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[6 Nights of Winter Melodies] ~TRUSTRICK'S Itsuka no Hate~ (4th Night)

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Six Nights of Winter Melodies is moving forward, and already we find ourselves on the 4th night. So as we come closer to the end, let's cherish the warmth and bittersweet feelings these songs leave with us.

This winters eve, let's wonder together where this song will take us as we venture into a heartfelt ballad...

A duo I have heard about, yet one I had yet to hear before now. Made up of Kanda Sayaka, lead vocalist and lyricist, and Billy, guitarist, the two combined create TRUSTRICK, a pop-rock duo who have been working together since 2014, and certainly someone you should be keeping your ears open for.

Though I have so far only heard Itsuka no Hate from the duo, the song I shall be reviewing today, I can safely say that, already, I am enjoying what I hear from these two. I hope that in the future, I will tune into their future releases as well as their past content, because damn, they have something beautiful going on here, ladies and gentleman, and I'd be a fool to ignore them!

So, quickly looking at the release itself, Itsuka no Hate is a part of their second studio album, TRUST, released back on January 28th of the year 2015. It is the fourth track on the album, one that is a joy to listen to thanks to its quality and beauty in its sound. Though I have yet to hear the full album, this song gives the listeners some insight in what to expect from TRUSTRICK; beautiful vocals, some wonderful guitar, and a passion so strong it pretty much burns like ice and fire together!

Convinced you want to listen yet? Well, I hope so, because we're going to take a look at the promotional video that comes along with Itsuka no Hate, a beautiful video paired with a wonderful song, both of which will bring you some sweet harmony in your winters eve. 

Are you ready to fall into a beautiful world with TRUSTRICK?


Fuckin' glitter! Let's hope it doesn't ruin this PV for me, aye? XD


... I also want your coat >o> Gimme!!!

Ooooh, SNOW!? I like snow owo <3

Not when I'm in it, however XD

... Hellloooo sexy, wanna come over here? >o> Yeah, walk to me, bb, walk to me~

Seriously though, daaaamn that Billy guy is hot! OvO

But  Sayaka is hotter, uuuuumph!

Seriously though, she's beauts. I wanna braid her hair and talk girly things and shit XD

That clock has England printed on it. -waves British Flag and drinks a pot of tea whilst wearing a crumpet hat to show you that, yes, I am blood British!!!-

But seriously, I like clocks. Especially ones with roman numerals! ~The More You Know (About Chiima)~

I love these scenes so much, just urrrrgh, put me in that CGI snow with them!!!!

She's just so pretty, like, are you real? You look like a porcelain doll!!!

Also, these sparkles are quite nice. They don't fuck with you like the ones in MoMusu's One Two Three did.

Tbh, I do rather like a guy with long hair owo The pants, however, need to go change... I totally meant change o3o

UUUUMPH that's more like it! ^o^ Love a guy in jeans <3

Why so far? ;w; my ship will not progress if you two don't shimmy yourselves closer together >o>

This girl, though <3 Isn't she just a beauty!? I swear, she's like a fairy and a doll rolled into one...

... Now I wanna see her in a faerie PV. Damnit!

Okay, did they just get further apart!? WHAT!?

Also, ooooh, this is a pretty shot! And hey, look! Water for my ship to float on!


And yet, here I am, so far away );

... Get closer together >o>

Also, I want that clock. I hate reading digital XD

This girl. Woman. Person. She's an angelic doll faerie. How is she real!?

Japan, stop creating perfection ;O; my heart can't take it!

Sayaka, praying that Chiima will stop being creepy.

NEVER!!!! >8D

Seriously though, these scenes are gorgeous. Whoever decided on the simplicity of it all, A+++!

These shots, though. Cameraman, I love you. Thank you for all of these ;O;

Don't bite your nails, girl! That's a nasty habit!

But no, seriously, these scenes; passionate and emotional, and gosh darned beautiful to watch!

Sayaka: "Ah, fuckit, my hip just went again... ahhhh..."

Too great to not caption, honestly XD

I just love the lighting of this shot, I won't lie. It's pretty.

... Please don't let that lorry hit you, Sayaka o-O I kinda want you to live, plus, don't wanna get any blood on that perdy coat of yours!

This PV also hosts some nice imagery courtesy of Tokyo, I believe. Seriously, it's so soothing!

That coat. I waaaant!

That Sayaka. I waaaant!

Even Sayaka is soothed by this song.

That, or she's bored by it. Maybe this was her chance at a mini nap after filming for ages. I understand, Sayaka. Filming is a looong process. You snooze, sweet child. Snooze.

I know, Sayaka, I like looking at Billy, too... le sigh~

OH, THIS IMAGE *O* Sayaka, you QUEEN!!!

Umph! Billeh!!!!

Hey, anyone noticed there is something white on her eyelashes? Looks like snow flakes!!! ^o^

... Wait, no, not that kinda white stuff!!! Guys, get your minds outta the gutter! Geez! >o>

Sayaka: "Gaaawd, please stop, Chiima..."

Oops, Sayaka's not happy with your gutter minds! Teehee~

Sayaka: "Gawd damnit, my hip's gone again!"

Billy's just there like 'she'll be ok'. Pay attention, Billy!!! xD

OMG, I HAVE FOUND THE INFINITY SYMBOL!!! If I touch it, will I become Infinite Chiima!? OwO

... I kinda like the sound of that, actually!

Go on, Sayaka... touch it. You know you wanna OwO

You too, Billy! This way, you will both become an infinite ship! Kekekekeke...~

Sayaka: "This blogger... she's killing me..."

With my amazing comedy skillz? ;D LOL what comedy skills, HA!

And now, Sayaka is the keeper of time. She looks so nice here! She reminds me of Alice from Alice in Wonderland, too!

But wait, why does this scene remind me of something else...? Where have I seen this before?

... o-O Okay, that's scarily similar! Why does Sayaka look just like a Gorjuss notebook character!? Whaaaat!?

Seriously, this is so similar!!!

Sayaka: "I am a Fairy, a Doll, a Queen... and now a notebook character? What?"

You transcend through not only stories, but also through items. This is amazing!

Yes... strum that guitar... make it play beautiful music... >o>

Sayaka: "Urgh... please shut up..."

What? I am appreciating the beauty of Billy's guitar skills >o> Got an issue with that?

AHHH, SO PRETTY!!!! I love this girl! How have you not been in my life until now!?

Wait, what? No, don't walk away! STAY WITH MEEEE!!!! D8

Walking away with my ship and my heart, how dare they? ;w; *sniffles*

Okay, with all the fun and games over with, let's talk a little more seriously about this beautiful music video, and its wonderful accompanying track. Hopefully I won't ramble too much here, however I am tired, so there will be no promises!

So, Itsuka no Hate. It's a gorgeous song, one that I only recently found when looking for winter-themed songs or PV's to review this year, and it is also one that has become a quick favourite for everyday listening upon finding it. Seriously, I have not put this down. Sayaka's beautiful vocals paired with Billy's soft guitar playing just make for a wonderful track, and honestly, I adore this song and have found myself hooked on how melodic and gentle it is.

What makes this song even better is that it isn't perfect when it comes to the vocals; when Sayaka can't hold a note, she falters or her voice cracks and fades out, and these small imperfections are not hidden away or altered any in order to make the track feel more uniform or revised, and I love that. Minor imperfections happen to add character and quality to Itsuka no Hate, and it certainly shows us that Sayaka, though a great singer in her own right, has her own weak moments in singing. Regardless of that though, Sayaka still sings with complete emotion and passion, delivering a beautiful performance with her soothing voice.

Regarding the music video that was made for the song, Itsuka no Hate is one that is beautiful and somewhat striking in its imagery. It is well paced, the cinematography is great to look at, and the use of scenic images allows for the video to have a calming quality to it when paired with such a gentle song. Both Billy and Sayaka, too, are great in this, especially Sayaka when she becomes expressive. You can really see the passion in how she displays herself, never shying away from letting her feelings show or keeping her face to one or two emotions for the sake of looking constantly pretty. She feels real and whole, and that is wonderful to see; far too many times in videos we see Idols or singers with one fixed expression, always trying to look nice and professional for the camera, never letting themselves be taken away by the song itself. So, to see Sayaka completely involve herself in this song and show this many expressions when she herself feels and looks like a life-sized doll was both a surprise, and a nice touch to the video.

Itsuka no Hate is stylish, simple in its execution, but undeniably pretty to look at. The contrast of bright, outdoor scenes to the indoor studio shots with a black screen and sparkling 'snow' are lovely to look at, and even better to watch, and I just can't help that this is an all-around beautiful music video with a beautiful song mixed in to enhance its quality even more.

I like both the song and the video, that much is obvious, but I do honestly adore the song that is Itsuka no Hate more than I do the video itself. As a PV, it is gorgeous and fits the track beautifully, however I know that I enjoy listening to the track more than I actually watch the PV, and honestly, if I could have reviewed the album, I would have, because if this track is anything to go by, then TRUSTRICK are a group I should be listening to more.

As a whole, TRUSTRICK's Itsuka no Hate is beautiful in sound and image, and a song that I will not be leaving any time soon. It makes me feel calm, happy and inspired, and it is certainly a track that you should all give a chance this winter. Give it a try, and see if you find something in TRUSTRICK that you like for the upcoming New Year.

It's one of those rare moments where, during a PV Review, I actually appraise the song more than I do the music video. It's rare, but as we have found here, it does happen!!!

So, will you let TRUSTRICK soothe your hearts this chilled winter?

Until next time, please take care, stay happy and healthy, and as always, love your idols!

Much Love,

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