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[6 Nights of Winter Melodies] ~A White Romance with Berryz Kobou~ (6th Night)

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On this final Eve of Winter Melodies, let us take a gentle stroll through romantic chimes during a starry night sky...

It's the final night for this Winter Melodies mini-series, and honestly, I wondered quite a bit what sort of song or PV I would review. Originally, I intended on it being Blanket Snow by Dream, however the song bored me so much, I had to forgo it completely. I even looked through a few other winter and Christmas tunes by Idols and artists alike, however little managed to capture me, so finally, I decided to do something I thought I would not have to do again.
 I have chosen to review Berryz Kobou, my last resort, and probably the best decision for this mini-series, too. Seriously.

Romance wo Katatte, though not strictly a winter or Christmas song, sounds like the perfect melody for a winter jingle if there ever was one. It twinkles, it chimes, and it basically sings like a sappy romantic winter tune that you would happily shuffle along to without complaint, because it's so cute and catchy you can't help but dance! Really, it is a nice track, and it's one I would enjoy listening to this time of the year.

I do like the song, there is no mistake about that. In fact, I like a good majority of Berryz songs, it's just their PV's I don't care much for, and whilst I do quite enjoy the imagery of Romance wo Katatte's PV, I still think Berryz as a group are shockingly bad on-camera performers. That said, this PV does contain one of their better performances for modern, grown-up Berryz.

Anyway, the PV; it's simple, but it is also really cute to watch. It has some elegant colour schemes going on throughout, with pastel blues and pinks surrounded by highlights of iridescent whites and the silvers of the stars. Even the costumes are great to look at, and really help to balance out the backdrops beautifully. Easily, this is one of H!P's best wardrobe decisions, especially for Berryz, because they are not only gorgeous, but they fit the overall tone of the song, and suit each member remarkably well.
 Plus they look elegant as anything, again fitting that elegant look to the video, which is nice image wise in my opinion. Everything looks classy, and it makes the video feel a lot more high quality than the budget would actually allow.

This video also has some really pretty, even stylish, effects running throughout it. I enjoy the use of the black and white filter for certain parts of the MV, such as during the beginning and whenever there are any instrumental breaks, and I love the use of the kaleidoscope effect for some of the group sequences. It allows for a dream-like quality that feels very whimsical and pretty, and yeah, it's nice to look at artistically. Both the filter and the effects are simple, sure, but they actually add depth to the entire video, and it's entertaining to watch! The movement of both effects works well with the pacing of the video and never delays it in anyway or makes it feel too quick or slow, which allows me as a viewer to feel like the editor was really paying attention to the song and video, rather than just throwing some pretty imagery in for the sake of saving face and trying to make it look like a lot of money was used for the video.

In short, yes, the effects work, and they work better than I expected!

Now, I will say that the only big issue I had with this PV was the choreography. I mean, back when Berryz were still a thing, I always thought to myself that some of the girls looked like they were half-arsing the entire thing, but now, they all look like they aren't giving two figs. I mean, I know, it's a very mellow song, so it won't call for a big dance number with any complex moves, but it just looks lazy. You can have a slow paced song, but still rock the dance segment without it looking like you can't be bothered to make an effort. It;s been done, and sadly, it was not done here.
 Really though, what can you do? What's done is done, and even if this dance sucks balls, it doesn't mean the rest of the video sucks, because no, it doesn't. It's a good video, regardless!

Romance wo Katatte, though a very limited PV in what it offers, still entertains and delivers a pretty solid performance, I think. It looks pretty, it twinkles and glitters, and the use of effects creates this dream-like, magical quality to the video that does not feel tacky, nor does it feel cheap (even though it technically is). The colour scheme is spot on, and the elegant feel the video and song delivers is really appealing, and really shows off how mature and beautiful Berryz Kobou had become at that point in their career.

The song itself is one that is enjoyable, and perfect for this time of the year. It isn't overpowering or overly garish, but it delivers a sense of peace and sentimentality in its presentation, and though the vocals are not the best here, you still enjoy everything about this song. The chimes, mellow nature and the great chorus all come together to create a lovely winter melody that will really chill you down, yet warm you up, too.

It's a great song, a beautiful PV, and one of Berryz' nicest in terms of PV's and tunes for their adult years as a group. It isn't my favourite, granted, but it is one I will happily stick on and enjoy, in both sound and image, for years to come, because let's be honest; Romance wo Katatte is great in its own right.


I didn't think I'd listen to Berryz any time soon again, or review them ever again, but hey, it happened, and honestly, I don't regret it. I don't miss them, but their music is still pretty damn great, even if their PV's nearly always aren't.


And so concludes the 6 Nights of Winter Melodies mini-series. These past few evenings inside have been really fun, and I am so glad that you have all enjoyed them with me! I hope that, with the mini-series, you were able to experience something new, maybe something you had forgotten, and maybe something you were already planning on listening too, as well.

It was a little bit of a challenge to find even 6 songs for this years set of winter posts, however what I found were all things I have enjoyed myself, and truly, I hope that you have enjoyed them too! Now, however, it is time to put out the fire, finish up the hot cocoa, and go to bed, ready for a new day, and all too soon, a new year. Are you ready for it?

Until next time everyone, please take care this winter, wrap up warm, stay happy and healthy, and remember to forever and always love your Idols.

Much Love,

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