fun watch, especially if you're interested in some nice camera angles and depth of field in your cinematography. That, or you enjoy seeing a variety of expressions on a member; there's a good chunk of that present, too, something that Shinee's Winter Wonderland lacked.

I do love the look of this video - though at times, it feels a bit too blue, but I get that it sets a colder tone - and I actually really love the costumes they chose for the female members, here. Though I question Hibiki's attire the most (is that lingerie masquerading as an outfit!?), I think that the clothes are fitting for each member. Likewise, I like the choice of white suits for the male members in the group, and the red shoes that Blue Hair wears. Funnily enough, despite looking quite like the Shinee outfits from the PV prior, I don't get that 90's vibe from them. I guess the red shoes and their modern hair styles kind of give them an updated look.

To whoever shot and directed this PV, I applaud you. It's really well done, and hardly ever looks flat. There are some interest angles used, and some nice choices made in terms of filming through branches or between pine trees. I love the idea of obstruction, so by using scenes where we look through another object to see the the main attraction, I felt very intrigued and invested. I do like the use of focus here, too, though it can be used a tad too much. I mean, it's used in almost every scene, and though I personally enjoy it, it could just as easily get annoying.

I mean, there's a scene with the member who has symmetrical hair where, at one point, the scene just never focuses on her, and that is really distracting and annoying. Either, they never re-shot it and just threw the scene into the PV, or they forgot to add in the proper seen that shows her in full, focused glory. Who knows?

Again, I like the use of depth of field here, but it is a lot in one PV. A sporadic use would have been better, rather than for every other scene, or something.

I would say some of the things that could also make this video better would be if, maybe, some of the scenes felt a little warmer. I know that being outside, a cooler filter is a good choice, however even in one or two of the interior shots, it feels cold and dark, especially in the solo sequence with the blonde male member. In a way, this choice of keeping it dark and cold only makes the scene feel suffocating and closed in, so a warmer tone might have been a more appropriate choice. In general, though, I do think that the cool tone fits quite well, but only when the members are outside.

This is a good PV. It's entertaining enough, and will definitely bring out some of your Christmas cheer. It has the sound, feel and look of a Christmas music video, and Santa's appearance definitely solidifies that 'Christmas' feeling for me as a viewer. It's nice to see him cameo here, and it's also nice to see some performers in Santa themed outfits! This is what I have been waiting for, and finally, my wish for Santa clad Idols has been delivered, even if it wasn't the cute Santa outfit I had hoped for.

Though it lacks a Christmas Kiss under the mistletoe like I had hoped, it still brought me happiness and all those warm, fuzzy Christmas feels. Did it do the same for you?

On this silent night, let's stay awake until we finally hear those sleigh bells ring, and wait until the reindeer hooves touch the roof of our house. Then, before Santa comes to deliver the presents, let's quickly fall asleep!

Until next time everyone, please take care, love your Idols, and listen out for those sleigh bells!

Much Love,