Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Half A Decade Cake Day! 5 Years Still Standing~

Though it's late in the evening, there is still time to celebrate the day! So get you some cake, and let's have a little party!

Fun Fact: I wrote the entire header, plus drew the stars, flowers and hearts~ The only thing I photoshopped in was Eripon XD

At 12am today, November 18th 2015, I published a post about being an Idol Blogger and Idol Fan, and what it meant to me. This is a post that I had written a few months in advance, and one that I revised over and over again until I felt it was right to post on my blog's 5th Anniversary. Though it's cheesy, it's personal to me, and it is something that I have wanted to share with people for a long time.

It's no lie that I feel so proud right now that, for half a decade, I have been an Idol Blogger, and Okay! Musume Time has been my domain. Seriously... I'm bursting with such joy and love for O!MT right now, I'm so happy!

Yo, want some cake!?

To be honest, this 'official' Cake Day post nearly didn't happen. I've actually been ill today, which makes me pretty sad, considering it's my own blogs Birthday! However I managed to go out and buy some little cakes, just so that I can celebrate this wonderful day, and even though there is only about an hour left to the day, I am happy that I was able to think of how amazing it is that this blog's become 5 years old (as friends say, it's old enough for Kindergarten now!) and that, someway somehow, I have managed to keep it pretty active, despite the fact my own lifestyle has changed and how busy I have become since I first started writing here.

I am so happy and overwhelmed, and I truly feel a great amount of gratitude towards not only my blog, but the people who comment, read, support, love, loathe or view it. I am grateful for those who have helped me along the way and kept my spirits up, to those who told me never to give up even when I felt useless, and of course to those who became my lifelong friends and partners in crime out of it. Without the help of everyone in one way or another, I probably wouldn't be writing on here still, even though I love it so much.

My HouPri cuties are giving me cake! Om nom nom, thanks Miran and Avery-chan!!! ^o^ <3

For these past five years of Okay! Musume Time, I want to thank you all for the support and love you give me, the criticism and your wonderful comments. You are all amazing people, and this is honestly a wonderful community that I have come into. Through blogging, loving Idols and listening to music, I have found great friends, amazing readers and even better writers who continue to inspire me each day. Thank you so much.

Through both music and writing, we have all found our happiness, and for five, ten, even twenty more years, I hope that we can all continue down this path to joy and entertainment.

This is the Fifth Cake Day, so wherever we are within the world, please celebrate with me, but also celebrate the lives of others and think of those that we love the most. Everyday from here onwards, please think of who and what you love, and cherish them deeply within your heart.

Until the next Cake Day everyone, please sit and enjoy, eat Cake, and as always, LOVE IDOLS!!!

Much Love,


  1. Congratulations!(blows a party favor) We bloggers make it look easy, but blogging is far from easy. Hobbyist or professional, the task of providing content on a regular basis is always a tough one, especially as our responsibilities grow.

    I'm glad to have seen this place prosper and I hope this blog (and you) lives long.

    For now... (sings) Party Time hajimaru yo! (fires the Party Cannon)

    1. Thank you, Magi!! Yes, it does seem like such an easy task, but seriously, the behind the scenes business is never easy! We're grown ups now, too, so content is harder to create! Annoying, yes, but life is a necessary thing!

      Thank you so much, this means so much ;w;

      Together, let's keep growing! LET'S RULE THE IDOL BLOGGING SPHERE ;D MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

      YAAAY MAGI-SINGING! -claps hands giddily-

  2. Happy Cake Day! ♥

    Okay! Musume Time has become my most favorite Idol blog EVAH. I just love your blog so much, Chiima! I really do appreciate all the hard work you put into your blog, entries, etc. May your blog continue to prosper for long time~ Let's aim for ten years! ♥

  3. Congratulations! I hope your blog keeps going for a long time, and you keep getting as much happiness out of Japanese idols! :)