Thursday, 31 December 2015

Road to 2016: The Hopes, Dreams, Fears and Predictions of a Year to Be

I like my apples like I like my Idols, with a bit of punch...~

...  well, maybe not that amount of punch...

The Dawn of a New Year is emerging, and 2015 is rushing to a close as its own chapter ends, so in these last few hours of the year, it's about high time to return to the annual joy that is this; my Hopes, Dreams, Fears and Predictions for the year to come, a post dedicated to the random musings of my own muddled mind, and all I think may just happen in the year to come, or at least, the things I want to happen, or what I do not want to happen. It is all contained here, wrapped up pretty and nice whilst I anticipate the new year!

Seriously, this series has been with me since 2011, and I honestly never get tired of doing it! It's a fun way to round off each end of the year, whilst simultaneously celebrating the birth of a new one. Also, it's a great way to get you guys to think about what you want from the on-coming year, as well as allowing you to create your own predictions and hopes, some possible fears, for the Idols you love and adore. It's a bit of fun, nothing to be taken too seriously, and something to look back on before another new year starts to see just what came true!
 Seriously, the process is a fun one, even if it does take time to create!

Anyway, going off on that part about looking back before a new year begins, how about we take a small looksy at the Predictions of 2015 that actually came true. Shall we~?

2015's Hopes, Dreams, Fears and Predictions that came True:

Hello! Project (7/15 came true) (Over half way... that is a lot better than I expected!)
  • ANGERME release good stuff <--- IT HAPPENED, IT WAS EPIC, K!?
  • A new group from the Kenshuusei Nest <--- TWO!!!!
  • Zukki gets a solo line... In an A-side <--- Better yet, SHE CENTERED ONE!
  • Give my boys (Eripon and Duu) some Solo lines <--- Duu got center, Eripon got a solo line! Life is all good! :D
  • One of the OG's announces a relationship / pregnancy / marriage / <--- Goto Maki had a baby, Natsumi Abe is set to be married, and Yossie is MARRIED!!!! WHOO!
  • Ogata Haruna isn't pushed back. At all. <--- No, she was not.
  • In general, Hello! Pro releases nice, decent PV's. <--- They one-upped it and delivered BEAUTIFUL PV's!
Houkago Princess (6/9 came true) (The HouPri vibes were real, yo!)
  • HouPri announce something BIG! <--- They did. It was a Major Debut. I went full on namida.
  • Michishige Saho and Sirosaki Himari get promoted to the Regular Lineup <--- The tears, they were real!
  • HouPri release their first album <--- It was a mini version, but it was an album all the same
  • More single releases <--- It went there. It went there gooood!
  • Not so many Graduations <--- I mean I didn't want any, but I did say at the minimum, 2... They hit the minimum
  • Some aside from Mayuka gets a solo song <--- HEY, Nanairo Photograph was officially released!
J-Pop (in general) (2.5/12 came true) (daaaamn general J-pop predictions, you were weak this year!)
  • i☆Ris continue to make me like them more and more <--- TBH it's not hard to like i☆Ris!
  • Wake Up, Girls! return, and I continue to swoon <--- They returned, that's good enough for me!
  • Yuuka Ueno becomes my Soloist Oshi (and continues to release fabulour music) <--- She did the deed on the second half.Soloist Oshi she is not... yet.
Personal (2/7 came true) (Welp, at least some came true... ;D)
  • Read... MORE!!! <--- I actually read quite a few books, so yeah, proud of myself!
  • Get through my first year of University <--- I made it into the second, didn't I? ;D
... Gosh, a lot came true, and that makes me happy! It means that, somehow, my muddled mind can work in mysterious ways and predict the fuzze future ;D
 But no, honestly, that's a good amount for my predictions, especially the Houkago Princess ones! I was on a roll!

The question now, however, is this; will I be on a roll with next years predictions, or will very few come true? Well, we have a year to find out, but until that time comes, I say let's predict, and let's enjoy.

These are my 2016 Hopes, Dreams, Fears and Predictions for a Year to Be. On this Road, will we cross the paths of what we fear most, or find the Dreams we never thought could be a reality? Read on to find out what, for me, are my own ideas of the year that has yet to be...

Goodbye, 2015: The Dawn of a New Chapter Begins... ~2015 In Review~

This is probably my worst Year in Review ever, but whatever. I'm tired XD

As we make our way into yet another year, it feels rather sad to realise that, yet again, time has flown by and left us with not only with happiness, but heartache as well. It is at this time of the year where we look back, thinking about all of the times we have had, whether we shared them with others or not.

For the Year of 2015, what will you remember?

I honestly never know how long these posts are going to be, because it totally depends on how much I want to write, as well as if I have anything to write. This year, it feels like I might not write a lot. I don't know why, it just does.
 But, let's be real, it's me, and I somehow find a way to write a stupid amount of stuff because I know I can. So, yeah.

Anyway, 2015; what a year. Much like the last few years, it has gone by pretty fast, as if I blinked and, whoosh, 2016 was already just around the corner. This time however, it feels like I have not done that much at all, despite the fact I have noticed my own growth throughout the year gone by. So, even if I feel like nothing has happened, I know that somewhere down the line, I became better than I was before. So yeah, there is that.
 Otherwise, I just feel like everything else stopped when it was trying to progress, if you get me.

But yeah, we'll stop there before I get ahead of myself, because the actual post has yet to start; this is simply the introduction, one I need to kind of get on with.

Hopefully as you read this, everything makes sense, because during the process of writing my annual Year End Review, I am, of course, tired and staying up late to finish it, because once again, my epic scheduling skills are top notch! Seriously, though, I always leave these late, because I procrastinate, and I do things better in a blind panic.
 ... This is why I do not do as well as I could do in my classes, people!

Seriously though, I do hope this reads well, and I hope that for you all, the year of 2015 has been a good one, either personally or with Idols, and that it has not left you overly heartbroken or teary eyed. It hasn't me... but, I know it has left a few people in despair.

Anyway, please read on, because I have run out of words to say, and also because we need to get on with this post before the actual year of 2016 hits. So, without further ado, I introduce to you my 2015, a year I am ready to say goodbye to, not because it was bad, but because now, I am ready to begin a new chapter.

For the year of 2015, what memories have you made? Let me know~

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

2015 in Video: The Okay! Musume Time Music Video Awards

Within this post, there are much opinions to be contained. If one may feel offended by words or the decisions I have made for this list, please let it be known that you need not read. For here lies a list of my own, made by my own mind, and if you wish to dispute, please do, however be sure to know that this is my final decision, and that it shall not, will not, be changed. Good day.

As the year comes to a close, I have taken the time to look back at this years offerings in the form of Music Videos, picking and choosing between the many I have seen to try and divulge which will be best for this list, and which will only just make it into the Honorable Mentions pile at the very end. I wonder just who will make it, and who will bit the dust?

With the PV's viewed and my decisions made, I wish to present to you all this years Music Video Awards Post of 2015. Who has made it, and who reigns #1 supreme? Enter, and you shall see...

*Please note that not all MV screen grabs shown in this image will be included in this list. Apologies for all the hearts I may break XD

... Okay, I went a tad over the top with my opening, however, YES, we are making our way through the End of Year Posts for 2015, and finally I have gotten to the part I have the most expertise in; VIDEOS!!! Seriously, I can't wait to get into this one, because gosh darnit, I love videos!!!

This post is always one of the hardest to conduct, because I try my darnedest to choose only a handful of videos each year, and usually these are the videos that I found spoke to me the most, or at least, entertained me a whole lot throughout the year. For some, I really loved the visuals, for others, it's the camera work... things like that are what stick out to me, and honestly, when both visuals and camera work come into play... well, I'm a puddle of happiness, because good videos just make me feel so energised! It makes me want to film, they inspire me so. Plus, I can't help but feel giddy after watching a genuinely good video!
 Honestly, I do wish more people were as enthusiastic as I am when it comes to even the simplest of videos, because it is an amazing feeling to genuinely adore a video for not only its production value, but everything else about it, too.

... Buuuut, I am a video freak, so maybe it's better people aren't like me in that sense. Hm...

Anyways, before this intro gets stupidly lengthy and derails even further, I want to say that, for this list, I have included PV's that I remember the most from the year gone by, for whatever reason may be stated within the post itself, as well as the videos that have impacted me most, whether it is visually or in its camera work. I have watched a lot of music videos year, but honestly, there were not that many that stood out like the ones listed here did, whether that is in a good or a bad way. Somehow, they stuck out, and so they are listed here, and the final one that is to be mentioned before the Honorable's... well, that's the PV that I think the most highly of, as well as my Number One pick for the year of 2015.
 Also, please not that, whilst I've watched plenty of videos this past year, I have not watched them all, and please, don't get offended if I have not listed your favourite music video of 2015. This is a subjective list, one that contains my choices, the videos that I found to make or break my video-loving year. There is a chance that I have not seen a video you liked, or that I even liked it myself.

If you truly want to share your favourite videos and let me know about them, or even dispute my list, please feel free to comment or post your own list of best and worst videos for 2015, because I would definitely love to have a look!

Now, with that all said and done, I think that it's about high time to get into the actual post itself! Are you ready to take a look with me?

2015 in Video:
The Okay! Musume Time Music Video Awards

For the year of 2015, which videos stood out to me? Let's take a look, and find out!


Monday, 28 December 2015

2015 in Song: The Top 50 Countdown in J-pop! ~According to Chiima~

Regarding this Top 50 Songs in J-pop list for the Year of 2015 that I have compiled, please remember that all songs listed are songs that I have personally enjoyed over the course of the year. I do not expect anyone to follow this list with the expectations that it contains 'the best', nor do I expect you all to like what I have chosen here. These song choices are, first and foremost, subject to my own tastes, and no one else's. I am simply listing what I have enjoyed, with the hopes of also introducing you all to some groups, soloists and songs that I have found great over the course of the year gone by.
 To clarify; y'all don't need to agree with this list, nor do you have to like it. Just remember that this is what I have chosen, and that all music here is subject to my own shitty tastes. Thank you.

PS, I haven't listened to every song released this year. I mean, it would be amazing if I did hear every track ever released, however for me, it is impossible, so for that, I apologise, but what I have listened to... well, it was all kinds of awesome! So yeah, if y'all don't see a song you liked on here, it's probably because I didn't like it, or I didn't get to hear it. Either or.

2015 is flying away like the hawk that it was, and rushing in swiftly like a coursing river (with all the strength of a great typhoon) is the year of 2016. However! However, the year is not up just yet, meaning that we still have some time to ourselves to take a look back at what has been, as well as time to truly appreciate and enjoy the music that we have loved from the year gone by, because damn, what a year it has been in terms of music!

Like, seriously... I've not really even hated that many songs this year. I can't even warrant a Top ~ list of my most disliked songs because it's so freakin' short! That makes me a little sad inside, actually... DX Chiima likes her dislike posts DX DX

Anyway, with that said, let's go ahead and introduce this years Top so many list of 2015... WITH A PRETTY BANNER, YAY!

... Okay, so yeah, this is a Top 50 post this year, because I've actually been really hyped with Idols this year, and there has been a tonne of great music released that I kind of could not bear to part with on a Top 30 or so list, because I am clingy, and also, I like big lists. Y'all know me; go big, or go home, because Chiima is the type to do things in excess.
 Makes up for my lack of a brain, y'see.

In all seriousness though, this was pretty damn hard to compile. Any list is if you think about, but when it's 50 songs, it gets increasingly harder, and whilst I do not regret creating this list (because through all the pain, it is super fun to do), I must admit that it is annoying to do, as well, because there is a lot of chopping and changing, moving around of songs, much writing, and more. I mean, I could have made this easier on myself and not written about the songs chosen and why I like them, that would save a lot of time and it would mean you have less bullshit to read, but come on; this is me. I love writing, I love defining why I like a song, and let's be real, this blog would not be O!MT without me harping on in the background about why I liked something. It is what it is, and yeah, it'd be easier on my poor fingers to cut out all my dribble, however this is what I love to do, and it's that challenge that spurs me on to make these posts what they are.

Oh, and regarding this list, seriously, I am happy with all that I have chosen here. Some were complete surprises on this list (see: #50), and quite a few were no-brainers. I also think that, for me, this is pretty diverse in the acts that have been listed, with some old-timers returning, as well as a few newbies making their way in and staking their claim on certain spots within this list. There are a lot of faces, a hell of a lot of songs, and certainly some fun times to be had here, music-wise.

Also, because this is a giant-ass post, bigger than last years for sure (here's to hoping I don't go any further than 50 for next year, cause that might actually kill me), I would like you to take your time in getting a drink (alcoholic, hot or soft, depending on your taste buds, age and tolerance), maybe a small snack (or a big one; this is a big list, after all!), as well as a toilet break and finding somewhere comfy to sit, because yeah, we might be here for a while... or not, depending on your lighting-speed Ninja reading level. Either way, sip something, nibble a cookie, and prepare yourselves, for we are heading into a territory known as...

2015 in Song: The Top 50 Countdown in J-pop!
~According to Chiima~

For these Top 50 songs in my list, who do you think will appear, and who will reign supreme? It's time to find out! Let's... GO!

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Idols at the Top! ~2015 Idol Fan Ranking~

The end of the year is nearing, and over here in the land of Musume Time, that can only mean one thing...


Really, has it been a year already? 2015 has literally flown by, passing like a ninja in the night and leaving behind little more than a flutter of wind in its place. That said, a lot has also happened this year, the good, the bad, the brilliant, and as per every year in this world of music and happiness, it is the Idols we watch and adore who have made the year what it is, and for this years bout of End of Year posts, where better to start than an Idol Ranking list, hm?

This year there is a little twist, however. In order to get a better idea of who made whose year wonderful when it came to the Idols we love and adore, I asked my readers and friends who they would pick as their top Idol of 2015, and for whoever garnered the most votes, well, they would obviously top the tree and become the star of this post, as well as the star in the hearts of many.

And despite conducting this fan vote pretty late in the game, it did gather quite a few votes, with quite a few names I expected, and some that I didn't, so to all who happened to put a name down in there, I sincerely thank you! It's great to see you all vote for an Idol you love and adore, and even if they don't win this one, I am happy to see that you have voted for someone, and given us new names to look up and potentially fall in love with, too!
 That all said and done, whilst doing this fan ranking was certainly a fun thing to do, I may not conduct it ever again... not unless I decide to ban H!P from future fan rankings, that is.

So, yes, this fan vote has now come to an end, and again I thank all who participated. The votes have officially been cast, and your Top 11 have been tallied! Who is your #11, and who is at the very Top of the Idol tree, waiting to rule them all for the year 2015? You handed your vote, now it has been dealt, but just who did you pick as your winner, and more importantly, will she rule your heart? Let's find out...

Friday, 25 December 2015

Wa~! Happy, Jolly, Merry Christmas!!!


Santa Avery-chan is ready to fill your stocking!!!

Once again Christmas is upon us, and I hope that this year has been a Merry and bright one for you all!

I do know, however, that the winter and Christmas time can bring up some memories of loved ones who are no longer with us, and that it can even cause more heartache than it does happiness, however please remember that, whilst sadness does linger, the memories you hold are dear, and that the happy times are still there. So, even if this time of the year can be hard to bear, know that there are those who love you around still, and that the past happy days of Christmas are still there, too!

So, whether this is a happy or a sad time, or even a mild one where little feelings are shown, please try and have a great day, keep those you love close to your heart, whether they are with you or not, and of course, smile, because even without those we are closest to, this is the time of year to think of others, and to cherish everything we have.

So please, cherish all you love and remember the good times, even if darkness surrounds you or others at this very moment. Remember; there is always light to keep you going when you most need it!

For myself, Christmas is always about being with my family, and once again this year was spent with those who make my life bright and happy. Before, however, we had all been unsure whether or not I would make it home for Christmas due to work, however I was lucky to be able to come home earlier than anticipated, and spend these days with those I love and adore.

This also happened to be the first Christmas for my youngest nephew, Loki, who had a lot of fun unwrapping presents, chewing on some cardboard, and playing with some of his brand new toys! (And his brothers, too xD) And for both Damien and Annie, the two had fun unwrapping their own gifts and having a play with them all.
 Let's just say, they were all given quite a bit, but I do have a big family full of adults mostly, so that explains why they received so much...

ANYWAYS, it's been a fun day so far, and we are all happy and content. When the food comes along later, we'll feel even better, I'm sure!

OKAY, now that that is all said and done, let's look at some IDOLS!!!

Houpriyusu and HouPri know how to please the festive spirit in me by wearing these cute Santa costumes!!!! *^*

Santa Baby, slip some HouPri under the tree... for me~

All of them, please! ^o^

Seriously, HOW ARE THEY ALL SO CUTE!? Also, can I have some Saho-chi and Miho-tan solo DVD's or photobooks for 2k16? PLEASE? OWO

Forever wishing that was me Eripon was hugging... );

Also, OGATA!!!! *^*

I think the MM girls are ready to ship the latest threat off back to America... >->

Duu with her harem, and Riho, ready to lead Santa's Sleigh with her dancin' magic as Riho the Red Penlight Reindeer.

And let's just say, Gingerbread-Nakky and Santa Kana are absolute perfection! Seriously H!P, you're rather on point this year with your girls!

Now, to leave you all with some wonderful Christmas x Winter tunes. Please, enjoy, and have a wonderful Christmas, everyone!


Until next time! Please take care, stay happy and healthy, and of course, please love your Idols!

Much Love,

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Sayashi Riho - The Graduation Appreciation Post

This post is one that contains my honest thoughts and feelings. If you feel offended by what you read, then you do have the choice to leave. I don't expect anyone to like what I write, and likewise, I do not expect you to think you can threaten me into your way of thinking. Thanks.

Though I missed out on Fukuda Kanon's Appreciation post for her Graduation, I am more than intent on not missing Sayashi Riho's, mostly because she is a part of a group that I have liked for a long time, now, even when that like for them has waned. In a way, I want to appreciate her, too, despite already knowing full well I already appreciate H!P's vocally inept ace, except it's in a way most can't see, read or here as much as I would appreciate, say, Ikuta Erina or Suzuki Kanon, y'know?

So yes, we are going into an Idol Appreciation post, and though I am sad I never was able to do a special [Week with...] series for the girl due to a busy schedule, plus the fact her graduation lands on the week I do my End of Year posts, I feel that at most, I can at least write a post where I appreciate and talk about her as best I can.

So, without further ado, let's get into this post and deliver our send-offs to Sayashi Riho, the Ace of Morning Musume '15, a face of H!P who will leave the world of many far too early, way too soon...

So, where to begin with one Sayashi Riho? I mean, it's difficult to try and think about what to say during these types of posts, especially when it concerns my least favoured members of a group, and when it comes down to Riho, there is no denying that, ever since the release of Only You, she has certainly not been a favourite. Does this mean that I hate her? Of course not, why would it? Yeah, I've bitched and whined about her a time or two (or three or four...), but it's what I do, and that shouldn't mean I appreciate her any less. That, and I also prefer other members over Riho.
 She's not a particular favourite, but I still like and respect her, just not as much as I do other members. That is just how it goes, ya know?

But, honestly speaking, I do like Riho, she's just not the member I would peg as Top 3 or even Top 7 candidate. Sure, she's quirky and cute, she can dance up a storm, but aside from that...? Nothing. That is how it was meant to be, and it's how it is now. I am not changing my opinion of her, even though she's going to be leaving the MoMusu nest soon.

Okay, so before people find this post to be one of the negative variety, let me clarify something; I have always found Riho to be talented, at least as a dancer, and later on in her tenure as a member of H!P's longest standing shipwreck, I have found her to be a really humorous, amazingly weird person that has her own personal charm, especially when it comes to being a pervert for Fukumura's skin. Yeah, she's funny, and that surprised me quite a bit when I found that out, because Riho was as boring as dirt when she first started. Aside from her insane dancing skills, she was not really a big personality within the group at first, at least to me she wasn't.
 That said, at least she kept some interest, unlike the current leader, Mizuki Fukumura.

So she definitely grew I think, and that was pleasant to see as an observer of Morning Musume. Sure, she never grew as a singer, but she certainly gained growth in charisma and style, and that is pretty important for a center, I believe. Speaking of which, Riho, bless her vocally impaired heart, did really well to take on so much in the few years she has been a part of Morning Musume. She's been an Ace, she has literally carried the group on her shoulders when it was both dying from 2011 until 2013, to when it began to prosper from 2014 onward. She was its leads singer, main dancer, the face and, basically, the groups backbone, all from the age of 13 years old. She has tolerated not only keeping the group afloat with her popularity and skills, but has also managed to tolerate a lot of fan backlash, my own included.

She has done really well to keep going, even if it has had a mental toll on her after so many years, and it's undeniable that, even now, Riho is still carrying the weight of Morning Musume on her shoulders, despite the fact she is graduating very soon. She hasn't really had a break since her beginnings, and UFP nor H!P haven't given her a chance to recoup, either, constantly having her as center, rarely sharing out her lines in either singles or concerts until later on, and only giving her a real 'break' of sorts with Oh My Wish by having her as a dance center as opposed to a vocal one.
 It's undeniable that, with Riho's sudden departure on their hands, UFP may have a hard time trying to figure out where to go from here, because whilst both Masaki and Fukumura, possibly even Duu, are perfect candidates for future centers, H!P have relied too heavily on Riho as the Ace, and have not thought of who may be the next Ace for their flagship group. It's their own fault, really, and they're paying for it right now, and honestly? It makes me happy that Riho's pulled the plug on them this early on, and let them fall into deep shit.

Honestly, I do think that Riho graduating now, though it is early and was a surprise, is a good decision on her part. It's obvious that, as of late, she has been tired and that she is in need of a break. After handling so much, after spending 4 years being the groups leading lady, its backbone, the front-runner and more, she deserves to have some time to herself, because more than anything, she needs it.

Though UFP may like to think this, Riho was not, and is not, Ai, nor is she Reina. When Riho came in, Morning Musume was in need of new blood and a new ace, and that happened to be Riho. When both Ai and Reina came in, there were multiple front girls whom H!P could rely on to keep the group afloat, but in 2011, they only had Reina and Ai, and they were desperate. From then on, Riho had a lot thrust upon her, and H!P relied solely on her and no one else to hold the group together. Ai and Reina, however, had a substantial amount of time to become Aces and leads. With plenty other members already there to lead and aid them, both girls were able to grow and mature enough without it affecting them. For Riho, even with Ai and Reina there, she was forced to mature a lot more quickly, only to have that cause a little more damage than anyone expected, I think.

And now she's helping herself by getting the heck out of there, allowing herself that much needed break. If you ask me, this is one of the wisest, most mature decisions an Idol can make, and I highly respect Riho for doing this. She is not weak for admitting she needs to leave, she is not being selfish for wanting to leave the group all of a sudden. She is strong, she is sure, and she is so mature for deciding that, right now, she has to go and choose a new path, one where she is no longer the back bone, face, spirit or life of Morning Musume. For this, I salute her, and I think even more highly of her than I have ever have before.

I do believe, though many will disagree here, that this time is a better time than any for Riho to go. She's 17 years of age, the world is at her feet, and with all of the experience she has gained by being a part of Morning Musume, her future is a good one if she chooses to use it. By leaving now, Riho has a better chance at getting into the industry she wants to when she is a fully-fledged adult, whether it be entertainment, business or art based.
 Her future is hers to decide now, and honestly, after four years of being a part of Morning Musume and Hello! Project, Riho has had a great run, better than some others who leave the business around the same time she has. She has been the Ace, the center, and for many, the savior.

Vocally, I will not miss Riho (though her Peaberry stint is one of her best, I believe), however I will miss that cheeky charm she brings to PV's, as well as her stellar stage presence. She is a girl that, whilst not my oshi, is someone I can respect and enjoy, and a girl I can now appreciate wholeheartedly. And, with her impending graduation, there is certainly a part of me that is happy she is leaving, because now other girls will have time to shine, but I am also happy because it is a decision Riho made for herself in order to take a rest and allow her health to stay stable, as opposed to letting her career pull her down and hurt her any further.

Sayashi Riho is not my favourite. She is terrible vocally, and she has been pushed to the front far too much for some, however what she is is this; an amazing dancer, a girl with charm and charisma, and someone who has brought light to the lives of many. She is strong and persistent, and she is one of the many reasons as to why Morning Musume is what it is today. I would not go as far to say that she, Sayashi Riho, is Morning Musume, but she is definitely one of the girls who has allowed them to climb to the top, and for these past four years, she has lead them to the front once again.

I am glad that she has been a part of Morning Musume, however now, I look forward to the future that she will carve for herself as simply Sayashi Riho, not Sayashi Riho of Morning Musume '15.

Her graduation is nearing, and soon she will no longer be a part of the world many love. For this Idol and her impending departure from the Idol world, think about what you appreciate about her, and let it be known.

Sayashi Riho, Morning Musume '15's Ace, a girl who managed to carry a group on her shoulders, all from the young age of 13. In many ways, she is amazing, and by many she is loved. There is no denying that this girl has made an impact, even if it wasn't necessarily on everyone around her.


Until next time.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

[6 Nights of Winter Melodies] ~A White Romance with Berryz Kobou~ (6th Night)

All thoughts and opinions are completely my own within this here post, much like your opinions are 100% your own, too. Inside or outside of a blog, a persons opinion is just theirs. Do not let another's thoughts and feelings affect how you feel about a group, a person, or the things that you enjoy in life. Thanks.

On this final Eve of Winter Melodies, let us take a gentle stroll through romantic chimes during a starry night sky...

It's the final night for this Winter Melodies mini-series, and honestly, I wondered quite a bit what sort of song or PV I would review. Originally, I intended on it being Blanket Snow by Dream, however the song bored me so much, I had to forgo it completely. I even looked through a few other winter and Christmas tunes by Idols and artists alike, however little managed to capture me, so finally, I decided to do something I thought I would not have to do again.
 I have chosen to review Berryz Kobou, my last resort, and probably the best decision for this mini-series, too. Seriously.

Romance wo Katatte, though not strictly a winter or Christmas song, sounds like the perfect melody for a winter jingle if there ever was one. It twinkles, it chimes, and it basically sings like a sappy romantic winter tune that you would happily shuffle along to without complaint, because it's so cute and catchy you can't help but dance! Really, it is a nice track, and it's one I would enjoy listening to this time of the year.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

[6 Nights of Winter Melodies] ~Winter Love with BoA~ (5th Night)

All thoughts contained within this post are my own. The end.

It has been a few days since I last posted a [6 Nights of Winter Melodies] review, and I do apologise for that, however essays and work are rather important right now, so my time was dedicated to handing in said essays. I have also been lacking in sleep, which has not helped in my posting abilities at all, plus with it being a week before Christmas, everything has been hectic and all that jazz.

In short, life happens, I've been busy, the blog took a backseat. That is how it is, ladies and gentleman.

Moving on.

During this fifth, penultimate night, let's come together as we once again listen to a melody filled with winter feeling, one that is lovely in sound, yet one of loneliness and wishes to meet once again, too. This winter, will there also be someone in your heart that you dearly hope to meet again?

I am not a follower of BoA, though I have of course heard some of her music, so I did not really think to add her into my Winter Melodies mini-series at all, not until I asked my darling friend Hannah if she would list me a few winter-themed songs for me to watch, listen and review. One of the songs sent was BoA's Merikuri, however listed alongside it was Winter Love, and of the two, it was the latter I fell for, both in image and song. Really, it's quite beautiful, so whilst I did not pick out Hannah's choice, she did aid me greatly in finding a song by BoA, one that is as wintry as the others, and just as amazing, too.

So Hannah my dear, thank you! You actually saved me, and this series! Whoo!

So, without any other delays, let's head into Winter Love by BoA, and she what treat she has in store for us all...

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Tamura Meimi to Graduate ANGERME and Hello! Project

Today on December 20th 2015, during their Christmas event, ANGERME's Tamura Meimi announced her graduation from both the group and Hello! Project this coming Spring 2016.

The translated announcement regarding Meimi's graduation was posted via the UP-FRONT LINK Facebook page today.

To everyone who support us

I, Meimi Tamura, will graduate from ANGERME and Hello! Project during 2016 spring.

I have been a Hello! Project idol for 4 years and a half, since I became S/mileage. This year, I have been able to do this hall tour, and perform successfully 2 times as 9 members at the Nippon Budokan. Fukuda Kanon-san also graduated and we have welcomed a new member so this year was really full. 

With all of this, I want to follow my own challenge! This feeling became little by little stronger. 
And during ANGERME’s activities, many people told me they like when I sing, and every time I heard those words, I thought about always singing. 

Then, about one of my other dreams… I would like to be a musical actress. After this nice dream realized of becoming a S/mileage member, I would like to have a new start and fulfill this new dream.

I am anxious about some points, but I made this decision thanks to all the fans.

S/mileage grew up as ANGERME. As ANGERME’s member, I have been proud that I performed as a Hello! Project idol.

I will cherish the remaining time I have as an ANGERME’s member and I will continue to try my best harder than ever!

Please continue to support ANGERME, as well as Meimi Tamura!

20th December 2015 
Meimi Tamura


I woke up to this announcement, like I do most announcements, it seems, and I was really... surprised, but not upset about it, either. In fact, I was more shocked by Riho's announcement, though I understand why Riho is leaving. With Meimi? I don't understand it, though I kind of get it, however I feel like I should be more surprised, as well as saddened, by her desire to graduate.

Yet I am not.
 It will come to me in time, I'm sure, but for now I am eerily calm about all of this.

Firstly, I like Meimi, which is why I feel weird about not being saddened by this. Sure, it took me time to actually fall for ANGERME'S littlest vampire, but yes, I like her, and I do think she is one of Hello! Project's finest right now, even better than former finest, Suzuki Airi, in the vocals department. So I know once she is gone, I will miss her killer pipes that rock ANGERME's lineup.
 But heeey, more lines for Kanananananana and Rikako, right?

Secondly, I am kind of... surprised it was her, actually, because as many have already said, if anyone were to go next from ANGERME or H!P at all, you would have thought it would Dawa, or maybe C-ute as a whole. But nope. Meimi.
 And hoo boy has this shaken the fandom a little, if not a lot.

Meimi is a universal favourite. She is loved by not only the Japanese fans, but also the Western fans, too. She's one of those rarities where everyone fuckin' loves her, so for a lot of us Western fans, this has hit them pretty damn hard, and from what I have seen, they are not recoiling from this announcement that well, because again, she is loved by almost everyone for her killer vocals, cute looks, stellar stage presence and crazy good acting skills. Basically, she is ANGERME perfection, and she's just broke about a million and more hearts because of this announcement.

That said...

With her reason for leaving, I actually feel pretty good about it. Meimi wants to pursue a career in stage and musicals, and honestly, why the heck not? As my friend Kei said, that was where she started, and honestly, it's better than her saying she wants to lead a 'normal life' or to 'focus on her studies', which in the world of idols, almost never actually happens unless it's the case of former S/mileage members Maeda Yuuka and Ogawa Saki. So, if she does happen to get her leg up in the musical career, then awesome!

And, with her having being a part of H!P, Meimi actually has a pretty good chance at achieving this, considering most of the H!P OG's are still able to get roles in musicals, thanks to Up-Front  actually having their fingers in theatrical pies... (example; Gaki, Yossie, Koharu, Ai, etc...)
 So, yeah, I do have confidence in the fact that Meimi can achieve this and become successful in it, because she is fabulous, as well as extremely talented in that field.

Basically, despite her graduating, I feel rather happy that she is pursuing something she is good at, and that she already clearly loves.

I know that, for many, Meimi's tenure of around 4 years is a short one, however for many idols in the industry it is this point in their career that they leave, because they have had their experience in a field they desired, and now that experience has been met, they want to pursue other things and try to head into the career they have always desired. For Meimi, it is clear that being an Idol, though fun and certainly a great experience for her as not only a member of ANGERME, but one of Hello! Projects best, has had its run, and now it is time to put her foot in other doors.

Meimi is 17 years old now, an age where she will start to think seriously about her future, as well as the perfect time in her life to go after something she wants the most. I know, she may seem too young to go after that sort of thing, however after gaining this much experience in singing, on stage, acting in musicals and more, this is a great time for Meimi to go after her dreams and make them a reality. Being young and doing this is not a bad thing, in fact it can benefit Meimi greatly, for she will still be willing to learn more, allowing herself to grow and prosper and to become an even better actress in the long run.

When it comes to her actual graduation date, there is no doubt I will be saddened by her departure, however I do think that this will be a positive step for Meimi, too. Being one of H!P's best centers, as well as one of their greatest vocalists of all time, this must have been a hard decision to make, but it was one she has clearly thought about for a while now, and with so many graduations happening already, of course it would spur her decision on a little more.

It's fine to feel sad, it is fine to feel like your heart has been broken by this news, and it is okay to want her to stay, because she was the oshi and love of many, and I understand that, but for me, I see it like this;

This is a step towards a dream of hers, and though many do not want Meimi to graduate this coming spring, it is a step that she needs to make to fulfill another dream of hers. First, she became a member of S/mileage after admiring them when they performed together in the Shugo Chara stage play, and she followed her dreams by auditioning for them, and ultimately becoming one of their leading ladies. Now, she is following her other dream and pursuing a career in musical acting, and there is no doubt that Tamura Meimi, a girl who actively follows her dreams with full force until they are realised, will make this dream a reality as well.

Until next time everyone, please stay happy and healthy, and keep on loving your idols.

Much Love,

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

[6 Nights of Winter Melodies] ~TRUSTRICK'S Itsuka no Hate~ (4th Night)

All thoughts and opinions are my own, in their entirety. You do not need to like my opinion in order to respect what is said. Whether you like it or not, it's my opinion, and it really should not affect how you feel, I believe. That is all.

Six Nights of Winter Melodies is moving forward, and already we find ourselves on the 4th night. So as we come closer to the end, let's cherish the warmth and bittersweet feelings these songs leave with us.

This winters eve, let's wonder together where this song will take us as we venture into a heartfelt ballad...

A duo I have heard about, yet one I had yet to hear before now. Made up of Kanda Sayaka, lead vocalist and lyricist, and Billy, guitarist, the two combined create TRUSTRICK, a pop-rock duo who have been working together since 2014, and certainly someone you should be keeping your ears open for.

Though I have so far only heard Itsuka no Hate from the duo, the song I shall be reviewing today, I can safely say that, already, I am enjoying what I hear from these two. I hope that in the future, I will tune into their future releases as well as their past content, because damn, they have something beautiful going on here, ladies and gentleman, and I'd be a fool to ignore them!

So, quickly looking at the release itself, Itsuka no Hate is a part of their second studio album, TRUST, released back on January 28th of the year 2015. It is the fourth track on the album, one that is a joy to listen to thanks to its quality and beauty in its sound. Though I have yet to hear the full album, this song gives the listeners some insight in what to expect from TRUSTRICK; beautiful vocals, some wonderful guitar, and a passion so strong it pretty much burns like ice and fire together!

Convinced you want to listen yet? Well, I hope so, because we're going to take a look at the promotional video that comes along with Itsuka no Hate, a beautiful video paired with a wonderful song, both of which will bring you some sweet harmony in your winters eve. 

Are you ready to fall into a beautiful world with TRUSTRICK?

Monday, 14 December 2015

[6 Nights of Winter Melodies] ~It's A Happy Christmas!~ (3rd Night)

All thoughts and opinions are my own, and that is all I have to say on this matter. Peace.

Taking a break from my essay, it's about time to get back into my Winter Melodies mini-series for the season of winter 2k15. Wrap yourselves up all nice and warm once again, grab a hot drink and some cookies, and prepare for a relaxing evening in as you get yourselves into the seasonal spirit with some humble winter tunes. For the 3rd eve of Winter Melodies, I wonder what we shall listen to that will perk our spirits up this year

I have to admit, I was actively avoiding Christmas songs for this years mini-series, but I have to be frank; what is the winter time without at least one Christmas song thrown into the mix for good measure, and a pretty darned cute on at that?
 That, and it's a one tracked single, meaning it will be a pretty easy review for one very sleep Chiima on this cold winter's eve. So, there's that. Such a cheat!

Seriously though, cheating and sleepiness aside, I am actually looking forward to talking about this release, despite the fact I will only be reviewing one song. It's cute, it's fun, and it certainly gets me in the mood for one of the worlds favourite times of the year! So sit back, relax, and look forward to the lovely charm that is Suzuko Mimori's Merry Merry Christmas! Are you ready for a sweet Christmas treat this Happy Christmas?

Sunday, 13 December 2015

[6 Nights of Winter Melodies] ~KissBee's Bittersweet Winter Love~ (2nd Night)

All thoughts and opinions contained within this post are my own, not yours or anyone else's. Y'all don't need to like what I say, but please, respect the fact that this is my opinion, and do not try to deter me from it. Thanks~

The winter nights are only getting colder, so be sure to wrap up warm and drink some lovely hot cocoa, tea or honey with lemon, pop on a few winter tunes, and snuggle up under your soft blanket! With Christmas and the winter solstice on their way, let's take a few nights out and kick back as we chill out to these beautiful winter tunes!

Continuing with my 6 Days of Winter Melodies series for the year of 2015, let's now take a look at a bittersweet ballad that will truly melt your heart with its story and tone. Are you ready for a song that is a little less warm than those we are used to at this time of the year?

The fourth single to be released by Model-Idol unit KissBeeHō de sagasu anata no ondo is the groups first winter ballad, as well as their first music video to completely feature their short drama of the same name. So, if you are looking to completely understand the MV in its entirety, definitely check out the 20 minute short movie that the song accompanies.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

[6 Nights of Winter Melodies] ~Q;indivi's Winter Classics~ (The 1st Night)

All thoughts and opinions written on this blog are completely my own, and no one else's. Please respect the opinions of others around you, and do not try to conform a persons way of thinking. Ta~

With Christmas and the winter solstice on its merry way already, it feels just about the right time to begin some posts themed around the happiest of all holidays! So this year, why not take a few nights out to relax, and spend six wonderful eves celebrating the joys of winter and the music it brings to us all?

This year as we snuggle up by the fire and warm our very souls, let's take a look at the appropriately themed releases have delivered unto us all this 2015. For the beautiful winter that we all come to celebrate, let's show our joy through the beauty of song. Are you ready?

When it comes to the winter time, I can't help but listen to a few classic Christmas songs alongside my J-pop tunes. I mean, can you blame me? Christmas songs are catchy, fun and all-around perfect mood-makers for the Yuletide season. So, when I found out that Q;indivi had released their very own Winter Classics collection for the year of 2015, you can bet that I was so ready for it! I mean... it's Q;indivi, and they are singing Christmas songs!!! Can this winter get any better!?

I love Q;indivi, that much is clear. I mean, I don't follow them with great dedication like I do HouPri, but when they release something new, y'all can be sure that I am on that bandwagon as soon as I realise new material has been released. This group is, of any non-Idol group out there on the J-pop scene, one of my favourites, as well as the only one that doesn't always sing in Japanese, but mostly, English. Their spin on Disney, Ghibli and classic children's songs are great, and I can't deny it, Rin Okinawa's breathy vocals are to die for!

So yeah, Q;indivi is totally on my radar, and I do really like them for what they do. They remix and remake, creating some beautiful content that always has me singing along to it with a smile on my face. They are addictive, and I am a little to a lot hooked, so to speak.

Anyway, enough guffawing over the wonder that is Q;indivi, because we are not here to gawp, but to instead review. So, with all of that out of the way, let's take a look at the splendor that is Q;indivi's latest release, Winter Classics. Are you ready to get into the spirit of winter, too?

Sunday, 6 December 2015

It's Tribute Time! Join the Chuu! Sugoi! Idol! 'Sayashi Riho Graduation Tribute Plan' Before She Leaves!

For the original post and full information on what to do, be sure to check out the original tribute plan post on Chuu! Sugoi! Idol!~
"I volunteer for Tribute!" - Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games
On December 31st 2015, Sayashi Riho will graduate from Morning Musume '15 during the Hello! Project Countdown Live, breaking the hearts of her many fans as she does so. Of course, Riho will not be leaving Hello! Project itself, however her departure from the umbrella's flagship is one that has shocked many, myself included, for how sudden the announcement was, and how quickly she would leave after said announcement had been made.

That said, many will cherish the short amount of time they have left with Riho in MM'15, and for some, there will be plans to make tributes to one of MM's most beloved members...

Like they have done in the past, the Idol blog collective that is Chuu! Sugoi! Idol! will be holding a special Graduation Tribute Plan for Sayashi Riho before she leaves Morning Musume '15 at the end of this year. The tribute will be all about the Western fans' undying love towards Riho, and to show everyone's support for her, all in the form of an amazing video that will be sent off to J-melo once completed!

So, what do you need to do exactly?


Choose whether you want to send in a Song Cover, a Dance Cover or a Photo Dedication, or all three! Both Song and Dance covers will be of MM's 9th generation debut song, Maji desu ka ska!!!!

For both Song and Dance covers, C!S!I! have asked all participants to send J-pop singing samples and dance covers to their Hello! Project Fanpage. Dance covers can be new, pre-existing, and they can be done solo or in a group. For the song covers, however, they must be sung solo and acapella.

Further regarding the song covers, C!S!I! are only choosing around 2~3 people to sing the song, and upon selecting these lucky few, will then ask for them to record the audio for Maji desu ka ska! and to also record a close-up video of them singing it. So, if you choose this option for the tribute plan, I wish you all luck!

So, whichever you choose of these two, remember; send your videos and audio samples to Chuu! Sugoi! Idol's Hello! Project Fanpage on Facebook!!!


For the Photo Dedication and Message portion of this tribute plan, fans can send in a photo of themselves wearing something red, whilst also doing the Ganbare! pose that Riho is holding in the photograph above. This can be done either solo or within a group of people.

You can also write a message to go alongside the photo, though it is limited to 10 words or less. The message can be written in Japanese or English, and must also be as readable as possible!

All photo and message entries are to be sent to either the Facebook fanpage, or the email address, with the subject line 'SAYASHI RIHO GRADUATION TRIBUTE', and you must include your name and country!

And the deadline...?

Chuu! Sugoi! Idol! have set the deadline for December 12th, 2015 at 11:59PM PST, so if you plan on getting in on this tribute, you better get crackin' and sending in those videos and photos, and of course, sending your love to Riho!

This is an amazing thing to do if you love Riho and want to send her off with something special from the fans of the world, so if you can, be sure to take part and give Riho a lot of love to leave with! Make it special, make it big, make it amazing! I know you can do it, so please, join in and become a part of this great plan!

For the original post and all of the information you will ever need for this great plan, be sure to check out Chuu! Sugoi! Idol! right now, and then send yo content in!


That's all for now guys~ Until next time please take care, stay happy and healthy, and of course, LOVE THE IDOLS!!! Muah!

Much Love,

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Idols At The Top! Who is Your 2015 Idol!? ~FAN VOTE POLL~

At the end of December each year, I create my End of Year posts, and the year of 2015 will be no different. There will, however, be one change; this years Top 11 Idols post will be chosen not by myself, but by YOU, the readers and Idol Lovers.

I have opened this vote up and made it so that you can add Idols, or pick and choose from existing answers. This is so that you can vote for whoever you want, whether they may sing J-pop, K-pop, C-pop, whether they are male or female artists, indies or major - it is up to YOU, because this is all about who you have loved over the past year, so if you adored them, then vote and make sure their name is seen on the list!
 Age limit also doesn't matter, so if your Idol happens to be a certain age... well, who cares, right? You Idolise them, so yeah, add them!

If you want to vote, then you can find a hidden link HERE which will direct you to the Poll in question! :D

The Idol doesn't even have to be current, so long as they are someway, somehow, still on the scene, whether it's by blogging or Instagram or however else they keep in touch with the Industry. So long as they have some form of presence, they can be on there!

With this list, too, you can provide some people with an idea of who is on the scene, and who they could possibly follow. Giving insight into other singers and groups is a great thing, so definitely go for it!

And if you change your mind...? Well, you can always change your answer! It's easy peasy!

Once everyone has voted, I will look at the results and post the Top 11 (possibly some honorable mentions!) in a Year End post before January 1st 2016, so if you want to get your vote in, be sure to do so by then to give your girl a chance at winning! So, yeah... go on and do it!

This is purely for fun, but I truly would love to know who everyone's Top Idol is for the Year 2k15, so I do hope that you all participate and cast your votes for the Idol you think should be the at the Top of the Year. There is nothing I can give you for this, other than the satisfaction that you voted for someone, and that you are potentially letting others know about an Idol, and the group they are from, too.

Share the love, and certainly share your Idol of 2015! Vote HERE for your Idol of 2015!

Until next time, please stay happy, healthy and lovin' those Idols!

Much Love,