Wednesday, 18 November 2015

5 Years Here: I Am An Idol Blogger

I am an Idol Blogger.

Here I am, five years on and still going. This is where I write about what I love, music and groups that I have found happiness in. Even though my tastes have now changed from what they were half a decade ago, I still write about what brings me joy and elation.

This is the home of my love for Japanese Idols.

It is a wonderful thing to be not only an Idol fan, but also an Idol blogger. Both have enabled me to create bonds and friendships with many others around the world who have the same interests as myself. Sure, we may not always see eye to eye, what with opinions and interest in specific groups differing all the time, but that doesn't mean that we can't get along. Through this fandom, writing and creating videos, I have managed to find many friends in this vast world that are as important as the relationships I create in my own country.

Through listening to J-pop, it has been proven to me that both writing and music are universal, and that we can come together through our love for something.

I experience such happiness when watching or listen to Japanese Idols, and whilst sometimes I do find disappointment in what I see, I know that no matter what, they will always be a comfort to me. Idols are eternally positive beings, people who bring a smile to your face and create an escape that you may need when you have had a long day at work or school. Idols have that amazing ability to de-stress and relax you, allowing you to rest easy when you need it the most.

During times where I have wanted to quit, Idols and the friends I have made through this fandom have always given me ease and peace of mind.

By being an Idol fan and blogger, I have been able to feel inspired, to feel great satisfaction in watching and listening to these Idols. Through this blog and the Idols I adore so, I have grown as both a writer and film viewer, and my mind has opened the more time has passed on. Now when I write down my thoughts and feelings on a piece here, I feel that I am sharing with the world the ideas and thoughts within my head, whilst also keeping my mind open to what others think and feel, too.

Here, I can give you a window into my mind and let you see what I see, experience the feelings I feel. Likewise, this is what I hope for in return from you as readers and friends, too.

For five years I have been an Idol Blogger, for longer an Idol fan, and I would not change the path that I have gone down. One day I stumbled upon this world, and ever since then I have not looked back. This is a road I will continue to take, and I am so happy that you are walking it, too.

I am an Idol Fan and an Idol Blogger, and this is what I love.

So, what makes you an Idol Fan?


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