Thursday, 31 December 2015

Road to 2016: The Hopes, Dreams, Fears and Predictions of a Year to Be

I like my apples like I like my Idols, with a bit of punch...~

...  well, maybe not that amount of punch...

The Dawn of a New Year is emerging, and 2015 is rushing to a close as its own chapter ends, so in these last few hours of the year, it's about high time to return to the annual joy that is this; my Hopes, Dreams, Fears and Predictions for the year to come, a post dedicated to the random musings of my own muddled mind, and all I think may just happen in the year to come, or at least, the things I want to happen, or what I do not want to happen. It is all contained here, wrapped up pretty and nice whilst I anticipate the new year!

Seriously, this series has been with me since 2011, and I honestly never get tired of doing it! It's a fun way to round off each end of the year, whilst simultaneously celebrating the birth of a new one. Also, it's a great way to get you guys to think about what you want from the on-coming year, as well as allowing you to create your own predictions and hopes, some possible fears, for the Idols you love and adore. It's a bit of fun, nothing to be taken too seriously, and something to look back on before another new year starts to see just what came true!
 Seriously, the process is a fun one, even if it does take time to create!

Anyway, going off on that part about looking back before a new year begins, how about we take a small looksy at the Predictions of 2015 that actually came true. Shall we~?

2015's Hopes, Dreams, Fears and Predictions that came True:

Hello! Project (7/15 came true) (Over half way... that is a lot better than I expected!)
  • ANGERME release good stuff <--- IT HAPPENED, IT WAS EPIC, K!?
  • A new group from the Kenshuusei Nest <--- TWO!!!!
  • Zukki gets a solo line... In an A-side <--- Better yet, SHE CENTERED ONE!
  • Give my boys (Eripon and Duu) some Solo lines <--- Duu got center, Eripon got a solo line! Life is all good! :D
  • One of the OG's announces a relationship / pregnancy / marriage / <--- Goto Maki had a baby, Natsumi Abe is set to be married, and Yossie is MARRIED!!!! WHOO!
  • Ogata Haruna isn't pushed back. At all. <--- No, she was not.
  • In general, Hello! Pro releases nice, decent PV's. <--- They one-upped it and delivered BEAUTIFUL PV's!
Houkago Princess (6/9 came true) (The HouPri vibes were real, yo!)
  • HouPri announce something BIG! <--- They did. It was a Major Debut. I went full on namida.
  • Michishige Saho and Sirosaki Himari get promoted to the Regular Lineup <--- The tears, they were real!
  • HouPri release their first album <--- It was a mini version, but it was an album all the same
  • More single releases <--- It went there. It went there gooood!
  • Not so many Graduations <--- I mean I didn't want any, but I did say at the minimum, 2... They hit the minimum
  • Some aside from Mayuka gets a solo song <--- HEY, Nanairo Photograph was officially released!
J-Pop (in general) (2.5/12 came true) (daaaamn general J-pop predictions, you were weak this year!)
  • i☆Ris continue to make me like them more and more <--- TBH it's not hard to like i☆Ris!
  • Wake Up, Girls! return, and I continue to swoon <--- They returned, that's good enough for me!
  • Yuuka Ueno becomes my Soloist Oshi (and continues to release fabulour music) <--- She did the deed on the second half.Soloist Oshi she is not... yet.
Personal (2/7 came true) (Welp, at least some came true... ;D)
  • Read... MORE!!! <--- I actually read quite a few books, so yeah, proud of myself!
  • Get through my first year of University <--- I made it into the second, didn't I? ;D
... Gosh, a lot came true, and that makes me happy! It means that, somehow, my muddled mind can work in mysterious ways and predict the fuzze future ;D
 But no, honestly, that's a good amount for my predictions, especially the Houkago Princess ones! I was on a roll!

The question now, however, is this; will I be on a roll with next years predictions, or will very few come true? Well, we have a year to find out, but until that time comes, I say let's predict, and let's enjoy.

These are my 2016 Hopes, Dreams, Fears and Predictions for a Year to Be. On this Road, will we cross the paths of what we fear most, or find the Dreams we never thought could be a reality? Read on to find out what, for me, are my own ideas of the year that has yet to be...


2016 in HouPri
Hopes, Dreams, Fears & Predictions

Hope: HouPri SLAYS 2016! (As I like them, I believe this is so, but they have anyway! YAY!)

Honestly, look at me, using slang... I'm too old for that, HA!

Really though, I do hope that, musically, Houkago Princess rock. I mean, they're a pretty diverse group anyway, owning both the cute and mature stuff beautifully, and after their Kiete, Shirayukihime release, they have proven just how cool and stylish they can be with their songs, so I really do hope that for next year they continue to show off their various music styles, creating a diverse track list for themselves in the process.

Hope: Houkago Princess have more exposure (It was a given XD)

Film, radio, variety, online, magazines... whatever, I just want exposure for these girls, especially now they're in the major leagues with a bunch of other groups. Yes, they have been on the news with their major debut, and yeah, they went on a show with P.IDL I think, but I want them to do a lot more of that in order to get their name out there, because seriously, these girls are worth the exposure.

It's a hope that I sincerely want to come true, because seriously... my babies T^T

Prediction: Houkago Princess release a full album

I feel like, for their fifth anniversary, HouPri might just release a complete album. I mean I could totally be wrong, because they are barely into their first year of going major, but I can also predict and dream, right? It'd be amazing, though, to know they are releasing an album! Plus, new music...

Seriously, just... just give me an album, now!

Hope Dream: Miran gets an A-side Solo line... Or a Solo Song! (She kinda got one!?)

Okay, so I freakin' love Miran right now. She is the right amount of cool and cute, tomboy and girly, and I also rather like her voice, despite how scratchy it can be. I mean, compared to the other members, Miran is definitely one of the worst singers, however I still kind of want her to have a solo line, because damnit, I like her!

It'd be a dream to see her get a solo song, so I already have little hopes of that happening because I know she's not on the level of Maika, Mayuka or Nana in popularity or vocal capability, however to hear her get a solo line in an A-side this coming year would be epic! She's already a visual and dance focus, but to get a solo line... yes, that would make me a happy Chiima! *^*

Seriously, give this girl a line or two. We all wanna hear that scratchy voice XD

Fear: Nananyan announces her Graduation

I don't like thinking about it, but I feel like come 2016, there will be another HouPri Graduation, and it's going to either be Nana, or the next person I will mention. This is some real fear I have inside, guys, and if either one comes true, I am not going to be happy with myself for calling it.

I mean, I could see Nana either staying or leaving this coming year, but I do think this year, someone will announce their leave for one reason or another. Nana could totally leave now for the fact that she has seen HouPri major debut, or because she thinks she's too old to be an Idol (though age now has little to do with being an Idol), or something else entirely. Either way, I have a feeling if someone were to say they were planning to leave, I think it will be either Nananyan, or...

Fear: Mayuka announces her Graduation ): Check...

Yeah. Mayuka.

Okay, I think the fear for this one is bigger, because I have a feeling Mayuka has more reason to announce her leave more than Nana does. Yeah, she's a popular member and she's doing well in the group, that's a given, but the thing is, vocally, Mayuka is suffering a bit. She's been going to the hospital quite a bit this year, all because there is something wrong with her voice, so she has been undergoing treatment.

Mayuka's dream is to be a voice actress, and if her voice keeps playing up, I do believe that she will graduate in order to keep that dream alive, as opposed to continuously suffering for the sake of being an Idol.

It's a big fear, but if it does happen, I do understand why it would happen.

Hope: A Rapunzel themed Single is released

Seriously, if a Rapunzel themed single and music video was released by HouPri, I would die of Disney happiness, because that just so happens to be the best modern Disney Princess film around, and also, Miran loves Rapunzel, therefore she should be Rapunzel.

I totally want to see this!!! Or maybe a Joan of Arc PV, or, heck, a Henry VIII's 6 wives themed single... LMAO XD

Prediction: Nagasawa Marina becomes a member of Houkago Princess Kinda CHEKKU!


Seriously, if this kid isn't back in HouPri come this time next year, I might just cry. She has proven to them without a doubt that her work ethic is a good one when she puts her mind to it, plus right now, she's a bigger name than HouPri itself. So yeah, get her in there, make her a Regular member, and then release more DVD's. Thank you.

Hope: HouPri 7ki

In conjunction with the above Prediction...

I want this. I want it bad. I wanted it last year, and by goodness, I'm going to want it again! I swear, it feels like this next year, they will finally have their 7th generation... unless... no... they're waiting until 2k17!?

Well, hopefully not, because the thirst for Marina to be back in HouPri is real. Her, and Sasara and Izumi and Avery and Mayu...
 Basically, I want them all!!!

Dream: Give Kamiya Airi a PB or DVD. PLEASE

I feel like this one will only ever be answered in my dreams, because damn, HouPri management are set on Avery-chan forever being the back girl. Like, why? She is gorgeous beyond belief, and pretty damn stylish, too! I would totally love to see her produce a photobook or a gravure DVD, or at least a magazine photo spread!

This girl is beautiful, and I do hope that during 2016, there is something produced for her, whether it is in the form of a magazine spread, a DVD, or a photobook... I need something from her like that, otherwise, I may just have to keep dreaming! -sobs-

2016 in Hello! Pro
Hopes, Dreams, Fears & Predictions

Fear: Hagiwara Mai Announces her Graduation (C-ute disbanding counts... ;A;)

This is a fear that my friend recently talked about, and honestly, it's a fear that I feel might just happen in 2016, as well as a fear I've thought about a time or two this year. I don't want it to come true, by any means, but that fear is certainly there.

I mean, Mai seems a little less involved lately. Her performance is probably not as great as the other members of C-ute, and sometimes it feels as if her passion is at 40% as opposed to 100% like the other girls. That, and apparently Mai has been having vocal struggles during performances. That said, this is just something I heard, so please do not take my word for it.

I don't want Mai to graduate, because I do know that she loves C-ute and her fans. If she has to, however, then I will just have to suck it up as a fan.

Hope: I get into Tsubaki Factory

I'm at a point where I know, for sure, I may never get into the Kobushi side of this factory, however with Tsubaki, I feel like there is a lot of potential love for them inside of me. I mean, the girls all look great, especially Kiki, Yumeno and their buggy leader, and though I have yet to actually hear their music, I feel like they will have a style I could be invested in.
 Or, I'll just follow them for how unique they all look. Seriously, they're all intriguing to stare at.

I do hope that I get into them, because I don't want to keep ignoring them on purpose come 2016. I need to really find a factory wagon and jump on it, quick, otherwise I will be left behind.

Hope + Prediction + Dream: No more new groups, please! (Our wallets can't take it!) CHYEKKU!

Seriously, whilst new debuts are great and all, it would be nice to see Hello! Pro a little more static this year, keeping with the groups they have and allowing them to grow. I mean, it's great to be enthusiastic, but even for 2015, three new groups was way too enthusiastic... seriously.

Focus on what you have, and improve on the product that is already there. Speaking of improving...

Hope: Juice=Juice do better (Better than last year, nyeh XD)

Bless their hearts and all, sure, but seriously, Juice=Juice did nothing amazing this year, and the lack of enthusiasm I had for them shows how little they did to appeal to me. I mean, I forgot their songs, and I have since refused to listen to their album like a petulant child because they've given me no reason to want to listen to it. Seriously, come 2016, I hope that H!P up their game, and sort the group out.

Oh, and get rid of Karin as a lead vocalist. That'd improve them some, I believe.
 That said, it'd piss off a lot of fans, too... hrm...

Hope: Graduation is 0 for Morning Musume '16

Let's just say we don't need any more of these graduations, planned or not, especially not after hearing that Meimi's going to be leaving H!P and ANGERME. Please.

Seriously, I doubt the fans could handle it, and neither could I, especially if it happened to be a member I adored... ; A;

Hope Prediction: That said... Auditions? CHEKKU!!!

There is a part of me that hopes this, and the other part that is predicting it. That said, there is also that side of me that doesn't care if it happens or not, because the current lineup is pretty solid right now. Either way, I'd actually be happy with or without a new addition.

Seriously though, if they do add someone, please let it be a single person generation, cause quite frankly, we have enough of them as is, and Oda needs someone to love, too!

Dream: Ogata gets a Photobook

Let's not even start on how perfect she is, k, cause that'd be a long list of perfect loveliness to note. Let's just all agree that this girl, damn this girl, needs a photobook, STAT!

I've already given up on the first Haruna for a photobook, so now I am going to hoist those hopes and dreams onto the second Haruna. Let's just hope this one gets the photobook I have always desired!

Hope Prediction: Duu becomes center (IT HAPPENED)


Fear: Maria becomes Center (Fuck me, I predicted this mess)


I might as well jump ship faster than you can say 'Maria's the next ce--- huh, where'd ya go!?'

2016 in Idols
Hopes, Dreams, Fears & Predictions

Hope: I get into Team Syachihoko

Okay, not literally, like becoming a member something... like, I mean become a casual follower of them, or something. You know, listen to their music more, watch their videos without freaking out over the weirdness they exude, stuff like that. I want to give them a chance, if anything, because I want to try new things and see what I like. I did it with this year, so come this time next year, I want to have at least attempted to get into these girls.

Seriously, I hope I do. The hope is strong, in this one!

Prediction: I become obsessed with Ray

Ray is basically a ray of sunlight, and honestly, I want that sunlight in my life, shining upon me and singing to me with her lovely voice... so, for 2016, I feel like I just might become obsessed with this girl, cause if there is one thing I am good at, it's obsessing over something to the point of infatuation!

Seriously, I really like Ray so far, and I feel like I will walk into 2016 ready to like her even more. I want to adore and oshi this girl, and I want to hear more of her work, so yeah, I do predict that in the upcoming year, she will be the soloist I obsess over.

Move over Ueno, Ray is comin' to town, and Chiima is READY!!!

Prediction: That said, I will still Love Yuuka Ueno! (And hopefully Oshi her)

I'm not letting go of this girl any time soon, so yeah, I predict that, come 2016, I will still love and adore her with all of my heart, music and all. Once you adore someone, it is hard to let them go, and Yuuka is someone I actually refuse to let go of. She's a beautiful singer, and I would be a fool to stop enjoying her now when she's at her best, and only proving to get better with each release produced!

Also... please, predict me correct, I wanna Oshi this girl by 2016! Give me reasons to Oshi you, oh Lovely Yuuka!

Hope: I return to Tsuribit

Please note, I have never been, nor will I ever be, a part of Tsuribit, so there is no 'return'. No, I mean I want to return to enjoying the group. 2015 for me was a stale year with this group, however since their last release, I hold that hope that I may find interest in them again. Thing is, whether I follow them again or not is up to me entirely; I need to make that effort.

I like Tsuribit, so I do hope that this Hope comes true. I miss this fishing gimmick.

Hope: I fall for Diamondollfy

I was on / off with this group this year, but I hope that 2016 allows me to actually follow and fall in love with Diamondollfy a little more, because from what I have seen of this indies splendor, I have enjoyed. They are cute, charming and fun to watch, so I don't see why I shouldn't fall in love with them!

Seriously, I want to like them... so I kinda need to start putting in my part of the effort to get to that point, aye?

Hope: I find the ways of Yasuda Rei

Per request of a friend, I hope that during the coming year, I have found myself listening to Yasuda Rei and, potentially, finding a new soloist to follow and enjoy wholeheartedly. It's always fun to embark on new adventures, so I do hope that Rei's is an adventure I will enjoy. I'll give her a try, and see if I enjoy what is delivered!

Prediction: AKB48 Disband

Quite possibly the shittiest thing to think about for some, but honestly, this is no more a prediction than it is a hope. I mean honestly, I feel like this could happen... but it most likely won't, because Ak-P is going to milk this dying cow for all it's worth, even if it has dried up.
 Seriously though, one can dream... >o>

Honestly, if AKB48 ever do disband, this year or in the next millennium, it will only be a good thing, for me, at least... because heck,. it would at least allow the Idol world to breathe a little.

Who to Watch Out For

For the up-coming year, I have chosen a handful of people you should watch out for in the year of 2016, because there have been some awesome releases throughout 2015, and I am honestly hoping they continue that streak, for the sake of our ears and hearts. So, for the year that is just around the corner, be sure to watch out for these blossoming talents.


Firstly, let's get a HELL YEAH for ANGERME, because damn, they made me turn around and notice them. Seriously, 2015 was their year, showing off one of the best lineups since the groups initial debut as S/mileage, and yeah, they smashed it as ANGERME. Their image, music, atmosphere and videos were undeniably on point, and they owned the stage and entirety of Hello! Project. They were truly impressive this year.

So, for 2016, I hope that the group continues to move forward with confidence and even more strength before, and honestly, I do hope that the group won't be thrown off by the loss of their two lead singers, Fukuda Kanon and Tamura Meimi, because they still have enough talent in Akari, Kana, Mizuki and Rikako to keep them steady right now, as well as their new girl, Moe, who has yet to unleash her true potential unto the group.
 I'm pretty sure they can do it, and honestly, I think they will stride into 2016 fully charged and ready to go.


We already know my lust for Ray, so let's cut to the chase; this coming year, I am going to focus on this girl, and I hope that others take a chance to focus on her, too. I want to listen to more of her music and find even more adoration for her, and to come out of 2016 with starry eyes and words of even more love. Seriously, that is what I want, and I am already planning on how I am going to begin my mission in following Ray to the ends of the Earth... figuratively, that is.

I am still new to Ray, however I like her enough to know that in 2016 I will do what I can to keep on track with her releases. I already feel confident that I'm going to become a fan of hers in 2016, and it is that confidence that will keep me watching her as she grows and progresses in her solo career.

... This one was totally all about me and my lust for Ray again, wasn't it? xD Boy I be thirsty!

Houkago Princess

Honestly, if you didn't see HouPri coming on this list... well, I doubt that, because you're my friends and you know me too well! THE HOUPRI LOVE IS REAL!!!

Truly, if there is going to be a group I follow the most come 2016, it's Houkago Princess, forever and always. I check their website daily, I am always on twitter looking for updates... hell, I'm a stalker for them, but that's because I like to update others about the group, too, letting the world know when a CD is due, who has the cutest photos, when Marina releases her next gravure installment, etc...
 It's what I do, and rest assured, I will keep watching over them for next year.

Really though, you should all watch over HouPri, too, because they are a great group. I feel like in 2016, we will see more of a growth in them as a group, and I want people to listen to their music and find something they like, as well as to give the members a chance and to fall in love with one of them, whether it's Maika the songstress, Nana the awkward leader, or Miho, the soft-spoken cutie. I would love for more people to find HouPri in 2016 and to enjoy them like I do. Not to the degree that I do, granted, but to wholeheartedly like what they create.

So yeah, 2016. WATCH THIS SPACE!


Honestly, Doll☆Elements have done really well in 2015, so one can only hope that they do just as nicely in 2016, which is why I am asking y'all to watch out for this group. Sure, they're not everyone's cup of tea, but they are worth giving a chance because, well damn, they're cute, and they have some nice PV's that can speak to you.
 Plus, their songs are amazing. Just sayin'.

This is a great group, and honestly, I feel like they don't get the attention they deserve, so I hope that other people choose to check them out throughout 2016 to see how they have progressed and grown, because if there is another group aside from HouPri that progresses at such a nice pace, it's Doll☆Elements. So, yeah, check them out, and hopefully in 2016 you will like them as well, and find yourself an oshi and a song to enjoy with all your heart.

Of the Personal and Blogging Sort

This one won't be a big list, because honestly, I only have a few things I want and hope for in 2016, but despite the small amount in the list, these desires are ones that are bigger than any desire I have had before now.

To Write for ME

Though I have written more this year outside of blogging, it was not necessarily all for me, myself and I, so this year coming, I want to try and focus on my own writing. I want to improve and like my creations, to feel happy with something to the point where I want to publish it. It is a desire that I have had growing inside of me for a while now, and so for 2016, I want that to be my primary focus, because writing is everything to me.

I won't neglect this blog, but honestly, if you see me post less here, it's because I am trying to focus on other things.

To See Okay! Musume Time Grow More

Really, when I say that I may post here less, it does not mean that I will neglect or forget this blog. In fact, I want to try and grow it some more, such as more serious posts and the return of a series I started, but ended without good reason.

I love this blog with all of my heart, and next year we see Okay! Musume Time go into it's 6th Anniversary and Cake Day, and as it ages, it becomes more mature, much like me and my mind. So yeah, I want to see it grow and prosper, even if it does mean cutting down on the post count for the sake of better quality articles and my own personal writing.

... That said, y'all will never see the silliness leave here, either! I just so happen have the need to balance both silliness, and seriousness!

To Travel

I want to experience more in life, and to do that, I need to travel. It doesn't matter where; Cornwall, Japan, Hong Kong... wherever it is, I want to experience it, because it will be a new place to explore and discover, as well as a form of inspiration. New places = new creations, and for a writer, the experience in another country or place unfamiliar is something to cherish, because our experiences and memories become fuel for the fire in our pieces.

Hopefully in 2016 I will get to experience some new areas and environments. I mean, I already have a trip to Hong Kong planned for March of this year, so we're at a starting point! Hopefully it won't just stop there, however, because I want to go to many places, experience new things, and research all I can! It will be fun, I'm sure!

Return to Podcasting

Ever since I stopped doing my podcast back in February earlier this year, I admit, I was saddened by it. However things at the time were difficult, and I had little spare time to do it anyway. For a while I forgot about it, however towards the end of this year, my desire to podcast again arose, and I realised that I wanted to start up what I would call Season 2 of Musings & Mutterings. So, for 2016, there is an aim and a desire to begin it once again, though this one will have a little more time and planning put into it.

I hope that I can do this, because it will be a fun experience once again, plus it will fill the gap that I have left by abandoning my videos (again...), as well as give me something regular to do when I am not writing. So yes, when this starts again, please make sure to tune in, and if any requests are on the tip of your tongue, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

To Handle My Anxiety Better (Even if it's just a little)

I have always been bad at dealing with stress and worry, but now that I know my excessive stress and worry is a part of my anxiety, I want to move into 2016 with the mindset that I can overcome this and that, with time and patience, I can learn to handle and control it so that I do not fall into a panic attack or an emotional fit of rage, sadness and fear. I don't want to lock myself in my head any more if I can help it, so I hope to find ways to manage my own mentality, even if it's only by a little bit.

If I can learn to deal with this better than I have in the past by the end of 2016, then I have moved one step towards being a better person than I am now.


... And that's it. The end of the road, the closing of a chapter on yet another year. Hopefully you have all experienced something wonderful this 2015, and of course I hope that you are all moving into 2016 with your own hopes, dreams, fears and predictions, as well as the desire to continue your love for Idols.

There is something bright and new awaiting us in the New Year, and I cannot wait to experience it all with you once again! But for now, thank you all for being here this past year, and for experiencing many different things with me. I truly appreciate everything you have given me as readers, fellow writers, friends and more. Thank you.

The next time you see me will be in 2016, so until then please, take care, and of course, have a Happy New Year!

Ja ne for now!


  1. Happy New Year, Chiima-chan! I hope you agree it feels good to be a 2016er. May all your good dreams and happy predictions come true this year and please accept my apologies for being absent in the comments. We appear to be moving in different musical circles of late!

    If you start up the podcast again could you maybe devote a minute to telling us whatever became of Dream5, who I remember we used to like but I have no idea what happened to them last year. It's worrying. Has anyone checked to see that their mail isn't piling up and there's not a funky smell emanating from within their home?

    Oh, and good luck with the kicking of anxiety's arse. Who needs these problems? Not you. You're too famous for that.

    Love always, Sonda.

    1. Happy belated New Year, Sonda, and welcome back! XD Honestly, being a part of 2016 is going fine so far, and already, one prediction has come true, so what a start, aye? And honestly, that's fine, our differing tastes are what make us all awesome!

      Oh, honestly, even I wonder what has become of Dream5! I may have to ask my friend about them, as she follows them with dedication and love, so she may indeed know more than me. They may have been hidden under an avalanche of fanmail, or, management may have them working on an awesome new album that is yet to be released. It could be anything!

      And thank you, I hope it works haha! And me, famous? Naaah!

      Love forever,

  2. You were on point with your predictions! Congrats! I think your writing has changed in a good way that reflects what's happening in your real life :)

    I read somewhere that the first Haruna actually stated to staff that she'd rather not shoot photobooks (solo ones), so hence the lack of news of her getting one.

    Ohh! And add me for a Duu centre! UFP should've pushed her when they first got their hands on her, so much appeal and potential!

    1. Thank you, haha! Hopefully being on point lasts throughout 2016! And really? Thank you, that means so much! I would hope that I improve with each year, honestly, it is what I want most.

      Yes, I have heard that, actually, hence why I have given up on that idea - I know she herself does not care for them. That said, I would love to see a Fashion Book from her!

      Duu is the true center, and yeah, UFP did a dumb thing by not pushing her when she first got in. She's one of, if not the most, popular 10th gen member. They're all pretty popular... but Duu? She takes the cake ;)

      Here's to a Duu centered 2016! -clinks glass-