Friday, 25 December 2015

Wa~! Happy, Jolly, Merry Christmas!!!


Santa Avery-chan is ready to fill your stocking!!!

Once again Christmas is upon us, and I hope that this year has been a Merry and bright one for you all!

I do know, however, that the winter and Christmas time can bring up some memories of loved ones who are no longer with us, and that it can even cause more heartache than it does happiness, however please remember that, whilst sadness does linger, the memories you hold are dear, and that the happy times are still there. So, even if this time of the year can be hard to bear, know that there are those who love you around still, and that the past happy days of Christmas are still there, too!

So, whether this is a happy or a sad time, or even a mild one where little feelings are shown, please try and have a great day, keep those you love close to your heart, whether they are with you or not, and of course, smile, because even without those we are closest to, this is the time of year to think of others, and to cherish everything we have.

So please, cherish all you love and remember the good times, even if darkness surrounds you or others at this very moment. Remember; there is always light to keep you going when you most need it!

For myself, Christmas is always about being with my family, and once again this year was spent with those who make my life bright and happy. Before, however, we had all been unsure whether or not I would make it home for Christmas due to work, however I was lucky to be able to come home earlier than anticipated, and spend these days with those I love and adore.

This also happened to be the first Christmas for my youngest nephew, Loki, who had a lot of fun unwrapping presents, chewing on some cardboard, and playing with some of his brand new toys! (And his brothers, too xD) And for both Damien and Annie, the two had fun unwrapping their own gifts and having a play with them all.
 Let's just say, they were all given quite a bit, but I do have a big family full of adults mostly, so that explains why they received so much...

ANYWAYS, it's been a fun day so far, and we are all happy and content. When the food comes along later, we'll feel even better, I'm sure!

OKAY, now that that is all said and done, let's look at some IDOLS!!!

Houpriyusu and HouPri know how to please the festive spirit in me by wearing these cute Santa costumes!!!! *^*

Santa Baby, slip some HouPri under the tree... for me~

All of them, please! ^o^

Seriously, HOW ARE THEY ALL SO CUTE!? Also, can I have some Saho-chi and Miho-tan solo DVD's or photobooks for 2k16? PLEASE? OWO

Forever wishing that was me Eripon was hugging... );

Also, OGATA!!!! *^*

I think the MM girls are ready to ship the latest threat off back to America... >->

Duu with her harem, and Riho, ready to lead Santa's Sleigh with her dancin' magic as Riho the Red Penlight Reindeer.

And let's just say, Gingerbread-Nakky and Santa Kana are absolute perfection! Seriously H!P, you're rather on point this year with your girls!

Now, to leave you all with some wonderful Christmas x Winter tunes. Please, enjoy, and have a wonderful Christmas, everyone!


Until next time! Please take care, stay happy and healthy, and of course, please love your Idols!

Much Love,

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