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Okay! Musume Time 5th Anniversary Contest: 'I Am An Idol Fan'

Howdy there, y'all! I think it's about time for something a little different, don't you?

Important information before diving into this post (may be repeated as you go through the post):
  • The contest will run from November 22nd 2015 until January 3rd 2016. Entries past the end date will not be submitted.
  • E-mail all entries or your questions to:

It has been five years and a bit since I began this blog, and so I thought that, in order to celebrate not only hitting half a decade, but also a momentous 500,000 page views, I would finally hold another contest for those who read, comment on, support and like my blog.

So, whether you began reading or supporting this blog back in 2010 or you have just begun your venture into my whacky world of Idol love now, be assured, this is a contest for you.

Sadly, it must be noted that, as per every contest held by anyone within this world, there can only be one or two winners. This honestly breaks my heart, because rest assured, I would give everyone something if I could. Sadly, that is not to be );

Regardless of that however, I do wish for you all to give this contest your all, and to enjoy being a part of it, whether you win or not!

So, with all of that out of the way, let's get on to the details of the contest, shall we? Let's GO!!!

The Little Details
~Theme, Format and What It's All About~

So, what's the contest about? Well, if you look back two posts before this, you may just find a post titled 5 Years Here: I Am An Idol Blogger. If you have yet to read it, I highly suggest you do, because it is this very post that actually corresponds with the theme of this very contest.

So, yeah, go read it!

It's pretty simple, actually; for this contest, I would like all contestants to stick to one theme, and to really think about the topics question. The question is this:

"Why Am I An Idol Fan?"

The reason I have chosen this type of question for you to answer for my contest is this; I am interested as both a person and an Idol blogger as to what makes other people fans of something. I have always been intrigued as to why those around me are fans themselves, so I thought that for this contest, it would be wonderful to have you yourself think about just why you are an Idol fan, and what being an Idol fan means to you.

Regarding the format, I actually want to leave that up to you. As human beings, we all have these different ways of showing or communicating to others what we love, so you can actually go about this as you like.

Some examples of what formats you could use include:
  • Poetry
  • A blog post (must be public)
  • A short essay (does not need to be public)
  • A simple sentence or comment
  • A short video (around 1~10 minutes long)
  • Audio (Podcast, poetry reading, etc.)
  • A picture with words (poems, sentences, words that describe your love for Idols, etc...)
  • Fan art (with words)
  • Short comic strips
There are an array of formats that you could choose to use, but these are just a few that I could think of off of the top of my head. Really though, as long as you can do it whilst sticking to the theme and using an acceptable format that I can see and/or hear, it should be fine.

Of course, with any contest I am sure to do, there is always the chance that I may post it or link to it on my blog (with full credit, of course), so if you feel shy of your work or do not wish for it to be shared, please let me know when you give in your entries.

It must be known, however, that when a winner is chosen for contest, their entry will be posted here for others to see.

The Rules and Requirements
~Yes, No, What?~

Of course with any contest, there are rules to abide by, so without further ado, here are the rules:
  • ONE entry per person.
  • Do NOT create multiple accounts in order to further your chance of winning - that's called cheating, as well as highly unfair to those who truly want to do their best.
  • You can be of any age to enter this contest, however if you are under the age of 18, parental consent must be given. I do not wish for you to get into trouble from your parents for receiving CD's from some weird Blogger by the name of Chiima.
  • Do NOT give in entries that contain explicit, indecent or harmful material / content.
  • Try not to go into too much detail regarding personal experiences or details. This is for the sake of privacy.
    • You can, however, give insight into who inspired you to become a fan, whether they are family members, friends, bloggers, youtubers or otherwise.
  • Please do NOT comment your entry. Send via the email address that will be provided at the end of the post.
  • Keep to the topic given.
  • Hand in by the deadline. Entries past this point will not be accepted.
  • Provide any links for crediting purposes (blog links, twitter, deviantart, websites etc...)
As well as rules, there are also these to go by, too:

Entry Requirements
  • To title all contest entries with the subject line: Okay! Musume Time 5th Anniversary Contest - this is so that I do not mistake it for spam.
  • Have a username or your real name.
  • Write either in the title or entry post that it is a submission for the Okay! Musume Time 5th Anniversary Contest.
  • Please use a valid e-mail address for the contest.
  • To provide a valid shipment address and your real name for if you win this contest.
  • To have parental consent if under the age of 18, and to state you have this consent in your entry to me.
With that said and done, please e-mail your entries to:

The Prize?
~And the Deadline, too~

With all of the messy stuff out the way (the rules, the theme, etc), let's get onto the part that you all want to know about; The Prize itself.

For whoever wins this contest, I will purchase a CD single of your choice and ship it to you from CDJapan. The single of choice can be readily available, or it can be a pre-order. Any bonuses that it may with will also be yours.

The only thing to keep in mind when choosing your CD of divine choice, however, is this:
  1. I will only purchase singles, not albums (this is due to the fact albums may go over a certain price, and result in handling fees) (They also expeeensive)
  2. It must be a Regular Edition copy
  3. Available to ship to your country
  4. Still available to purchase (you never know, it could be discontinued!)
  5. Not overly expensive (I'm not made of money, really!)
The choice is up to the winner, as I know my readers have their own tastes, and would love to choose for themselves as opposed to me choosing the prize for them. Honestly, as long as I can acquire a copy from CDJapan and so long as I can ship it to your country, I will buy it for you.

Postage and Packaging will also be payed for, so do not fret! I will also keep in contact with the winner in order to make sure their CD arrives safe and sound!

Also, the deadline?

The contest itself will run from November 22nd 2015 until January 3rd 2016. This gives contests just over a month to think up and write or create their entries. The plan was originally 2 weeks, but given it took me over 3 months to write my own post, this seems a little fairer.

Other Comments?

Aside from what has been said, there is nothing much left to say other than this; Have fun with it, and really think about what makes you a fan. Take inspiration from my post, or from other sources. Get creative, enjoy creating it, and love Idols as you do so!

If you have any questions regarding this contest, be sure to either comment via this blog post (no other), or by e-mailing me at the e-mail address provided here.

And of course, to everyone who enters, good luck!

Until next time, please stay happy, love Idols, and definitely think up an entry!

Lots of Love,

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