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2015 in Video: The Okay! Musume Time Music Video Awards

Within this post, there are much opinions to be contained. If one may feel offended by words or the decisions I have made for this list, please let it be known that you need not read. For here lies a list of my own, made by my own mind, and if you wish to dispute, please do, however be sure to know that this is my final decision, and that it shall not, will not, be changed. Good day.

As the year comes to a close, I have taken the time to look back at this years offerings in the form of Music Videos, picking and choosing between the many I have seen to try and divulge which will be best for this list, and which will only just make it into the Honorable Mentions pile at the very end. I wonder just who will make it, and who will bit the dust?

With the PV's viewed and my decisions made, I wish to present to you all this years Music Video Awards Post of 2015. Who has made it, and who reigns #1 supreme? Enter, and you shall see...

*Please note that not all MV screen grabs shown in this image will be included in this list. Apologies for all the hearts I may break XD

... Okay, I went a tad over the top with my opening, however, YES, we are making our way through the End of Year Posts for 2015, and finally I have gotten to the part I have the most expertise in; VIDEOS!!! Seriously, I can't wait to get into this one, because gosh darnit, I love videos!!!

This post is always one of the hardest to conduct, because I try my darnedest to choose only a handful of videos each year, and usually these are the videos that I found spoke to me the most, or at least, entertained me a whole lot throughout the year. For some, I really loved the visuals, for others, it's the camera work... things like that are what stick out to me, and honestly, when both visuals and camera work come into play... well, I'm a puddle of happiness, because good videos just make me feel so energised! It makes me want to film, they inspire me so. Plus, I can't help but feel giddy after watching a genuinely good video!
 Honestly, I do wish more people were as enthusiastic as I am when it comes to even the simplest of videos, because it is an amazing feeling to genuinely adore a video for not only its production value, but everything else about it, too.

... Buuuut, I am a video freak, so maybe it's better people aren't like me in that sense. Hm...

Anyways, before this intro gets stupidly lengthy and derails even further, I want to say that, for this list, I have included PV's that I remember the most from the year gone by, for whatever reason may be stated within the post itself, as well as the videos that have impacted me most, whether it is visually or in its camera work. I have watched a lot of music videos year, but honestly, there were not that many that stood out like the ones listed here did, whether that is in a good or a bad way. Somehow, they stuck out, and so they are listed here, and the final one that is to be mentioned before the Honorable's... well, that's the PV that I think the most highly of, as well as my Number One pick for the year of 2015.
 Also, please not that, whilst I've watched plenty of videos this past year, I have not watched them all, and please, don't get offended if I have not listed your favourite music video of 2015. This is a subjective list, one that contains my choices, the videos that I found to make or break my video-loving year. There is a chance that I have not seen a video you liked, or that I even liked it myself.

If you truly want to share your favourite videos and let me know about them, or even dispute my list, please feel free to comment or post your own list of best and worst videos for 2015, because I would definitely love to have a look!

Now, with that all said and done, I think that it's about high time to get into the actual post itself! Are you ready to take a look with me?

2015 in Video:
The Okay! Musume Time Music Video Awards

For the year of 2015, which videos stood out to me? Let's take a look, and find out!


Best Debut MV Award

Nippon Manju by LADYBABY

Kick-starting this years MV awards, I'm going to go with one of the most memorable debut MV's of the year 2015, which just so happens to be Nippon Manju, because dangit, it's just so fun to watch!

I was completely hooked on both the song and music video this year, not only because it was quirky in its execution, but it also happened to include the use of the self-camera operation with an iPhone and selfie stick, as well as the typical use of static and handheld camera, and for someone like myself who happens to adore the use of camera angles and varied shots, this PV of course caught my eye for the variety of styles it used.
 Oh, and it totally helps that this video has a lot going on in it, and I don't just mean the ever-changing scenery.

It's a colourful video, one that shows the high points of Japan, as well as the absolute cuteness of LADY BEARD and his two Idol friends as they perform. It's a bit bizarre, however it works in the strangest of ways, and you can't help but feel captivated by it, and I enjoy the videos weirdness to the fullest. It's quirky, cute, fun and definitely addictive, and it is, for me, the most memorable debut MV for 2015.

Most Improved MV Award

Otome no Gyakushuu by ANGERME

For the sake of not having to post a boatload of videos, I'm going to stick with just two videos to aid me in explaining why, for the year of 2015, ANGERME are the group who have some of the most improved music videos I have seen all year. Really, there is no point in denying that, before the name change and new member additions, S/mileage were tanking when it came to their music and presence in their videos, releasing some of the most awkward pieces next to Berryz Kobou when it came to their visuals. I mean, not all of their releases were disasters, however a good chunk of them were, and S/mileage was well and truly flailing. So, for the past year, it was actually great to see that the group not only had a boost in their MV production, but also their stage presence. They actually looked comfortable!

Nanakorobi ya oki by ANGERME

Seriously, watch some of the videos this group has released this year, and not just the well-renowned Otome no Gyakushuu, because there are some gems here, as well as some beautiful content. For example, Extreme Hardships is a video that has some amazing camera angles that sweep around effortlessly, with glorious expressions included to boot, and Nanakorobi ya oki is one of the most stylish videos this group has brought, period. Whoever directed any of their videos this year really knew what they were doing, and they have shown a great side to ANGERME that I don't think I even knew existed until now. They're chic, filmed to perfection an powerful in their execution. I just want to watch more whenever I see these music videos and tear them apart just to see how it was recorded. Hell, these videos are inspiring, and they make me fall in love with filming all over again, they're that great.

Seriously, if there was ever a group more deserving of this title for the year of 2015, it was going to always be ANGERME.

Most Sentimental MV Award

Senaka Kotoba by AKB48

I have not seen a lot of graduation videos this year, despite the fact that 2015 has been one of the biggest years for big name graduations since... well, since whenever, yet of the few I have seen, there was one or two that truly struck a chord with me, and the first happens to be Takahashi Minami's Senaka Kotoba.

This is a beautiful PV, one that wrenches my heart each time I watch it, and that's because you know this PV contains everything about Minami that both fans and non-fans alike know; that she is a Team Player, that she holds AKB48 above even herself, and that even when help is offered to her, she will try her hardest to do everything herself so that others do not have to feel the strain of the weight that she carries on her shoulders. It is in this video that you see, in a physical sense, the struggle she has as she tries to keep everything together, never once letting go or giving in, nor looking back to ask for the help from those around her, even when they are willing to give it.
 Yet as time goes on, we see that in order for her to truly graduate from AKB48, Minami has to eventually let go of those ropes, finally turning to the help of her friends and fellow members so that a new generation can take on the weight of the groups legacy, pulling their team along together.

It's a very heartfelt, beautiful video, one that is the most fitting for a graduation music video I have seen. It makes me cry, and it makes me appreciate Minami even more as a member of AKB48, and for me, this is one of the most sentimental PV's I have seen in all of 2015, and quite possibly my favourite when it comes to graduation videos.

ENDLESS SKY by Morning Musume '15

ENDLESS SKY was originally going to be included in the Honorable mentions section of this post, however after thinking about the few Graduation related PV's I have seen this year, I was reminded of how sentimental the video for this song was, despite its simplicity. So, it made its way into the real deal list itself, and here is where it shall stay.

Honestly, this is a beautiful music video, and whilst it won't ever be the best send off from Hello! Project, it's still a strong one that is worth a watch if you haven't taken a look at it yet. Sure, it isn't perfect like Senaka Kotoba is, and it has it's own problems like it's really bad choreography and cheap-skate costumes, however, what it does have is heart, and it is pretty emotional to watch, especially when you head into the third act of the song when you suddenly realise that, damn, this is one of Riho's Graduation songs.
 It takes some time, but once that final solo line of hers starts, it truly hits home that she's never going to sing a solo line in Morning Musume again. Praise be the Lordeh!

Visually this is a very beautiful video, and its final scenes will definitely hit the hearts of many Morning Musume fans. And, whilst it isn't the most perfect of send offs, what it does show is enough in terms of emotion, I believe. It's sweet, sentimental, and certainly heart-wrenching for the fans watching it, especially if you decide to take a look at the 'true' ending that is included in the DVD, which actually makes this video feel a lot more whole and complete, if you ask me.
 It's a nice watch, though I wouldn't say it's the most sentimental of 2015, either.

Least Sentimental MV Award

Love together by Berryz Kobou

Okay, so this was technically released on December 29th of 2014, however I am going to count this as a 2015 release because I had not watched this video by the time I posted my MV Awards for 2014. That, and the song itself was released in 2015, which gives me a loophole big enough to fit through so that I can (un)officially call this a 2015 music video.

Seriously, though, this was not a sentimental music video at all, was it? Where Towa no Uta was a great send off for Berryz in 2014, Love Together was the music video that sucked the life and passion out of Berryz, when it was clear they were already done. Clearly, H!P were still beating the dead horse, expecting it to get back up and put effort into its job.
 Yes, this PV kind of pissed me off.

It's not that this music video is completely bad, because what it does well, it does it beautifully, and there are some scenes in this video that I think are absolutely mesmirising. However it lacks a lot, too, with one element lacking the most, and that is the sentimentality of this music video. Without it, we are just left with a video that feels forced and empty in emotion (unless it's Momoko or Chinami, because they're always so damn happy), leaving it to look like a desperate attempt on Hello! Project's part to try and milk more money from the fans for one last Berryz song.

What both Senaka Kotoba and ENDLESS SKY had in their videos was not only sentimentality for the member leaving, but also emotion and heart. Here, all you can see are a bunch of girls who look like they want to be somewhere else. Hello! Project should have left their final music video at Towa no Uta, because if this video did anything (other than include choreography from previous singles), it was that it actually ruined an already perfect graduation PV. So, for that, I dub Love together the least Sentimental PV of 2015

Tackiest MV Award

Ageage☆Kurisumasu by 73 (of P.IDL)

When I went looking for Christmas songs to review this year, I happened to stumble upon P.IDL's Ageage☆Kurisumasu, sung by their subgroup 7☆3, and after watching about 30 seconds of it, I had to switch it off, because it looked so tacky! Days later, however, I decided to try it again, in case I was being far too judgmental and all that jazz from the first viewing, so again I watched it... and no, just no. I can't watch it.

I mean, it's not a bad PV per say, it's just so... tacky and cheap. Like, why would you record a Christmas song and then have the video take place on a beach, wearing bikini's and Santa hats? Sure, the idea of Christmas Present volleyball is an interesting, fun take, but the rest of it? It just screams tack and fan-service, as if there were no better ideas for a sexy Christmas PV floating about.
 Like, I'm not against sexy Christmas PV's at all, but when they're this poorly executed and overly try-hard, it just feels like they are baiting themselves out for the views, and nothing more.

It's a shame this PV is so weak and tacky, because this is a genuinely good song, however I can't stand this badly done music video. It could have been good, because trust me, there are good tacky PV's out there, however this one was on the opposite spectrum, and actually... I kind of hate it.

It's horrible, and if you haven't watched it already, please do yourself a favour and skip it, because this is one piece of tack you can certainly do without!

Calendar Girl by  Lovely★DOLL

Quickly cleansing out souls and moving onto the good kind of tack, Lovely★DOLL's Calendar Girl is a cheesy, cheap but cheery piece of tack that I actually really loved this year, and still think fondly of. It's creative in execution, the effects are fun, and though this was clearly all done on the earliest version of Adobe Effects, you can see that it actually fits the video quite well with its bright colours, varying patterns and energetic backdrops.
 Seriously, for how tacky this entire video looks, you can't help but enjoy every last second of it.

There isn't that much more to say regarding this video actually, because despite all of its cheap cheesiness, I do love it and think rather highly of it. Yeah, it's tacky, but it is entertaining and never fails to make me smile when I look at it. It is the kind of tack you want in your life, and for 2015, Calendar Girl is a video that I thoroughly enjoyed for all of its happy cheapness.

Best Camera / Direction Award

Imasugu Tobikumu Yuuki by Morning Musume '15

It's clear that there was a lot of thought put into the music video release for Imasugu Tobikumu Yuuki, because once you watch the final product, or at least the promotion version, what you see reads just like a dream, and honestly, when I watch this video I feel like I have fallen into something other worldly and truly beautiful. It is absolutely breathtaking.

Imasugu has some of the best camera work I have seen from Hello! Project in years, and it's visuals are just stunning. I mean just look at those angles, the colours, that sky; it's so warm and inviting, it looks vast and complete, and I feel like I am there, sitting in the clouds with the members of Morning Musume '15 as I experience something beyond the world I know. Seriously, whoever directed this and whoever did the cinematography, I give them major props, because this is one of the best looking videos to come out of Morning Musume not just from the year gone by, but from their entire MV collection, period.

It's gorgeous in every way possible, from its dance sequences to the shots hazed in smoke, to the way the clear solo shots have been recorded. The editing is flawless, the pacing perfect, and honestly, I can't believe that this is a Morning Musume PV, it's that good. I am completely invested in it, to a point where I can never take my eyes away. I just want to keep watching, looking for even more details to feel inspired and awed by, to enjoy even more from this beautiful creation.

It's a wonderful music video, one that has great cinematography and direction. In all its beautiful glory, this is truly a breathtaking piece, one that is certainly a favourite of 2015 when it comes to its flawless direction and camera work.

Most Creative MV Award

Teenage Blues by Team I (of P.IDL)

Looking back on 2015, there have been a few PV's that were pretty damn creative, if you ask me, and one of the most creative happened to be Team I's Teenage Blues. The P.IDL group, though given a rather lack-luster song, managed to produce a PV that was fun, creative and colourful in concept, bringing a bland song to life through the brightly painted video.

Seriously, this is a great video to watch if you ever want to tune into something that looks like the product of a Crayola advertisement, and it's small story line is pretty humorous, too, making it a solid video not only in how it looks, but also in what it wants to tell.
 Basically, it's interesting, so you should totally watch it, especially for it's a burst of colour and happiness.

I can't really say much more regarding this video, however it's definitely one of the most creative I have seen from the year of 2015, though not the most creative. That actually gets to go to someone else...

Seishun Kozo ga Naiteiru by Morning Musume '15

I hate this song, period. Seishun Kozo ga Naiteiru is definitely one of my most hated songs of the year, however I would be a fool to say that this PV sucks, because it doesn't.
 I may hate the song, but give me some credit; I know a great PV when I see one.

Seriously, this is a great PV, and you can see that Shibue Shuuhei, the director, went all out with it. He is a genius, creating a visually enticing piece that is symbolic, in some senses daring, and vastly different from what we have seen before, and honestly, I would love to see more of his work featured in Morning Musume's PV's, because this is a breathtaking piece, and lord knows H!P need a creative boost with their videos (even if they are miles better in the visuals department this year).

It's a cool video, it's fun to watch, and it feels exciting and new, which actually makes it quite a shame that it was this video that was not the promotional version, or the main PV for the song. Yeah, shocker, I know, because you can clearly see that this video was so much better than the one they actually did happen to use to promote the single. Way to go, H!P, you ass-hats.

Anyway, what more can I say? It's a fun and creative PV, and it was a breath of fresh air for Hello! Project. It's one of the best I have seen, even if it was given to one of the shittiest songs of the year. Well, you can't win them all, can you?

Parallel World by Muto Ayami

I have to say, when I first saw this music video at the start of the year, I was mind-blown. Not only was it imaginative in its concept, but it was also a simple idea that was executed to perfection, creating a piece that was visually pleasing and entertaining in all it provided. Heck, this is one of the most memorable PV's of this year, and I hadn't even watched it much after my initial viewing of Parallel World. It goes to show how good this video actually was, and the lasting impact it had on me.

This video hails back to the theater in how it looks and what it displays. It's like a play, with the use of the shadow men and the wires moving the story along flawlessly by using simple props and techniques, all paired with great timing and a great actress to star in it all. Seriously, Muto Ayami is great here, you can see that she is loving every minute of this. Just by looking at her, you can't help but feel like you've fallen into a magical wonderland with her, she makes it seem so alive and real. She's enthusiastic, her expressions feel true, and she just steals the show and captures you as both a listener and viewer. Whenever she's on screen, I can't look away from her.

Honestly, this is one of my favourite PV's of the year, right next to Imasugu and my #1 for the year. It was perfectly executed, and Muto Ayami made it the most magical experience I have had from a music video. I just hope she continues to produce content this amazing into the year of 2016.

... Kinda turns out she's on hiatus. FUUUUUUU----!!!!

Most Eye-Catching and Visually Pleasing MV Award

Otsukare Summer! by

There is a part of me that wants to keep this video here, and another part that wants to put this video into the Honorable Mentions pile, but because I am me, I'm going to go with my gut instinct and keep Otsukare Summer! where it is, because honestly, this was one of my favourite PV's of the year when it came to its eye-catching style and visually enticing cinematography.
 Seriously, this is a crazy-sexy-fun PV, and I enjoy it so much!

Colourful, dramatic, weird, whacky, energetic and so much more, Otsukare Summer! is cram-packed with weirdness that you can't help but fall in love. It's visual energy matches that of the song and the members performing, and honestly, I can never tear my eyes away from this video, it's so addictive! Heck, I loved it so much I reviewed it because I was far too in love with it not to! Every time I hear this song, I have to watch the video, it's that good! Heck, watching this MV makes me realise all the visual pleasure I have been missing from, all because I hate their voices. Well, maybe in 2016, that will all change? Who knows!

Seriously though, this is one of those music videos that doesn't even need to try and get your attention, as it's already entertaining and good looking enough to hook you right away. It's vibrancy will strike you immediately, and it's undeniable energy will keep you entertained for a while. The only thing I will say is that, if you happen to have a headache, skip this one, because sometimes it can be a little too bright for the eyeballs. Oh, and it has some flashing lights, too. Just a fair warning.
 Otherwise, this is a great video, and I still love how it looks as this year comes to an end. How could I not?

Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai by AKB48

I have a feeling that, if I were to not include this video on the list, someone might just come at me with a pitch fork and flaming torch... Hmmm... Hi Vivian, hi Tony, hi Yankee, hi Calli xD

Okay, seriously though, this is an epic PV and it is so damn visually stunning, oh my gosh! It's so good that, clearly, I have to italicize my point across, because that's what I do as an annoying blogger. And really, can you blame me for finding this video so beautiful to watch? It's gorgeous to look at, the effects very fantasy-like in quality, the fight scenes epic, and that rising Llama scene... well, that was just weird, but whatever, it looked symbolic, and honestly, this is a very striking PV overall, especially when you watch the drama scenes.

Bokutachi wa looks just like a dystopian action movie, and it is beautifully disastrous in its image. It's epic and grand, and it is very much fierce. Really, the only thing I can fault it for is the fact that it includes the white shirt, pink pants scene, however that seems to be symbolic of a purer, brighter world, if anything. Still, I like my gritty scenes and the angelic images of a world that once was. The other dance sequence? Well, that could have been scrapped, though it's not terrible, either.

This is a great MV, one that has some amazing scenes that really strike you as the viewer, especially the part where five of the members are standing, disheveled in their gowns, just after the attack has taken place. It looks great, it feels great, and this is certainly a piece that is grand in all it delivers visually.

One and Only by Morning Musume '15

Morning Musume '15 have been popping up a lot in this post, and for good reason; when it comes to their music videos from the year gone by, it cannot be denied that they have had some of the best, and One and Only is no exception, because damn, this is a nice looking music video!

What stands out to me with this video are the visuals; this is some of the best use of CGI from Hello! Project to date. What technology they used for Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa back in 2014 they have improved upon for One and Only, making it far grander and a lot better than before. Heck, they've even improved on the Lyric video formula by combining the lyrics with the visuals, whilst also taking it to the next level by having the lyrics move with the camera and the world that encompasses the groups. It's actually pretty damn amazing, and for a standard Morning Musume PV, it's also pretty creative. I wouldn't have expected it, at least not from this group.

Thing is, it's not just the visuals that are pleasing here either, because Morning Musume themselves look great here, too, and they're all really eye-catching. This is a top performance from them, and the fact that they all look so happy only goes on to enhance how good this video looks. Oh, and let's forget those group shots, because they are some of my favourite scenes from this video. It's reminiscent of Golden era Morning Musume, and you can't help but feel nostalgic when you watch this, even when you know deep down that this is one of the most modern looking videos this group could come out with.

In short, it's an amazing video, one that truly catches your eye and keeps you entertained with its amazing visuals, great camera work and the joy of the members themselves. It's awesome, and it is definitely a top contender for the year of 2015 when it comes to its visual aspect.

Catchiest MV Award

Catchy; appealing or memorable.
For me, these PV's are both appealing and memorable, hence why they are catchy!

Renai WARS by Bitter&Sweet

I feel like such a cop-out, including so many PV's from the Up-Front clan, however I can't deny the love I hold for this music video in all of its catchy, addictive glory, and seriously, can you blame me? This was a genius idea, and whoever directed it I have to applaud, because it's an amazing video.

Sure, Renai WARS is simple in how it looks, but what it contains packs more than you could have ever bargained for. The expression, the use of both video and stop-motion, the slow motion and extreme close-ups all come together to create something fun, energetic and catchy in how it looks, as well as pretty damn hilarious, especially when you look at the lyrics for the song.
 Which, by the way, are amazing and had me laughing for a good while. I love this song!

It's great how this video moves so seamlessly from a rigid, emotionless battle of words into something a lot more physical and emotional once the two members begin to properly confront each other, never feeling forced or awkward in any way. In fact, it feels completely natural and fun, much like a friend-enemy situation where, despite their plight, they are still going to have fun together with this battle over some guy. Honestly, both Asahi and Moemi are wonderful here, never boring the viewer and constantly keeping them entertained with their expressions and movement. I swear, these two are perfect together, and their chemistry is amazing!

It's a fun music video to watch, catchy and charming in a way I never anticipated it would be. I love it, and it's proof that even with a simple setup, you can still create something that is imaginative and humorous without the use of fancy settings or a lot of money. Well done, UFP!

Wakatteiru no ni Gomen ne by Country Girls

Again, feeling like a cop-out for including H!P once again in this list, however when their game is this strong in the video field, I can't deny myself the urge to post their videos here, because heck, they've done so good! I almost want to pat Hello! Pro on the head for actually trying this year and succeeding, at that.
 Seriously though, well done, H!P.

What I enjoy about Wakatteiru no ni Gomen ne is that, unlike the most recent of Hello! Project MV's, this one actually contained a story line, and a damn cute one at that. It caught my heart, and decided to never let go, it's that adorable. It also makes me wish that H!P went back down the story line route, because when they do it, they seem to do it quite well... at least, right now they do.
 Either way, this is a damn good video, and it's catchy as heck for a song, too. I really like it!

It has great expression, especially from Mai who plays a very sorry boyfriend, and is just hilarious to watch. Seriously, these kids are pretty damn great at acting, and I can't help but adore them all. Ever since I first watched it, I've replayed it in my head more times than I can count, and always think of it with a smile on my face. It's far too cute to forget, you see!

In short, it's cute as heck, and I adore how expressive and quirky they all are. This is a funny little video, and definitely one of the best Hello! Pro have produced in a while, at least in terms of its story line and use of location, and I hope that they continue improving on this formula for 2016 onwards.
 Here's to hoping! -crosses fingers-


And so the Awards have been handed out, delivered to the PV's you see above, but... wait. What about the final Award, the one that claims to be the Best PV of the year, according to Chiima? Well, it's right here, silly, because you always save the best for last, right? And honestly, what better PV could I have picked than this one for the year of 2015?

This is the one that stood out to me the most, a video that was not only appealing visually, but also a video that was intense, dark and inventive, a marvel that no other music video could even compare to! This is my PV of 2015, and honestly, I couldn't have picked a better one. Shall we take a look to see what it is?

The Most Visually Pleasing, Intense Music Video, as well as the Best, of 2015 Award

Pick Me Up by Perfume

Intense, dramatic, edgy, dark, inventive and visually captivating; that is what this video is, and more, and honestly, I don't think there could have been a better video to choose for the position of the best music video for 2015. Nothing can top how amazing Pick Me Up is.

When I first watched this video, I had chills running through my entire body. I was in absolute awe of the cinematography, I was fearful for the members as they ran through the maze of mannequins, and I was on the edge of my seat, wondering what would happen next. This music video kept me in anticipation, wondering just how it would end, what would happen to them... and then, when it did finally end, it left me wanting more. When a PV can do all of that to a person, you know that it is some kind of a masterpiece.

Actually, that's what this is; a music video masterpiece. Whoever directed it is a complete genius, and I kind of want to meet them to ask them how they came up with this idea, because it is so stimulating and powerful in all it displays.

It is a gorgeous music video, one that is not only dark and dramatic, but emotional as well. Heck, it's even a little creepy if you think about it, what with all the mannequins coming after the girls, as well as Perfume finding their mannequin counterparts in this parallel world. It's intense, and you never want to look away because you want to know what happens next. In that way, it is addictive and engrossing, and I can't help but feel that Pick Me Up, by combining such a wide variety of story elements, has created something so perfectly dark and emotive that manages to capture its audience from beginning until the very end.

Pick Me Up is spectacular in every way possible, from its effects to its camera work, the engrossing story line that hooks you completely, leaving you wishing for more after the video closes. It reads just like a distorted fairy tale, one that I definitely would not want to be a part of myself, yet one I am fascinated by, and it is a tale that I would happily continue if ever a sequel were made.

This is my PV of the year, and honestly, I think that this is the best choice for 2015, because it was bloody awesome!
 Do you agree, or will there be a dispute?


And with that comes the end to my Awards list, though we aren't completely finished yet. There are still some Honorable Mentions to go through, but before that, I want to say thank you all for joining me in this post, and for spending another great year in the Idol World! Through the good and the bad times, we have yet again come together through music and Idols, finding common ground and creating friendships throughout. So yes, thank you all once again.

I hope that, for the year of 2016, the PV's we view are just as wonderful and captivating as they were this year. For now, however, we will close this year and its videos, ready to step into 2016 with fresh minds and new expectations.

The Dawn of a new era of PV's is upon us. I wonder... what shall we see? As we speculate, however, let's take a look at some of the Honorable Mentions that didn't manage to make it onto my list, yet still have a place in my heart. Let's go~


Honorable Mentions

Eikou Sunrise by Babyraids JAPAN

Tsugi no Kado wo Magare by C-ute

Critical Massive Attack by Saishuu Mirai Heiki mofu

Kimi no Sakura Hirari to mau by Doll☆Elements

Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi by Morning Musume '15

Seifuku Cinderella by Houkago Princess

Soshi so ai☆destination by Fairies

Mayomayo Compass by StylipS


Until next time everyone, please take care, enjoy music, love the life you live and, of course, forever keep your heart with your Idols! Happy New Year!

Much Love,


  1. Great list. I've always been kind of blind to groups other than MM and AKB48, so this is a nice, fresh look for me. One question though- how do you watch AKB48's videos now :( Ever since YouTube Red came around, their channel is unavailable in the US (where I am). :(

    1. Hi! Thank you for reading this and finding some new groups! That makes me happy ;; <3 Also, I usually access videos I cannot access fully via youtube on Jpopsuki TV, or - that, or try and search online a bit and usually I will be directed to something like There are a good variety of sites out there that enable you to watch these videos, it just happens to take some time to find them, especially if you don't want to risk downloading a video.

    2. Thank you for your reply! Didn't expect it so fast to be honest. I will definitely check the and the others out! I miss AKB48 so much, hope they get their stuff together and get into YouTube Red.. Because this is a loss of a lot of views from foreign fans, especially when Takamina left.

    3. I can be quick or slow, depends haha. But yes, I do hope that AKB get this sorted out, cause it will be a loss and also, it's unfair to the foreign fans, too.